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Mr [redacted] came in to purchase a X40e that we had a special onUnfortunately the stock number in the advertising was already purchased earlierAfter notifying and explaining that to Mr [redacted] we came up with a similar X40e and made it right for Mr [redacted] Within the transaction we went above and beyond by delivering the Xto him in the mountainsMr [redacted] talked to our sales managers trying to understand why the car had approx miles on the car, we explained in detail why and how it incorporated with the deal/ aggressive pricing he got on the XMr [redacted] then reached out to our General Manager [redacted] as they spoke for minutesMr [redacted] expressed his concerns to Mr [redacted] Mr [redacted] took immediate action with Mr [redacted] s demands a pro rated payment check was cut back to Mr [redacted] as he felt he was owed some money for a few lost daysMr [redacted] was in a Schomp BMW service loaner at this time as well In closing Schomp BMW has listened, taken immediate action and gone above and beyond for Mr [redacted] within all aspects of the transaction

We at Schomp [redacted] are in the process of repairing this vehicle at no charge to the customer I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:i'm required to have a vehicle for my job that was one of the stipulationsAs was I had a [redacted] before surrendering it to [redacted] since I was provided a new vehicle from [redacted] *** Because the person who process the sale push through and do the spot delivery has now put me in a spot where I am possibly going to lose my job as well as I have no car December I put a down payment December I was called to come and get the vehicleThere was never anything ever talk to me that I needed to have in by January because I was actually at the dealership because I was having issues with the windshield fluidI have all the emails and conversations with the young lady and it clearly shows and states that everything was fine and it was their mistakePlus I would've never excepted this deal knowing that it wasn't a for sure thing or surrender my car if this could be a situationBecause again like my first statements I'm required to have a vehicle for my job and I would never take a risk knowing I could lose everything There is tons of miss communication and what was most upsetting each time they came back to me requesting additional information or documents that they clearly know I do not have because I had my bankruptcy papers right there with the datesYes they provided me back my money as well as they stayed in communication with me after the vehicle was returnedAnd I'm not indicating that they didn't try or put any kind of effort as far as getting this deal to go throughBut again I would've never put myself in this kind of position where I'm spending hundreds of dollars now for a rental because I cannot get a loan now until my bankruptcy is just charged which is an AprilI completely understand that but why was this not talk to me at the start and how was I able to take the vehicle December and I didn't even process my bankruptcy yetFigures that they would just put all the blame on me because I don't think they see the big picture I'm not stupid and would not risk my job as well as a [redacted] car if I knew there was a possibility that this was not going to go through or the fact that I had to wait till my bankruptcy was discharged So I do not except this response because one that's not the full in whole story and two how is this assisting me at allBecause your person lied and did not know how the process works for a bankruptcy I am having to pay for a rental and can possibly lose my job if I can't afford the rental and tell my bankruptcy is discharged because now I can't get a loan because they did a spot delivery Of course I would subtract my monthly car payments on my old car from the amount that I'm paying for the rental sonic I'm trying to get a bonus off of the situation I'm just trying to get even because now I'm out tons of money because you guys did a spot deliveryAnd your response does nothing nothing how is this compensating me for all the inconvenience I have caused and assisting me with the money I'm having to spend because your Salesman screwed up If I did not go to your dealership I would still have a car and I want to be out almost $on a rental and having to figure out what to do and tell April I'll be fine I'm not indicating that they did not try yes they gave me back all my money they did say in contact with me But every other dealership I have contacted was upfront about the bankruptcy process so why was this process not a buys to me when I went into the dealership on December I was called back on December to come get the car I'm completely aware and understand I did sign the contract but I never knew you could walk out of the dealership with the car and it's not financed That is just a horrible business practice and just not rightAnd I do completely understand when it comes down to it I did not have the appropriate documents to get the loan to go throughHowever this was never told to me they had my bankruptcy papers in front of them when I filed on January I was very upfront I have all the emails as far as proof that I told them when I was going to file what was going on everythingAnd it is kind of sad how they are so quick to update their website as far as dropping the price on the vehicle yet forget to take me off of the automatic emailsNot a great thing to wake up to when you get a email saying congratulations on your new vehicle when you guys just took itAgain only way I would except anything from this dealership is if they compensate me for all the additional funds I'm having to spend on a rental until my bankruptcy is discharged when I'm able to get financed for a car loanAnd of course I would subtract my monthly car payments like I said out of this amount I'm spending because I would've had to spend that anywaysAgain I'm not trying to force anything but they're the ones who lied didn't do the process correctly I have all the emails with the timeline and I am now pretty much screwed because of them because again my job stipulation is that I have to have a vehicle and I had a vehicle why in the world what I ever take a risk like that or even surrender my car if I knew this was gonna happenSo until dealership wants to pay me and sent me right I don't except anything from them which I can already guarantee they're not gonna care because unfortunately since I signed the contract they don't care I just can't believe I'm out this much money at no fault of mine but because their big dealership I'm a dime a dozenSo hopefully they will see this and show that they have good customer service and compensate me for all of this since it's their fault but they don't other customers beware shows right there they're shady dealership as well as a spot delivery scam bad business practice there's no reason for it Sincerely, [redacted]

Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 6, 2015/09/23) */ Ralph Schomp Honda has respondedThey fully satisfied our request and resolved this issue to our complete satisfaction

Mr [redacted] bought his [redacted] from another local dealer ( [redacted] ***) within the days of his purchase Mr [redacted] s [redacted] was having drivabilty issues (rough idles ans stalling at stops)After inspecting the [redacted] we noticed that the Vanos had faults and that the unit was bad once we got further into the jobSchomp BMW also found that the timing was off on the engineSchomp BMW opened the engine back up and replaced the valves out of the kindness of our heart and trying to help Mr [redacted] as he was very emotional and upsetUpon digging deeper in to the engine we found Salvaged yard parts with salvage inventory markings, cylinder head was milled and that the timing chain guides were damaged( unrelated to us)After having numerous conversations we asked Mr [redacted] for the the pre inspection report from the selling dealer on his **Mr [redacted] could not produce this documentMr [redacted] bought an extended warranty from the selling dealer and has not exercised that as wellMr [redacted] has told us on numerous occasions that he should have never bought the [redacted] from [redacted] as he knows it wasn't inspected or sold properly to himSchomp BMW spent $in total on Mr [redacted] and we didn't even sell him the car!! Mr [redacted] has been harassing our technicians and management as all he wants is a new engine for freeSchomp BMW only tried to help a new BMW owner with his buying buying decision in the end

