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Securus Technologies

4000 International Pkwy, Carrollton, Texas, United States, 75007-1951

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Agent was kind but it seems clear that the policy and practice of the website and company are to waste your time (setting up an account AGAIN after already having one was extremely hard and painful), and through confusing and limited "multiple accounts" they silo your money and deposits in ways that you can't really use it and only provide you ways to get deposits, minus 30% fees. The pricing is already outrageous so if if you have any other option to this service, USE IT.

My name *** my direct billing account was switch to prepaid without notification.I was told it was because I didn't pay 45 cent then I was told it was because I didn't pay the full balance 2 years dealing with them I've never paid full balance I always called see what I needed to pay.. my 50$ was put towards the full balance��I'm very *** an hope that there's another way to receive calls from love ones because secures is out of control

Securus Technologies Response • Sep 07, 2018

Spoke with Ms. and let her know that we received her complaint. As a one time courtesy, her account was converted back and she is able to receive calls. We will not be able to have her account converted back a second time. An explanation was provided about the automated process and the importance of paying the entire balance due. A callback number was provided to her.

This is one of the worst companies for support or talking to Corporate Headquarters...its nonexistant. I have first hand knowledge about poor customer support. No live chat presence!
If you want the President of the Company you can't get him....the contract guard won't give you the number or transfer.

Securus Technologies Response • Sep 07, 2018

We apologize that he had an issue escalating his complaint.
It was unclear as to what the actual issue was. In order to obtain additional information, he was contacted via telephone by the Corporate Escalations Specialist and a voicemail with a callback number was provided. He would be glad to assist with resolving his issue.

Securus is a horrible business to work with. They charge nearly 15 dollars for a 15 minute collect call. They tell you that over $13 of that is a transaction fee. It's cheaper to pay money into an account. If you inadvertently put money in the inmate debit account. They will not transfer it to inmate calling. They will not offer a refund except in a very arduous process that can only be done when the inmate leaves the facility. Any business can refund charges or fix those kinds of mistakes, but Securus chooses not to..If the funds are not refunded they are given to the inmate's facility.

Their refund policy is terrible. Multiple times their systems have not worked. Instead of being able to call, which takes forever, you have to download a form,print, and mail. Why can't they do an automatic refund? I believe they hope people don't complete the form. I don't have a printer which makes it difficult. It is 2018 - a mailed form.

This is the single worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Being a UK citizen with a husband in jail, keeping in contact is both expensive and a necessary lifeline to us both. Yet Securus have decided, after taking 100's of dollars from me to receive calls, that my number is an "app" used for remote calling. While I;m not in the USA, I'm unable to use my Verizon sim card, so I had to buy a new number which would work, in order for my husband to call me and our child. It is not an app, or a security breach or anything of the sort, and Securus were happy for me to use it before now. It is not some "jail calls cheap" (which, if the company were to check the actual LAW, is actually a rule they decided to push DESPITE FCC regulations and rulings!), it is a phone number, the only phone number I can use to receive calls from my husband. So, now, myself and my child are just left having to wonder what is going on. Securus' solution for the problem THEY created? I have to either post (which will take weeks) or fax "proof" that the phone number Im upset about not receiving calls on is my actual number... Oh I could go on the website and send them the information they're so desperate for, but all the thousands of dollars they've milked from us over the past year aren't enough for them to keep their website working! And of course, they "haven't used email for quite some time".
This company are disgraceful. They use the hardship of others to make themselves some money and treat them, frankly, like trash on top of it. God only knows how much the call to customer services cost me from overseas (after I FINALLY got to speak to someone). The prices are difficult enough for struggling families to deal with - but to make us jump through hoops and wait for weeks to get to speak with our loved ones on top of it is inexcusable. Securus don't need to trace my phone number (which is what I was told on the phone by a supervisor just now. Despite Securus actually providing international calls to facilities permitting them... a blatant lie, american companies are not allowed to trace UK phone numbers anyway. This situation is not just morally atrocious, but it's also not lawful and I will be pursuing it. Even prisoners have the legal human right to "sustain family relationships".

