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Spicy Subscriptions Reviews (56) this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID ***
I have cancelled my subscription but did not receive a confirmation number stating this. I do receive
promotional emails from them asking me to "join", so my best guess is that I was successfully unsubscribed. I have not been billed for the current month, so this also indicates that I must be successfully unsubscribed. I have not received anything from them regarding my complaint, their lack of customer service, dates and advertisements, length of shipping times compared to billing schedule, products contained in boxes that looked tattered and as if they sat in a warehouse for years as "overstock" items. They do not list a phone number to call and they promise a response to all questions and concerns. Of the multitude of emails I ever sent, I was never contacted. I fear that this company is actively deceiving other customers. Feel free to publish any/all of this communication
Sincerely this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID ***.

I am very frustrated with my experiences. I signed up for a first box in the middle of this month (November). I was immediately charged for it, but have yet to receive anything. I emailed the email listed on the website and received an initial reply stating I would be receiving the box this month. Never received anything OR tracking information. Then I see that they've tried to bill me AGAIN for another box for next month, when I haven't even received the first box. I tried to check the status of my subscription/box online, but my account says that I have no active subscriptions. If that is the case, they shouldn't be charging me for a 2nd box. I am very frustrated with their customer service and my experience. I just want my money back and for my membership to be canceled.

terrible. They send you emails to the address you provided, but when you try and log into your account it comes up as invalid. my computer saves all the information so I know its correct. they charged me on an expired card. emailed me repeatedly to change it. emailed me a generic form to fill out. Did not direct me to the website to update it. I wish I would have seen this before I signed up.
At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted]
They did send the novelty box, despite my request to NOT send the box and to reund my money.  

[redacted] this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Spicy Subscriptions has been resolved.
I contacted my bank and reported the company as fraud. Sincerely,[redacted]

This company is such a disappointment.

I signed up for a $14.00 deal for the first box, I have never received an email from this company, I have tried several times to sign into my account with them and it will not allow me to.

I have been emailing them for help for over a week now and I have yet to receive a response.

I have been charged for a box and still not received it.
This is extremely disappointing and horrible customer service.

I do NOT recommend this company.

I'm dealing with the exact same issue and they charged my account 3 time will be calling Monday
At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted].

Spicy Subscriptions offers low quality products and worthless samples monthly.
They charge for auto renewal against expired cards above the original subscription price.
They lowered my subscription tier but charged more.
They charge well in advance of delivery and the delivery dates are often delayed.
At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Spicy Subscriptions has been resolved.
(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as...

At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted].

Hi,As per Brittany's request on April *, 2014, we only processed a single charge for an 8-month subscription. No additional charges have been made on this account since that date, and her balance owing has been re-set to $0.The account has been cancelled to prevent any...

future charges from occurring, and she has received all of the boxes that have been paid for. We will not move forward with contacting a collections agency, and she does not have an outstanding balance with us.Please see attached screen shot of her transaction record. As you can see, you balance owing is now $0.If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at [redacted].Thank youCustomer Service

Review: I have had multiple issues with this company in the past week or so.

I first subscribed at the beginning of august to a three month subscription. As their billing policy states your subscription begins the month after signing up and thats when you pay and get your first box. At the end of august I emailed asking if I could cancel my subscription and they told me no because I already signed up. That was fine I didnt argue. On August ** I logged into my account and their website told me I had no active subscriptions, so I emailed to make sure I was still going to receive what I paid for and customer service responded with my shipment dates and that I will receive it.

At the beginning of this month (November [redacted]) I saw a charge for a new subscription from them. I logged into my account and it still said I had no active subscriptions. So I emailed again and asked them to fix it because my account was canceled a few months ago. The responded that they cant cancel it and that if I wanted to stop it to go into my active subscription page and cancel it. I sent pictures of the page saying I have no active subscriptions and the previous email conversations asking to cancel it and asking the status. Instead of responding I got an email saying 'sorry to see you go, your subscription has been canceled' and that's it. I responded that I appreciated them helping me cancel it, but that wasn't my main issue. I should not have been charged if I didn't have an active subscription. She didn't answer me, just kept referring me to their billing policy.

