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6119 Tarawood Dr, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32819

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• Oct 13, 2020

Real Live Maggots!
On 10/5/20 I placed an order with SHIRTANGO.COM for 2 kid t-shirts. I waited a few days before emailing a possible delivery date, since expediting the items were not listed on their website. I didn't find out until I inquired that the fee was $15.
These maggots feasting on feces sucking all the nutrients from it. This is my analogy to how they treat customers. Rude, disrespectful, racist, ignorant, nasty, hateful, pathetic and the list can go on. This website maggot is living outside the USA, with a business address in Orlando FL: 6119 Tarawood Dr. Anybody with i[censored] sense is well aware it does not take 5-6 week to produce 2 t-shirt unless there outside the US or they had to grow the material.
Here is how they responded:
Real Live Maggots!

• Aug 23, 2020

Rude and terrible customer service. Never doing business with this company! I wish I was able to give a zero star, this company doesn't even deserve a 1 star.

Shirtango Response • Aug 24, 2020

Fake review, they never spoke to us or bought from us, this women is upset that we cancelled her order and she's been getting her friends to leave us negative reviews

• Aug 22, 2020

This had to have been the WORSE customer service I have ever received. I should have done my research first and looked up their reviews. My mistake. Even if you go through their reviews you can clearly tell they are not professional with their responses calling REAL reviews "scammers" and "fake". I am a very real person who had a very real bad experience. Thank goodness that they thought my order "had to be a joke" and said they were going to refund me cause I would hate to give this company any business. Hope they learn how to talk to their customers.

Shirtango Response • Aug 24, 2020

They said we didn't have our shipping info posted on our site, when we took screenshots of it to show them, that got very upset and threatened us with negative feedback so we cancelled their order.

Best wishes

Customer Response • Aug 24, 2020

That is false. I never said that they didn't have their shipping info posted nor did I threaten with a bad review. I just thought other people should be warned against this company. Again, please don't do business with them. They are very unprofessional.

• Aug 19, 2020

Placd order on July 24th and on the 19th of August it was cancelled by ShirtTango after multiple request to inquire about it's status. Customer service was never able to give a date for delivery.

Shirtango Response • Aug 19, 2020

Another fake review.. , we told you that we dont ship for 3 to 4 weeks and you didn't like our response and you threathen us with a negative review so we canceled your order.

Good luck

• Aug 15, 2020

I overlooked the area to include my personalization and when I contacted customer service they replied that I was either stupid or disabled to not see the large banner at the top of the website where to include that information. They also said other horrible things. It was jaw dropping.

Shirtango Response • Aug 17, 2020

This is fake, they are just upset that we cancelled their order after they cursed out one of our agents.

Customer Response • Aug 17, 2020

This is a copy and paste of the email that was sent to me. I never once cursed, I asked to add my laughters personalization.

I just read what they wrote to you, all they said was to leave all notes in the cart section and that was Incredibly rude to you? hmmm

What I find rude is that you ignore the BIG RED BANNER on the top of the website that says leave all notes in the cart section, what I find Incredibly rude is that you ignore the part of the item description where it says to leave all notes in the cart section..

What is very Incredibly rude is your lies about our site, you are saying that it doesn't say it anywhere but it says it TWICE on every single page, INCLUDING THE BIG RED BANNER THAT is on every single page.

So either you are Incredibly Stupid or just disabled , because its IMPOSSIBLE to miss the big red banner on the top of every page.

You are being refunded now, learn to take responsibility for your own failures..


Shirtango Response • Aug 17, 2020

The entire email was edited, anybody can edit anything out to make somebody look bad.. This person is upset because they didn't read the shipping info posted everywhere and they thought they would have their item within a few days. They cursed at our agent during chat so we cancelled their order.

We have thousands and thousands of successful sales each month and only maybe 1 percent of our customers don't read before buying, the other 99 percent actually read before purchasing.
Over 40 thousand sales this year alone, almost all of them have been perfect besides a few people that cant read and blame us because they didn't read and then they start threatening us and cursing us out.

We are not going to to keep replying to this person..

Best wishes

Customer Response • Aug 17, 2020

This is a complete fabrication. Actually it had nothing to do with shipping so that must have been another customer that was irate with you. I have screenshots of all emails and None were edited. Actually, anyone can go on "***" or "***" and type in your name and check images and you will see the proof on how you speak to clients. My issue was regarding personalization not shipping.

• Aug 15, 2020

I placed my order on 7/17 and on 8/8 I sent an email stating I hadn't received any shipping info I waited another week and sent another on 8/14 only to be called names and disrespected if I had recieved a response I would've upgraded my shipping to recieve the item sooner than the 8/ 22 which is the date they gave me after the second email but I wasn't rude until I was called dumb and my child was mentioned

Shirtango Response • Aug 17, 2020

WOW another fake review, this person purchased their item 2 weeks ago, when we told them that we dont ship for 3 to 4 weeks as posted on our website, they flipped out on us and said we were trying to scam them. They have already been fully refunded.

