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Secure Home Warranty, LLC

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The customer signed a policy that states clearly that the maximum allowance is 150.00, we did uphold our Terms of Agreement and service was provided, we do apologize for any bad experiences but it has not bearing on the contract terms of coverage

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]Secure Home Warranty has negotiated everything to their benefitI am still requesting 75% plus the additional $I paid for the so called installtionThe appliance was supposed to be replaced in full as advertised if unabled to be repaired, also stated in the policy.
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Attached find the reimbursement notice that Secure Home warranty had me to sign acquiescing they owed me the $that I am seeking!The only reason I paid the full amount and not my half is that I had been on the phone with Lisa the manager on duty that day for over an hour, she had also been on the phone with the tech for almost a half hourBy the time we reached this agreement of the company footing half the amount for the freon the tech who I might add was an older gentleman had just gotten back on the roof and it would have been a lot for him to get down listen to Lisa and then get back up thereLisa said let him just finish send in the claim and gave me the email addressOn August 20th when I returned the attached reimbursement contract I told the company that I wanted to cancel my policies I then received an email back saying that I wanted to cancel both my policiesI received an email back saying that if I did I would forfeit the reimbursement so to leave it alone so I left it alone! No cancellations were processed then!On the 28th I asked for the cancellation on my rental property that was not connected in this fiascoPromptly both policies were cancelled by the company because they realized that as soon as I got the reimbursement my plan was to leave the company! There were no stipulations in the contract or the reimbursement form that said I have to stay with the company after and I didn't hide this I told Lisa that same day that I was VERY disappointed had never been treated this way by American Home Shield! Had I just told the man to come down and take the call he would have charged me half and billed y'all for the rest.Regards,*** *** Regards,
*** ***

Secure Home Warranty is not able to go over every issue and item that is covered and not covered, we
are a business, like any warranty or insurance company each case has to be dealt with after a claim is file and an investigation or diagnosis is made.The customer has had claims approved in the past without any issues, but, in this case they do not agree with the warranties coverage, we are unable to cover knobs due tot he fact that it is not a covered component.Secure Home Warranty did advise of the said coverage and did explain why knobs are not covered, as each claim is placed and a technician goes out then, we explain what is covered for the specific item

The customer was provided a technician that went out to the home and we did call the technician to supply an
authorization, the customer stated he wanted the policy cancel while on the phone with our Claims Director Jarred White.We were more than happy to give authorization and have repairs completed, the customer refused, and the refund process was started, per the customers request, we have waived the cancellation fee.Termination of Agreement by YouIf you desire to cancel this Agreement within thirty (30) days of this Agreement, as set forth on the schedule page accompanying this Agreement, you shall be entitled to a full refund in the event that no service has been provided under the contractAfter the thirtieth day, you may receive a refund pro-rated at the non-discounted annual plan costA $cancellation fee will be charged and any service costs incurred by Secure Home [email protected]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it
before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is mostly satisfactory to me. As I requested in my complaint, due to the delay, and very poor resolution to my service call for toilet repair, I should receive some token benefitI suggested extending my policy by months.One more point I have to make in this replyI requested to speak to a supervisor about the delay, and was told they are busy, that they would call me back.I was never called backso they failed me once again
*** ***

Secure home Warranty has reached out to the customer numerous times to resolve the matter regarding the roofing claim, we did explain that we do not cover the shingles and/or flashing for the roof, as per the Terms of Agreement The customer did request a refund as of 12/21/2016, and we are
processing it at this time

Secure Home Warranty did mail the customer the check, however we are not responsible of what occurred when the customer tried to insert it in the ATM.We have re-issued the check and the customer shall receive it shortly

The customer purchased the policy on January 18,2017, that is the day the check was received and posted to the account, the policy goes into effect days after the payment date.The customer called Secure Home Warranty on January 17, to place a claim, we did advise afterwards that the we
could not process the claim because we had not received payment and that it still would be a day grace period before claims can be processed.Secure Home Warranty also advised the customer that if they cancelled that the title company would be issued the refund as they were the ones who sent the payment in

The customer filed a claim with Secure Home Warranty for their Furnace on 11/17/2016, we assigned a technician and they diagnosed the unit as the compressor was shorted tot he ground The customer was advised that this type of repair is outside of the scope of the warranty.Usually in the case
of a shorted compressor the unit pulls extra amps when low on freon or there is a freon leak din the evaporator coil, these issues are considered freon related repairs and are not covered under the warranty.The customer was issued a pro-rated refund as per the Terms of Agreement

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Secure Home is taking the position that they will not honor my (approved) claim while the policy was in force, along with my subsequent request to cancelInteresting. As they are not accepting their responsibilities during the pre-cancellation/paid period of the contract, I will accept reimbursement of my FULL premium ($584.99) in lieu of the claim reimbursement and unapplied premium total ($682).I will not continue working with a company that plays the way they are playing and I will not surrender the dollars owed
*** ***

