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If only you could give a company zero starsOkay, so this is my first review on the, and sorry to say, I am going right inSo my son plays a video game called Black Desert Online and Paymentwall is what his games company uses to handle transactionsPurchased him the stuff multiple times, maybe $or so worth and my debit card called me saying that they locked my card due to suspicious activity and that I have to go in to handle itWell, thats fine, went into the bank and settled the matter, sent me a new card in the mailMy son wanted something else on his game, and my card was pending in the mail so I decided to use my credit card as a form of paymentWrong movePayment Wall blocked the transaction and demanded an obscene amount of private information from meWell, I told my son im sorry I am NOT sending them a screen shot of my Credit Card (front and back) / my Drivers Licence (Front and Back) / and an Unedited Bank StatementWho do you people think you are to demand that kind of information over the internet? You got my kid crying saying he cant play his game anymore over a $purchase?! I am sorry my friends but I am not going to send you such information for video game currencyI offered a compromise to send in my Driver Licence and Credit card SS, but you want a full Unedited bank statement and right there I tell you to disappearIt is NONE of your business what I make for a living, nor how much I make, nor what I spend my money onI hope your company goes under, I truly do, because you made my kid upset over $Asking for such information over a video game purchaseAbsurdLong story shortI told my kid he could buy any game he wanted and I would buy him stuff inside that game, as long as it is not run by PaymentWall

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 8, 2015/10/14) */ Hello, Customer made a purchase on 09/15/XX XX:XX PM (CST)The payment went through successfully, and the merchant was notified (via pingback) that the transaction has already been completed However, on the same date 09/15/XX XX:XX PM (CST), the merchant contacted us and instructed to have the payment refundedThe USD was then returned back to the customerGenerally, there is a 3-business days wait periodHowever, it may take longer than this time frame depending on different factors from their end Please note that the said time frame is outside Paymentwall's controlThe funds have already been released back to the customer, and from which point, only the bank or credit card company can track down the money We have emailed the customer to follow up on this issue and gave the authorization code, which he can provide the bank to get an update on the refundWe are also not able to find any past correspondence with the customer; hopefully this will create an open communication with him for any kind of additional questions Thank you so much

demanding photo id or passport along with a credit card statement after paying for the service from a third party which I did receive and was happy with I was then blocked by payment wall from future use of the third partys payment system this is the message I recived on asking why I was blockedHello, Thank you for contacting usYour account was put on hold for verification purposesIn order to lift the restriction, please submit the following: *Copy of your billing statement of your last payment dated 12/27/for USD showing "Paymentwall" as its billing descriptorYou may check your online account to view this document*Copy/screenshot of your valid ID (Example: Driver's license/Passport)We encourage you to cover sensitive information and other details on your billing statement that are not related to your Paymentwall transaction except for the name and validity date for your confidentialityYou can attach it in your reply to this inquiry in picture format and file

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/10/31) */ Hello, Ms [redacted] has filed a chargeback claim on one of her purchases via PaymenwallAs explained on her letter, it was due to an additional fee on the transactionHowever, we have no control over international charges set by banks or credit card providersWith the chargeback in place, it is a common practice for account-based websites to place restrictions for security purposesWe would have been glad to give further assistance to Ms [redacted] , but according to our records, we did not receive an email regarding additional fees Our team was eventually able to win the chargebackMs [redacted] then requested to have her account unblockedShe was asked to provide documents to establish ownership of accountPlease note that we have already lifted all restrictions on her accountsShe may now make a new purchase Thank you

This company values integrityThey're asking identification for verification purposes onlyAnd once your account is already verified, your transactions can be procesed smoothly

Hi***, We are coordinating to have this transaction refunded We see that you are already talking to our Support Team We will get in touch with you through your support ticket once the refund has been done Thank you

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2014/05/21) */ Our Risk and Fraud Department is currently investigating the transactions in issueWe will be working with your credit card issuing bankOnce we have our findings, we will coordinating with the local authorities with the information we have to file a possible charge to whoever made these transactions

I was trying to purchase a digital item in an online game that I play when this company popped upThey demanded that a send copies of my drivers license front and back in addition to information off of my credit cardWhen I was uncomfortable doing this and refused they not only froze my ability to pay for he item with my credit card but locked it so that I could not use any other method to get my desired merchandiseI finally relented and sent them the front of my license and the last digits on my card they then responded with demanding the front and back of my license and first and last digits of my card before they would agree to unlock my account have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.But the truth is that, as of now, I have only received an email from the Paymentwall team, and there is no real progressNot that I do not believe them, but because I have received too many similar responsesGod knows how long it will take to complete the refund, I think I really have been waiting too long.The following are all messages from the paymentwall team:Paymentwall [redacted] 10:AMHello,Noted on thisWe've forwarded your refund request to the appropriate departmentWe'll send you an update once we receive feedbackThank you.Paymentwall [redacted] 08:PMHello,Our specialists are still working on this issue and are making the necessary steps to have it resolvedWe also sent another follow up with the websitePlease understand that it involves other operational divisions within and outside PaymentwallWe will definitely send you an update once we receive feedback.Regards,Paymentwall TeamBest Regards,Paymentwall TeamPaymentwall [redacted] 12:AMHello, We apologize for the delayWe have forwarded another follow up on this to our specialistWe will get back to you as soon as we have receive feedback from themThank you!PaymentWall TeamPaymentwall [redacted] **:AMHello,According to our specialists, we can no longer process a refund for this payment since it was made more than months agoPlease communicate with the merchant directlyRegards, Paymentwall TeamPaymentwall [redacted] 08:AMHello,We are currently working on your refund request and we will send an update as soon as we received any feedback from our specialistThank you.Regards,Paymentwall TeamSincerely, [redacted] **

Upon checking, We are still waiting for [redacted] to provide the screenshot of the completion of the offer The process requires a proof of completion in order for users to be credited with the reward advertised We have been in contact with him since April 1, [redacted] however the user failed to provide the screenshots requiredWe also have contacted the advertiser to see the possibility of validating the user completion attempt sans the required screenshot Thank youWe wish you a pleasant day Regards, Paymentwall Team

Paymentwall is a rip-off A payment I made to another business, processed by Paymentwall, was never credited & Paymentwall to my attempts to contact that scam outfit In short, my card coshows that Paymentwall took the funds from my card, but never paid the merchant I intended to pay in the 1st place Make sure that no payment you make to anyone goes thru Paymentwall I'm reporting Paymentwall to the US & state attorney general

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