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Pacific High School

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I spoke to a [redacted] and he said that he was unable to pull up the students information with just the phone number, name, and email addressPlease call him back and provide a student Id and the phone number/ email you used when signing up with the school

I took the online test they said I passed charged me for the diploma it was mailed to me looks legit months later received a call they said they would need more to have the *** sign and stamp but the diploma I received already has *** signature but no stamp.QUESTION: On *** Accreditation Reviews don't sound promising.I think I MAY OF BEEN SCAMMED

Dear ***, I do apologize as I didn't receive or respond to your requests in a timely mannerI would like to offer not only to send the school whatever information they need directly to them, but, also to refund your tuition of $Please send me the information on how to get ahold of
the appropriate person at your daughters school and all of the school informationI will get this taken care of right awayThank you, *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** ###-###-#### Fax ###-###-####
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have
determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
*** ***
This is *** *** and I’m writing about my complaint id #***On March 26th and 4:10PM I called Foster city High School at the above listed number and the guy stated that it was under investigation and they would email me something and to this day I have not received an email so I need this case to stay open and ask for your further assistanceIf you have any questions please call me at either *** or ***
Thanks * ***

My boyfriend chose to use Pacific months back (before knowing about & we have just come to find that he was taken advantage of by this "business"Can't get into college with thisWhat a let down! :( Just get your GED people....there is no easy way in lifeYou either finish high school or get your GED, simple as that
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
*** *** This is *** *** replying to the above emailI have talked to guys at Foster City High School and they said they won’t refund me that was prior to this emailBefore that I recalled a text to my cell phone regarding academic credential verificationSo for them to say they can’t look me up I’m still getting texts from them/ At the beginning of all this I talked to different guys that said if I didn’t pay what they were asking for the “seal” they would take all my records away and make it seem as though I never had any contact with themSo I’ve *** the “diploma and all records I have of that schoolI’d appreciate your further assistance

Stay away from this so called business!!!! I did not fall victim to their scam, however after I turned them down I kept receiving phone call after phone call which of course I ignored. Today, November 19,2014, I ignored yet another phone call from them, but this time the guy left a disqusting voice mail. He said my name in a [redacted] manner followed by, " Woooshy,Wooooo" then hug up. How professional is that. They are not a real company, probably a group of friends scamming people out of their garage. There is no excuse for this, especially when they get money by scamming innocent people, and when they dont get their way with someone...they harass them. I hope that they get caught soon so that this kind of thing can stop happening. I just wish that I can get them on some kind of [redacted] harassment charge, but the address they provide is a fake so..guess Im screwed. Stay away people....please.

The customer sent our office an email stating:Thank you so much for even making an...

effort to handle my complaint ;They put my $200 back in my account . Again thank you .

I spoke to a[redacted] and he said that he was unable to pull up the students information with just the phone number, name, and email address. Please call him back and provide a student Id and the phone number/ email you used when signing up with the school.

I spoke with the business at the phone number [redacted] and they stated they would refund the $350 but the customer needs to reach out ot the business directly.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution will be satisfactory to me.

Review: This online school said it was a legit school but in fact it is a scam. They took my 239 dollars and gave me a fake diploma for my online testing. The staff tell me to take a hike and ha ha we got your money. They are rude and hang up on you if you question there process. SCAM SCAM SCAM.Desired Settlement: I would like to see this scam shut down. I dont know how they can scam people and get away with it. I would like to see a lawyer take this matter up and get all of us hard working people our money back with some restitution. And shut them down for good.

