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Party City Corporation

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The Customer ordered a Custom item on the afternoon of 11/13.  Custom Items, as clearly listed on our site during the Customization Process as well as in RED lettering once the item is completed and added to their basket, can take up-to 5 BUSINESS days to produce prior to shipment.  We also advise, via our Shipping Information page, that Custom Items are shipped from the East Coast. The Customer selected the STANDARD shipping method – which to Arizona, even for stock items shipping from our warehouse in Illinois, is listed as taking 3-4 business days.  The Customer did not account for the additional production time for the Custom banner and did not select an appropriate shipping method to receive the Custom item. No credit is applicable or due in this instance as the Customer created this error.  There were no delays in production (it shipped in less-than 5 business days) not transit (the tracking record shows no delays or issues).

The Customer has been credited for the merchandise listed below.  As a courtesy I have also issued a full refund for the original shipping charges since there was an issue with the shipment of this type.  The total credit that was processed to her [redacted] account today came to the amount of $21.78.

Please ask the customer to confirm the address of the Party City location she went to.  This will allow us to properly respond to her complaint.

The Party City location that the customer references is a franchise owned location.  The customer needs to contact the owner of the store directly to resolve any issues.  Party City Corporation is not able to resolve these kinds of matters for franchise locations.  The owner of this...

location is [redacted] or [redacted] and either can be reached by contacting the store directly.

I am rejecting this response because:They mislead me into using a 2 day mailing service through [redacted] which is fraudulent and misleading in using more than 2...

days to deliver. The package was dropped off to them and it scanned into the [redacted] system on the next day on Wednesday, Thursday would have been day one, and Friday was day 2, but it got to the [redacted] station in Athens on Friday the second day at 9 am and they advertise that they deliver by 12 or 5 pm in which they never did and planned to sit on the delivery until the 27th the following Monday in which we did not need the package since we paid to have it by Saturday so we could wear it at [redacted] at the [redacted] on Sunday. [redacted] cost them this sale and they need to acknowledge that [redacted] is misleading their customers. I will never buy from Party city again and they still owe me the taxes paid on this sale plus the 16.00 shipping for a delivery that was misleading and never shipped on the same day as ordered like their site says and also getting it within 2 days even though it got the the local [redacted] dock and they failed to deliver it that same day by 12 or 5 pm. They both mislead into buying this item and now they kept the taxes paid and the shipping paid. I am entitled to all of my money back by law and a full refund of the total of 51.40 and they only repaid the cost of the costume and pocketed the taxes they charged me and the shipping paid out for a failed and LATE delivery. Consumers beware when buying from party city.

It appears this is the third complaint filed by the same customer for the same matter.  In order to respond, we will need more information.  Specifically, need to know which Party City location the customer contacted to place the order.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  they asked me what location I ordered from ... I ordered online and spoke with a c.s agent

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I find it difficult to believe that Party City Corporation does not have rules, standards, and fair practices outlined for all franchisees! I would please ask that Party City management contact your franchisee on my behalf, and get directly onvolved in providing a solution to this problem, and not simply pass it along to your franchisee in this uncaring manner. Is it safe to assume that Party City Corporation has some concern for Party City customers being treated fairly?I have called the number you provided, and this is some accounting office, and they claim to have no clue who Michael Brand is? If you call the number provided, they will tell you the same thing. I would like Party City manangement to contact this franchisee, and provide a solution.Respectfully,[redacted]Regards,Thomas Mylotte 
Thomas Mylotte

I returned unused and unopened things to the Party City store in Bristol,
TN on November 7. Because I paid with a card they said they had to refund my card. I am still yet to receive that
T refund to my debit card. I have called the actual store and they said once they have completed their end there's nothing they can do. So I have called my bank every day but nothing. I called Party City complaint department on November 14 and left my complaint but am yet to hear back from them. I have read that it can tke up to 14 days is this true. On day 15 if my 52.48 is not in my account I'm going to be furious, more than I am already. How can they take it straight out of the bank when you pay them but when they have to give you money back it's takes an act of Congress? This is ridiculous. Especially that it has been so many days and no one has called me back from home office.

I purchased 3 items from Party City that came up to $57.32 and for those 3 items I was charged twice in total of $114.64. Now, I've called for help multiple times in getting a refund on my second charge. I've been told that I will get my money back the next day after my shipment has been shipped. I've been told to call my bank in to releasing my second charge. I called my bank and they say they're unable to release my second charge because Party City has not canceled the actual second charge. Plus, customer service was not very helpful in helping me. Many of them told me different things and excuses. I just want my refund on my second charge that is all and the reason why Party City double charges...

You may have to look into contacting the attorney general of your state. Not refunding a double charge is basically theft. No telling how many other customers Party City have done this to in your town. Since Party City refuses to return the over charge, you maybe able to get back what you owe through your attorney general.

Review: I placed a order from on 7/17/13 and then cancelled the order within couple hours of ordering, because they could not deliver the order within the time fame needed.