Customer Response • Aug 17, 2020

False I have the emails from all contact I had with this company and went back to verify the dates before sending my previous comment

• Aug 15, 2020

Very rude and disrespectful business. I was told I must go back where I belong and they don't know how I escaped. I was told I am poor After they messed up my shipping address they try to put the blame on me. This is the worst and most disrespectful business. I screenshot all my emails of how rude and disrespectful they were to me . I will sent them to Nasty rude disrespectful customer service

Shirtango Response • Aug 17, 2020

This horrible person said it was our fault that ups lost their package, but in reality they gave us their own address wrong. Our workers only ship to the address that is provided at checkout. They already got their item after we spoke to ups on the phone about this.

• Aug 13, 2020

I contacted Customer service over four weeks ago which they indicated that orders can take up to 3 to 4 weeks. I totally forgot about the order And decided to contact them today via email. and decided to contact them today via email. I was called a *** mn, A Mexican, a slut, and much more. This was all because I stated I would file a dispute. This was all because I stated I would file a dispute. The company stated good luck with getting my money and go ***. Go goat my goddaughter's house in Tennessee and said that it was a Mexican sauce and I was poor. Moreover they started to text me on my cell phone threatening me calling me a Mexican and cursing.Please do not spend your money with this company. You have been warned.

• Aug 11, 2020


Place an order over 6 weeks ago. The site states 3-4 weeks item will be shipped I stayed in touch with them after weeks went by. I emailed them the week before the event and they assured me it would be shipped the week I was emailing them and I should receive it the next week they also told me tracking would be provided which never happened!! I msg them a couple days before the party and they replied with "should be there Friday or Saturday" Birthday party passed is been a couple of days and item still hasn't arrived!! I wish I read the reviews first!!

• Aug 10, 2020


Shirtango Response • Aug 10, 2020

We sell to thousands and THOUSANDS of customers every month, and we only ever have problems with them ones that cant read. Please show them the emails where you cursed us out first? Please show those??? Again we sell to thousands and thousands of customers every single month and we barely have any issues, its only the ones that cant read that we have problems with.

Customer Response • Aug 10, 2020

I will be more than happy to send all the messages that was screenshot!! Not once did I curse!!

• Jul 31, 2020

Very rude, disrespectful, business. All I did is ask about shipment dates on my order because I seen when I placed my order it said August 2 delivery date I even apologized for asking maybe I seen wrong. But however the person that was emailing me was very rude called me a god damn liar, cheap and all kinds of rude words that I would not imagine coming from a so called 15 years business being that rude no matter what the situation is or was I did not deserve to be treated like that. I got my refund yes but still money is not the issue the issue is how they treat cuatomers I did not disrespect them at all in any email I have my emails to prove aswell. It is just sad for how they treated me.

Shirtango Response • Aug 02, 2020

This scammer is lying, they purchased it a couple days ago and demanded to know why they haven't received it yet. They kept saying our website delivers for free within a couple days, and that we didnt have any shipping info posted, again another lie, after hearing all these lies we decided to cancel their order and wished them luck..

They are just mad and are making up lies to make us look bad.

Good luck

• Jul 30, 2020

I order over a month ago I contacted them and recieved email on july 15th telling me my order was shipping on july 20th and I would have my item by july 24th it's now july 30th no response 2 emails cannot reach by phone horrible business

Shirtango Response • Jul 31, 2020

This scammer has already been refunded. We told them we didn't ship for 3 to 4 weeks, instead of asking us to cancel the order they opened a dispute.

We have nothing to do with this person anymore.

Good luck

• Jul 27, 2020

DON'T USE THEM! I was looking for family shirts for my daughter's birthday. I was looking for Sesame Street an images popped up in the ads. I clicked on one I liked an it lead me to Shirtango. They had great prices an had sizes to cover my whole family. I filled out my order, placed it an paid $45.00. I recieve an email an it states that receiving will take 3-4 weeks but if you need "rush" contact them an you can pay additional $15. I contacted them, told them I was sent straight to the link an didn't see anything about receiving an I placed a rush order for a date that was almost 2 weeks out. Was told no problem. Contacted them the Wed prior to make sure it was going to come on time. Got an email back that stated, they sent me an email telling me that they sent me an email already saying they couldn't get the order done so my money would be returned an if I wanted shirts still, I had to replace the order. I emailed them back an said I never received that email an I didn't get my money back. They told me to get ahold of the bank. I emailed them back asking for information like transactions number, when did they refund my money an I still have NOT received an email back w information or MY MONEY! I just want my $60 back!!

I ordered my daughter an outfit for her 1st birthday. I was told it would be here by the 24th. Big NEGATIVE!! Sent an email and the response was their shipping team will get back to me!!! I needed the outfit for the 28th. Guess I'll be requesting a total refund!

