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PCI Auctions East Coast

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• Nov 19, 2021

Non-working junk
Buyer beware! Just because the listing says 'tested and working!', doesn't mean that it does. Should've known better, from others, but still I bought a slushie machine that was listed as 'tested and working!' (Exactly) Upon getting home we realized that it would take $200 in parts to be a working/usable machine. When turned on, machine got no where near cold. Emailed office and response was- sorry our testing did determine that it may need refrigerant but compressor did turn on; its used so its on you and you have no recourse from the seller. Look elsewhere! It was your office that told me that I've got a $1000 paperweight. Item was in bad shape inside, but no pics of that. Horrible experience.


Damaged equipment
I purchased three different lots from them. Reading carefully what each listing was. It stated that they carefully inspect and list the item as it is. However, when the items arrived it was apparent these items in fact was not inspected or they use deceptive practices. For instance we bought an Ice machine, looking at the condenser it was apparent that it was corroded. We bought an espresso machine and it was missing screws the sides are literally falling apart. we bought a hot dog roller and one of the rollers is broken and the list goes on. So to find out how they operated I had my husband state he wanted to sell these items on auction. First, they listed under a different company name not our cafe, then the person who came to take pictures knew these items were broken because he pointed it out to me, but not once did they put it on the site.This site has used deceptive practices. Be wary!
Second, not yet knowing about their practices, I bidded on an auction in Tennessee. on March 12th, they first padded that invoice then charge more than the invoice. Since he 12th I was calling and emailing to find out about shipping charges, at least East Coast was very helpful when it came to shipping and for a small fee charged for storage until I could pick u but the seller for Tennessee avoided my calls and emails on the 16th, the 18th and finally on 21st they reached out never discussing the shipping charges only to say it was shipped. They went into my account deducting 682 without any approval. I cancelled the shipment returned the items to them but they still took the money. They are thieves. Do not do business with them.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It was clearly staged to look like a functioning unit I was going to write more, but realized you don't care about any of this, your responses are quite measured and self servingly rationalized Have a good day Regards, [redacted]

Hello and thanks for your messageI was out of the office yesterday and my people followed procedure in what they told you based on the terms of our auctionI saw your message on [redacted] and have been actively responding to you to better understand the problem and how I can personally helpI think that you acted inappropriately and hastily by contacting the when I was actively communicating with you; a practice that I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate if I had an issue with your bakeryYou mentioned that of the items were mismeasured and I need to know which items they were and what the measurements actually arePlease send me this information so I can better assist youI look forward to working with youThanks, Jared

Hello and thank you for your messageWe recently had an auction that we had to postpone by one day in order to maintain its integrity due to our back-end system experiencing a technical glitchWhen I spoke with your wife, [redacted] , I explained to her that there was a glitch that caused us to determine that the auction needed to be postponed I offered to delete any bids that you no longer wanted to place due to the change in time and date of the auctionShe stated that she'd like me to delete two out of three fryers, which you had been winning, as well as a one out of two coolers, which I didAt the time we were finished speaking, you had only the winning bids on one fryer and one coolerThe cooler you were outbid on, and the back end of our system shows that you raised your bid on the fryer you were winning to $as well as placed a bid on a second fryer for the same amountI spoke to [redacted] around 11:00am EST on Tuesday, and the bids you're now disputing were placed mid-afternoon that same dayOnce a bid is placed, it is a legal and binding contract between you and PCI, per our terms and conditions, which you agree to before you bid on any item in any auction, sitewideOur terms also state: "CHANGES IN CIRCUMSTANCE: All aspects of the auctions are subject to change without notice The Auctioneer reserves the right to, at any time, (i) add or remove items from an auction, (ii) split or combine lots, (iii) add minimum bids or reserve prices, (iv) cancel, suspend, extend, or reschedule the sale of an individual item, lot, auction, and/or auction event, (v) make changes to an auction's closing, inspection, or removal times, (vi) edit item descriptions and/or add/delete photographs from listings, (vii) or take any other action the Auctioneer deems necessary to effect the fair conduct of the sale or to protect the buyers', sellers', or other parties' interests." This explains that we reserve the right to change the date, time, and place of the auction at our discretionI'm sorry you feel you've had a bad experience and that I've addressed all of your concerns

