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Statewide Remodeling

2450 Esters Blvd., DFW Airport, Texas, United States, 75261

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I made the mistake of agreeing to let this company do a small project for me and I completely regret it. They are simply not worth it. If you are considering them for work, do yourself a favor and shop around and get multiple quotes.
One of the salesmen was nice, but the other was tacky. The work, itself, was fine, but the supervisor was a complete ***. Dealing with the office (Finance department, especially) was a disaster. If they need something from you, they will call and text you non-stop at 7:30 in the morning and all weekend. But, the moment you need something and call, all you will get is a voicemail (with no returned call) or someone say "Sorry, you have to speak to that person" and transfer you to their voicemail. They are a nightmare to deal with. I wrote them a 4 page letter of my complaints and concerns. A manager called me and said "Sorry, we will do better next time". They are simply not worth it.

refused request for itemized quote of costs, refused request for quote designating labor and parts/materials.
Requested quote for repair to storm damaged product under warranty. Received total cost of install replacement, removal of damaged and remove/replace other customer items. Requested itemized version and was denied "per company policy". Requested quote separating labor from parts/materials. Denied with same reason previously given.

Desired Outcome

Itemized bill.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Apr 30, 2019

Contact Name and Title: *** EVP/Partner
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
Statewide Remodeling has been in business for 25 years and our policy on pricing has always been that we quote "turn key" for the complete project. We have never disclosed our pricing on a piece meal bases as this person is demanding. Our labor and product prices are proprietary. I am sorry that they feel they need to file a complaint against my company that strives to maintain our A+ rating based on fair pricing, quality work and customer satisfaction. I am sure they can find another contractor to help them with their demands

I had the walk in bath salesman out to discuss the tub.There was never any mention of having to upgrade my water heater. Now I'm told to get a larger water heater before I can use my 22.000 tub. I can't afford this! Help..
Product_Or_Service: Kepler walk in bath
Account_Number: XXXXX

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Install me a larger water heater at their expense.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Feb 13, 2019

Contact Name and Title: *** EVP/Partner
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
My apologies for the problem. I agree with the customer. Our sales rep should have explained this to the customer. I have instructed our installation dept. to contact this customer and make arrangements to replace their hot water heater with a larger unit at our costs

We bought a patio and its leaks and we have lifetime warranty.
They have been out here several time and they away say that leave are in the gutters. Well to me because I got up there the day before he came and I did see no leaves. We bought the thing on July 17, 2017 the merchant id is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. account number is 5548. the guy who sold it to us is Andy Jones. They came out 24th of this month and the same thing leaves in the gutters. It looks like to me they could pit screen or do something about it. One guy even said our house was moving.they were out here October the 10th. Same thing leaves in the gutters.
One appointment we missed because my husband had emergency surgery and I didn't call in and cancel. When I called to make another appointment and Monty was real rude to me saying that I didn't call and cancel I told him my husband had emergency surgery, but he did not care. We already paid it off so they are though with us.

Desired Outcome

we just want it fixed that all we are seeking.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Feb 06, 2019

Contact Name and Title: *** EVP/Partner
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
I have spoke with our service dept. and they are saying leaves in the gutter system is causing the problem. They currently have an appointment to go out again and they have been instructed to install screen covers where possible to help with keeping the leaves out. My suggestion, if this customer says there are no leaves in the drainage system when the service guys say there are is for him to tell them to show him. Yes this product does have a warranty on material and workmanship but it does not include maintenance. If debris is getting in the gutters and causing leaks that is not covered under the warranty

Had windows put in that were not ever installed properly!
My bedroom window constantly leaks. We have been trying to get this fixed for years.The work was done first in 1995! The Rep was named Wayne Bird.
This was a financed job for around $5,000,for5 windows.

Desired Outcome

Would like for the company to do the job right!!!

Statewide Remodeling Response • Feb 18, 2019

Contact Name and Title: *** EVP/Partner
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
We have had no service requests from this customer until about a month ago. He called in with a problem with one of his windows. We inspected it and told him it needed to be replaced. The manufacture has gone out of business and we said we would have to charge for the parts but would furnish the labor free of charge. He said thank you and we never heard back from him. We are still prepared to do what we said we would. There are no other issues with his windows.