Review: I paid amount of $200 for and took high school course online with pacific high school. They school sent me high school certificate and transcript according to their policies. Before I was about to take the course I call and talk to one of their customer representatives to verify if the school is accredited and said yes it 100% accredited. When I got my certificate I didn't used it at that time because the job I was working with didn't asked for it. When I was ready to use the certificate for another job since I lost my other job, the job company told me they can't take it because it not accredited. Since I can't make use of this certificate I want my money back because they lied to me.Desired Settlement: I want the pacific high school to refund my money back to me

Review: I had gotten my diploma from the mentioned Online site February of 2014. All had been fine until I started getting phone calls from them saying I had to pay $250.00 or be fined $5000.00. I have tried to call the numerous times and would get hung up on. I eventually spoke to the "manager" He too hun up on me. I believe this is a scam. I later found out a friend of mine who also got her diploma through them as well has been getting phone calls too.Desired Settlement: I would like an investigation to be done. I know I am not the only one this is happening to. I have two siblings and several friends all have gotten diplomas through Fortville High School. If found to be a scam I would like my money back in full for both time I had sent them money. First to get the diploma and a second because they misspelled my name and had to send $150.00 to have it fixed and ent to me.

Review: I enrolled in the McHill High School GED program in August, 2012, and paid $200 + in order to take the "GED" online test and receive an accreditted high school GED diploma. I did receive a diploma in the mail that has no address, phone #, or email address, or how it is accredited. I contacted them on 8/22/2014, in order to ask how to send a potential employer that will be verifying my high school GED information and I received a phone call from the "high school" which told me due to Governmental laws, now my diploma was no longer valid unless I paid them another $650. Then during a high pressure sales, "[redacted]" told me that today only the school would cover the $450, but I would have to pay another $200. Tomorrow, it would be $650. They wanted my credit card and social security #. I would not give them this info and they told me that any employer that called them would be told my diploma was not valid. I believe this company is scamming good people that are only trying to receive an education.Desired Settlement: Refund of original $200+ dollars.

Review: I contacted McHill High School to obtain a high school diploma for the price of $450.00 in 2012 to further my education. When I received the documents after completing the course, there was an error in my birthdate. I contacted them and they said I must have given them the wrong information and so it would be $60.00 to correct the documents. I felt that it was not my error and told them that the information they took from me over the phone was recorded by them and they should have a record to show it was not my error. The gentleman on the phone and said lady, you want your documents corrected you have to pay. Some time later I tried to enter a college and take on line classes and that's when I found out the documents were not accredited and the school was a fraud.Desired Settlement: I would like my $450.00 returned.

Review: After completing an assessment test in 2012 the Mchill Highschool site contacted me and offered a highschool diploma for a cost. At that time the school did not say anything about having to complete future attestations to keep the diploma. Now they have been aggressively calling and trying to contact me requesting further payment for this said attestation or they threaten that previous diploma will be void. When expressed that this seemed suspisious and very much scam they employee ([redacted]) hung up the phone. When I tried to contact him again he said he didn't want to hear what we had to say. Furthermore their website boasts to offer free lifetime verification of documents. However after 2 years they are requesting more unexplainable funds.Desired Settlement: Since the school did not explain or make any mention of future attestation requirements or any future charges and because they are now threating to void past diploma they should refund funds that were previously charged. Further more they should train they staff with customer service skills as they were very rude and offered no understanding or clarification of options (if any).

Review: Last year I took internet classes with the above school and completed the course work and received my high school diploma, I paid about $220.00 and received my diploma, now the school is telling me I need to pay an additional $150.00 dollars to have my diploma assestation. I was lead to believe once I completed the work and paid the one time fee, now they are requesting more money and refused to refund my money so I can take a class in my state.

Review: I was attending the victorville high school and I was informed before I started this school, and that this was accredited, and things, and now the school the school name has changed to Mchill and I cannot use my diploma to attend college l because they say that the school is not accredited. I have tried to call the school and the number has been changed. I would like my money back from this scam school because the diploma is not real.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund because I am not able to attend college because these people have scammed me out of money, and I have a fake diploma.

Review: I took and evaluation test online to see where I was at with my education so [redacted] could enroll me into the classes I needed for a highschool diploma. They said I had exceed the evaluation and qualified for a diploma right away, all I'd need to pay is 200$ instead of 300$ since I was military. We paid them the 200$ they sent me the degree, and whenever I went to enroll into college I found out it was fake.Desired Settlement: 200$

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Description: Online Education

Address: 1020 Pacific street, San Bernardino, California, United States, 92404


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