We purchased several items from the most recent PCI Auction First of all, they charge a $fee to "verify your card" and you do not get it back Secondly, they charge another fee after you win the items Ours was an extra $ The auctions ended just shy before midnight and we have to pick up the items the next day between am - pm If you cannot make it by pm the following day they charge a daily storage fee, starting at $(for very small items) We drove an hour to get to their location Upon arriving, we paid our total and then we were told we had to drive to a different location to receive the items Once we made it to the 2nd location we had to stand outside in the freezing cold while they finished helping the people ahead of us Finally, it was our turn We gave the employee the paper with our purchases and he walked off without saying word to us Eventually, he came outside with small items Over the next hour, our items came out one by one I forgot to mention, in between items, the employees stood around while smoking and talking to one another After 35-minutes, we only had 1/of our items and had not seen an employee for a good minutes Once we realized that they were smoking and standing around, I became beyond frustrated I proceeded to go into the wear house and questioned what the hold up was and asked them to get the remaining items we purchased I had to continue to do this With items left, the employee told me he needed me to sign off on our order, stating we received all of our purchases I told him that a)My girlfriend was the one to make the purchase & that she would have to be the one to sign off on them and b) We still did not have all of our things Now we have one item left and the guy comes up to my girlfriend and asked her to sign off on the paper She proceeded to explain to him that we were still missing one wire basket and he seemed confused I followed him back into the warehouse and began to search for our last thing myself Finally , another employee found it and handed it to me My girlfriend then agreed to sign off on the purchase list The employees were clueless, very unorganized, rude, and lazy As I stated in the beginning, we had to a)Be there by pm or would be charged a storage fee and B) Had to pay an extra fee, once the auction ended However, we had to do most of the work for them We will never buy another item from them It's not worth feeling as if you have been taken advantage of Such a unpleasant and unprofessional experience Buyers beware!

Hello and thanks for your messageWhen we initially spoke on the phone we said that the labor estimate was $and that your equipment had an auction value of $5000-$We discussed the fact that exact labor is very difficult to determine without seeing the location first as every restaurant extraction comes with a different set of challenges and problemsYour equipment brought $at auction and we charged $for labor due to the complications that were experienced on the job pulling your foot hoodWe were on site for hours when we had estimated that the job would only take hoursYour contract (which you admitted to us that you hadn’t read before signing) stated that we were going to sell your equipment on or about September 22nd and we were able to get your equipment sold on September 5thYour check was overnighted on September 16thYou called us upon receiving your check with questions and we returned your call on September 19th at 3:02PMWe spoke for minutes and addressed your concerns, aside from two pieces that were allegedly missing from the auctionWe called you back on the September 20th to ask you to email us more information on the two pieces so we could look further into the issueYou sent us an email on September 23rd with that informationWe called you back on September 26th to share that the first missing piece was #in that auction (and part of your check) and the other missing piece was never described in our initial list or pictures of the equipment so it was never picked up in the first placeYou didn’t answer that call so we left that information in a voicemailWe then called you again on September 28th and September 29th to try to reach you to make sure there were no other questions but both calls also went unansweredWe have no record of you calling back on either number that we have on file for you any time after our conversation on September 19thWe also received no additional emails expressing any further concerns or questionsI’m sorry that you feel that way but we made every effort we could to reach you to no availI'm sorry that you had a bad experience and hope that I have addressed all of your concerns

