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Securus Technologies

4000 International Pkwy, Carrollton, Texas, United States, 75007-1951

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Completely dissatisfied, disappointed and dumbfounded at the utter lack of customer service or attempt to rectify any technical malfunctions, application malfunctions that interfere with the visitations paid for. I've received only run around and passed off to the next person that isnt permitted to credit refund or alter the finances of my account. No one seems to know anything!

The services are as expected. The expertise of the Securus members is excellent. I am happy with the service and support!

Absolutely no customer service! I am so frustrated trying to add funds to my existing account I could SCREAM! They have a problem within THEIR system, not solving the problem. Meanwhile, my son is not getting the emotional support he needs from friends and family.

crappy service for the price, I made an account for an inmate and he cant get access to, the gaurd and the is who work at securus keep telling me to call eachother which I've done numerous times and so numerous employees from both sides obviously dont know what is going on. securus makes it very difficult to talk to a live agent in efforts to discourage people to leave the accounts with money so that they can steal it legally. such bullcrap.

Phone call quality is very poor with static so loud conversation is very hard to have. Resolution with the company leads nowhere, the prison blames the company the company blames the prison and representatives of securus hang up on calls to correct the issue.

I was literally putting my card information in the phone and it disconnected me twice. The third time worked but when I contact them to try to expedite money back to my account because I have no money in my account they told me no and that im supposed to wait for the 3 or two days. Like what if I had an emergency and needed my money. I told them how I felt they *** as a phone company for inmates. I would give them a zero review but that is not an option.

Menard Correctional center phones do not work at all , this service is constantly dropping calls and the inmates are unable to make calls without service being interrupted.

If I could give zero stars I would. The system is difficult to navigate with numerous barriers set up to actually speak or chat with customer service. I spoke to someone who set up a prepaid account for me after I told her I did not want to do that. The next day I began having problems with receiving phone calls from my daughter after no problems at all for the previous 3 weeks. I couldn't get through to anyone at Securus on the phone and when I got someone on live chat, they repeatedly insisted that I had set up a pin number and wanted to know what it was. I told them over and over again that I had not and they were rude to me. It is my daughter's birthday and I am not able to communicate with her. The chat agent is blaming the facility for the problem but I do not believe them. I think the problem is occurring because they are trying to force me to set up a prepaid account and I do not want to.

I got an automated call late at night from a phone number that traced back to this company.

The recording didn't identify themselves as serving a correctional facility or give me the name of any inmate trying to reach me, or even tell me someone was trying to make a collect call - it just asked me if I'd agree to pay for this phone call by pressing a button. Who in their right mind would agree to pay an undisclosed amount of money from an anonymous caller for an unknown purpose?

I ignored the call because it sounded like a scam. Now I'm wondering if a friend or loved one is stuck in jail and unable to reach the outside world because of this company's appalling way of conducting business.

If I could give it a zero I would! It is a horrible system! You can't talk to anyone from the company. It's made to sound so easy but the inmates don't get the information to use it. They even suggested I have someone take a letter to the jail with the instructions on how to use the account that was set up for him. Really? So I still got collect calls which were impossible to hear as the connections were horrid! So The account was never used and trying to get the money back is near impossible here again you can't talk to anyone and when you do you can't get the correct information. I wish they would come up with a different system. This system is nothing but a rip off. I will never use it again and I don't see how Securus could possibly Have a good rating with the!

This is an evil company who is using another identity called "text one""
Falsely advertising "10 cents per minute to speak to your loved one! They're trying to charge me around $84 for a less than two minute phone call and the call was so electronically messed up, we had to hang up. People do not fall for anything to do with this company., or text one!! You won't get a penny of my money you crooked bs!!!!

-0 stars on my end.

