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From: < [redacted]>Date: Fri, Feb 27, at 11:AMSubject: RE: Complaint # [redacted] - [redacted] , [redacted] NW, WDC [redacted] / [redacted] To: [redacted] [redacted], [redacted] @pepco.comGood Morning, A conference call was conducted with the customer on February 25, 2015, and we explained what had occurred on his account We agreed to issue a courtesy credit adjustment for $to resolve his complaint Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questionsThanks, Linda *B***| Escalated Investigations Representative Pepco Holdings, Inc| Customer RelationsNinth Street N.W| Washington, DC 20068o: ###-###-#### | [redacted]

September 8, Dear [redacted] : Thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted] s concerns regarding her billing charges and request to change her account effective date from November 3, to February 1, I have attached a billing history to assist in clarifying the following information.Effective November 3, 2014, an account was established in the name of [redacted] at the above referenced address based on an online request from [redacted] On May 3, 2015, [redacted] contacted Pepco to dispute the effective date of responsibility, stating that she did not become the responsible party until February 1, As a result of this contact, a letter was sent to [redacted] requesting occupancy documentation (lease, deed, settlement documents, etc.)The requested documentation was never received; therefore, the dispute was closedHowever, if [redacted] would like to provide me with the documentation I will review her request to change the occupancy date.I apologize that [redacted] s bills were delayedIn January 2015, Pepco transitioned to a new customer information and billing systemAlthough extensive time and effort was dedicated to ensuring every aspect of our billing system conversion was as seamless as possible, it is not unusual for some unforeseen issues to occur during the stabilization phaseUnfortunately, the conversion resulted in a delay in rendering bills for [redacted] s account and as a result, multiple bills were issued almost simultaneouslyAn 18-month installment plan was established for [redacted] and as a courtesy I have removed late fees in the amount of $I appreciate the opportunity to respond to our mutual customer's concernsPlease have [redacted] contact me if she has any questions or concerns regarding this informationSincerely, Linda B

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I feel like they should have to pay for the deposit since this is their mistakeThey didn`t attempt to contact me to fix this problemHad I not brought this to the attention of the my power would`ve been cut offMy next bill will end up being $due to that deposit plus the next billed amountI don`t believe that`s fair Regards, [redacted]

March 31, ** [redacted] K Street, N.W., 10TH Floor Washington, DC 20005- Re: [redacted] , Maryland [redacted] Dear ** [redacted] : On March 4, 2014, a Pepco Energy Advisor spoke with ** [redacted] and reviewed her energy usage with her using “My Account,” Pepco’s free on-line energy management toolMy Account allows customers to monitor their daily usage, view their energy usage in minute intervals and helps them find ways to conserve energyAs an example of the information available, I have included a graph reflecting daily usage data for the most recent billing periodThe Energy Advisor found no anomalies in the billingAs ** [redacted] remained concerned, her contact information was then forwarded to Pepco’s Energy Engineers to schedule an on-site visit On March 12, 2014, an Energy Engineer phoned ** [redacted] but they were unable to reach her; therefore, a message was left asking ** [redacted] to contact them on ###-###-####** [redacted] did not return the call and on March 27, a follemail was sent to *** ***’s premise is all-electricGenerally the major energy users in a customer’s all electric home in the winter are appliances that generate heat, such as electric central heating, hot water heating and space heaters (if used)Further, a colder than average winter likely contributed to the higher than expected billsPlease have the customer contact our Energy Engineers if she would like them to schedule an on-site Quick Home Energy Check-Up In summary, all of the bills during the past twelve months were based on actual meter readings (see attached billing history)Additionally, the smart meter currently servicing the customer’s apartment was tested prior to installation at an overall accuracy rating of 100.00%There is no indication the customer’s billing is inaccurate; however, as a final measure we can schedule a meter verification and a second, field meter testIf the customer would like to schedule a test, please contact me at the telephone number listed above Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the customer’s concerns Sincerely, [redacted] Enclosures