Hello and thanks for submitting your complaintThe terms of our auctions are listed with every auction and every time a customer bids they check a box saying that they have read and understand our termsAll of our items are sold as is, the way that we receive them and we do our best to depict items accuratelyWhen you click into an individual listing you are able to enlarge the pictures so you are able to make your own assessmentsAlso, if you need additional clarification on an item, like to question the space on top shown in the aerial photograph in the listing, please email or call us and we'll be happy to help you anyway we canWe offer a preview day for you to come and see the items for yourself before placing any bidsWe went as far as saying that we were unable to test the unit due to plug typeWe are not technicians and do our best to accurately depict and describe items that we sell but the fact remains that everything is sold as is, where is with all faultsA quick internet search yielded pricing for new compressors at $250-$and with installation you’re still well under the retail value and the piece essentially becomes brand newIf we had done something that goes against our terms we would, by all means, correct the issue but we feel that there was no error on our part in this caseI'm sorry that you had a bad experience and hope that you now understand the reasons behind our process and that I addressed all of your concerns

To whom it may concern, [redacted] has purchased from our company many times in the past (times in total to be exact) and is familiar with our company's terms and conditions, merchandise that isn't removed from our facility on the designated pick is assessed a storage fee based upon the amount of space that it takes up in our warehouse The Auction pick -up day was Tuesday April 24, and he came to our facility on Thursday April 27, The amount of merchandise that was left at our facility falls into the $50.00/day storage fees because of the amount of space all of the merchandise was taking up in our warehouse [redacted] signed the credit card slip when he was at our facility and he was informed that in the future he can avoid the storage fees by removing the merchandise from our facility on the designated pidayI reviewed the video and recordings and our office manager wasn’t rude to this customer in their interactionsSometimes customers say that she is being rude because she’s reinforcing our policiesThey make these accusations for the purposes of diverting blame and customers not wanting to follow our policies and proceduresThe customer left our facility and came back after about minutes to threaten my office manager pickup his beverage dispenserWhile our office manager was getting her lunch out of the back of her car he drove back onto our property and approached her and said, "Mark my words ma'am, you will regret that you charged me." I witnessed this as well and will file a police report if Abby doesn’t receive an apology from [redacted] for his threatening behaviorThe Commercial Countertop Refrigerated Beverage Holder Dispenser w/ Hoppers and Drip Tray that [redacted] purchased from the auction was listed as tested and working because the piece is in fact tested and in working condition We allow all customers to come to our facility and preview the items prior to bidding on them prior to bidding on the items that are up for auction We sell all merchandise in the condition that it is receivedThe fact that the machine has a cracked lids doesn’t affect the functionality of the machine whatsoever and the condition of the lids are clearly pictured I’m sorry that the item doesn’t work for your intended use but we do not guarantee the fitness of any item that we sellI hope you now understand the reasons behind our procedures and that I addressed all of your concerns

I recently made two purchases of neon beer signs from PCI Auctions located in Manheim, Pafor a total price of $ After taking off work and driving a total of three hours to pithe items I noticed that one of the signs was severely damaged Hoping for the best on the other item, I plugged it in and was immediately shocked to the point my arm went numb for several minutes Upon closer inspection, this item too had been damaged as one of the neon tubes was completely broken I placed a call to their office and an e-mail to the owner and both parties had the same reply "You bought it as is and there is nothing that we can do for you" The problems I have here are: They provide photos for their online auctions that you can not click on to enlarge, so all of the items look great and you can see no apparent flaws or damage And the fact they do not even take a moment to test an item to see if it's in working condition I would never do business with the company in the future and I would suggest others to stay away as well I would have gladly driven the three hours to return the items for credit or some type of compensation They had a set of five or six spill mats that they were probably going to receive a total of twenty dollars for that I would have settled for as a make good gesture I am a very low key, easy going guy and would have chalked it up to a learning experience However, I feel that I want to warn others about the way they conduct business and how little they care about their customers level of satisfaction

PCI Auctions East Coast is a joke BUYER BE WARE. they use stock photos of a complete item totally misrepresenting what your going to actually get

The labor quote was verbal only (as per my original hand written note from the day I initially spoke to Ashley on the phone to schedule everything

