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Service Electric Cable TV, Inc.

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Thank you Alyssa for bringing this to our attention. The CSR is incorrect. There will be no charge for a modem rental. Any charges will be removed. The only time we charge for a modem rental is for the modem/router combo unit. The charge for the promotional internet only service is $29.95 plus...

applicable taxes and fees. Please accept a $20.00 credit for this miscommunication.Jennifer B[redacted]Regulatory Affairs DirectorThank you,Jennifer B[redacted]

January 9, 2015Dear Alyssa Raiche:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:1/9/15 Our original response Stands firm.1 / 3/15 In the past we were able to provide these out of market channels at a very low cost, PA is not part of the NY market. (NJ is not part of the Philadelphia market.) During recent negotiations with these channels, they advised us that they would increase rates and chargé the same price for the out of market channels as the in-market channels. Must carry laws require us to carry the Philadelphia affiliates. The network programming is the same for both the in-market and out of market affiliates; however, the news and sports selections are different.Keeping the channels would have resulted in an even more Significant increase to the cost of service. It was not our intention to discositioué these channels, however due to the impact in cost; we were left with no other option but to remove them from the lineup.We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.Due to many complaints, we have changed our decision to carry [redacted]. This station will stay ?n air. SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLEJennifer BRegulatory Affairs Director

July 15, 2014Dear [redacted]:
In response to the above mentioned complaint, company policy is to decline Service to an address if any person living at this address owes a balance.
Our research indicates that [redacted] also lives at the address and owes a balance of $342.33....

He requested to transfer his service to this address upon the move in May 2013 was declined service and [redacted] called the next day. Until this balance is cleared we will be unable to issue service in any name.We do not expect [redacted] to pay [redacted] balance, however, if she wishes to obtain an account he will need to clear this balance.Service Electric apologizes for any inconvenience [redacted] has experienced in this manner. We are not declining service to her personally. We are declining service to the address until the matter is cleared.

Dear Ms. [redacted],I have left messages for
the customer on 1/21, 2/24 and 2/26. Each time I left my direct
contact number and requested a call back, but never received one. I
cannot troubleshoot any further without speaking to the customer.Thank you,Jonathan B[redacted]Technical
Support SupervisorService
Electric Cable TV and Communications

[redacted] <[redacted]@[redacted].com>Jul 4 (2 days ago)to me To Whom It May Concern:Complaint ID#[redacted]  from [redacted], re:  Service Electric has been resolved on 7/4/15.  Thank you for  your input.Respectfully[redacted]...

[redacted] [redacted]

July 23, 2014
Dear [redacted],As of writing this, [redacted] has disconnected service with us completely. Since his service is no longer active I cannot troubleshoot his issue any further. His first contact with us about the internet issues in his complaint was on June 4th,...

2014. I’ve credited his account the charges for internet for the months of June and July.Thank you,Jonathan B[redacted] Technical Support Supervisor Service Electric Cable TV and Communications

July 21, 2016I have received your complaint from the I would like to help you with getting services installed at [redacted] Easton, PA [redacted].First, our credit checks are soft credit checks. What this means is we only check the score of the credit and not a full background check....

We use this to determine if an advance payment is required.Since we just had a recent tenant with a balance, we do require proof that you are a new tenant and not associated with the other account.We can do several things to do this. One, with your permission, we can do a full credit check. Please note, a full credit check will show on your credit history. The soft credit checks we complete do not. If you do not wish to have a full credit check, we can check your lease dates to verify that you are new to the apartment. You may scan this lease and send to me via email.After we have this information, I can schedule your install for you.Jennifer B[redacted] Regulatory Affairs Director

July 21, 2017Dear [redacted]:Online we offer an ad for Cable and Internet for 49.99. The promotion lists a price for internet at 44. 95 and has a link to click for more information. More information lists the 10.00 Network Access...

fee. Again, when you click on more information again, notes on the page states that additional fees are not included in the price. We are sorry for any confusion, but, our website does include the information for the Network Access Fee on several pages as well as listed in our yearly letter to customers that [redacted] received.Thank you,Jennifer B.Regulatory Affairs Director