Customer Response • Feb 20, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I am satisfied with their response, however if I have them do the work, I would need a thorough
inspection of the wood around the window to see if yothere is rot or mildew.

I had a similar experience with statewide. Two reps came by my house to view a crack in my 3x3 stand in shower. We agreed to visit the showroom after 2hr appointment he finally quoted $12,800 oh and that did not include the shower door which would be an additional $2,000. $14,800 for a 3x3 shower!!! He then provided a discount down to $10,900. I respectfully thanked the sales rep for the quote and he contiuned the his hard close tactics. I advised it was my first quote and I needed to look around which was true. He was upset and stated by walking away that day he would not offer any discount I said fine. Who signs a contract on the first quote especially when I'm asked to spend $10-$12k. They may dongood work and the product maybe great but the high pressure price gouge is terrible. I also find it sad that Home Depot would associate themselves with a company like this. They offer a payment plan to pray on the uninformed.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Oct 16, 2018

My apologizes to the Rosales family. We do offer what we call an appointment saver discount. The first price was our current offer and is always good for 30 days. So no pressure at all the. We run XX-XXX appointments a day and with the rescheduling that is necessary to come back to the same customer a second or third time we have found that it is to the advantage of both parties to offer an additional discount if we can consummate the order on the first visit. This stops our customers from getting upset when we call to reschedule due to having to go back to a previous appointment. Many times these customers cancel the appointment vs. resetting it. We feel this is not good business and make ever effort to avoid this. I apologize that our representative did not explain this properly.

As to pricing we offer state of the art products that many companies do not even know exist. after being in business for over 24 years we also feel our warranties which are the longest in the industry have significant value. We will be here in the future if our customers need us. Not sure how offering a payment plan is a ploy to pray on the uninformed? We do offer financing as a convenience to our customers who prefer payments. Hopefully these folks got some valuable information about the quality products and superior workmanship we offer so that when & if they decide to move forward with their project they can make an informed decision

*** EVP/Partner Statewide Remodeling

This company preys on the weak and uninformed. It subcontracts all its work out to smaller companies or imagrants who have no choice but to work. It is allowing the fact that they have a home depot recommendation to run a monopoly on kitchen and bath work. They charge extremely high prices for work that should cost a fraction of what they charge. They claim you have been given a prize or coupon all the while plan to charge you thousands more then what they should have charged. Its like the rabbit in the hat trick.

OMG - These people were at the arts festival and I spun a wheel and got 750 off and other discounts, they called me and set up an appointment - when they contacted me - and after I explained what I was looking to do - which was putting in a new shower in our master bath, the lady told me that would cost 10K to 15K - really to redo an exiting shower ONLY. WHAT A SCAM THEY JUST DIDN'T WANT TO DISTRIBUTE THEIR SO CALLED PRIZE. I can see a full bathroom costing 10 to 15 K but come on a shower only....SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

very poor unfinished product
we were told that the work completed was guaranteed. the shower is falling apart, they left the floor unfinished for weeks until I refused to sign the loan and emailed the "president" they "finished" but it now looks worse than it did before- the shower is falling apart and we have attempted to reach them multiple times over the last few years and now it is getting worse

Desired Outcome

I just want them to contact me and fix it

Statewide Remodeling Response • Apr 12, 2018

My apologizes for the delays. we have made most of the necessary repairs and are currently waiting on ordered materials to complet the balance

WE purchased the lifetime replacement windows and are waiting for them to replace the windows with the proper/equivalent window.
Last year 3 windows started having major bubbles. The guy came out, measured, etc. and then came back several weeks later to replace. He put in the incorrect grade of window. We purchased the double glass, tinted type. It is obvious they are different. Have talked to Statewide several times. Never to get anything accomplished!!! Now we have more windows that are bubbling and still waiting for the correct replacements. Their claim of lifetime warranty replacement is BS!!!!!

Desired Outcome

I want the bubbling windows replaced with the same quality window we purchased. NOT the cheapest quality available!!!!!!