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:There are several reasons that [redacted] and Schomp [redacted] Dealership have not dealt with the situation in good faith.There's a difference between what the Schomp [redacted] dealership has stated and their [redacted] Customer Service has told me"American [redacted] released on July 10th, that of bulletin, 12-which extended the IMA battery's coverage to that of years or 162,miles, whichever comes first The purchase of Mr [redacted] 's vehicle was on April 30th, So for for all extensive purposes the [redacted] was within its allotted time frame but had exceeded its mileage limitations by some 4,miles." 1: My vehicle purchased in [redacted] had problems with a "degraded IMA battery pack" which is was a well known issue to [redacted] for vehicles 2006-There's many complaints and class action lawsuits against [redacted] for thisMy vehicle was in to [redacted] in for the IMA light and was diagnosedAt that time [redacted] installed a "software patch" (also, well know by many unhappy [redacted] customers) that extinguished the light, changed parameters so that the battery pack continued to degrade, but the warning light would go outQuestion: How come [redacted] never notified me that they had extended the Warranty on the "degraded IMA battery pack" in July 10th, ? My car was already in their system in at [redacted] for this ongoing issueWhy didn't they contact me since I had problem that was plaguing [redacted] Hybrid owners in large class action lawsuits? Question 1: [redacted] notified me many time on the Tacata Air Bag recall for my carWhy didn't they notify me that they had extended the warranty on the IMA Battery problem? Question 2: Why didn't Schomp [redacted] recognize my situation and provide a replacement (4,miles is very small) and this is an issue that was plaguing many 2006-customers? I had the car into the shop not more than months after the extensionA 20/split meant I'd be paying $for something that [redacted] should have fixed soonerAgain, many affected customers and some being treated differently from complaints I've read.Question 3: I contacted [redacted] Customer Service -number and explained my situationThey told me something completely different than Schomp dealershipWhen I explained that the dealership said my car was 4,miles beyond warranty and that I've had this "degraded IMA battery" since they said they'd get back to meI expected them to come around to being fair and replace the battery pack (which has been ***'s real problem all along).Days later I received an email from Customer Service that said my VIN was not covered under the warranty extension and my warranty expired at 97,milesBasically, rolling back the extension mileage coverageSummary: [redacted] and Schomp [redacted] telling 2006- [redacted] different things in regards to this massive problem with the IMA battery packs degrading since day 1, not contacting customers about warranty extensions, not providing fairness (4,miles come on nowthey knew about this problem on my car since and there are many documented class actions suits on itA 20/split meant I'd pay $and the dealership would absorb $in laborand because they overprice the actual part (battery pack) I'm actually paying for the whole thingIt should have been replaced for free in Why not replace the battery pack and do the right thing by customers? (4,miles out?) Come on, the car was in their system with the problem since and I don't receive a notice about the June extension? Sincerely, Anthony [redacted]

This car did have an issue with the odometer clusterUnfortunately we did have to send it out of state to get fixedThis took longer than expected, and to remedy the situation we have purchased this car back from the customer in fullA check has been cut to the credit union to cancel the loan and the bank is not expecting nor asking for payment from the customer at this point in timeThe customer was informed that these were the steps that were taken to relieve him of any and all responsibility for this vehicle and for the loan with the credit unionWe are extremely disappointed that we were unable to remedy this issue in a quicker time frame that kept the customer happyThe credit union has most certainly been in touch with us through multiple channels and we expect the lien release to take place very soon

We are having a hard time contacting ***, We are very confused about the many accusationsWill continue to attempt contactWe understand very littleof this complaint at this point

We have resolved this issue with [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is more than satisfactory to meFor as long as I live in the state and possibly even when I move all my vehicles will be Ralph Schomp BMW'sThey took hours to make sure I was perfectly satisfied, they waited on me hand and foot like I was at the [redacted] Thank you again to the whole Ralph Schomp BMW family for making me feel like part of the family Sincerely, [redacted]