Secure Home Warranty has sent the customer *** *** a refund check that has been mailed as of 08/15/2016, the customer may contact us for any additional information

Secure Home Warranty did secure a technician for the washer claim and it was found that the units door lock needs to be replaced, the repair falls outside of the coverage that is provided by our warranty. If the customer requests to cancel the policy, it will be at a pro-rated amount per the
signed Terms of Agreement. Secure Home is not obliged to cover any systems or appliances that have had prior repair or that require repair or replacement as a result of improper installation, previous repair, damage caused by any construction activity, improper wiring, inadequate or lack of capacity, power failures, power surges, overloads, missing parts, failure to properly maintain, failure to properly clean, neglect, misuse, corrosion, rust, sediment and any modification to the system or applianceYou are solely accountable for providing upkeep once a year and cleaning from a registered professional authorized to perform such tasks on covered items to safeguard continued coverage on such itemsSecure Home reserves the right to request prior years (3) upkeep records and/or other methods of evidence, without proper upkeep records and pictures the maximum payout on any system/appliance is up to $For instance: heating and a/c systems require periodic cleaning and/or replacement of filters and cleaning of evaporator and condenser coilsWater heaters require periodic flushingThis policy covers mechanical breakdowns, it does not cover shelves, door handles, doors, hinges, knobs and buttons, door seals, displays, latches, timers, leveling equipment, clogged drains or lines, cosmetic issues, gaskets, leak searches, lights, noise, refrigerants, valves, dispensers, installation, electrical failures

The customer was advised that at the time that the claim was placed they fell within their first days, we offered the customer the maximum amount allowed of 500.00.Secure Home Warranty did try and work with the customer and offer $to assist int he claim since the customer still fell within
the first days, they have not been willing to resolve the matter.The customer purchased the policy in April 25, the first days the policy is not in effect, the actual coverage would start around May then the first days start, once the policy goes into effect. We did advise the customer that at the end of August is when the days end and they placed the claim in the end of July, we have offered the customer a fair amount for the claim, and they are not willing to settle per the signed Terms & Conditions

Secure Home Warranty did send a technician to the customers home on 1/11/and 1/12/to diagnose the repairs for the HVAC System, the customer was aware that the technician would have to go back on 1/12/for the final diagnosis.The customer would not be eligible for a full refund at this
time, but, we can process for a pro-rated refund as per the Terms of Agreement

Secure Home Warranty would like to apologize for the delay in getting the check tot he customer, we have mailed the payment out and he should have it in a few days

Secure Home Warranty received the diagnosis that the damper assembly is no good, we advised the customer that the part is no longer available and we offered above the cost of the part, the part is 65.00, we offered the customer 100.00.The technician that went out to the home has state the
refrigerator is working and cooling, the part is not covered under the warranty, but, we still went above and beyond to assist the customer on a non-covered issue.Secure Home Warranty is not obligated to replace the unit, if a repair cannot be made we offer the customer the cost of the part, in this case we offered a courtesy on a non-covered issue, and the unit is still working

Secure Home Warranty did advise the customer that we are unable to cover the valve, as listed in the Terms of Agreement.We have mailed the payment for the customer in regards to the washing machine claim, the customer should be receiving it shortly

The customer originally placed a claim for their pool pump on 12/8/2016, *** *** *** * *** on 12/9/ The technician diagnosed the issue as the pool pump required a new motor and the seals and gaskets need to be adjusted as well.Once the diagnosis was received we called the customer
and advised that they had recently purchased the policy and were within the day grace period and the most they would be eligible for is 150.00, the maximum amount allowed for the claim at that time.The customer purchased the policy on September 19, there is a day grace period, the policy starts days from the purchase date, then day period ends in January 2017, the customer requested to cancel the policy on December 9, 2016.On November 16, the customer placed a claim for their refrigerator, the customer got the issue taken care on their own and sent in the invoice on 12/7/2016, we approved the customer for a reimbursement of 174.94, during this time the customer requested to cancel on 12/9/2016, the check was not sent out.On 01/03/the customer spoke with a manager and confirmed we would not cancel the policy and mail the check to the customer, during the time the check was mailed the customer requested to cancel, again.Secure Home Warranty issued the cancellation, and stopped payment on the check.The customer is not due a full refund at this time, we will issue a pro-rated refund per the terms of the policy

Secure Home Warranty's policy does state that within the first days there is a maximum allowance for systems and appliances, the customer was provided a copy of the policy that does state this information.The policy does outline the information about the maximum allowance within the first
days, if the customer did not agree they could have canceled the agreement within the first days, but, they signed the terms, which means they accepted.A copy of the signed policy has been attached

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