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Review: The amount of $34.95 was taken out of my account for the April subscription box on 3/**/2014. Normally They send out a tracking number for there boxes by the [redacted] of the month. I still have yet to receive a tracking number and it is now the [redacted]. They even posted to their Facebook page on April [redacted] "Hi Spicy Subscribers! Tracking numbers will be sent out in the next 12-24 hours - please keep an eye out for an e-mail in your inbox! This month's Spice Box is going to be fantastic!" I still do not have one nor do I have my subscription box. I e-mailed them asking where my tracking number and was told they would be sent out mid next week. So I was very confused as to why the website said one thing and a customer service representative told me another. I have tried e-mailing them again to see what my tracking number is and I have not received an email back. I was told it can take up to three days for a response by them. Their website states "Once you’ve e-mailed us you can expect a response within 24 hours!" so again I'm confused. Also, because I did a review I was supposed to receive an extra item in this months box but now I am doubtful I will receive my box at all. I e-mailed them today to cancel my subscription and have not yet heard back yet which is understandable because it hasn't been more then a few hours.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive my April subscription box with my extra item that I did a review to receive. After that I would like for my account with them to be canceled and for them to not bill me again or send me anything else.




The company sent me my tracking number and cancelled my account. Thank you. ID [redacted]


Review: They sent me a defective item after wait for almost two and half weeks to receive the item. I contact customer service multiple times but didn't get a resolution. They told to login to my online account to cancel and that's the end of it. I can't believe they didn't offer to send me a replacement or even an apology for sending me a defective product that I paid for. Feels like a rip off. I certainly would not recommend placing your orders with spicy subscription. Horrible customer service, shipping and overall mediocre products.Desired Settlement: I want a refund for the subscription box because I refuse to pay for something that doesn't work.

Review: I have contacted Spicy Subscriptions three previous times before this complaint.

I ordered a one month subscription to try the product out because I thought it was a neat idea. Over a month later, I had not yet received my box, and I had noticed another charge on my card, which included an international charge (? I thought they were NY based??). I immediately contacted them to inquire as to why I was charged 29.95 plus 1.05 fee without any email, notification, or authorization. I checked their terms online, and at the time, the terms only states that 4-month and 6-month subscriptions were auto-renewed. I did not see anything about auto-renews for one month subscriptions, which was a huge red flag for me. If that was the case, then SS did not make mention of it when I was ordering the production.

I received an email back stating that they would cancel my subscription, but would not be refunding my money for the last purchase and that I would receive a box in August. I emailed them back and said that I did not want the product, and I wanted a refund. At this time, I had still not received the first box I have requested.

Many days later I received another email that said the same exact thing, also stating again that they had cancelled my account (I questioned whether it had even been done in the first place). Once again, they stated that they would not refund me my 29.95 for a product I had not ordered, authorized payment for, or wanted.

I once again requested the refund or I would be reporting them to the and I would go further to dispute the charge if they did not refund. I have not heard any response as of July [redacted].

I am VERY dissapointed in the company's shady business practices, especially taking liberties with credit card information, as well as changing terms on their site without notifying customers (after this email exchange, I noted that one month subscriptions were added to the auto-renew notice on their site). Also, when I finally received my box (3 days later than the estimated date) it was cheap and disappointing. I simply want my money back and for them to keep the August box.Desired Settlement: I want the 29.95 charged to my card on July [redacted], 2014 refunded, the spice box for August cancelled completely, and an apology for putting me through all this.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted]

They did send the novelty box, despite my request to NOT send the box and to reund my money.


Review: I subscribed to this service but used the wrong card. I contacted them and they gave me a partial refund which was good enough for me, a month later they charged my account for an 8 month subscription without even a single email or a call. I do not want their products yet they are forcing me to subscribe and after repeated attempts I don't even get a phone number to call them, all they tell me is that they will not refund me which is unacceptable since I never ordered anything from them, they saved my card info and charged me without my authorization which is illegalDesired Settlement: I would like a full refund, I will even accept a partial refund for 7 months since their new product comes out soon and I am sure they will send it to me and act as if I purchased it all along. I am extremely angry at the way this company treats their customers and the way they hide without providing a phone number.

Review: I purchased a one month subscription and I used a code that the company supplied to me and it was suppose to give me a discount on my order. When I proceed with the order the computer took and applied the code for the discount. I was charged full price. I contacted the company email and they told me the code was only good for a 4 month or 8 month subscription. On my email with the code supplied by them it doesn't list that anywhere. I have since tried to get in touch with the company but they will not return emails.Desired Settlement: I just was my discounted price.

Review: I had requested a cancelation and it was co firmed via email in May 2014. I have been charges for June and July and I have sent emails but they now send no response.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded for June and July as well as no further charges.