I called and spoked with phone operator from and explained that I whated to cancel the order because they cause not deliver the banner within the time I needed it.

She said no problem and would cancel the order and I would receive a email confirmation. After waiting for 24 hours, no email, so I called again and spoke with another phone operator from

She stated that the order was not cancelled and was scheduled to be shipped out that afternoon, I told her about my previous phone call and she did not care what I had to say. The order was being shipped out.

I told her I will refuse the order that came 5 days later. I refused delivery and requested a full refund, which I have not received anything. more than enough time to cancel this order.

I expect a full refund of $55.06.Desired Settlement: I expect a full refund of $55.06.



This has been taken care of. Customer has been refunded and we will be reaching out to the customer directly.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]


have received an email and phone message from Party City stating that they are refunding my money in full.

Thank you for all you time and help with this matter.


Review: I had placed an order with Party City for items I need for events. I expected to receive them by a said date. My order came to me in a box that only had less then half of the times I had ordered. When I call them first thing Monday morning the representative told me that UPS must have taken items out of the box. I did not think that was correct when there was someone else packing slip in the box along with mine. I thought they forgot items in the box. I proceed to call UPS to see if they did take something from my box knowing full well that they did not, but they told me my box was damaged and has-mat needed to be called in. I called Party City to see what the next step would be, they had not heard from UPS. I told them that they needed to resend my items out because I had to go buy more expensive fog juice to run my fog machine for the events that I am having and to make sure that the machine was in working order. I told them the needed to compensate me for this, the told me I can get 20% off my next order, anyone can do that at any time how is that compensating me? I have left several messages at the corporate office for 3 days now with no call backs to discuss this issue. The representatives have no idea what they are talking about and are unable to help or even transfer you to a supervisor that would maybe be able to help. I kept calling and had it red flagged to have a supervisor call me that day and there were to have but no phone call. I called them the next day and told them that I needed to speak with someone. She went and talked with a supervisor and said she is calling me now I have more than one phone line in it took 12 min for the supervisor to call me, she was rude understanding but told me she would give me a refund of another 20% of my order which should be about $28.99 I have not received the reimbursement to my credit card.Desired Settlement: I feel that many people that I had dealt with on the phone should have a reprimanded. Telling customers that ups took thing out of the box. A 20% reimbursement of your next order is false advertisement because most people do not know that they offer coupon codes all the time, its just "forcing" you to make another order. Corporate needs to listen to voice mails and return calls. Shipping department giving out other peoples order slips with there address, email, and phone number on it. Just bad customer service.

I feel I am entitled to a compensation for all the issues I I have had with this company in the last 3 days and I have to wait another 4-5 days for them to resend my items that I paid for and expected on said date. Yes I know accidents happen with ups but the response of they took it was quite wrong.



As of 10/7 the credit was posted in our system. Credits take 3-5 business days to post to a Consumer account, which is why she hasn’t seen that credit yet.

At this point we have processed a replacement order for the missing items and credited her to amount we indicated we would.

So I call party city and ask if I can make an order to be picked up in an hour. She says sure, asks which ones I'd like and I tell her I have no clue. She can't tell me all the different kinds of pink happy birthday balloons they have so I ask how long it will take to get them filled if I come in and she says no more than ten minutes.
I show up ten minutes later and somebody is Infront of me getting balloons done. I proceed to wait for HALF AN HOUR. In this half an hour, two employees swap, putting the slower one on balloons. Then when I asked a question I was looked at as if I were stupid for asking it. After a half hour had passed I stepped over to the normal line to check out the one item I was purchasing, and as I was leaving the people Infront of me finally were paying for their dozen latex balloons. Please tell me how it goes from ten minutes to half an hour to fill some balloons. Knowing I was on a time crunch, I was never offered to have one of the other associates come and help me. Considering I called ten minutes prior I find this to be horrible customer service and will never step foot in that store again, as this is not the first time one of my daughters were left balloon-less on their birthday due to the lack of service by party city.

Review: have had a horrible experience at the party city store 124 in Savannah ga with the Manager Benjamin. He was VERY rude and disrespectful, tactless,insolent,unskillful,etc....... 6-02-2015 I was returning party item along with my receipt, however one of my item didn't have a Barcode. Benjamin the store franchise manager stated that he was not going to return the item because he assumed it was used. I told him several times that the item was not use along with the other items I was returning. The item was a party yard 30th bday sign which u would have to stick it in the ground. Clearly wasn't use. After going back and forth with [redacted] he then said that he wasn't going to proceed with the return. I told him that I was going to contact customer service and he said " they're not going to do anything but email me this my store!!!! I have the right to refuse your return" I had to call Law Enforcement to get my money back for my items and still have yet to get my money back for the yard sign. I will Never shop or spend my money at Party City ever again poor poor poor service.