Statewide Remodeling Response • Feb 14, 2018

My apologizes for the issues this customer is having. Also I do not see the need to use off color references and why the approved the wording of their complaint? Since they did not state who the manufacture of their windows is I will follow up with my service dept to make that determination. For the record and this customers clarification. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty. The product warranty comes from the manufacture. They need to review their product warranty on the windows. If it is a covered item the terms will be stated. If they have product questions they should contact the manufacture. The notes in this customer's file show that we received a call in Sept. of 17' with an issue about glass in the doors that were replaced. We referred it to our door manufacture and notes show they were to follow up. We will contact the door manufacture to clarify what has happened with that service. We strive for customer satisfaction but there are limitations.

Customer Response • Feb 16, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If what they are stating is true, why did Statewide Remodeling come out last year and replace the bubbling windows then? Of course it was not with the equivalent quality we purchased initially and is obvious and I stated before. One of the pieces replaced is a sliding glass door with two panels. The panel they replaced is clear glass, the other panel that was original from the Statewide Remodeling purchase a few years ago, is obviously tinted. I believe the guy that replaced the clear one knew this, since he told me he wasn't going to have me sign the paperwork because the job was not done. If the job was not done, Why months later am I still struggling to get Statewide Remodeling to help us out with our LIFETIME Warranty Replacement. If I ever see a sales person for Statewide at Same's again (which is where my husband fell into their sales pitch trap) I will hold a sign up that says it is a bogus claim on Statewide's part.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Feb 20, 2018

I have submitted a response on this already. I am sorry that this customer refuses to read their manufacture warranty on the product. We DO NOT OFFER A LIFETIME WARRANTY ON PRODUCTS. We offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship. Again we want all our customers to be satisfied with the jobs we do but they have to read their warranty not just file a complaint with the when they don't get what they want! If we installed the incorrect glass we will replace it. If it is covered under their manufacture warranty. If it is not we will not replace it unless the defect is due to workmanship. I will follow up with our service dept. to see what progress has been made to correct the wrong glass that the customer feels was installed. Statewide Remodeling is a 24 year old company and currently has an A+ rating with the

Had my bathroom remodeled and the entry door changed. Great quality job, people in charge are very creative, responsive to the customer needs and wishes, could always find solutions and think outside the box. Would recommend the company to anyone who need big and even complicated projects be done in timely manner.

Horrible customer service. How do you expect me to be polite to you when we can't get a hold of anyone. Project is supposed to be done by the 9th. We started this process in November of 2017.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Jan 18, 2018

not clear on what their saying here? We are 6-8 weeks out on job start starts for certain products. This is the time from the initial agreement until we start the work. After that completion time depends on the scope of the work. Our office is open from 8-5 Monday thru Thursday and 8-4 on Friday. I apologize if someone has not returned your call in a timely manor but make no mistake we want to complete your job as quickly as possible. We don't get paid until the job is done.
I can be reached at ***. If I do not answer I will call you back the same day

Frank *** EVP/Partner

I listened to 2 hrs of sales pitch, given a price 3 times greater than another estimate. But, if I signed up right now, I would receive a ~20% discount. But wait, if I wrote a check today, I would receive an additional 10% discount. To get these discounts, I would have to sign a contract without reading it! I wish I could give a negative rating. These guys appear to be crooks.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Jan 18, 2018

Our offer at the time we spoke to this home owner was 20 % off. That price would be good for 30 days. We do offer a first inspection discount if the customer wants to start right away. We run 2-3 appointments a day 6 days a week per rep. When a customer wants us to come back after the initial visit we will have to reschedule other appointments to do so and often times the customers we have to reschedule get upset and will not reschedule. We know this discount is not for everyone but we offer it to everyone on the first visit. We do require a down payment where custom ordered products are involved but there are no discounts offered for writing a down payment check. I have no idea how to respond to the statement they would have to sign a contract without reading it? Crooks? We have an A+ rating with the and have completed over 50,000 remodeling jobs since we started business in 1994.
If these folks would like to discuss pricing and how we calculate I can be reached at 214-446-9031
Frank Manzare EVP/Partner Statewide Remodeling

Failed to get City of Plano inspection

Statewide Remodeling recently installed windows at my residence. After 2 people assured me the inspcetion would happen, I paid my bill. After 2 days of no inspector, I contacted the City of Plano, no permit had been applied for. No inspector was coming. I stopped my Check. This cost $30. I called Statewide who then got a permit. I called the City of Plano who passed the inspection. I reduced my payment by $30. This impacted my credit score and I do not know if they will rebill me. Very disappointed in them.