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:For several reasons and I will just list them rather than write a letter:I never got the attached letterPepco NEVER let me know when they were coming like I ASKED so I could talk to the meter person & show that I have meters & oil heat & let them walk through my houseThe bills they show DO NOT INCLUDE the $bill/ the $bill I can send those to you and they DO NOT include balances moved forward each of them are for one monthPEPCO NEVER EVER EVER addressed my questions about the TWO FUNCTIONING METERS ON THE HOUSE they have avoided that onePEPCO NEVER EVER EVER answered my questions about the garage behind the house which is being used as a mechanic shop and HOW AND WHO that electricity is being billed toThat garage is attached to the house and the wires as wellThere is no address for that garage its just a garagePEPCO says I am responsible for the "equipment"What equipment? I had a fridge, stove and washer, dryer and lights in that house NOTHING MOREThere is no other equipment that is run on electricityOil is the other source and is the only source for heatingThere is no A/C For EIGHT YEARS I complained about the $billsbut man when the EIGHTH winter I was getting hit with $and $bills for ONE MONTHthat was ITthat was where I draw the lineNOTHING was being done different, no extra equipment, I was renting the house so I couldn't add or change anything to itI was using oil for heat supplemented by our fireplace I know the guy in the garage had lots of space heaters Regards, [redacted]