This Party City location is a franchise owned location. All franchise stores are independently owned and operated and the corporate office doesn't handle these types of issues for franchise stores. The customer should contact the store owner directly to have her issues addressed.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

How do I go about finding out who's over Mr.Benjamin which is the Franchise Manager?




The franchise owner is [redacted]



How do I go about reaching out to [redacted]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:


Review: I've purchased a discounted item in an after Halloween sale. At the time of purchase, I said that the item is not working and she said it may be a battery issue. The item turned out to be defective after I tried replacing the batteries and trying it out multiple times. So, I wanted to return it but they did not take it back saying that it doesn't qualify for a return. If it is only the issue with batteries, I wouldn't have returned in the first place. My expectation is if the product is defective, I should get the refund.Desired Settlement: Refund the $25 charged to my credit card.



Please have the customer specify the location where the purchase was made so we can investigate further.

I was out the other night and wanted to stop at party city for ideas for Christmas decorations and games. It was a half-hour before closing and two associates were at the door talking. They saw me coming in and they met me at the door and stated that they were about to close and so I had to come back the next day. I think this is extremely rude and they need to get their act together. This party city is located in Williamsport, Pa and if this is how they like to act then they can keep their overpriced crap and stick it.

Review: I ordered football banners and balloons and related merchandise from Party City on 8-12-14. They said it would come 1 to 5 "business days" after it ships. They said I would receive the product "in about a week". I called them around 8-22-14 since I did not receive the produce. They said "it must be lost"--we will refund your money when it is returned to us. I called them 9-2-14 and said I still have not received the product. They then said they would "credit my Debit Card" for the product (used Pay Pal) and send me a confirmation of the credit to my account. I still have not received the credit or the confirmation. I just want to GET MY MONEY BACK FOR A PRODUCT THAT WAS NEVER DELIVERED.

[redacted]Desired Settlement: Give me my money back for product that was never delivered.



This issue has already been addressed and the Customer refunded in full. We were initially contacted by the Customer on 8/26 indicating she had not received her order. We had to process a UPS investigation regarding the shipment and received a response on 9/2 confirming that the package was indeed lost. As of 9/3 the PayPal refund was processed in full to her account.

We had a last -minute idea to have a real life spider-man come to my son's party. His grade school teacher agreed to play the part so we needed a costume fast. We ordered a Spiderman costume on Thursday evening and paid for expedited shipping, hoping to get it by Saturday morning. The costume arrived in time on Saturday morning. The party was amazingly funny as he sprayed the kids with silly string and revealed himself as "Spiderman." So Spiderman is really a fifth grade teacher in WA! Who knew?? Thanks for quick delivery.

Review: I visited the Party City website (, looking for a fog machine that I wish to use in my line of work. There was a machine listed on the website with specifications that I was interested in, so I asked my wife to purchase it for me next time she was near the store. The product on the website carries the Party City SKU 177891. The label on the product my wife purchased also showed the same SKU.

However when I opened the product to test it, it soon became evident that the product fell far short of that shown on the website. The main difference is that the website claims that the product has an adjustable output of between 700 and 8000 cubic feet per minute. Adjustability is vital for the applications I have in mind. However the product sold does not have adjustability, it has only one output level, fixed at 3,000 cu ft/min as specified in the products instructions - well under half the advertised output.

Immediately I emailed Party City through their online web form. I received a response, asking for further details but it came from the address '[email protected]'. So, the next time my wife was in the area I asked her to return the product. Unfortunately she was met by an unhelpful and rude employee who said there could be no return since the product had been opened and tested. My wife explained the problem but was effectively accused of trying to defraud Party City by returning an opened product.

I called the phone number on the Party City website and explained the situation. I was then told that since the location it was bought from was a franchise operation, I had no recourse but to speak to the retailer. I pointed out that the website that carried the erroneous details was that of the corporation, so my complaint was with the franchiser not the franchisee but this was ignored.

My phone number was taken and I was told to expect a call from the franchise owner. Unfortunately I did not receive a call.Desired Settlement: I want Party City to supply me with a fog machine that meets the specifications that were used to get me to buy an inferior product.

The specifications:

1000W machine with safety shutoff

120V 60 Hz compatibility

Remote Control with 6ft cord

1 gallon fog juice capacity

Adjustable 700-8000 cu ft per minute output.



Please have the customer advise of the location where the item was purchased. We are unable to contact the franchise owner without knowing the location of purchase as there are several franchise stores in California.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because it is only a request for further information.

The information requested is: Party City - 19927 [redacted]

However, the substantive part of my complaint is regarding misleading information on Party City's website, and not the poor service that their franchisee's store.


I pre-order my balloons bouquet a week in advance yo be pick up at 11am. Its already 11:30am and the manager brandon still told me I still have to wait one more hour and I am a high risk pregnant and he still giving me a bad attitude. Is this the customer service you have in your store? How is the corporate train the employees especially your managers here at union city ca branch to handle the situation like this?

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