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Dear ***,Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for any delays.Per our limited warranty, we are not able to assist with devicesThere is a pamphlet that comes with each LifeProof case that states thisThe website also explains as muchMany of our packages have a link to the limited warranty
textHere is that link: are not seeing a current incident under this contact informationIf we have not already sent a warranty item out, we are very happy to make an exception and get you any case you like under warranty (save our battery cases)What we need to do that is the following:1) Standard Warranty Case Photo:• Your entire case, including parts that are not damaged• Any design or pattern on your case, such as camouflage• Your handwritten name, current date, and signature• The Serial number or product code found inside your case 2) Damaged Device Photo:• Damaged phone or tablet (If your phone was water damaged, then we will need documentation of that specific damage)• Your handwritten name, current date, and signaturePlease let us know if you have any questions.Best,Sarah

We originally purchased an Otterbox case for our ***During a fall, the *** case cracked in half and a corner separated from the caseWe filed a warranty claim on their websiteThey also requested our credit card information for a handling feeThere was no information there about shipping timesWe Hoppes that they will send a replacement ASAP with some reasonable shipping timesTurns out, Otterbox chooses one of the slowest ways to shipWe were informed about that AFTER they shippedAs we will travel to Europe in a week the tracking information showed us the case would arrive 3-days after our flight
When we told them that, all they said is that is all they can do
When we asked for our money back, they refusedSo we got another case on *** as we can’t travel with the phone without a functioning case

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:There claim that there product protects against drops is not true there product has misleading advertising that they need to change also someone who works with cell phones pointed out obvious flaws in this product they need to change there packages as to not be misleading
*** ***

Dear ***,Thanks for getting back in touch with usWe do apologize for any continued distress you may be experiencing. Our cases are designed to offer waterproof protection, but in very rare instances, there may be an unusual set of circumstances that may lead to the case no longer offering maximum protectionEach LifeProof case comes with a pamphlet that explains the terms of our limited warranty. Even though you are receiving a replacement case, we are happy to make a big exception and see if you qualify for a third-party refund on the case as wellThis is normally an either/or situation To get that rolling, we would need a photo of the broken device and a photo of the original purchase receipt. Please let us know if this might work for you, and we will send you the photo requestPlease also let us know if you have any questions.Best,***

I purchased a Lifeproof car for my *** **I have had to return it multiple times for the same reason, the buttons stop workingI am charged $for "shipping"The case hardly weighs anything and is sent in a padded envelope, it does not cost $to ship itThe case will last for a couple months or so before the buttons start to not work

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund as our warranty is for replacement not refundWe are able to offer the replacement of your choice, in the style and color of your choice for any device that we currently make a case for

Under our limited warranty, found at ( ), it is clearly stated that:Otter Products, LLC and its affiliated companies worldwide (collectively “Otter”) warrants its products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from
the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer (“Warranty Period”).We are able to send out replacement cases under warranty, even after one year has passed since the case was purchasedHowever, once our warehouse has run out of these cases we are unable to complete a warranty request going forward

My son purchased a life proof Nuud water proof case to protect his I pad through the *** web siteHe received it, put it together and did the water test to be sure that it workedHe then proceeded yo put his I pad in the case (which guarantees lifetime water proof protection)He did a water get again and the entire case filled with waterWe quickly took the I pad out and tried to dry it but it was too lateThe damage was done and the I pad was completely ruinedWe called the companyThey apologized and said that sometimes the cases r defective so they will send him another caseHowever the problem is that we now have no I pad to put in the case because the I pad was completely destroyed by the water damage which the case guaranteed protection againstThey apologized but said there was nothing they would do about the I pad because that's as nit the item purchasedI went on to explain that they guaranteed that the I pad would be protected from water which is why we purchased

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

I purchased a lifeproof 2xbattery pack phone case from *** *** on March 31, 2017, for my *** ** ***I didn't put case on until April 8, The device charged my phone one time to a full chargeThen by the 12th of April my battery would no longer keep a 100% charge as it had always done prior to using caseI took the case off and put phone one regular iPhone charger, instead of charging to 100%, the charge kept decreasing
I contacted company and all they said they could do was a third party refundWhich I have not received
I purchased a new battery from amazon and when it arrived April 17thI took phone apart to replace it, only to find a DANGEROUSLY melted lithium battery insideI then contacted Jessie a Representative of LifeProof and they said they would not pay for the repairs

While we regret that you were misinformed by the salesman who sold you the case, there is no advertising that says we will replace or repair a device damaged in our productWe have specific instructions to water test the case for minutes prior to applying the case onto your phone, and to retest
the case every several months depending on useOur warranty is for the replacement of a damaged case and our warranty does not extend to the device