[redacted] K St NW, 10" Floor Washington, DC 20005-3404Re: [redacted] Largo, Maryland [redacted] Account # [redacted] Dear [redacted] :This letter serves to respond to the concerns expressed by the above referenced customer regarding Pepco's request for a depositI have reviewed the customer’s account and would like to offer the following explanation.Review of our records reflects that the customer was granted an extended due date per her request to coincide with a monthly government checkThe due date was changed from between the 24" and 27" of the month to between the 7" and the 9" of the following monthThe change became effective with the customers' bill for service to June 1, 2015.Deposits are only requested of customers who have maintained less than satisfactory payment habits over a 12-month periodReview of the customer’s payment history reflects that even after the due date was changed the account reflects monthly arrears, late and infrequent partial payments, as well as three disconnect notices (see attached)Consequently, On September 25, 2015, a deposit was requested in the amount of $The deposit represents approximately twotwelfths of the customer’s annual usage.As indicated in the enclosed tariff, “For Residential Customers who have not paid a deposit, a deposit may be requested if the Customer fails to pay a bill after a reasonable time has elapsed from the receipt of a termination notice which has arisen because of non-payment of the bill”We expect our customers to pay their electric bills by the due datesBased on the deposit criteria and review of the customer’s payment history, the request for a deposit is warranted.Currently, the account reflects a balance of $801.64, which consists of the arrears, in the amount of 387.55, a late charge of $3.15, the balance of the deposit request, in the amount of $and the current bill, in the amount of that is due by January 7, 2016I trust this information will assist you in responding to the customer’s concerns.Sincerely,Stan P [redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] June 9, Dear [redacted] ***,I like to thank you for the explanations and making adjustments on the billUnfortunately, not only it does not satisfy my doubts but it helped to clarify that I may need to look for another company if available in my areaI liked the summary and the table but the superficiality and lack of clarity in your response leave my complaint still unresolvedReading your response, I get the impression that Pepco is granting me the favor to discount my bill for mistakes that I, as customer, had committedThe following are the points I want to reiterate1- I strongly believe I do not own any money to Pepco not only for the bill Feb – Mar ($328.07) of course but also and most importantly for Feb - Feb($102.33)Therefore, I am not willing to pay the $after your applied discount and creditsPlease below find my reasons and I would appreciate to receive your response as soon as possible because I have many important and urgent things to take care of 2- I respectfully request the refund of $ charged by my bank as “stop payment” fee by check immediately 3- I do appreciate the $customer discount, but, since I cannot make any use at the present, I will take advantage of it once the house is rebuilt4- As per the $returning check that is Pepco problem not mineYou took money from my bank account in unauthorized manner as I stopped the auto-payment before the due date and received notification that Pepco cancelled the auto-paymentNevertheless, Pepco still withdrew moneyTherefore, please do not debit your $fee to my account! Pepco should not have dared at first! I hope there will be no need to further reiterate this point anymoreIn a moment of a huge tragedy such as lost of house, belongings and car, I certainly would not have ever expected to spend hours to call and write letters to explain why it seems “very unreasonable” to receive a bill for service that were never used even after the lost was reported! On the other hand, I thank you for this opportunity because I can probably learn that I should have taken actions when I started seeing that my bills were increasing without changing my habits to use electricity already in January I could not justify the increase as not only I did not change my habits but I was even trying to lower the use of electricity to decrease the bills in general (from January to March 17: $-days, $– days, $– days and final $– days including days without house that has been reduced to $for days of use!)I will try to respond to your letter point by point to see if we can agree and/or have a full vision of problems here: 1) From you letter: “that she had to contact us more than one for a resolution.”: I spent a minimum of hours on the phone, couple of days to write letters including this, two days to go to the offices - first in [redacted] **., Rockville, MD and then in two offices in Washington DC to talk in person with somebodyIf I should be paid back for all lost time considering my PhD I think that I should charge Pepco at least $per hour, correct? My time is as much important as your time to perform your dutiesHowever, while you are a Pepco employee so you use your time for me as part of your daily tasks, my primary job is not to defend my bills and therefore, it results in extra-hours work on my endI would appreciate if Pepco would start to consider that Pepco makes money because of customers2) Could you please comment my note on the complaint regarding the Pepco operator who went to the house after Pepco opened the first investigation to understand why there was a reading after the fire? The supervisor in DC office said “after the fire Pepco reported to have found the meter hot”?? Seriously What does it mean “hot”? I left the contact information of the captain of the Fire Department? Did you call him? As I was asked from the Pepco representative, did you find out if they cut the electricity from inside or outside the house that night? After the fire, there were no appliances, no lights, no house, a lot of snow but the meter hot! 3) I NEVER CALLED TO CLOSE THE ACCOUNTI called to know if there was further action from my end or Pepco to be taken after the fire department pulled over the meterThe account was intentionally left in “INACTIVE STATUS” according to the Pepco customer service advice to simplify the difficult process to reopen it once the house is ready to be rebuiltDid you close it now? GREAT! Does it mean that I will have to face additional issues with Pepco shortly? If so, I do not think I can deal with this any longerCould you please put it back into inactive status to help me moving forward? 