Dear [redacted]:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:It appears that [redacted] has been a victim of identity theft. [redacted] should go to the proper authorities to rectify this situation.Thank you,Jennifer B[redacted]Regulatory Affairs Director

[redacted] <[redacted].net>5:19 PM (15 hours ago)We have been watching constantly to see if changing the cable as stated below has solved the problem. It looks like that was the problem. We have not had any problem since the cable was replaced. So I am going to say the problem has been resolved completely. Thank you and the Tech from Service Electric for your help, [redacted]

August 12, 2015Dear [redacted] received cable service at [redacted], Phillipsburg, NJ [redacted] from November 14, 2006 until she was disconnected for non-pay on May 26, 2009. [redacted] did not notify our company that she wished to disconnect her services with us. The only way for our...

company to know that a customer wants to disconnect their services is by notifying our office. When no notice is given, the customer is liable for service until the notice is received or in this situation, disconnected for non-payment. A final bill was sent June 2009 with a balance of $309.41 and then to the Credit Bureau August 28, 2009.[redacted] is requesting services be reconnected at this location. [redacted] is aware that services can be reconnected when her previous balance of $309.41 is paid or accept the $50.00 a month payment arrangements offered to her.If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at ###-###-####.Sincerely,Stacy P.Supervisor

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me at this time; however problems continue and we are waiting for a technician to come out to fix the issue. 

Review: Service Electric Cable TV (SECTV) has problems keeping their HD cable network working all the time. They also claim to have the most HD channels. Every so often, the HD channels do no longer function and are complete unwatchable. When you call SECTV to get help with this issue, you are placed on hold for sometimes several hours until you can speak to someone who is not helpful in resolving your issue. They file a report in their system for a technician to come out to your house to fix this issue, but the technician does not always show up. When given an estimate as to when the service will be restored is way too long, sometimes lasting up to two weeks. SECTV does not cover a large area so this seems a little too long. SECTV is also very expensive for the services they offer, and they also have a monopoly in the town of [redacted] New Jersey. SECTV signed some sort of contract stating that they are the exclusive cable provider of this area. If they want to be the exclusive cable company, then they should provide better service.Desired Settlement: SECTV should lower their price for service that they can not fully offer and a refund for the month should be given to all SECTV subscribers affected by this issue, which more than likely is everyone on this street block or side of the town.



After receiving the notice of [redacted]'s issue, I have forwarded the information to our field management. They have checked into the issue and believe that it has been resolved. I have notified the customer to please observe the picture on their televisions to verify that it has, in-fact, been resolved. [redacted] does have a service call, previously scheduled, for tomorrow...which I have told them that we will keep that call on the schedule to make sure everything is taken care of and if he still notices any issues tonight, he can relay them to the technician who is going to his home tomorrow.Additionally, I will apply a $19.90 credit to the account, for the full monthly rental portion of the converter which enables him to receive the HD channels. I see he contacted us on September 22nd regarding this issue. I do not see that he had called in regarding this issue this year, besides an issue he had in December of last year. Hopefully, however, the issue has been resolved and this can be put behind us.Best Regards,John RService Repair Supervisor

Review: They refuse to repair there equipment (because im a month behind on my bill) and there for they are providing poor customer service. I have the internet and telephone go out several times a month for severl hours at a time if there were an emergency how would I call 911. I never heard of such a policy in my life, they wont come out and service there equimpment we are having issues with.Desired Settlement: Equipment that is working porperly and I dont think that is to much to ask for beings they are charging me almost $150 for there service that works when it wants to. I dont think im asking for to much !



I have read and researched the complaint for [redacted].

[redacted] called for service call twice on March 10th. Both times he was told our policy. A customer must be current in his bill, and not in delinquent status to schedule individual service calls. [redacted] was part of an area outage and has been repaired.

The only other record we have for a requested service call was in January. A service call was scheduled and completed.