On December 30, Ms [redacted] applied to obtain financing on a [redacted] , VIN # [redacted] at [redacted] *** Ms [redacted] ’s signed credit application was submitted for review to [redacted] on December 30, For [redacted] to approve the loan Ms [redacted] was required to provide references, Proof of Income , Landline/Cell Phone Bill, as well as a document proving a full payoff or trade in of the current open auto loan that she had at the time for a different vehicleThe above referenced stipulations were communicated to Ms [redacted] in writing via “Notice of Loan Stipulations” agreement, which she signed on December 31, prior to the vehicle being delivered to her Per the “Notice of Loan Stipulations” agreement, if the outstanding documents were not provided to Schomp Automotive within business days, the loan contract may be cancelled The entire financial contract was sent to [redacted] for funding on January 2, with the outstanding stipulation of proof of her current vehicle being paid off or traded in Ms [redacted] did not provide the proof of either since she voluntary surrendered the vehicle to [redacted] , and did not do so until January 18, The letter of surrender that Ms [redacted] provided to [redacted] did not state whether the vehicle was turned in but rather indicated an intention of doing so In addition, Mrs [redacted] provided a receipt of payment to [redacted] via a copy of the manually generated receipt for the installment of $in an email sent to the client adviser on January 11, Neither the letter nor receipt provided by Ms [redacted] were sufficient to fulfill the bank’s stipulation requirement, as there was no confirmation that the loan was paid off or the vehicle was traded in Schomp Automotive was in constant communication with Ms [redacted] in an attempt to collect the missing documentation and to keep her fully advised of the status of her loan application [redacted] ultimately refused the funding of the loan due to lack of proof based on stipulations that they required To further complicate matters, Ms [redacted] filed a bankruptcy on January 18, At Ms [redacted] ’s request [redacted] continued attempting to obtain approval of her loan from [redacted] At that time, [redacted] also requested an additional stipulation since the loan was not funded in the timely fashion, which was proof that meeting of creditors has been completed prior to the funding of the loan Given the fact that the meeting was scheduled on February 13, 2017, this stipulation could not be timely completedThus, [redacted] declined to fund the loan for Ms [redacted] Ms [redacted] voluntarily returned the vehicle to [redacted] on January 27, At that time [redacted] ***, at the request of Ms [redacted] , placed a hold on the vehicle in order to attempt pursuing financing on Ms [redacted] ’s behalf, utilizing a co-buyer Ms [redacted] requested that [redacted] retain the $she originally utilized as a down payment towards the vehicle loan with [redacted] , as a hold for the vehicle Ms [redacted] submitted her and her co-buyers information via electronic application to [redacted] on January 30, in order to pursue additional financing she requested Ms [redacted] and the co-buyer’s financial information was forwarded to [redacted] by [redacted] the same day [redacted] responded to [redacted] on January 31, 2017, providing stipulations necessary to fulfill the loan obligations One of which, was that Ms [redacted] provide proof of dismissed or discharged bankruptcy That stipulation was communicated to Ms [redacted] on February 1, 2017, but she was unable to provide proof that her bankruptcy has been dismissed or discharged since it was still pendingMs [redacted] then asked for [redacted] to provide her with the cash purchase price, including taxes based on the address she provided [redacted] *** The full purchase price was emailed to her on February 2, Ms [redacted] , on the same day requested that [redacted] continue to hold the vehicle for her, while she attempted to secure her own financing On February 3, 2017, Ms [redacted] emailed [redacted] requested that she be refunded the down payment of $3000.00, as well as, $she has given to the sales person as a giftOn February 3, [redacted] notified Ms [redacted] that the $along with the [redacted] were available for her pick up, which she in fact picked up on February 3, In addition Ms [redacted] signed a letter directing [redacted] to cease all efforts to pursue financing on her behalf and to return a [redacted] of documents she left at the dealershipSchomp Automotive continued to try to obtain financing until Ms [redacted] choose to conclude the transactionSchomp Automotive is dedicated to fulfilling any and all commitments we make to our clients, and is happy to work with the in the most transparent way possible to clear up any questions or concerns If any additional information is required, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at any time Sincerely, [redacted] ***

This is in response to the complaint we received through the on December 8th, 2016, ID of [redacted] .On November 8th 2016, our customer came in regarding her end of lease, it was explained that she had several options, including turning in her current lease and obtaining a new lease from Honda A concern the client had with turning in the lease was the possibility of making two payments in one month, one for the last payment of the old lease and the other would be a payment for the new lease An option was presented to the customer that we can add the final payment to to the cost of the new lease, which they agreed There was a mistake on our end by not applying the last payment or excess mileage charge and sending a check to Honda.A call was received on November 21st, regarding a bill the customer received from Honda, since it was Thanksgiving weekend none of the accounting department was available and assured we would resolve the situationAn option was provided to re-contract the paperwork with the correct information so that we may correctly pay Honda the remaining balance, this was a result of a $increase on the customer’s monthly paymentThe customer declined, and at this point we offered to pay the balance owedThe day after the Holiday weekend, November 28th, 2016, a call was made to the customer confirming that we would pay the balance and that it would take approx business days As of today December 9th, we have confirmation from FedEx that the check was received and signed off by Honda We also contacted Honda to inform them that a check was received 12/9/by them and asked if there is any impact on the customer’s credit A Honda representative by the name of [redacted] informed that it takes them 2-business days to process the check and will not impact the customers credit and actually there will be no phone call or letter sent to the customer regarding the bill since it’s within the day courtesy billing cycleIn no way was our company avoiding a resolution to this issue, unfortunately the timing in which it was handled did not meet our customer's expectation and apologize for any inconvenience We set an expectation to the customer that was not met and corrected the problem to make it right Kind Regards,

