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Talked to this customer last Tuesday for minutes on the phone Gave him my direct number so he could call me back with any other questions or concernsWe repaired his car to manufacture recommendations The manufacture will not authorize us to perform any other work on the vehicle Complaints by customer are considered design operations by MitsubishiI did offer to give customer fair market value for car if he were to sell or trade the car back to us I also offered customer communication with ownership, letting him know that the owner was out of townHe seemed satisfied with our conversation and asked me to provide written notes of his visit to Service in the Spring of I emailed him the item he requested on Wednesday March 4th as promisedWould be happy to honor items mentioned in line Based on our conversation with customer last Tuesday, we are very confused by complaint filed with you Sincerely, [redacted] General ManagerPrestige Auto CorporationDirect Line: [redacted] Fax: [redacted]

Hello mr [redacted] ***.First I would like to apologise if our business didn't meet your expectations.We are family owned and operated multiple location car dealer group who is servicing car buyers for more than years.We really care about our reputation and customer satisfaction and we do all the effort in order to train our staff and control operations.However we are rapidly growing company and there is always place for improvement in team management.We will look at the deal details again and you will be refunded whatever you eligible for

Tell us why hereCustomer came in and we fixed the vehicle and Customer sign a waiver that Prestige is no longer responsible for any issues .How ever if the customer have any issue he could call us and we could look into helping himPrestige auto is on side

We have been in contact with customer and are processing warranty cancel on her behalfSincerely, [redacted] General ManagerPrestige Auto CorporationDirect Line: [redacted] Fax: [redacted]

There are issues with my breaks, I spoke to them about itAnd the seat belts (driver and back seat left) aren't working once againThere is no windshield was liquidWhen the car was brought to them the day I signed the papers, the seat belt was sprayed to fix the issue, but of course that was short lived, day later if that the issue returned (if I receive a ticket I will be bringing it to them)There is no windshield liquid in the carI was told by the salesmen Benny that the vehicle was in a MINOR fender bender (his words exactly) and it seems that it was much WORSEThese jerks should really be put out of businessIf I have to I will bring this issue to courtThey are a bunch of liars and greedy jerksOnce my money was in their hand I was no longer treated like a customerIt really isn't fair how people are allowed to be treated like thisI work hard for my money and it's a shame that nothing can be done about my problem

Im sorry you felt this way, unfortunately I don't know which vehicle you are talking about Please give us a call so that we have an opportunity to make this right


I am rejecting this response because: I dont want warraty, I want refund

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/05/28) */ Simply a lack of communicationI should have kept them better informed of our scheduleThe first phase of the work was completed last weekI am waiting for permit for the second phase Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (2000, 7, 2015/06/09) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

We processed this transaction in good faith, full disclosure, as it is required by law and our agreement with the stated lender. Prestige Auto and its employees should be held at no fault in this matter. We are aware the customer has remorse for the transaction he made. Our General
Sales Manager, Jamie Klimek has made multiple attempts to contact Mr*** regarding this matter and has found his voicemail to be full and unable to accept messages. Mr*** is welcome to contact myself or Mr*** anytime. Prestige Auto would be happy to give the customer a bid on buying the car or taking it as a trade. Mr*** will have to come to the dealership to explore those options. Negative postings or opinions of any items for this transaction by the of Wisconsin in any public forum will be considered slanderous to our business and treated accordingly. Sincerely,*** ***General ManagerPrestige Auto CorporationDirect Line: ***
*** ***

cars is fixed !!! thanks

Thank you for responding to my complaintI contacted the manager, *** ***, of the Work N Wheels program at Western Dairyland here in Eau Claire, WII told him of my concerns on how this all happened when I went in to see the cars that were advertised under $And how they ran credit
checks on my credit report was hit timesHe is also the one is helping me with the debt counselingHe placed a call to the manger at Prestige AutoHe stated to me that he had "wished" he had taped recorded that conversation as that manager had stated some very illegal practice to him..and also stated that I was lying and had requested that they run a finance checkAdrian stated to them he was upset with their practice and that when someone states they are trying to buy a vehicle with the Work N Wheels program, they already have a financial backing to purchase...they do not need to be pushed into a larger purchaseThe reason they are at this program is because of difficult debt problems and financial issuesIf you would like to contact ***, he would be happy to tell you what this manager said to himHis contact number is *** I have not contacted Prestige or stopped back inI do believe this is "bait and switch" scheme that they have practicedI am also working with an employment agency to obtain a better job; the manager there just went to Prestige and had the same situation occurShe ended with with a new vehicle when she went in to see the advertised one, it was not thereShe said she spent all day there and had great difficulty with themBut for some reason, she still bought a vehicle from them! I refuse to be lied to and tricked! Thanks again! *** ***

