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Service Electric Cable TV, Inc.

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I am extremely disappointed that SE has taken the position that I am not entitled to a pro rated refund for the days of service that I lost during the December ice storm and subsequent outage of both electric and cable.
Obviously with the electric, since it was out, there was no usage and therefore no charges.
With the cable bill, first of all, it's bad enough that they send you an invoice in the beginning of the month (for that month) and expect you to pay it before the end of the month. Yes, they require your payment for services in full before they provide it! .
So I received their December invoice on 12/18 and immediately called. Spoke to Trish who said that she would relay my refund concerns to billing and should expect to see the adjustment on the next months bill. Well the January bill showed no adjustments. Called again on 1/8, spoke to Dianne who said she was not sure why it wasn't issued but suggested that if I do not receive an adjusted invoice within a week to call back. On 1/16 I called back again. spoke to Nicole who informed me that no credit will be issued.
So I ended up paying for a goods or services that I did not receive. Not right if you ask me.

Kraig Nelson
Vernon, NJ

worst of the worststaff and managers are unhelpful and absolutely clueless and spinelessthey operate like a local street mom and pop storelacks any hint of professionalism
August, TV blew out and discover sparks and arching from the HDMI cable that is connected to the box (confirmed by tech)week later (Friday) tech confirmed observation but insisted "inconclusive" and the service manager would call the following Monday and probably would offer some months worth of creditthree weeks later, still no call so, called and left a message for a call backthe service manager called back saying it was his first time hearing about it and stated they will be going through their insurance to cover lossinsurance contacted me to make an appointment to see the equipment and TVneedless to say, the cable box was taken away by the technician and the TV was removed for recyclingNO ONE LET ME KNOW I NEED TO KEEP THE TV around and informed the insurance agent of suchThe agent informed me that they could not do anything because the TV was no long aroundCalled service electric of the problem and informed them of their lack of commutations skills and demanded that they compensate me for the loss of property (was only asking for couple of months worth of billing)they offered creditI informed them that was not good enough for a TV that was worth times that amount and less than two years oldthe service manager insisted, that was a good offer (120.) and could not do moreI rejected and told him to think about it further and get back to me the coming Mondaythree weeks later now, and still no call backleft several messages (ordeal just to do that) on voice mail for the service manager to call me backcan t even leave a message with a live personfor some reason, they refuse to do thatI've called asking to directly speak to him and for some reason they put me on hold and return stating that either he is not in the office or unavailableask for his manager, response was there is no one above himWHAT KIND OF A COMPANY IS THIS!!!!??????? so, the service manager is also the CEO, CFO, and COO??????????????????
WOWone man shopand a spineless and gutless one at thatOne that cant even address a customer without being scared s........tin conclusion, service electric should be shut down for good they don’t even deserve to be call a company and are not to be trustedThey certainly do not add value nor provide level of service that is measurable

February 18, 2016Dear *** ***:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:We have been working with *** *** to diagnose his high ping times and speed issues he is experiencingUnfortunately, troubleshooting is not always simpleWe have started at the basics and
have escalated his problem to our fiber and headend departments, as well as, *** Network Control.We have spoken to *** *** via *** on 1/23/2016, 1/26/2016, 1/27/2016,1/28/2016,1/29/2016, 2/1/2016, 2/2/2016, 2/3/2016,2/5/2016, and 2/15/On February 16, *** made a change in traffic flow, which they believe will alleviate his issuesWe left a message with this information, but, to date we have not heard backIf this does not fix *** ***'s problems, we will continue to troubleshoot.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Jennifer B*** Regulatory Affairs Director

signed an agreement that specified the following:RENEWALOPTION:Provided that there is no Event of Default (as defined herein) or any event which with notice or lapse of time, or both, could become an Event of *** *** *** * * ** *** *** ** *** * * *** *** *
*** *** *** *** *** * *** * *** *** ** *** *** LESSOR reserves the right to alter its lease amounts upon this renewal optionLESSOR shall provide written notice of any change in the Lease Rental Payment to LESSEEIf within two (2) months of receipt of the new Lease Rental Payment, the LESSOR and LESSEE are unable to agree upon a revised Lease Rental Payment, this Agreement shall terminate upon the provision of thirty (30) day written notice by either partyAll other terms and conditions of the original Lease Agreement shall remain in effect during any such renewal period unless amended in writing by the partiesUpon termination of this Agreement prior to the Termination Date, as defined herein ("Early Termination Date"), SET, at its sole discretion, will impose an Early Termination Fee as follows: LESSEE agrees to pay SET 50% of the average monthly usage for the remainder of the contract term.Every month, our statements indicate how many months are remaining on the existing contractThe May Invoice states there are months remaining on his contract.*** *** switched services due to poor service, however, this was never brought to our attentionWe had two service calls in the three and a half yearsBoth instances were resolved within hours of notification.Service Electric has imposed the early termination fee as stated in the contract.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Jennifer B***