If you have any other choice use it!!! Horrible company to work with. Original setup was extremely difficult, tried their "quicker" online help, after close to an hour I was referred to call phone help. Scheduled a visit and that went okay but then decided to give them a chance on phone call services. I made the payment (verified by email and when I called & got my automated balance) BUT I WAS NOT ABLE TO RECEIVE CALLS! Next to impossible to get help with online chat or by phone. After spending a couple hours over 2 days trying to figure out why I finally just selected to request a refund. It's supposed to come by check in the mail in 4 weeks, the automated voice tells me, but I don't have much confidence I'll actually receive it.

I am appalled, livid and utterly disgusted with how Securus Tech is taking advantage of me. On May 25, 2018 at around 3am. I added 27 to my account I notice a glitch happen because the company ended up charging me $27 twice totaling me at $54 (that was posted to my account). I then thought to call but remembered how complicated it is to get into contact with Securus Tech. based off the last time I tried to call them about my account. So I let the $54 remain. That same day at about 10am I check my account again and noticed I was back at $1. I go to the transaction tab and see the $27x2 but it was NOT added to the account. At this point I have to go to work so I added ANOTHER $27 to my Securus account again from a different card (now totaling me at $81) and I would handle this later when I get the chance, preferably on my break. Now the times I reached out to scurus via phone trying to speak to someone about my account. May 25, 2018 8:51pm 37mins, May 26, 2018 1:11am 37mins, May 26, 2018 9:12am 59mins Neither time did I speak to anyone I also tried to chat with someone Via web but it never connected. I then checked the website to see if maybe they are closed and noticed it says 24x7x365 but was unable to reach anyone. I called my bank to see if they notice the glitch and maybe they stop the payment their reply was they did not. I then ask them what are my options if this continues where I cant get into contact with the company about MY MONEY they told me I could dispute the charge but had to provide proof. I let them know I paid Sercure Tech with another card through my bank and the money went through with no problem. May 29 2018 I check my bank and notice the money was taken out but was not posted to My Securs account. I called my bank to let them know I wanted to File a dispute because I cant get in contact with anyone from Securs Of course that takes a few days. May 29, 2018 (9mins) I finally was able to speak with someone from Securus and questioned them about my account (by the way non of which was answered) but stated " I should get a refunded since the funds didn't post" no reasoning why it didn't post. June 4th My loved one was trying to call but the call couldn't be answered. I knew there was money on my account because I just checked 3 days prior and had $10 on my account. I check my account and see -$39.58 and my account was BLOCKED. Im in complete shock of trying to understand how this is possible. Call the company was on hold for 18mins didn't get through. Called again spoke with someone, was on the phone for 65mins debating about "MY MONEY" that they feel I owe. The young lady couldn't answer any of my questions about how I owe this Money. she kept putting me on hold and then I ask to speak to someone over her she didn't oblige by my request. She then states because I disputed the the charge I had to Pay the negative to even start putting money on my account and couldn't do it online or through the phone but through money gram. At this point I am livid, I drive to the nearest money gram 11miles out of my way and Pay a total of $51.57 because of the service fee added. So my account is out of the negative but I still cannot add money. June 4th 2018 3:27pm 45mins I called back questioning my account the young lady tells me " I have to go back to money gram and pay an extra $15" (now I am SHOCK) because I have to pay back the $54. If I owe a total of 54 why didn't it say that on the account? Why do I owe $54 of my money that was NEVER used? because me and my loved one where talking off the $27 I paid with my other card. Why 3 days prior I had $10 and now I am at $0? Why is this $54 that the company trying to get back not added to my account? and further more why is my account block still after paying the negative not allowing me to add funds? None of questions where answered, A supervisor comes to the phone being dismissive, short and trying to get me off the phone.Stating "that my account has been blocked because of my dispute and they can no longer accept money from a card and I have to wire money. I told her that was absurd I couldn't afford adding money to my account Via wiring it and paying their outrageous fee to send money. And why I am being pushed, taking advantage of and scammed when I reached out a few time trying to get in contact with the company about MY MONEY? from a mistake/ Glitch on their end. I then Explained to her the whole story (mind you my loved one has been calling me all day & I had been dealing with issue all day). She sill was dismissive and didn't provide a solution only stating she would call me back with in 24hs or 48hr. I still am not able to add funds to the account Via web and I cant afford to wire money. I am now left feeling used, desperate, scammed out of my money and hopeless based off the companies glitch.