Desired Outcome

I reduced my check for the stop payment. At a minimum I hope they except that. They can send a sorry letter with any other amounts they wish.

Statewide Remodeling Response • Jan 12, 2018

My understanding from talking to our window installation manager is a permit was not pulled until after the customer called the city to inquire therefore no one would have told the customer there was going to be a finale inspection and the reason no inspector showed up. When a permit is pulled a copy would be posted on the job. We are not denying that we made a mistake but when we found out about it we took appropriate action to correct it. When the customer found out no permit was pulled and stopped payment on the job the work was complete and the customer had signed off as the completed job being satisfactory. Stopping payment for the whole job was not necessary. Statewide Remodeling has been in business for over 23 years and we take care of our customers and have done so here when we were notified we had failed to pull the permit. We make mistakes and this customer has chosen to file a complaint even though we corrected the problem. I do not feel any other compensation is warranted. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX if this customers wishes to discuss further

Absolutely abysmal experience, despite the reccomendations we got. Project manager was non responsive and then we found out he quit or got fired. We have had to call every single day to try and get this project completed. It was a very simple tub and tile remodel. Sink faucets still not done. Shower rod still not hung. Day one they sent the wrong tub so the plumber disappeared. They had to rip out the drywall and put it back in because the correct tub then installed incorrectly. The tile guys had to be here all day on a Saturday, on day five of a 3 day project, and more than a week later we are still waiting for the project to be finished.

I have had the pleasure of having Statewide Remodeling for a partial bathroom remodeling for both of the bathrooms in my home. This is the second time I have used Statewide Remodeling and I am impressed for the second time. I am in awe with the final outcome of the projects. The whole process has been a positive experience. They have great customer service, keep you informed every step of the way to the craftsmanship of the remodel. Every single person I came into contact were very pleasant and helpful. This is a great company for any of your remodeling needs.

I engaged Statewide Remodeling via a request at Home Depot for bathtub replacement. Statewide came out to the house and evaluated the situation with 2 bath tubs, made recommendations and then measured for a quote. I was very pleased with the "up front' process, very organized and efficient. I was even more impressed with the production team. They were always on time, prepared to complete the work on schedule and discussed any issues with me. As typical with a remodeling project, you will run into issues, so it is important to be in good communication with the project team. This is where Statewide really shined, in dealing with the issues we encountered, then executing cleanly.

I'm very impressed with their overall operation and will heartily recommend Statewide to my friends. I'm often asked for recommendations, so I don't give them out without verifying via my own experience. I will not hesitate to recommend Statewide Remodeling Inc.

We recently remodeled our guest bathroom replacing the tub with a walk-in shower and putting in a new vanity counter-top. The Statewide experience was excellent. The Sales consultant placed no pressure on us, the Planning office kept us well informed and the Production crew was very good. They paid particular attention to keeping our house orderly and clean every day. Upon completion the house was spotless as though they had never been on site. A special kudos to Pedro whose attention to detail is exceptional. A few adjustments had to be made during the project but none were charged extra. Statewide provided the level of customer service we rarely see these days. Awesome work!

My experience with Statewide Remodeling, Inc. was very pleasant from start to finish. I appreciate their attention to detail. The contractors were knowledgeable and did their work with no interruptions. I was kept informed on the progress and what to expect next. I plan to use this company again.

We used Statewide Remodeling for a shower installation with glass enclosure. It turned out great. I recognize that all companies have some communication problems but our project manager was very good at remedying whatever came up. The project was completed on time and the crew was always polite and conscious of doing daily cleanup. I would use them again.

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