That's when I realized they also charged me an entire month early. I still haven't received my last box, I wont till the middle of the month. and their billing policy states that you get charged in the month you receive your box. I shouldn't have been charged until next month even if I had an active subscription. But they wont actually address any of my concerns or questions.Desired Settlement: I shouldn't have been charged for something that I both asked to be canceled and their website said I was not signed up for. I want a refund and to actually have my questions addressed and not danced around.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Do not do business with this company! Seriously, run, don't walk away from giving them your credit card.

Started a 3 month subscription in August to give them a try, should run August through October. Received my first 2 boxes and was not impressed. They contained nearly identical cheap products and samples that could be purchased for much less than they are valued in their literature. About 1 week after receiving my September box I contacted them to let them know I did not want to auto renew after my 3 month subscription ended in October. They responded that they would cancel. After that, I found a charge for $150 on my account on Sept [redacted] from them. I contacted them again to request a refund because they charged me a full month before my 3 month subscription ended and charged me $50 more than the original price. They told me they don't offer refunds and would not explain they price difference or why I was charged for renewal 1 month in to a 3 month subscription. To top it off the boxes come with a card that gives a "value" to the box, the boxes I received were "valued" at $30-40. So now I why would anyone pay $50 a month for that?

This is a shady shady business. I see a number of similar complaints before mine...

Review: I signed up for a 3 month subscription in August for $99 to try out the service. I was disappointed in the August and September boxes so I contacted Spicy Subscriptions on 9/** to let them know I did not want to renew my subscription. This was within about a week of receiving my 2nd box. After contacting them, I realized they had already charged my card for auto renewal on September [redacted] and had charged me $150 for the same subscription. contacted them again to request a refund since they charged me a full month early and a higher price for renewal and was told that they do not give refunds. I don't understand why a 3 month subscription would renew 1 month after starting, but that is a question Spicy Subscriptions has not addressed in our communication, nor have they addressed why I would pay $150 for 3 months of boxes that their own literature values between $30-40.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive the last box that I am owed for my original subscription in October and a full refund for the auto renewal charge in September.

Review: I started using this service a few months ago and subscribed to a 4 month re-occuring subscription, which their website states can be cancelled at any time. Once I received the products, I was unhappy to see they were not of great quality and their posted prices were unfairly inflated. The products received were much cheaper elsewhere. SO I decided to cancel. After several failed attempts at logging in to my account, I reached out on [redacted] and got no response. Shortly after, they disabled their [redacted] wall so customers could not post on it, only comment under their posts. I once again went to their website only to find that they had removed the section where you could log in to your account. On june [redacted] I emailed asking to cancel my account. It said I would recieve a response within 24 hours. After no response, I then posted a comment on their [redacted] again, no response. I just checked my credit card statement and saw they charged my card 139.95 for another 4 month subscription. There is no contact phone number for them, and clearly they cant be bothered to respond to emails or [redacted] comments! As a customer I do not know what else to do! I should not have to chase down this company to cancel my subscription!Desired Settlement: Full refund of the 139.95



At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: I had asked this company several times how to canc with no reply. Then after not recieving a box I figured they cancelled. Then I was charged over $100 out of my bank account. Theyre webite says 34.95/monthly so they charged me for 3 boxes without recieving any. I contacted them and got a 5 word reply. With christmas coming and having two kids I can not afford for a company to just takw what they please.Desired Settlement: I am hoping to recieve my money back.

Review: I was reviewing my credit card account and noticed a charge of $49.95 for this company. I thought I had purchased only one box, to try, for $14.95. I also found my charge for this, which I had received, but not been impressed with.

I immediately went online to see if I had missed something and make sure I was canceled. I did find that the "one month box" had meant every month, which was not made immediately clear when I ordered. I finally found the cancel button and emailed the company at the originally provided email for help then found that email was no longer in service.