Hello and thanks for your messageWhen picking up equipment for a new client, PCI fully explains and also denotes on the contract that our overhead, which is the labor amount charged, is something that isn’t included in our commissionYour appraisal of $10K was based upon pictures that you sent
us, which were a misrepresentation of the actual equipment, which was in bad shape, some not in working order, etcwhich was not disclosed to the person with whom you brokered the consignmentWhen we have proper and actual representation of the equipment we’re consigning, our appraisals are completely accurate, if not conservatively estimatedIn your case, the equipment sold for much less than what was originally appraised because of the conditionDue to the aforementioned reasons, your lot of equipment sold for $3,Our commission, which you agreed to and were contractually obligated to pay us for our services (including cleaning, lotting, photographing, staging, nationwide marketing, hundreds of hours spent fielding phone calls and emails, payment processing, etc.) was deducted from that numberFurther, our labor included hours of manpower, four crew members, a pickup truck and a foot boxtruck, which amounted to the majority of what was left of the gross after commissionWe have a vested interest in what your items sell for, as a commission-based business, and do absolutely everything in our power to sell everything for the maximum valueYour equipment simply wasn’t as valuable as it had been initially represented to usI’m sorry you feel you were misled and that I’ve answered all of your concerns

Hello and thanks for your messageWhen we
book jobs we can only go on the information and pictures that the client
providesWe estimate to the best of our abilities but every job is different
and no one can foresee potential issues during a restaurant equipment
extractionAccordingly, there
was no labor cap noted on the contractOur crew
are experts in restaurant equipment extraction as we pull about restaurants
per monthThey arrived with the proper tools and truck for the jobPart of
disconnecting electric involves cutting the lines and our crew had caps set
next to each line to properly completeBefore they finished this process, an
employee of client vacuumed up those electric capsThis in turn didn’t allow
us to cap the electric but also slowed our crew down immensely and the site
cleanup could’ve been scheduled when our crew had completed the jobIt was
never discussed that the client required trucks in the beginning but
regardless when the need arose, we dispatched a second truck to finish the job
We didn't dispatch that truck until it was deemed necessary as our crew is
trained to fit everything in one truck if possible to save our client money in
labor costsWe brought all tools necessary for the job and solve each problem
as it arisesEvery restaurant equipment extraction is different and poses
different challengesMy crew did an excellent job in solving problems that
came up and getting a forklift on site when deemed necessaryWe were told that
we could use the forklift on site but the forklift couldn’t lift the one piece
that needed to be loaded with the forkliftWe don't travel with a forklift to
do restaurant extractions as 99% of the time it's not necessaryOf the
restaurants we pull per year we might need a forklift once or twiceWe were
tasked to professionally extract the restaurant in the cheapest and most
efficient manner and we did just thatAny other company would charge over $10k
for a job like this oneAnother thing to think about is the the fact that our
labor charge is a small percentage of what it cost to have those pieces installed. I'm
sorry that this job took longer than you wanted it to take and hope that you
now understand the reasons behind our labor fee and that I addressed all of
your concerns

default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Yes I did indeed overreact and should have spoken with Jared prior to filing this complaint They have resolved all problems to my satisfaction to this claim
*** ***