4) As per your representative making an error and generating an “estimated meter reading” how many times does it happen? How do you notify a customer that you are charging based on estimated and not actual reading? According to what you are saying as the fire happened on February 20, my February - March bill was generated by using a combination of “actual meter reading” and “estimated reading”How did you communicate me that? All my statement bills always have the following note: “Your smart electric meter is read wirelesslyyour meter records hourly useTotal use is the sum of this hourly data”How many times did you previously charge me for a combination of readings without transparent and clear communication of these methods? Do you do this on regular basis? Does it mean that if Pepco does not receive a meter records hourly use from an account, Pepco starts to charge an estimated amount of use without saying it? For instance, each time in my home there was no electricity use in a day – it happens when I travel for instance and switch the meter off – I was still charged based on the fact that if you have no daily SMART meter reading somebody prepare a daily estimated reading!? If so, when is Pepco reimbursing a customer for the estimated charge if not used – because in my case it should have been easy but what if the house does not burn down? In my case it should have been clear like crystal water that there is a mistake somewhere but three months passed and we still here5) Assuming that Pepco thinks that it is offering a transparent and clear way to communicate its customers, how is an “estimated meter reading” graphed? By an operator or a computer? Whoever does it, there must be a lot of fantasy and imagination for drawing graphs showing a simulation of daily electricity use without real readingDid you decide upfront that I was spending an average of 80kWh per day and accordingly simulate the rest of the bill? Did you start back in January or it was just done randomly in this bill? 6) I am not sure how I should refer to Pepco employees at this point as it seems that supervisors do not know what they are talking about when advising customers, customer service operators are confused about whether or not know a bill is based on “actual or estimated reading”, computers or people draw graphs to estimate use, employees from other departments call and write letters without knowing what they do and even after you closed the account representative from the energy department savings still call to offer a service – I will explain this in a few7) As per stopping payment of $328,07, I was advised from one of your “supervisors” to stop the auto-payment while the investigation was going onBy the way $is a lot of money so I found reasonable to avoid a payment that was clearly a mistake from PepcoI think the advice was fair enoughOn the contrast, it is unacceptable that Pepco still withdraws money from customer bank accounts after the auto-payment authorizations are cancelled no matter reasonI even received the confirmation e-mail from Pepco notifying that the auto-payment was cancelledI forgot about it until a month later calling Pepco customer service once again because received another request of $bill payment I found out that the $328,was withdrawn by Pepco without MY authorization at that point while a payment of $could not be found in your systemThen other investigations from Pepco side were open! Therefore, another “supervisor” advised to go to the bank and stop the payment to avoid further unauthorized money withdrawing from MY BANK ACCOUNTIn my native country, when money is taken from a bank account without authorization it is called “fraud”8) I would like to go back on the use of electricity because all this story is raising doubts as initially saidAlthough my house was run by electricity for all appliances including heating, AC, stove, washer, dishwasher, oven, pool pump, garden sprinkles and lights, I never had a dryer, pool pump and sprinkles are not operated in winter time of course, my washer machine was Sept energy saving model and received a Pepco rebate tooI did not even have TV cable and a computer for example! I had two fireplaces: one wood and the second propane that I regularly used to heat the house last winterBut most importantly I am the ONLY OCCUPANT not even pets and I work all weekI was used to switch the heating off if not home during the day or after 10-pmIf too cold and wanted to leave the heating on, I was setting the temperature at 65F – if home the thermostat was set at 72FBased on a regular daily life: how many clothing boiling loads can one person alone do, how many boiling dishwashers, how long can an oven or stove be on to cook a meal, how many long boiling showers, how many lights forgot on for days in row, how hot the house must be kept on hours? I am currently relocated in a townhouse – same size my houseIt is interesting because I used 224kWh in one monthIt is true that the house has also natural gas but still heating/AC units I use an electric dryer for instance that I use nowSo I did a brief search to look for use of electricity of appliances and applied it to my life style and single occupancyHow can I use from daily average of kWh in a townhouse big like my house to kWh per day (please see your table I used kWh in days as per your last bill)? Even if we want to compare same house and same person at this point, how can I go from average of kWh per day (already higher use in 12/10/14-1/16/15) to kWh per day in 2/14/15-2/20/15? Does it sound right if I know that I did not change my habits? Understanding that I cannot verify it anymore and my bill statements report only total kWhs used and not billing period meter readings – starting to closing date - could I dispute the way I have been billed? Was Pepco estimating my use based on historical bills of past years for instance? Who knows at this point? Can I claim my money for no transparent and clear service offered? 9) My last point is regarding the general way Pepco departments workI received a letter dated May from the billing Services and Investigations dept saying that I needed to pay all bills no matter the investigations were still going onI called the person and left a message but she never called me backFew days later I received a letter dated may from the customer service notifying that a $returned check was received and if I did not pay the account was scheduled for disconnection on or after 5/15/I did not know if I should have laughed or cried – honestly bothI was curious to see how Pepco disconnect a service that is not in service! I called the customer service and tried to talk to a manager of a supervisor to see if at higher level Pepco employees can resolve the problemNo luck! The manager was not available, I could have only the name but not last name and no phone number so I could call back at anytime expect for waiting a return call from this guy! Interesting because Pepco has all personal customer information including SSN and we, as customers, must have trust but it does not seem mutualAnyhow, the manager never called me backHowever, the day after a “supervisor” called me and he did not know anything about my case and expected to hear the whole story from beginning! For many days I kept receiving the most amazing amounts of payment requests even for bills paid in full in the pastFinally and hopefully last call came in on Friday June The Energy saving department called me to know if I wanted to install the energy savings box that in addition to look for saving energy from a closed account based on what you wrote, PLEASE NOTE that the box was already installed in based on my recordsShould I laugh or cry again? To take it easy I responded I did not need it as my house has the most successful way to save energy – no meter! I asked the representative if they are all working for the same Pepco companyAre Pepco deptsconnected or disconnected? 10) My last and most important question for you is: IS PEPCO JEOPARDIZING MY CREDIT SCORE? I wonder if you are reporting unpaid bills to the Credit Bureaus because this would be the last disaster you can add into my lifeHow can I make sure this is not happening? Is there any manager of manager of manager that can answer that and most importantly I could trust? If so, please let me know as soon as possibleMy apologies for this long letterI hope it is clear and to solve any potential future issue in a more effective and timely mannerMost of all I hope I will not have to deal with any type of issues any longerMy problems are already enough and without any doubt huge! Thanks for your understandingRegards, [redacted]