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I stated several times that I do not want a refund I just want a non defective case out of the boxAs for the case that was ordered today I will wait and seeIt is arriving on Tuesday of next week and will promptly take a look at it to see that it is free of any defects.
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:we perferomed a water tests suggestedwe only have the case a week or less so it was not because it was old, and we did the test the day we received itI think that it is ridiculous to not cover the phone after your case failedWe did what was asked and your case did not hold up to what it said it was going to doI get that if the case had not passed your water test that you would provide us with another one but it did, then my daughter took her brand new phone into the pool to take a picture and your case FAILED!! My daughter would have never taken her phone I the pool if she hadn't done the test and is she didn't have this "Lifeproof" case on it!! So your advertisement was wrong in suggesting that anyone can take their phone into waterBecause you can not....
*** ***

We purchased a FRE FOR PHONE *** CASE from *** We were told by the salesman that the case was waterproof with a lifetime warranty and that "lifeproof would replace our phone if it was damagedThe package the phone case was in also states the the case is "WATERPROOF | DIRTPROOF | SNOWPROOF | DROPPROOF" they state on the package & the lifeproof website that with this case your phone can be "Submersible in water to feet /meters for hour, that it is sealed off from dirt, dust, & snow
My husband got into the pool with the phone inside the lifeproof case in his pocketThe phone was submerged for less than a minute but now it no longer works! Now we find out that LIFEPROOF will replace the case if it was damaged but not the phone! Apparently even though they claim the case is "WATERPROOF, DIRTPROOF, SNOWPROOF, DROPPROOF" if your phone is damaged by any of these factors they still will not replace/fix the phone, only the case if it is damaged! I assure you I would n

All of our cases come with a limited one year warranty that covers the case but not the device inside of the caseIf the case should become damaged or stop functioning we are able to offer a replacement caseWe strive to make the most durable cases available for our customers and their devices
however they are not a guarantee that a device will never become damagedWe are able to offer a replacement case of your choice for the same device or a different device and waive our standard shipping and handling fee

I purchased the otter box defender case with the understanding that it would protect a phone from breaks Days after the purchase my son had his phone knocked out of his hand and the glass on the phone is cracked and its the defenders case, so why didn't it defend I called because it makes no sense for the phone to break in the case and the response I get is I'm sorry and it will be for shipping! how about you replace the screen and stand behind your product! I purchased this case because its supposed to be the best, but evidently that's not the case! Pun- not intended!!!!

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:i have never encountered a company who will refuse to forward a message of concern from one of their customers to a higher level when requested That, in itself speaks volumes for your company's lack of of interest in hearing about real product issues And if this directive came from your executives, it is unfortunate that this disinterest starts at the top I, too, am not trying to be disrespectful; however, I remain firm in my belief that you sold me a defective product, with untrue claims, which in turn caused damage/cost to me of $ I appreciate your example of the fridge; however, in that case the value of the replacement fridge was significant, and likely was more than the value of the contents I would like to suugest another exampleIf a car's brakes fail, or seatbelt is defective and the car ends up in an accident injuring the driver, the car maker does not simply offer to replace the brakes If a lifejacket fails to float and someone drowns, the company does not simply offer to give them a new jacket and call it a day They also deal with the consequences resulting from their product's failure I understand that a phone loss is not the same as a human death or injury, but the premise is the same These products guaranteed to keep the consumer safe and if they fail to do so, the company is then responsibleYes, the consumer must wear the jacket properly etc., but if so, the company must step up and own its failure I think what your company fails to understand is that you are not simply in the phone case business You ARE in the phone protection business Consumers place their trust in you to keep their phones safe, and you let us down I have been researching this issue and it appears that my experience is not as "rare" as you have indicated to me, which shows you do have a product problem that needs fixing In my case, we followed all instructions and tests before using it, we did not mishandle or drop it (as our photos show), giving us no reason to suspect it would fail when needed I continue to request a partial reimbursement of my phone cost ($405), and given you will not forward this any higher, I will do so myself
*** ***

Dear ***, Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for any delays.I did want to wait until I heard back from finance on this issue, as I checked with them to see the status of that checkFrom what we can see on our end, that check was issued over the summer and should have been sent to
you alreadyI am happy to continue working with you until I can see that this check has been received by youI do apologize I don't have a more complete answer as to what may have happened at this time, but I also did not want you to keep waiting on my initial response. If you like, I can offer to stay in touch with you through the original incident until your issue is resolved. Please let me know if this might work for you, and if you would prefer phone or email contact on this concern.Best,Sarah