We are in the process of getting this issue resolved

I’m sorry if our business didn’t meet your expectationsDue to diffidence in requirements in different states,we only guarantee that vihicle will pass New Jersey inspection.All the vehicles sold as is and covered with day power and train warranty.We can not guarantee that tires are brand new on
trucksWe know that Tire’s are safe to drive.I woul like to offer you free oil change,tire rotation and detailing package that cost $689,plus dealer discount on any parts or tires you will need in the future.You can call my cell ###-###-####.President Yan C***

Unfortunately, the customer declined the extended service agreement that may have covered the mechanical issues she is having with her used vehicle she purchased seven months ago. The vehicle she purchased did qualify for our lifetime warranty and she is covered by that. Lifetime
warranty protects the engine and transmission for the life of the vehicle while in this customers name. We are sure the Nissan warranty had expired before the customer purchased this vehicle on June 12, with 72,miles on it. The vehicles we purchase or take on trade for resale go through the State of Wisconsin mandated inspection. Those that cannot be reconditioned to pass or don’t pass go to auction. The vehicles that are sold on our lot are offered with the option of extended coverage (above the lifetime power train) for purchase. We offer these coverage to provide piece of mind, after the factory has “stepped out” on coverage. Some people decide to roll the dice against mechanical breakage that can be caused by various things like part failure, wear and tear, driving style, road conditions, etc. There is no other types of coverage against these “act of God” items other than the ones offered at time of delivery. Our records show that Ms*** was called by her sales consultant on 7/29/and 8/13/14. She requested a Auto Check vehicle history report after a less than reputable dealer had told her the vehicle was in an accident. The dealer was trying to “save face” after losing her business. They should have explained that credit and cash down are the two largest factors that will help a customer build equity in a depreciating asset the fastest. Those two factors allow someone to trade and upgrade vehicles on a faster cycle. We provided the vehicle history report, at no cost, to our customer. The Auto Check report, supported by Experian, showed no history of accident. The customer left satisfied with the report. In December the customer came in and requested she be removed from all our correspondence, including mailing list, after receiving a hand written Christmas card, that was paid for and written by her sales consultant. I would be happy to appraise for trade or purchase the Nissan Versa in efforts to get Ms*** in a vehicle that she is more comfortable with. If, attempting to purchase or trade the customer out of this vehicle does not satisfy her, we would request the same as she did in December, and be removed from further correspondence. * Negative postings or opinions of any items for this transaction by the of Wisconsin or other parties in any public forum will be considered slanderous to our business and treated accordingly. Sincerely,*** ***General ManagerPrestige Auto CorporationDirect Line: *** Fax: ***

The check was sent out

I did hear from Prestige Auto. They did not comment on their lack of repairs or anything to the actual complaint. they simply said they had been notified that I wanted to cancel my warranty and they could do that at a prorated rate. I told them it was better than nothing. They never apologized for...

the inconvenience or the fact that their repair shop blatantly disregarded checking my vehicle when I brought it to them.  Thank you For your assistance, [redacted]

We have been in contact with customer and are processing warranty cancel on her behalf. Sincerely,[redacted]General ManagerPrestige Auto CorporationDirect Line: [redacted]            Fax: [redacted]

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/05/28) */
Simply a lack of communication. I should have kept them better informed of our schedule. The first phase of the work was completed last week. I am waiting for permit for the second phase.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2015/06/09)...

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I am rejecting this response because: I dont want warraty, I want refund.

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Description: Auto Dealers - Used Cars, Auto Repair & Service

Address: 3345 S State St, Salt Lake Cty, Utah, United States, 84115


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