October 10, 2014Dear [redacted] :This letter serves to respond to the ongoing concerns regarding the high bills for the above referenced accountAs previously stated, I can only reiterate what was explained in our response letters to the customer dated August and September 3, 2014, copies of which were provided to you in my response to the dated September 15, and that is; based on my review of the cumulative actual meter readings obtained each month, and the results of the meter accuracy test, the account has been billed accurately and no adjustment to the account is warranted.The customer has also filed her complaint with the Maryland Public Service Commission, and now has the opportunity to request a formal hearing on the matterI trust this information will assist you in responding to the customer’s concerns.Sincerely, Stan PSpecial Investigation Representative

[redacted] , NW Washington, DC ***December 21, [redacted] Trade Practice Consultant Revdex.comK Street, NW, 10" Floor Washington, DC 20005-3404Re: [redacted] case # [redacted] *** [redacted] Fort Washington, Maryland ***Dear *** [redacted] :Thank you for contacting Pepco on behalf of our mutual customer, Mr [redacted] I appreciate the opportunity to provide the following information.In January 2015, Pepco transitioned to a new customer information and billing systemAlthough extensive time and effort was dedicated to ensuring every aspect of our billing system conversion was as seamless as possible, it is not unusual for some unforeseen issues to occur during the stabilization phaseUnfortunately, the system conversion resulted in a delay in rendering this customer's invoices during the first quarter of this yearAdditionally, a recent issue involving the customer's third party supplier was identified, resulting in a delay in rendering the October and November invoices.I have reached out to the customer as requested and explained that we are working diligently to resolve all issues and to let him know that we sincerely appreciate the customer’s patience while we work to get this correctedI will review the customer’s invoices over the next few months to ensure the billing is accurate and timely.Sincerely,Linda *B***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards, [redacted] ***

December 23, 2014Dear [redacted] :This is in response to complaint # [redacted] regarding [redacted] ***'s concerns regarding the installation of a net energy meter for the above referenced addressPepco has accepted the consumer's completed Solar System Green Power Connection applicationA net energy meter was installed on December 18, On December 19, 2014, the consumer received final approval to operate their solar system.Quality customer service is an integral part of our commitment to our customers and we sincerely apologize that we did not meet the [redacted] ***'s customer service expectationsThe consumer's complaint has been forwarded to the appropriate management team for process improvement purposesI trust this information will serve to satisfactorily resolve [redacted] ***'s concerns and I appreciate the opportunity to respondIf you should have any questions, please contact me at ###-###-####Sincerely,Harvey H

June 20, 2014Dear [redacted] :This letter is to follow up with our discussion today as it relates to the above referenced rebuttal complaint.As stated in the letter dated June , 2014, a copy [redacted] s photo identification, and filed police report substantiating her allegations are requiredThe information must be received no later July 21, 2014; otherwise, collection efforts will resume on the balance ($753.15) of the final bill.Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you should need further assistance on this complaint.Sincerely,

Hello ** [redacted] : In order to conduct an investigation into the ** [redacted] 's concerns, we need the Pepco account numberOur records do not reflect a metered account at [redacted] , MD ***Please forward the information to the special investigations mailboxThank you, [redacted] Office: [redacted]

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I do not accept the response from PEPCOAccording to Part V: Summary Statement, I paid $1,from May 25, to February 13, However, after applying my payments to the correct apartment, PEPCO insists I still owe a remaining net amount of $2,Please justify why I owe so much more than what I already paid! Furthermore, I should not have to pay additional moneyAssuming the remaining balance of $2,is correct, I was never afforded the opportunity to reduce my apartment’s electricity useFor instance, perhaps Meter # [redacted] has malfunctioned or I could have not run certain electrical devices PEPCO should give me the following: · Stop the automated bill pay for my accountI cancelled the last one because the charges were for over $· Give me a monthly itemized listing of my payments against actual amount dueI need to know how much I was under-billed each month since April · Give me a maintenance report on Meter # [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

701 Ninth Street, NW Washington, DC 20068February 1, 2016 [redacted] The 1411 K Street, NW, 10" Floor Washington, DC 20005-3404RE: [redacted] ***Rockville, Maryland [redacted] Account: [redacted] Dear [redacted] : This is... in response to complaint # [redacted] , regarding [redacted] 's billing concerns for the above referenced account. We appreciate the consumer's feedback and apologize for any inconvenience the customer may have experienced as a result of this matter. In February 2015, the Maryland Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) pledged $156.00 for [redacted] 's electric account, of which $13.00 of the benefit has been applied. As a result of a programming issue, the balance of the benefit amount had not been applied to her Pepco account. However, our Systems and Development team has resolved this matter and the remaining $143.00 credit will be reflected on the customer's next invoice. The customer's account has been protected while this matter was being resolved and no late charges have been applied to the account. I appreciate the opportunity to respond. If you should have any questions, please contact me at the telephone number referenced above.Sincerely,Harvey H**