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/03) */ Vehicle was exhibiting electrical concerns to which [redacted] diligently worked to resolveWe sent a valet down to Colorado Springs to drop off a loaner vehicle and bring back the clients car to repair Refund has been submitted and is being processed through the business officeClient was advised that process takes - business days to completeThat time has not elapsed Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/09/10) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) It has been days (August 20th) since a specific compensation term was mentionedIt's been over weeks since it began and there was a promise of some sort of compensation early onBiggest compliant is complete lack of communicationWe are a returning customer and would have thought there would be better resolution, professionalism and responsiveness Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/09/24) */ Refund has been processedIf client has not received stated refund then we will issue another check immediately Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (2000, 11, 2015/09/29) */ (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.) Received a check for $Was hoping to have additional due diligence compensation as the issue is still not fully resolvedWill not recommend to others or return

We have called and spoke to a representative at [redacted] EWT Claims and she assured me they have everything they need to pay the claim and that the check would be sent within 5-days from last Wednesday, August 2nd [redacted] should be receiving the check from [redacted] within the next couple of daysI called and left a message for Ms [redacted] that all is taken care of last Thursday, Aug 3rdAlso in speaking with [redacted] the late fees that have accrued on this account have nothing to do with the with the $excess wear and tear charge

[redacted] has closed the account A letter has been generated by [redacted] stating account is closed and credit history is update Also, installing XM radio at no charge to the client on March 2nd Thank You

We have been in contact with [redacted] at [redacted] Yesterday he verified that check # of [redacted] in the amount of $ had been received at ***and the paperwork was being finalized according to ***We wished the car would have worked out for the customer but this vehicle had a speedometer cluster issuethat we had to send to an out of state specialistI took longer than either party anticipated and it was the customers wishes to return the car for a refundWe agree100% and have been working with the Credit Union to process the cancellation and refundThe customer can contact [redacted] at [redacted] or myself for any further assistance[redacted] GSM Schomp MINI.###-###-####

We have addressed and paid in full [redacted] past lien on his Spark

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: There was no "resolution...agreed upon," either at the time my husband and I sold the vehicle back to Schomp BMW or since thenThere is no "agreed upon outcome," despite Schomp BMW's statement to the contrary in its latest responseInstead, the amount Schomp BMW paid for the vehicle was offered to us on a take-it-or-leabasis; as the vehicle was clearly unsafe to drive, we had no real choice other than to take the offered paymentFurthermore, we have never signed a release or waiver of our claimI disagree that "Schomp BMW did everything they possibly could at the time to assist and help" me, other than supposedly calling a tow truck and talking with BMW North America to secure payment of the $3,"good will money" -- I certainly have never recognized such in any meetingsInstead, Schomp BMW has consistently stated that it will not make any financial contribution to offset our loss, and that we should look only to BMW North America for recompenseAlthough I appreciate Schomp BMW's apology, it does not resolve the issueSee the "Desired Outcome" section of our complaint for details of our approximately $13,loss Sincerely, [redacted] -***

We do apologize to Mr [redacted] for any inconvenience causedSchomp has given Mr [redacted] $until [redacted] completes the refundPlease let us know if we can be of any further assistance

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