May 3, 2017Dear *** ***;Chris R***, Supervisor, has been in touch with *** *** and is working towards a resolution to his internet issuesChris will work with *** *** until the situation is resolved.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Jennifer BRegulatory Affairs Director

I've spoken with ** *** regarding the issue and let him know the issue should have been rectified. A piece of equipment at our headend was replaced with a newer "Better" piece of equipment which ended up not being compatible with our system, as it was told to us that it would be able to
process the information much faster. This caused a system wide issue, and took quite some time to isolate that that piece of equipment was in fact the issue. We received a new piece of equipment from the manufacturer and have replaced the defective piece as of Tuesday of this week. Everything appears to be working on our end, however, ** *** contacted us again last night to notify us that the issue still exist on his end. I've scheduled a technician to visit his home and resolve this issue.As far as the credit, ** *** has been receiving credit all along. he's received more than dollars credit for a few HD channels tiling. Additionally, as a courtesy, I've extended an additional credit for him. he was unaware of the credit on the bill because his wife handles paying the bills.Anything else we are able to assist you with regarding this case, feel free to contact me.Best Regards,John R***Cable Repair SupervisorService Electric Cable TV & Communications

I have been a customer since I have internet only and the service is horribleThey have made several home visits all to no availThey finally admitted that they need to update the area with more lines However it has been two years and nothing has changedStill slow even though they advertise 25mps; but the current infrastructure can't support it

I called Service Electric last Thursday (4/28) and scheduled a service call for yesterday (5/4) and was told someone had to be there in case the guys had to get in the houseTheir window is FIVE HOURS so I picked 12pm-5pmMy sick Mom sat there for me since I was workingAt about 3:00pm we called (had to leave a message because nobody ever answers the phone) to make sure they didn't forget usThey called back and assured us that we were "on the list" to be seen5:00pm came and went and NO Service ElectricThey didn't even have the decency to call and say they weren't going to make it!! I tried calling them when I got home around 6:00pm (numerous phone numbers) and they had all gone homeEven the "complaint chief" goes home at 4:00pmAngry me called FIRST thing this morning (5/5) and again waited at least minutes before anyone answered the phoneI explained the situation from yesterday and all they did was credit my account $and said they'll "try" to get someone out today, but that nobody had to wait at the houseTerrible service!

This account is not serviced by Service Electric Cablevision, Inc. *** *** *** *** Northumberland PA *** - *** *** - *** ***I know it is confusing but we are (2) different companies. Thanks They should be serviced by: Service
Electric Cable TV and Communications IncServing the following PA and NJ areas:
Lehigh Valley, PA: *** OR *** •Service Electric Cable TV
*** *** * Bethlehem, PA *** ?Weekdays: 8:AM to 5:PM
?Saturdays: 9:AM to 1:PM

Just had three cable box's installed and very unhappy had nothing but problemsTV freezes up then screen is black and says to contact your cable coAlso internet have problems with that have to unplug the modem and waitThis all happens pretty much regular and it's been very annoying!! Will be checking around for other cable serviceWe been with this service a long time but can't deal with this kind of serviceAnd prices keep going up!!

December 04, Dear *** ***:Upon receiving complaint ID ***, we have accessed the account in question, and reviewed the information provided.The complaint states the customer experienced a problem on/around 5/4/14, however the account in question has been
disconnected for non-payment as of 1/3/12, and reported to the credit bureau as of 4/16/12.Each time a customer’s account is accessed by a representative, a log is made to ensure quality of service, and keep record of assistanceA short disconnect of service was requested by the customer in April of 2010, at which time billing and service was stopped until the customer contacted us to request a reconnectThe account in question was then only accessed in November of when a non-payment disconnect was scheduled and then canceled with a partial paymentThis same type of access was made in October of 2011, and then again in December of before the physical disconnect on 1/3/12,After this time, an inquiry was made to reconnect service on 2/14/The person contacting the office was advised of the unpaid balance and unreturned equipment needed to reconnect service, at which time they did not opt to make a payment and schedule a reconnectAn attempt was made by a gentleman to establish a new account at the address in question on 5/6/and 6/13/14, however we were unable to provide service because the gentleman refused to provide his name and social security number for a credit check to verify identity.Regards,Stefanie S.Billing Supervisor