[redacted], who is no longer in delinquent status and can call our office for a service call if he continues to have issues.

Thank you



No one came to my house for a service call in janurary, and I have made more attemps then was stated by this person. They sould have to prove they were here with a signed form and they cant they dont care about their cutomers and only care about the money, I will not be dealing with them for much longer.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:





Review: I have a disabled child within my residence, who is brain damaged, legally blind as well as cerebralpaulsie, my telephone goes through my cable service, which for over the last three months I have been making complaint after complaint of having it repaired. on teh 22nd of februar, there abouts I had more issues with my service, and on sunday when it was so bad I could not take a phone call I called the cable company. After half hour on the phone on hold I was told that they had a equiptment failure, and it would be fixed by monday or tuesday. For over three months I ahve been making simular complaints and follow up on most of them after many times it already being determined the problem was not on my end but theres, I continue to have the problem. The problem goes beyound just my internet, it is also my cable. watching programs on a channel I am constantly gettign pixialated blue screen telling me signal has been lost. The refund I finally did get is no where near the amount of greivance I have had to deal with over my service not being up to standards. I am also aware that it is not just myself having these issues but my neighbors around me. With the rate of my service I am missing inportnat calls, if there is an emergency due to droppage while on the phone it is unliekly I would be able to get my ecomplaints nor concerns across in the event of an emergency. The phone service itself is provided by [redacted] ofwhom I have no complaints with, it is solely the Quality of service for a premium priced sercie I am being charged for via the cable company. listed below is also a current listing of speed tests I have been performing randomly as my service has been jumping in and out steadily.

Date & Time Test Size up/dwn Connection Speed Username Provider Test ID

Tue Mar 05 2013 @ 8:04:53 pm [redacted]Desired Settlement: I would like to see this issue finally resolved and recieving the service I am paying for, along with follow up to know that its been resolved adequately



On March 14th our field personnel replaced a power supply which we believe was causing the problems this customer was experiencing. I attempted to contact them by phone to verify if they were no longer having problems, but I was unable to reach them. I did leave them a voicemail with my direct phone number.

As of today, I personally spoke with our Technical Supervisor, [redacted], regarding this ongoing complaint from [redacted]. We have been to the residence several times to address her complaints regarding the modem dropping out and intermittent phone problems. Most recently our people swapped the modem on Saturday, April 6, in an effort to ensure there is no problem with the modem as all other avenues have been checked by several different troubleshooting technicians. [redacted] is going to have our Telephone person also check this service to ensure there are no problems on our end. Our software systems indicate no problems through either [redacted] or [redacted] said the customer is running several computers and possibly a server......and is billed as a residential subscriber. He feels she may be maxing out the upstream bandwidth. They will continue to monitor the situation and report back with any further developments. Please know that we respond to complaints as soon as we possibly can. I would hope that our file reflects that [redacted]'s complaint did receive a response although an honest mistake was made with the ID numbers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV & COMMUNICATIONS [redacted], Regulatory Affairs Director [redacted]



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Was under assumption paying a monthly bill would guarantee monthly service. Have had internet service 3 weeks a month out of full month paid for past 3 months. After waiting on phone 20 minutes for support and a fix is found internet remains on for about 1- 2 hours then problem returns. Have to call support sometimes 3 times in one day four days a week.Desired Settlement: I think a refund for time without internet isn't much to ask beings I already paid for the service missed. Hopefully a final fix too. My wife is currently taking online classes which if problems persist could result in her having to drop classes.



July 23, 2014Dear [redacted],As of writing this, [redacted] has disconnected service with us completely. Since his service is no longer active I cannot troubleshoot his issue any further. His first contact with us about the internet issues in his complaint was on June 4th, 2014. I’ve credited his account the charges for internet for the months of June and July.Thank you,Jonathan B[redacted] Technical Support Supervisor Service Electric Cable TV and Communications

Review: I have called several times of the last 3 months to report an issue with T3 timeouts that cause the modem to essentially restart -- this is a hard disconnect so any streaming internet traffic is broken. Customer service reps have been polite but ultimately ineffective; despite clear evidence of the problem via the modem logs. Since my signals appear good on their end they are convinced it's not an issue on their end.