I then went to the website to look for a working email address and phone number. There is no phone number provided for this company so I emailed them advising not to send the October box and to refund my money ASAP. The website indicates 24 hour turn around time for emails.

When I did not receive a response within a couple of days, I commented on their Facebook page that I need immediate help with this and if they sent a box, I would return it unopened.

A week after my initial email to them, they have emailed that the October box was just sent this weekend and I would receive it in the next week.

I just want my money back and my information removed from their website (I did not see the option to delete). This is a prepaid card and I'm afraid to add more money to it because before signing up I had seen only glowing reviews, but now I'm finding many negative ones.

I will of course return the box if I receive it, but I don't want it and never did. It was barely worth $15 to me, let alone $50! Thank you for your assistance.Desired Settlement: A full refund of $49.95 for the unwanted product they have apparently sent against my requests and wishes.

Review: I signed up for a three month subscription that was to end after the three months through groupon. I was very careful not to choose auto renewal and often checked my account t to make sure there were no subscriptions and there were not (which is the only way you can cancle for the future). Before my three month subscription was up they charged my account for another three months $149.96. I emailed them and told them I already stated I did not want to continue subscription and asked for a refund as I hadn't even received my last month in my initail trial. They emailed me back and stated I agreed to auto renew and they can not refund but would canlce future shipment. I then reviewed thier terms of service which shows how to cancle, an option Inwas never provided with because I in fact did not choose to auto renew. I also emailed then to address that they broke their own terms because it states that you will not be charged for future subscriptions until the month after your last box. As stated I still have not received my last box. I emailed them three time stating I want a refund and that they violated thier own terms by charging my account AND debited my account without authorization but they have not responded to any further emails. Their website states they will respond within 24 hours. I did a lot of research and apparently they have done this to many people but do not provide a phone number so when they ignore your emails there is no way to resolve issues. I didn't sign up for auto renew. This is clearly a business with dhady business practices that profit by making it impossible to contact them when they debit your account without authorization.Desired Settlement: I would like the 149.96 put back in my account and to be assured they have canceled any further shipments. They have not even tried to offer a resolution.

Review: I signed up for a monthly subscription at the end of October 2015. I was charged $29.95 on 11/*/15. I never received a package. As of 12/*/15, there is another pending charge for $49.95. I immediately entered a cancellation on their website and sent an email requesting a refund since I have not received any product. I received an email response starting the following: "Hi there,

Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately I am unable to refund you for the recent charge as your subscription auto-renewed and we did not receive a cancellation request prior to the auto-renewal date. As per our Terms and FAQs, which are very easily found throughout our website, subscriptions auto-renew unless we receive a cancellation request via email 24 hours before the scheduled renewal. Again, I will go ahead and cancel your subscription and from now on, you will no longer be charged.


Team Spicy"

WhIle I understand having a cancellation policy, I find it unacceptable to not refund my money considering I have received no product or service.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a full refund of the $29.95 plus $49.95, for a total of $79.90. If I do not receive a refund within 7 days, I will be filing a fraudulent activity claim through my bank for failure to provide a product/service.



[redacted]HI [redacted], Thanks for your email. My name is [redacted] and I'm the CS manager, I apologize for the previous response you got, the person who talked to you is still in training. We received the complaint you filled with the and I would like to explain what happened. Please see attached. You joined on the October [redacted] and we tried charging you, as usual, on the [redacted] day of November for your November box. As you can see, the payment skipped from the [redacted] to the [redacted] and processed on the [redacted]. We export our shipping lists on the [redacted] of every month and whenever a payment doesn't process on the first, we don't ship them a box. Your payment processed at a later date and that's why your name didn't make it to the shipping list. We'll be sending you the November box ASAP. Let me know if you'd like to be refunded for December's box or if you'd like to receive it. The boxes will be shipping around the [redacted] of December. Thanks, Nicole



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


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