Securus Technologies Response • Jun 08, 2018

Securus would like to apologize for the frustration Ms. experienced while trying to resolve her payment issue. Securus had worked to resolve her issues which was completed on June 5th. Her account was back in order. Her issue with her credit card payment block was escalated and resolved. She was contacted on June 8th by our Corporate Escalations Specialist upon being notified of her Review. He provided his contact information in case she needs assistance in the future.

Customer Response • Jun 21, 2018

Though I did receive my money back, Thank you and someone willing to kind of fix my problem. I am still left with the same result not being able to add money to my account. The level of frustration annoys me because this company partially fix the problem and told me they fix it completely. So once again because I cant add money to my account from any of my other cards and I'm just fed up at this point based off this glitch that was the companies fault. I will find other means to result my concerns and issues about/with Securus Technologies.

ON May 25th made a payment and my bank account was charged 4 times due to a system glitch (per securus supervisor). My account was adjusted the same day and my bank account reversed the charges. My account was never negative throughout this whole process. I just like to continuously add funds to the securus account. Om May 25th the payment was of $47 was added to my current balance. My husband made two phone calls to me that evening and then I received an email stating that I have a -$80.10. How is that possible? I immediately got on the phone and tried to contact a rep at Securus. I stayed on hold for 6 hours with no results (fell asleep). I then called in the middle of the night on May 26th spoke with a rep (Amanda) who stated she will send email to expedite the situation to her supervisor and that her supervisor will call me back within the day, but she said that the matter will be resolved within that day and for me to continue to check the securus account. NOTHING! I got so frustrated with not being able to talk to my husband that I got up on May 27th and drove 4 hours to the facility to see him. (All because of this inconvenience). I called again this morning May 28th @ 4:30 AM (est) to see if I can avoid the 6 hour wait time and speak with a rep (hoping for someone who can actually handle a problem) Spoke with Sierra who again was unable to resolve this matter. I continuously asked to speak with her supervisor, she continued to tell me that she will have her call me back (so far NOTHING). This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I feel like if my money is involved I should be able to speak with a supervisor at all times. Dont keep telling me you understand my frustrations but don't resolve the situation.

Its really sad that I have to use this company where they just hire individuals to answer the phone and not individuals who can actually handle situations when the company get "glitches in the system".

I want my money put back in my account and I want to be credited for the inconvenience behind this whole situation.

While I type this post/email I received from call Sierra (May 28th @ 5:08) who is relaying messages from her supervisor "Twanna" (who is in the background, who can't speak with me directly). The call has ended and again NO RESOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM.

This is really unprofessional and a inconvenience to my family and I.
Hopefully this post/email reaches an individual who can actually help me resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Securus Technologies Response • May 31, 2018

Securus would like to apologize for the frustration Ms. experienced while trying to resolve her payment issue. Securus had worked to resolve her issues which was completed on May 28th. Her account was back in order and good calls were made with her Loved One. She was contacted on May 30th by our Corporate Escalations Specialist upon being notified of her Review. He provided his contact information in case she needs assistance in the future.