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:We never wanted to return any of the items, which is why we kept trying to troubleshoot every possible scenario before coming to the realization the cover design is defective Yes, it took several months We are a dual military couple, and it's not often convenient OR available for us to go to the *** Store or *** store to troubleshoot a brand new phone We are now stuck with over $worth of merchandise! We would have NEVER purchased a different phone cover/case, IF the original NUUD LifeProof cover did not make the conversations muffled The armband was never used, and the phone cover is still in great condition No, we don't want anymore of your products, even if offered free This transaction has been one nightmare after another, and an enormous waste of time AND money.Next I will be contacting the Department of Consumer Affairs, and RipOff Report, in addition to posting this story on review sites and contacting my credit card company.What a terrible company You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for blatantly ripping off consumers and NOT standing behind your products I am NOT the ONLY consumer with this issue If you visit ***, you will see this NUUD *** * *** case received a ONE (out of four) star rating for 39% of the purchases from reviewsSome Review Examples:Also, just like others have mentioned, the audio quality is terrible.LifeProof, we used to be friendsYou need to go back to the drawing board and make some major changes before we can be friends again.HOWEVER, I might as well have taken $and flushed it down the toiletWhen I called someone, they couldn't hear me or complained that it sounded like I was under waterI like to talk on speaker phone while I drive and I couldn'tWhen you try to play music on it, you can't hear it hardly at all, even with the volume all the way upI had to take the case off of my phone so I could talk to people on the phoneNow, the case sits on my desk as a reminder of the money I threw down the drainI am beyond frustrated over the amount of money I paid, when I could of spent half of it on an OtterboxNow, I have ordered an Otterbox and wasted more money.DO NOT BUY.Extremely disappointed with this purchase.1. Audio is so bad that you have to use speaker phone or take the case off to use the phoneCustomer service for returns at life proof is awfulI tried to return under their 100% satisfaction policy and rather than return my $ they gave me another caseWhen I received my new case the audio was only marginally betterI took the case off to use the phone and broke my screen putting the case back onThe case is not fully on and I have cracked screen.Had this cover on my phone for day before taking it off and returning itAfter spending $on this cover, there were things to note:I think I spoke with different people on the phoneEvery one of them said they could barely hear meI had the volume cranked all the way upI had a difficult time hearing the person on the phone as wellI did a test where I was playing music on my phone without the cover on itOnce I snapped the phone together, you lost 50% of the audioYou could actually feel the back of the cover vibrate from the trapped audioDon't waste your money on this caseEspecially for $100can't hear anything audio while in casewas looking forward to a new caseIn the trash bucksOtterCharging port won't stay closeCallers are unable to hear me.3. Audio out is horrible.I have had numerous cases over the years, my experience with Lifeproof has not been very goodPeople say they can not hear me on the other line, says its a muffled sound.I have always loved life proof cases but this one takes a large step backThe build is shotty to the point I have to send mine back a week after getting it because the rubber buttons broke off and the waterproofing over the ear piece cracked as wellIn addition, my calls are muffled I have to put headphones in to talk to anyone for an extended amount of time and I had to remove my tempered glass to get case to fit.I am so disappointed with this case that I am almost in tearsFor such a high price it is an enormous disappointment and I am outragedAs I do not live in the United States I have no way of return this over priced productWhat a wast of money!!!! I had bought life proof cases for the *** *** and ** but this specific case for the *** * *** does not let anyone hear meMy voice sounds super muffled to everybody I call and I can hardly hear the peopleOf course I have checked the volume of my phone and that is all set on highI am so sad I spent all of this money for nothing, I will be throwing this into the trash as it's unusable for me.I am very disatisfied with this caseIt isn't at all what it's cracked up to beYou can't hear the ringer even when turned up all the wayPeople can't understand me, saying my voice sounds muffledI took the overly priced case off and no more problems.Horrible - just bought it - tried calling a friend - muffled. Cons:Phone calls are EXTREMELY muffledEveryone that I talked to complained about how "muffled" I sounded and I also was unable to hear anyone talk unless I was in a very quite environment.The sound is INCREDIBLY muffledI had the case on when I made my first phone call and I couldn't hear the person at allIt was as if the phone wasn't working but I could see that it was connectedI turned the volume all the way up and could barely hear them.I also tried the speakerphone and it sounded like the person was in a tunnel.Taking the phone out of the case resolved this issueEveryone was loud and clear.people on the receiving end of phone call cannot hear youThe sound is muffled and it is unacceptable to use.Callers say I sound muffled and they cannot hear meWhen I explained I thought it may be my "new phone case" one caller asked "is it a life proof?" I should have done more research prior to purchasing because I have met peers at my company who have had the same negative experience-waste of $I wish I could give it negative starsThis thing may protect your phone from a bunch of stuff, but it renders it COMPLETELY UNUSEABLE AS A PHONENo one can hear anything you say, and you can't hear themI even enabled the hearing aid accessibility option and it's still so muffled it's uselessI have only had it for a week and already I am so sick of apologizing to everyone that calls me and having to yell at them on speakerphone to hang up and text me instead.The proof is in the pudding The phone case design is defective Please do the RIGHT thing, stand behind your inferior product & issue a refund *** ***

Hello ***,
After reviewing your order and the notes we had written from when you called in, it looks like we are just waiting to get the case back from you in order to process the refund We have already refunded the original shipping charge since the package was not delivered in the
promised amount of time, and we have also waived the $shipping label charge that is typically associated with the return With that being said, we can finish the return process and refund you for the rest of the order as soon as we receive the product back from you I apologize for the inconvenience with the situation, but if you have any other questions at all, please let me know
Best Regards,

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