October 16, Dear *** ***:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:Service Electric was made aware of a VOD problem in customer area in August The problem was with our provider, *** ***The problem has since been resolvedWe do
apologize for the inconvenience and time this has causedIn good faith, we have issued a credit of $to the accountThis accounts for months of equipment rental during the time of the outage.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Jennifer B
Regulatory Affairs Director

May 26, 2016Dear *** ***:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:*** *** and Jonathon B***, Broadband Supervisor have corresponded via email in regards to this complaintThe appropriate credit has been issuedMrB*** also updated *** *** on the
status of the network upgrade already scheduled in his area.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Thank you,Jennifer B***Regulatory Affairs Director

Please see attached response.Jennifer BRegulatory Affairs Director

December 21, 2017Dear *** ***:A technician was scheduled after the complaint was filedCustomer is working with ***, Broadband SupervisorSince, service call everything has been working and customer will keep in touch with *** if the problem comes back.Jennifer B*** Regulatory Affairs

January 6, 2015Dear *** ***:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:In the past we were able to provide these out of market channels at a very low costPA is not part of the NY market(NJ is not part of the Philadelphia marketDuring
recent negotiations with these channels, they advised us that they would increase rates and charge the same price for the out of market channels as the in-market channelsMust carry laws require us to carry the Philadelphia affiliatesThe network programming is the same for both the in-market and out of market affiliates; however, the news and sports selections are different.Keeping the channels would have resulted in an even more significant increase to the cost of serviceIt was not our intention to discontinue these channels, however due to the impact in cost; we were left with no other option but to remove them from the lineupWe dosincerely apologize for the inconvenience.Due to many complaints, we have changed our decision to carry ***This station will stay on air.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INCJennifer B
Regulatory Affairs Director

On 1/12/15, the customer was given some credit on his account On 1/17/he was informed of a planned hardware upgrade on 1/20/that would fix his internet issues On 1/20/the hardware upgrade was completed On 1/21/the customer was called We left him a voicemail
notifying him the upgrade was complete Thank you,
Jonathan B***
Technical Support Supervisor
Service Electric Cable TV and Communications

February 17, 2016Dear *** ***:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:We are currently in the process of upgrading the area that *** *** lives to alleviate congestion during peak hoursWe have already started the process and it is near completion
Charlee from our office spoke to customer yesterday Via ***She has given him the updated information, plans, and timeframesCharlee will continue to follow up with *** *** until the upgrade is complete.Thank you,Jennifer B.Regulatory Affairs Director

August 12, Dear *** ***;
*** *** received cable service at *** *** **, Phillipsburg, NJ *** from November 14, until she was disconnected for non-pay on May 26, *** *** did not notify our company that she wished to disconnect her services with usThe
only way for our company to know that a customer wants to disconnect their services is by notifying our officeWhen no notice is given, the customer is liable for service until the notice is received or in this situation, disconnected for non-paymentA final bill was sent June with a balance of $and then to the Credit Bureau August 28, 2009.*** *** is requesting services be reconnected at this location*** *** is aware that services can be reconnected when her previous balance of $is paid or accept the $a month payment arrangements offered to herIf you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at ###-###-####Sincerely,Stacy PSupervisor

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:Although I have spoken with a member of their company on ***, I have been assured I would receive updates or responses which I have not yet receivedI continue to have connectivity issues frequently which I have documented and sent to them directly on *** and have record ofI have also asked for a refund for all the time going back that we have paid for service that we haven't received, and have had no one answer or acknowledge my fair requestI have reached out to, and sent multiple correspondences, whether that be on the phone or by messaging and posting on their *** page, about this issue since as far back as July.We are closing on almost weeks now that I originally raised this issue to them again on ***, (I first messaged them on February 15th) and this issue hasn't been fixed, which I was told they were looking at a fix of 2-weeksI understand there is still a week left in this time frame, but I have received no updates as to the progress of the fix, which I was told I would receive
*** ***

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