I'm so over dealing with this awful company. I have tried to be patient thinking that I could get some resolve but NOPE. OK so my husband just went back to his unit in November 2018. I am new as of then to using the inmate debit accounts. I had not one issue besides the website always saying that there is an issue or it just wouldn't open. So in January, I make a payment to my husband's inmate debit account and as I back out of the website it gives me another confirmation number, like I had went through the process of making another payment, WHICH I DID NOT. I was trying to get off the page. So the next day I say to myself maybe it didnt really charge me so I look over my bank account statement & see there are two charges for the exact same amount. so I call the bank to see if its an issue on their end & the agent says no it looks like the merchant charged twice, so we will dispute it. So im thinking ok, never thinking to call securus because my bank handles everything. So a few weeks later I am able to talk to my husband again, we get low on money so I attempt to put money on the account, but could not, so I call and speak to someone about why the site is not allowing me to go past my name. It was told to me that I attempted fraud toward the company, so we tried another card (because I have two different banks) when the charge did not go through the agent says just give it 24-hr and call back and we can try it again. So I do that. And got the same response, so I asked to speak to someone else only to get a RUDE manager who cut me off every time I tried to express how I felt and every time I asked her to explain & the next week I called again and talked to what seemed to be a real person and she tells me that after 3 months I will be able to use a card again, which was a lie because I called back again only to get that that agent did not know what she was talking about.
So looooooooong story short is, because their website charged me twice & my bank got me my money back, I am no longer able to use any type of debit or credit card with them because they say they do not do business with people who do charge backs, WHEN CLEARLY this was not my fault, this was the one and only time this happened. Not to mention to pay securus through money gram, these mfs charge you $11.99 to make a payment. To make matters worse they only accept certain prepaid cards, meaning you have to pay to put $ on the card, use the card and then you are charged again to use securus online. I am so sick of these companies who have a monopoly to rob people.
I just talked to another supervisor and she said, "i'm so sorry but it is in our policy that we can not do anything to change what happened as a result of a charge back even if it is our fault that our website caused this issue." So I asked could I get another account or erase the one that I have, she said no, the policy we have will not allow us to erase any account, once you have an account, that is it.!!! to me this is all BS.
I am sure I am not the only one this has happened to and I wont be the last.
And to make this situation even worse, I put $ on a friend of mines inmate account, and now they will not allow her to use a debit or a credit either, because of what happened on my end.
This company is the worse and they know that they can do just about anything because they are the leading company with inmate telephone services but THIS HAS TO STOP, we are being robbed by this company.

If I could leave a "0" star rating I would. I recently was the victim of Identity Theft, and the criminal set up an account with this company using my name/address but a different phone number from a different state from where I live. When I received the charge on my debit card, I immediately reported it as fraud with my bank and they took care of everything for me. Little did I know that wasn't the end of it. Yesterday, I received an invoice in the mail from this company, with my name spelled incorrectly and also my address not fully filled out. So I called their "Customer Service" number to speak with someone and get things straightened out. First thing they ask if for your phone number, as that is how they identify your account. I gave that to them and they immediately said there is no account registered with that number. DUH!! After much back and forth and multiple lines of mis-information from their Representatives & Managers, I now have to file a police report for Identity Theft and send them a copy of the Police Report to prove that this is all fraud over a whole $24.85, just so they can investigate it further to prove that I am not lying to skip out on the bill. So I did just that; I filed a police report, and was given an incident # to give them. Well that isn't enough, they want an actual copy of the report and then will investigate further. Now I understand that they have their process of things as all companies do, but it isn't good business sense to make someone go through all this and also to have your staff (who you pay well more than $24.85) to have to go review this. So, due to the circumstances I am currently in the process of dealing with this and the Police Department, but also will be filing complaints with both Oregon & Texas DOJ regarding the matter and have contacted my lawyer to have them research this company and will be ready to take the necessary actions if needed. All I asked is that they write off the $24.85 and cancel the account as it is FRAUD, but they would rather waste my time and theirs.

Trying to reach a live representative via phone call is nearly impossible. I have called both numbers four times today, and cannot get out of "tape loop ***". I went on chat. "I'm sorry, you will have to call the toll free number for video visitation assistance."

Lied to me and stole money from me. This was during a live chat. I have posted a transcript below. I ended up getting $10 of the $13 taken from me....