To whom it may concern,This customer purchased from our facility on 11/13/The customer acknowledged that she agreed to our companies terms and conditions an estimated times throughout the evening while placing bids on the itemsOur company's terms and conditions state the following,Full
payment is due on the scheduled removal day regardless of shipping, delivery, transport to other PCI warehouses, or storage arrangements. If no contact has been made before the end of the scheduled removal day the credit card on file will be charged. If the full invoice amount cannot be collected at once, partial charges will be made until the complete total has been collected.Winning Bidder: Pursuant to these Bidder Terms and Conditions, the bidder who entered the Winning Bid for Item/Lot offered for sale at the Auction shall be the buyer of such Property.REMOVAL: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PICK UP YOUR ITEMS DURING THE SCHEDULED REMOVAL TIMES OR UNABLE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR SHIPPING OR STORAGE FEE ARRANGEMENTS.Our office staff begins charging invoice totals when they arrive to the office at am eastern standard time the day after the auctions endUnless the customer has reached out to our office staff we automatically charge the credit card on file as all invoice balance are due by pm. This particular customer called into our office asking about how shipping or delivery works, our office staff explained that for us to be able to get shipping or delivery quotes we first need the invoice total paid in full and asked how the customer would like to make paymentOnce full payment is made and pallet fees are taken care of, we then palletize their items so we have exact pallet weight and dimensions to get a shipping quoteThe customer is also welcome to ship with their carrier or pickup the merchandiseShe refused to make payment and said that she would not be paying our company any money until we told her how much shipping or delivery are going to beOur office staff again tried to explain to the customer that we would be absolutely able to help her get a shipping or delivery price but we are unable to do so until she makes payment on her invoiceShe then said she would like to know these cost before she will give us any money.We have a shipping section on our website which allows for all customers to look into what freight shipping cost will be prior to bidding on itemsWe have a multitude of resources and staff that are available to help assist first time bidders walk through how our shipping process works as well as how they would be able to get shipping quotes BEFORE bidding on merchandiseOnce the auction has ended payment is due and arrangements need to be made with the customer regardless of what the cost of this is going to be and the customer is more than welcome to make their own arrangementsThe merchandise we auction off is obtained through bank repossessions and foreclosures and once the items have sold the individual who is the winning bidder is now the owner of these items and is responsible for full payment by pm on the designated pidayWhen we spoke with this individual on the phone trying to walk the customer through how we process invoices and how we will be able to get her a quote but only once the invoice total has been paid for in fullWe asked how she would like to make payment on her invoice and she told our office staff "With your d*** b***."We attempted several times over the course of that day and today to get in touch with this customer regarding payment for her merchandise and have been unable to reach her via phone and have been unable to receive a return phone call backWe have had several departments in our company reach out to this customer and she will not return any of our phone callsHer account is temporarily suspended and we are still willing to work with her on getting a reasonable delivery or shipping quote for her once she pays the very substantial balance that she still has outstanding with our companyIf that balance is not paid, we will continue to call to collect paymentIf we cannot collect she can expect this invoice to go to collections where they will further continually try to contact her to pay for these items and will send in this default to all credit reporting agenciesI am still open to completing this transaction with you despite being rude to my employees and the blatant disregard for my terms and conditions which clearly state how we operateThe best way to solve this problem is to pay for your invoice and then we can move forward with getting you a shipping quote or she can come collect her merchandise

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:they are using deceptive sales practices by not fully describing the items they are listingIf they would of they would of stated that this item is damaged and listed it accordinglyBy listing this item as sweet and not mentioning the things they see wrong with it, the are in fact using deceptive selling practices.
*** ***

*** filed this claim without speaking to me personally about this situationWe spoke on 6/at around 6:30pm and came to a fair solution and will continue to do business together*** will affirm that and close this complaintLet me know if you need anything else from meThanks, Jared

You did not clear your invoice by the end of pickup day and therefore violated our terms and conditionsYour assertions are ridiculous and you can deal with collections if you aren't willing to make payment and follow our procedure

I have now purchased from the East Coast warehouse for the 4th auction and, likepin my experiences with PCI locations in three other regions, have nothing but positive reviews from all locations but the Manheim crew particularly I would like to single out Abby, who has been a reliable and trustworthy agent in helping me to navigate the purchase and shipping processes My shipper really let me down and I am so grateful to have a pro on the other end of the transaction to step in and expedite things so that I can get my materials on-time, intact, and as promisedBig thumbs up to PCI in general and doubly so for the Pennsylvania team!

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Description: Internet Auction Service, Auctioneers, Estates - Appraisals, Sales & Auctions

Address: 141 W End Dr, Manheim, Pennsylvania, United States, 17545-9320


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