Technicians have:

- Swapped my own modem with one of their models (both were [redacted] Surboards) -- no effect, same issue with T3s on both pieces of hardware

- Run a new coax line up to the modem - no effect

- Replaced tap @ the street - no effect

- Replaced splitter outside - no effect

I have also communicated that the problem is most severe when the weather is bad or there are significant changes in temperature (which is why the problem was worse in the spring) -- this points to the issue being outside of the hardware within my apartment, yet this information is ignored. I had an issue last year with my cable drop that took 3 tech visits to get resolved via a new drop so this is sort of a running theme. SECTV is more than happy to collect a significant amount of money every month for service yet continues to ignore the facts of the situation, shows very little interest in bringing the problem to resolution; instead they would prefer to drag this out with tech vists and checking signal levels. I had their service at another location with zero issues and the T3 timeouts began in late March / early April -- prior to that I had no issues after they had replaced the cable drop.

No issues with any individual person, as I said they're all very polite -- this is an institutional problem it seems. You'd think I'd go to a competitor at this point, right? Oh, wait, they're the only game in town due to government sanctioned monopolies.Desired Settlement: Resolve the issue -- it is highly annoying to get disconnected randomly. I understand there will be outages but 2-3 and sometimes 5+ disconnects a day is ridiculous.



July 31, 2014Dear [redacted],I tried to contact the customer and got a message that his voicemail was full and did not allow me to leave a message. I need to get some additional information from him so I may troubleshoot his issue properly and work on repairing it. I will continue to try and contact him to resolve this matter.Thank you,Jonathan BTechnical Support Supervisor Service Electric Cable TV and Communications

Review: Service Electric in incapable of delivering the Internet speeds that I am paying for. After numerous requests, they have not been able to fix the issue. Yet, I am still paying for a service that I am not fully getting. My plan says I should expect 35 MBps in download speeds and 2 MBps in upload speeds. I pay $65 a month which is pretty substantial compared to what other consumers pay in the country. Unfortunately, I do not have the choice to pick another provider since Service Electric and another local company have monopoly of where I live (some type of agreement with the township). Service Electric did come to my house and offered me a new modem to fix the speed issues but nothing changed. I average 3-5 MBps in download speeds which is 10 times less than what I paying for. I need help please!Desired Settlement: Upgrade your current infrastructures and make sure I get the internet speeds are what you're promising. Getting 10 times less than that is highway robery



See attached document.

Review: Company is denying me service because someone with a balance applied for service at my address. Sectv is demanding I pay their balance before I can get service. I have no outstanding balance with sectv, and the residence is mine. I should not be required to pay someone else's obligation to enter into my own contract with sectv.Desired Settlement: Sectv should provide me with service as I have been a previous upstanding customer and have no responsibility to another individuals commitment.



{Please see attachment.}

Review: Have complained about poor service and no On Demand services. Several service appointments were scheduled. Problems persist, most recent service call did not even result in an attempt to fix our problem. Repairman simply told us that the problem was area aide and he could not fix. While there is no "charge" for on demand service, it is promised upon signing up. Service Electric refused to credit our account for this lack of service and poor reception.Desired Settlement: I would like a full month of service credited to our account. Time taken to schedule multiple service calls and be home for repairman, nothing has been fixed. Unacceptable service from this company and unapologetic about the lack of on demand service and decent picture.



October 16, 2014Dear [redacted]:We are in receipt of your letter and would like to respond as follows:Service Electric was made aware of a VOD problem in customer area in August 2014. The problem was with our provider, [redacted]. The problem has since been resolved. We do apologize for the inconvenience and time this has caused. In good faith, we have issued a credit of $77.70 to the account. This accounts for 3 months of equipment rental during the time of the outage.SERVICE ELECTRIC CABLE TV, INC.Jennifer BRegulatory Affairs Director

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Address: 2260 Avenue A, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States, 18017-2108


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