The charges that were applied after the customer asked to cancel were made due to a glitch in our system and have now been refunded. The correspondence with the buyer is below:

On Jul *, 2014, at 2:53 PM, Spicy Subscriptions <[redacted]> wrote:

Hi [redacted],

We are sad to see you leave but we have gone ahead and cancelled your subscription. If you would like to resume your subscription, please e-mail us and we will do so. Otherwise, we will no longer charge your card.

Your last Spice Box was in June as I've refunded you for July's charges.

We hope you subscribe again soon!

Team Spicy

On Thu, Jul *, 2014 at 8:45 AM, [redacted] <[redacted]> wrote:


[redacted]Team SpicySpicy Subscriptions

Review: I signed up for a subscription on April [redacted]. I was promised I would receive my product no later than May **. I never received anything. The company then said they had unexpected delays and it would be delivered by the [redacted]. I still got nothing. Then I was told the [redacted]. I didn't receive anything until May **!! When I finally received the product, it was defective!! I've reached out to this company several times by email and social media and have been ignored. There is no phone number made available to their customers. When I asked for compensation on the [redacted] of May, they said it's not their fault that they shipping delays. It is not my fault either and I just wanted a refund. Instead, they only promised to cancel my subscription. If I had to wait a month to receive a product, I should've been told this from the beginning. Not only that, but I would expect a product that is not defective.Desired Settlement: After all the trouble I've had with this ridiculous company, I expect a full refund! This has been completely unacceptable. I have screenshots of all the things that were promised but never fulfilled and I deserve a full refund back to my credit card.

Review: A couple of days ago, I saw promotion about this company offering free merchandise for a month. Their service is basically a month to month subscription deal by receiving their goodies once every month. During signing up process they needed my credit card so they can keep record of it through my account history, which is understandable. However, I forgot to add in the freebie code and the order went through and a couple of hours later, they charged me an amount of $34.95. I contacted them through the email address they provided (it's very suspicious that they did not provide a phone number on their website), the following day I heard nothing from them. Also, I went to look at my transactions and noticed they have also charged me a $1.05 international fee charge. It raises a very big question because their company is in the States unless it is something they're not telling us. From then on, I still have not heard from them after sending them 3 different emails about a refund and to cancel the subscription. I even contacted them through via [redacted], but they have still failed to reply back even though they are still actively updating status about irrelevant topics (ironically enough). I've also noticed on [redacted], they disabled their wall and there are a couple of other unhappy consumers who also have not heard from them. It is so bad that the company ended up deleting some of the complaints on their [redacted] page. I have never dealt with a company with an extremely poor quality customer service. If I do not hear from them for a few more days, I will dispute the transaction.Desired Settlement: I want my full refund back, and want to cancel the subscription.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Spicy Subscriptions offers low quality products and worthless samples monthly.

They charge for auto renewal against expired cards above the original subscription price.

They lowered my subscription tier but charged more.

They charge well in advance of delivery and the delivery dates are often delayed.

Review: I signed up for a one month subscription. They just emailed me and said that they have been trying to charge my card (they have not yet succeeded because I don't have the money in there to cover the amount.) They sent me and email with tracking on this said second box which I never received. I plan to send it back should I ever receive it. I have heard that others have had issues with them sending out non requested boxes and also charging those peoples cards. They have a one month option and also a 4 month option so how can they just keep sending out boxes to those who sign up for one month???Desired Settlement: I want them to NOT charge my card and to stop contacting me all together. Also, they need to change how they word things. Maybe "sign up for one month subscription and we will continue to charge you card and send you unwanted boxes every month even though you did not ask or approve"



At this time, I have not been contacted by Spicy Subscriptions regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: I ordered a box from this company in April, immediately after I ordered I saw a lot of bad reviews about them so I contacted them to cancle my subscription. It took them several days to email me back even though their website says they will respond with in 24 hours and it was only because I threatened to file a complaint with that they responded so quickly.So when they emailed me they agreed to cancle my subscription, meaning that I would get a box in May but no more after that. May [redacted] tracking numbers for the boxes were supposed To go out, then they said the [redacted], then they said the [redacted]. I still have yet to recieve a tracking number or a box! But a few days ago a charge for 30.25 was taken from my bank account even though I canceled last month. I would like my money back for that 30.25 and either my box from last month or my money back from last month. I have emailed them and posted to their [redacted]. They delete all the bad comments and reviews from their [redacted] so people will sign up but they forever to respond to emails. They do not even have a customer service phone number to contact them.Desired Settlement: I would like the unauthorized charge of 30.25 back on my card. And either my money back from last month or my box ASAP!

Review: I canceled my account a full month ago and followed every step they asked of me. I believed I canceled my account and they gave me no indication either way. Now they have just charged me again when the account should have been canceled!Desired Settlement: I would like the payment refunded and the subscription terminated immediately via and actual customer service agent with confirmation and not some round about automated thing.