Customer Response • Jun 01, 2018

I appreciate the callback and the willingness to satisfy me as a customer, from the Corporate Escalations Specialist. Thank you

My friend was incarcerated in a jail in Bibb County Georgia. I set up a remote video visit with him. The day of the visit the jail was on lockdown. And we were not able to do the visit. I have called multiple times, emailed the customer service line, and done the live chat. All I have ever received was vague indirect answers. That's after being on hold for over 30 mintues and that's if someone actually came to the phone. (Which only happened twice and I called well over 20 times) I sent an email to the customer service email, I was given a number to call for video visits I called the number and when someone finally anwswered the phone (somewhere around the 5th time I called after a very long hold) they said I had the wrong phone number and transfered me,she was more intrested in me filing out a survey than helping me. However the number I called which was specifically for video visits was sent to me in an email from Secures customer service email. So how can it be the wrong number? The online chat gave the same prewritten answers. I didn't want a refund initially I just wanted to reschedule the visit. Now that i'm seeking a refund of course I can't anyone to answer on the phone, email or chat. It's amazing how a comapy can take your money for a service and when the service isn't rendered can find a hundred excuses not to help you. Also they kept telling me I don't have an account how can I set up and pay for a remote visit if I didn't first set up an account?! This company is horrible the customer service is a disgrace and they are taking advantage of people that are already going through enough having a loved one that is incarceated.

Securus Technologies Response • Mar 16, 2018

We regret that Ms McClenton was unable to have her scheduled video visitation with her Loved One. A credit was provided for the visit that was missed by her Loved One. $8.99 is back on her account and is available for her next visit.

Our Video Visitation customers should call into our call center for assistance via 877-578-3658. We apologize for the longer than usual hold times. Our normal hold time is less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Call Center Management has reviewed and additional staffing will be placed on the Call Center floor to ensure that longer than normal hold times do not become the norm. We appreciate her patience while we worked through the opportunity.

I was unable to reach her at the telephone number that is noted on her account. An attempt was made to reach her via email. A contact number was provided. A review of the service issues that were encountered will be done if she could please provide the telephone number that was used to call into the Securus Call Center?

Our son has been incarcerated for a month and from day 1 we have been trying to get him the tablet offered. After at least 8 hours of being on hold - talking to only 3 people - we still have not been able to get the tablet. We have contacted the jail and they too are having trouble getting through to the company to correct the issue. Securus is not recognizing the POD he is in - it seems like a quick fix however, no one at this company can fix it! It is very upsetting when the posters are everywhere and some inmates have them and others can't get them. Being a business owner myself, this is very poor business management. They are loosing a lot of money and I wish this issue could be fixed for not just my son, but all inmates. The more inmates are kept occupied and happy the less issues they have. What is more frustrating is my son is a Technology wizard and has his degree and could probably fix this problem himself. When calling you are kept on hold (the longest I waited before hanging up was 2 hours) and then the call was disconnected. Very poor management of the company and IT department.

Securus Technologies Response • Mar 09, 2018

Securus would like to apologize for the frustration Ms. experienced while trying to obtain a tablet for her son. Securus has worked directly with Ms. and we have been able to resolve the issue. Her son is now showing as eligible to receive a tablet.

We also apologize for the longer than usual hold times. Our normal hold time is less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Call Center Management has reviewed and additional staffing will be placed on the Call Center floor to ensure that longer than normal hold times do not become the norm.

We appreciate the patience of Ms. while we worked through the opportunity. In addition, a credit has been placed on her account to allow future calls from her son. If needed, Ms. also has the Support Services Manager's direct contact information.

Customer Response • Mar 09, 2018

I would like to thank Securus and *** for his persistence and personal help with this issue. I am so glad that I decided to call the Corporate Office and we were able to fix the problem for not only my Son but for other inmates as well. *** was very professional and kept in constant contact daily until the problem was resolved. Although I hope to not have to deal with the Company after my sons release, I now feel much better about they companies Management. Again, thank you so much for helping and taking this situation seriously and taking at least this one stress off my shoulders.

This business does not respect its customers nor their time.They are a monopoly and provide extremely poor customer service. I spent over 45 minutes trying to resolve an issue through their online chat and phone tree and was hung up on three times. This business needs to update their phone tree with an option to press zero for a representative just like every other efficient phone tree.

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