"Tanasha: Thank you for contacting Securus. My name is Tanasha. How may I help you?
Tanasha: Do you have a need for further assistance? If no response is received within 30 seconds, this chat session will end.
***: Some time ago I had an account to talk with my brother. But for some reason the rep could not fully explain, my number was blocked. Now I'm getting phone calls again from my brother. Am I okay to set up, fund and get calls now?
Tanasha: I will be more than happy to assist you with your account status inquiry today. May I please have the first and last name, ten-digit telephone number, along with the four-digit passcode *** with the account?
***: ***, 618-***-*** and ***
Tanasha: Thank you. Please allow me 1-3 minutes to review your account.
***: thanks for your time and assistance. I'll wait.
Tanasha: Thank you for your patience. The account is open and active, however the balance is 0.00.
***: I'll fund it no problem
***: but my number isn't blocked any more?
Tanasha: I apologize, the account is closed, would you like me to reopen it?
***: yes please.
Tanasha: The account is open, however it is reflecting a block status due to the low balance.
Tanasha: Once the account is funded the block will lift.
***: Oh awesome. Thank you so much
Tanasha: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
***: any chance you can wait a moment while I fund it just to be sure?
Tanasha: I can hold a couple minutes.
***: I have funded it- but it's still showing blocked...
***: Phone Number:
Account Number:
Available Funds:
Account Status:
Account Relation:
Tanasha: I see. I apologize however the phone number is a Remote call forwarding number. Unfortunately, our system is not compatible.
Tanasha: Do you have another number you can update to the account?
***: I see. No sadly...
***: Can you please issue a refund for the $13?
Tanasha: I can submit a refund for the 10.00, however the 3.00 processing fee is non refundable.
Tanasha: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
***: you can see where I'm unhappy with that response after you told me it was because of the low balance, right?
Tanasha: I understand and I apologize, however I checked the blocks tab as well and no blocks were reflecting on the account.
***: Please issue me a refund for what you are allowed to- and I'll fine a complaint with the people I need to file the complaint with on my side of things."

I purchased a tablet for my husband who is incarcerated at martin county institution with jpay who is affiliated with secures technology. it states in the contract that you can purchase other items for the tablet by putting funds in their media account. my husband media account is not activated. I contacted the facility, the facility tells me they have nothing to do with that its on jpay. I then contacted jpay who is affiliated with secures and they tell me that they will get back with me and never does. on several occasion.
Product_Or_Service: tablet

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) activate my husband media account. DC#XXXXXX *** at martin county institution. so he will have access to other items for his tablet.

Securus Technologies Response • Oct 08, 2018

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I wish I could rate them minus stars. Unfortunately you can't leave a review unless you rate them at least 1 star. I don't know how Securus Technologies can possibly have an A+ Rating and yet have a 1 star average of 29 Reviews. I have been trying to make a payment for weeks. They have called me (pre-recorded msg) saying I can make a payment on the phone by pressing 1 but that doesn't even interrupt the msg let alone enable payments. They give you a web address to make payments but it's not the correct one. When I finally get to the right website there is no option to make a payment. I did a chat session but they were no help. Thing is, they have a monopoly and you can't argue with a monopoly.

Misleading advertising. The website/brochure states that using the at-home Video Visitation will save you time and money which in fact it costs more than the gas you'd buy and wastes more time just setting up the account with their glitchy app and slow loading website. No where on the website, that I found, said anything about charging for this service. Only til you setup the account does it show that there is a charge. Total disappointment.

This company is awful and it has been frustrating trying to resolve an issue that has been going on since the September 1st. Their automated phone system stopped allowing me to fund my prepaid autoconnect account a few months ago, so I started paying online. Then they stopped allowing me to pay online saying that their system placed a fraud alert on my account because I was overusing my credit card, my bank which already protects me from fraud didn't say this Securus did. So they will no longer accept my credit card and said that from now on I must mail in all of my payments. Well, they lost or just didn't post a payment that was mailed three weeks ago. I haven't been able to receive calls from my loved one in almost a month. They refused to help me when I contacted them weeks ago about the credit card issue and refused to remove the "fraud alert" that THEIR SYSTEM put on my phone account, forcing me to mail in a payment that hasn't been applied to my account in more than 10 plus business days they reference in their policy. Bad business behavior. No fraud on my part, I monitor my own money and card use...I think that the fraud is how they deal with the customers.

SCAM SCAM SCAM!! Do not waste your time, energy, or money. This company takes advantage of you. Customer service is a joke. They take your money and say the system is down I have been dealing with this since July it is now September and the issue still is not resolved.

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