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Please forward the following response to [redacted] Regards, Martin Mendoza Dear [redacted] Please respond to the following questions: Why did you not follow up with the Pepco credit department after receiving my initial complaint to inquire if in fact a credit check had been done as it was suppose to when service was initiated? Why did you simply just issue a canned response without doing further investigation? You included Pepco's security deposit policy in your previous letter so you are seemingly aware of what is in it The policy clearly states that the security deposit can be waived if the customer has "homeowner status" or can demonstrate stable, longterm employment Why did you not present these as options to me for having the security deposit waived? Why did you choose to remain silent on this and stick to your demand for $280? It is [redacted] Why do you insist on calling me [redacted] when all the communication you have received from says otherwise? Thank you, [redacted]

April 23, Dear [redacted] :Our Green Power Connection Team accepted the Solar System Green Power Connection application and an approval to operate letter was sent to the customer on December 27, However, approval was inadvertently sent to an incorrect solar contractor.The approval documentation was resent to the customer as well as [redacted] Solar on April 20, Sincerely, Richard C

Ninth Street, NW Washington, DC 20068January 19, [redacted] Trade Practice Consultant K Street, NW, 10" Floor Washington, DC 20005-3404Re: [redacted] Bethesda, Maryland Complaint No: [redacted] Dear [redacted] :This letter serves as a response to your inquiry on behalf of our mutual customer, [redacted] requesting invoices for service rendered.Upon further review of the billing records, we determined due to unforeseen delays in our billing system related to our Peak Energy Savings Credit program, no bills were rendered since the account commenced on May 26, This matter has been resolved, and attached is a copy of the bill for service rendered on May 26, to January 15, and charges totaling $The deposit balance in the amount of $Was Waived.We regret it took more than one attempt to get the assistance requiredFurther, we apologize for any inconvenience this matter has causedExtensive payment arrangements up to months are available upon requestIf you have any additional questions, please contact me.Sincerely, Stephanie R [redacted] Enclosure (16)

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: From: [redacted] < [redacted] @***.com>Date: Thu, Apr 2, at 3:PMSubject: Re: You have a new message from the of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania in regards to your complaint # [redacted] .To: "[email protected]" Hi - This issue is still unresolvedIt is now April 2nd and the meter has yet to be installedWe are requesting a firm timetable for when this installation will occur so we can begin using the solar systemAdditionally, we have yet to even hear back from Pepco via a phone call or email of any sort regarding this matterThank you, [redacted]

August 26, 2015Dear [redacted] : This letter serves as a response to your inquiry on behalf of our mutual customer, [redacted] regarding the assessed deposit for $at the above referenced addressEnclosed are copies of the bills for service rendered on October 23, to October 4, at the customer's former address at [redacted] ***, Washington, DC, to assist in clarifying the followingDeposits are requested from customers as stipulated in The General Terms and Conditions for Furnishing Electric Service in Maryland, page and 17, section (enclosed)Nine disconnect notices, one reminder notice, one deposit warning and one final bill reminder notice were rendered during the billing period provided, which represents an unsatisfactory payment historyAs a result of unsatisfactory payments, on January 28, 2013, a deposit for $was assessed on the former accountSubsequently, a deposit in the amount of $was appropriately assessed on the customer's current account in MarylandThe deposit amount is two twelfths of the annual historical usage at the premise.Based on the deposit criteria outlined in the tariff and the customer's payment history, the request for a deposit is warrantedThe deposit has been paid in full as a result of allocating incoming payments towards the depositLate payment charges totaling $were waived; however, the paid deposit and accrued interest will be automatically refunded, provided the customer demonstrates satisfactory paying habits over a consecutive twelve month periodA zero ($0) balance is required at the time of the request to switch the account into the customer's wife's nameI trust this information will assist you in responding to the customer's concernsIf you should need further assistance, please contact meSincerely,Stephanie R

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