I dont do this often, but I feel like it's necessary to show what kind of business ethics these people have in a time like this. I was inquiring about a birthday dress I ordered for my daughter 3.5 weeks ago. It still had no arrival date when I would check on the website. I quote, and the emails are saved. I was never unkind. I run two businesses myself and have many friends in HR so I know this is no way to run customer service, and as a Christian I have nothing rude to say back. But their response after I said thank you to my refund was,
"It must suck being poor , black and uneducated in America, LoL, Good luck , I'm sure you're 10 kids will turn out the same way"
When honest businesses are struggling and the world is in a race war, don't do business with They don't deserve it.

Shirtango Response • Jul 23, 2020

We never said this, they are lying, anybody can edit emails out. They are just upset because they didn't read out shipping info so we had to cancel their order.

Best wishes

Customer Response • Jul 23, 2020

The complete email thread can be Found if you go Facebook and search #shirtango. You'll see the post. In a time when good businesses are failing, hurtful comments regarding race should not be tolerated.

Shirtango Response • Jul 24, 2020

Hurtful comments about race? We are a black owned and run company, the only racist person was you ..

Thank you

I purchased a outfit on June 5,2020 it takes 3-4 weeks tops. I contacted the company back on July 5th because I haven't received my item nor a tracking number. On June 8th I received a email saying that a refund was sent and I could keep the outfit once it arrived. Seemed kind of skeptical that they would refund my money and allow me to keep the outfit. Today is now July 23, 2020 and I haven't received the outfit nor the refund. Very unsatisfied customer. I was expecting the outfit for my daughters 2nd birthday party

Shirtango Response • Jul 24, 2020

Hi, we have proof this customer has been refunded, we suggest they contact their bank for any further help.

Thank you

Here is an email I recoeved from
Jesus christ, everyday there's at least 1 dumb person out of the 300 sales we get a day..

I don't give any *** when you paid for faster shipping , that doesn't mean its being shipped right away, it means we agreed to accept your rush order to receive it by a certain date.

It seems you have a BIG ISSUE with reading. Not sure if you have dyslexia or just plain ***...


Take responsibility...

We agreed to have this to you by the 24th, your order was overnighted today with UPS early am, meaning you will be receiving it by 10 am tomorrow morning.

Maybe try actually reading before trying to *** somebody out. Pathetic

Good luck KAREN , you are now being blocked.
Show quoted text cs

Shirtango Response • Jul 23, 2020

This customer sent 6 emails yelling at us demanding to know where their item was and when we told them we dont ship for 3 to 4 weeks as stated on our site , they flipped out on us and said they didn't care and demanded their package tomorrow or they would ruin us.

They also tried to blackmail us into giving them free shirts.

Good luck, we will not be responding any further..

Customer Response • Jul 23, 2020

Absolutely false! On your comment! I have all documents and emails from corresponding. In no way did I request money back free shirts. I can post documentation stateing this company is 100% lying. And if they do not take my information off of their website per their policy I will contact someone to get this taken care of.
It's a shame this company acts like this and lies! Because their product is really nice. Infact I think its hilarious how they can get away with this and still continue their business.

Don't waste your time or money. My order was cancel because they didn't accept that merchant . But they first took out the payment from my account and the after told me My order had to be cancel. I send several emails and even called the number in the website but never received a response. Until today I haven't been refunded or gotten any time response.

Very, very, very poor customer service. I should have listened to the reviews and not place an order with Shirtango. I don't condone threats but I can understand why people would snap. Shirtango need to acknowledge if their is a pattern of complaints, they need to evaluate that the problem is coming on their end. My experience with Shirtango is extremely unprofessional. I place my order on 6/10/20 and they wait until my order is "supposed to be shipped to tell me they no longer accept stripe. I had to double take like what, you wait a month to tell me you dont accept my payment type? My communication with Shirtango was only via email, And as of today the website still shows they accept visa and master. I politely decline to continue my order and on 7/9/20 I receive a cancellation email from Shirtango with refunded in orange lettering. As of today 7/21/20 I have not received my refund.

Shirtango Response • Jul 22, 2020

We don't shjp for 3 to 4 weeks as stated on everypage, this person just like a few others didn't seem to understand this so we cancel and refunded there order.

We have sold to over 100,000 thousand customers and we have very few negative feedback from people that can't read.

Good luck

Customer Response • Jul 23, 2020

Ok, please stop lying, I have receipts. God dont like liars. Obviously you are confusing me with another client. I was fully aware of the time frame. I received an email stating you no longer accept stripe. Stop trying to look professional in front of the You are also lying about the refund, you did not refund me anything. I emailed to inquire about the how long is do you guys take ti process refunds and of course no one replied back. I have no time to make up a complaint, I vocalize what is right and what is wrong. I would not be here if a refund was applied, thank you and have a blessed day.

Extremely rude and definitely not a reliable shop. Their emails are nonprofessional. If I could give a negative star, I would. Just don't even bother with them or they'll give you attitude and act harsh.

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Address: 6119 Tarawood Dr, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32819


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