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Spicy Subscriptions has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)


Review: I am currently having issues with the speed and reliability of customer service with this company. My wife decided to subscribe last year and received 2 months of boxes from their program at roughly $46 a month after shipping, at which point she cancelled the service. The problem is that while no more boxes arrived from the company, monthly charges continued for a year without me noticing. She used my credit card and I was not actually aware of the product name well enough to recognize it on my monthly statements, and she has several monthly makeup subscriptions that she has had for some time and I must have thought this was one of them. About 2 months ago I saw this and told her that she should cancel that subscription as it was too expensive with our first child on the way, with the pricing being more than 3x the cost of her other makeup subs. When she asked what I was talking about and I showed her she became upset and said that was the one she had ordered a year prior and cancelled. When she contacted the company they confirmed that yes, she had cancelled but payments continued for some reason. [redacted] removed the 2 most recent months, and Spicy assured us they would do so with the rest. They tried to offer half in cash and half in boxes, which we declined. This did not bother me as I understand they are a business. But then they stopped responding to my wife. Eventually, after a few weeks of silence and ignored emails, I contacted their [redacted] account and explained very calmly that the CS department of their business was very slow and that while I was patient and understanding, that only lasted so long. The next day my wife received an email telling her that 10 payments of roughly $46 would be refunded the following week, so I figured problem solved. The week passed and no payment, so my wife contacted them to ask if memorial day was the reason and if so that is fine, but to please let us know what was going on. After 3 emails being ignored I messaged them again and told them that they had until today. There is still no payment and their [redacted] account has seen my messages (shows a checkmark to acknowledge it was opened). I can provide you with forwarded copies of the emails and screenshots of the [redacted] messages if that would help. I have tried to be reasonable, even offering to accept the full amount in smaller payments if it would help their business, but they seem to think that after telling my wife we would be refunded through paypal that for some reason I will drop this once they decide to ignore us.Desired Settlement: I want them to send the money to my paypal account as promised, and if that is done then I am happy, and they can go back to selling boxes no problem. I don't want them punished, I just want the money I am owed and have tried to be reasonable this whole time.

Review: I started my subscription with this company in December 2013, and have been charged for every month since. I have only received one box. I researched the issue and the February box was mishandled by the post office, but I still haven't received any more boxes. When I first contacted customer service they add it seem as though they were going to compensate me by giving me a month free, but that wasn't the case. When I called the post office they said they had sent the box back to sender. When I contacted Nicole at customer service she indicated that they would send the box back if I paid a delivery fee. I asked her where my March box was, she said that the March box was the one that was sent back to them- even though I showed her proof that that was in fact the February box. I told her that at this point, I would rather have refunds than the boxes, and she has failed to respond. I told her that I do not want to be charged for April either. The website states that they respond in 24 hours, but she has not responded in the given time frame. Since the dispute started, I did research online and found that I was not the only person who had been duped by this company.Desired Settlement: I would either like my two missing boxes, February and March, or a refund. I also want to ensure that they do not charge for April.

Review: This company has problems with their website and on the night I tried to sign up for this subscription service, the company attempted to bill me for 7 transactions until my card number started declining. I had to wait a very long time with NO money to get the overcharges back and did not want to do business anymore due to the fraudulent and unauthorized charges as well as no contact information except for an email address; to be told that I was under contract for the initial charge already when the items hadn't even shipped yet. They were contacted within minutes of the order and the company advertises a "cancel anytime" policy that is backed by Cosmopolitan (Hearst Magazines) where I was informed of the company. They refused to refund me for the initial charge resulting in me having to contact my bank who seized the funds and agreed that every transaction was unauthorized and canceling my card so the company did not attempt more unauthorized transactions; which they did attempt and continue to inform me that my card is declining. They continued to ignore cancellation requests and are now sending me emails informing me that they are going to send my information to collections. I have not committed a crime and do not owe them any money upon their denial of my abundant requests to cancel, and their continuation of attempts to process unauthorized charges.Desired Settlement: Spicy Subscriptions needs to have personnel dedicated to customer service that understand the legal ramifications of their fraudulent practice, billing, and threats to share my information from unauthorized transactions due to problems with their server. This company is violating my privacy rights. I need my account updated to a 0 balance and proof of that information mailed to me.



Hi,As per Brittany's request on April *, 2014, we only processed a single charge for an 8-month subscription. No additional charges have been made on this account since that date, and her balance owing has been re-set to $0.The account has been cancelled to prevent any future charges from occurring, and she has received all of the boxes that have been paid for. We will not move forward with contacting a collections agency, and she does not have an outstanding balance with us.Please see attached screen shot of her transaction record. As you can see, you balance owing is now $0.If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at [redacted].Thank youCustomer Service

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