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62 King St Fl 3, New York, New York, United States, 10014-4807

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Received my order on 12//17 and per their return/exchange policy online I requested a return within 1 hour of my delivery. A window popped up stating that my order was not eligible for return. Per their policy it should have been returnable. Nobody returns emails, responds to messages on social media platforms, and I was not able to find a phone where someone would answer!

Supreme Response • Jan 04, 2018

Our return policy is available on our website and the customer agrees to those terms and conditions at checkout. I have included an attachment of the return policy for the to review. The item that this customer ordered is a hat. Stated in the return policy and terms and conditions, hats are listed as non returnable or exchangeable. Please let us know if you have any further inquiries.

I've made several purchases with Supreme & I have had several issues with this company. In October 2017, I placed 2 separate orders, 1 of which I mistakenly put the wrong email address. Once the delivery was made, it was stolen from my porch. After several attempts to contact the company, I was finally refunded my money. BUT, ever since then, EVERY SINGLE purchase I try to make says my credit card is declined. I've tried different credit cards, a different email address, and NOTHING! Its so frustrating, my teenage son loves the brand & now somehow I'm banned from purchasing from them? I've sent an email questioning the issue but of course, I get no response.

Supreme Response


We are happy to hear that UPS assumed responsibility for the lost package and the customer was refunded on their behalf.

Supreme does not block customers from accessing their website. We have am extremely limited amount of stock (very limited edition items). If the user is receiving a card processing error at checkout, then she/he is one amongst many. When our website reloads merchandise on Thursdays, the entire website generally sells out within thirty seconds to one minutes. Users who attempt to purchase stock after the item is sold out will receive a message saying that their card cannot be processed. This can be confusing since it is not actually a card issue, but rather a stock issue.

Please reach out to us with any further inquiries.



The vendor has a very poorly designed checkout process for their online site. Once a product is selected and added to cart, you are not allowed time to complete checkout before the product is sold-out and updated to not available in your cart. As an example, I added an item to my cart to purchase. Clicked on check out now, immediately. The item showed correctly in the cart, so I began the checkout process. I began to enter my personal and payment information and within a few seconds, it took me back to the cart with a message saying that the item was now sold out. This entire process from selecting the item to getting the error message is less than 10 seconds. This has happened on multiple occasions. These issues during checkout are especially a problem when new hard to find items are released, as many items sell out in minutes.

Supreme Response

Good afternoon,

We understand the process for checking out can be very competitive. We have relayed the customers concern to the web department and have made the customers concerns known. Unknown to most, we still operate as a very small company. With the demand of our products being as high as they are with such limited inventory we do our best to fulfill each customers order fairly and promptly. The first come first serve checkout process is competitive but is one way we try to make our process fair to all. Our terms and conditions are very specific and particular and we urge all customers to read them in their entirety before checking out.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I appreciate the quick response and am hopeful that their technical department can provide a better experience for checkout in the future. However, I think the business is still missing the point of my complaint based on their response. A 'checkout' process like you currently have should not be 'competitive'. I cannot imagine another business large or small, online or other, think that this is a good way to service their customers. I understand that items are limited, especially during special releases, but at what point do you say that an item is purchased or no longer available? If you say that is not when you add the item to your cart, but instead only 'officially' yours once you enter all info and process payment. How can the entire inventory be sold out in less that 10 seconds then? As there is no way someone can select an item as soon as it's released, go to cart and complete info and payment in less than 10 seconds. If this is the case, it sounds to me like there is something shady going on, and those items are not actually available to purchase but already reserved for other customers ahead of time.

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My 13 yr old son ordered 3 items online, without my approval, from Supreme NY over 3 different transactions. When I realized this had happened I tried immediately to contact Supreme per their phone number listed on my charge statement(*** 11//17 *** NY ). No one answers this phone, ever!. I also tried to call their NY City retail store location @ *** . No answer there ever! I also reached out to Supreme via their online contact form, 4 different emails to 4 various departments. No response
One of the items ordered had not yet shipped as we did not yet receive *** tracking information. I was hoping to cancel this order prior to it shipping. Finally, on 11//17 I sent an email directly back to the email order confirmation email address. I was then informed the final item shipped and could no longer be canceled. Also, refund policy only allowed for instore credit.
In the 2nd delivery, there was no purchase order, no receipt or invoice. I did not see the packaging for the first item delivered and the third item has not yet been delivered.

Customer Response this time, my complaint, ID regarding Supreme has been resolved.

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Hi ordered from supreme multiple weeks ago the item NEVER arrived I contacted the supplier and no reply, I sent over 20 emails. No address I could find and no help from the company. I am DEMANDING a refund as I paid a lot!

Supreme Response

This customer made a purchase through our UK site, which is a separate entity from our US operation. We've reached out to them and they have issued a full refund to the card that was used at check out. Please see invoice attached with refund notated.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Ordered and received confirmation that my order was placed. Weeks later I called when merchandise did not arrive and was told that it was cancelled, yet they have not refunded my money.

I returned 2 shirts to Supreme totaling up to $256 and their return policy is store credit only. It has been 4-5 months I still haven't been able to apply the store credit to purchase anything from them. The website crashes a lot and customer service refuse to help. They do respond to my email but it never goes anywhere. I understand that their clothes sell out fast, but even for things that are not yet sold out can't be bought because the order never gets stuck on a "processing" page without ever completing the action no matter how many times I try to process it (I've tried many computers). On top of that, some of them even say that I've "already purchased" the item so I can't buy it again (their policy) when no transaction has been made. Long story short, I returned their product, they kept my money, they promised me store credit, but I am unable to make any purchases with them, and customer service doesn't really exist. I am left without money and unable to use store credit.

Supreme Response

The customer issued a chargeback with their bank for this order. Store credits have been issued for the orders, the customer should be able to check out but may not be able to if he is trying to do so during a time of high traffic.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

The charge back is for order #*** which is completely irrelevant to orders #*** and #***.Attached are proof of store credit, conversation with customer service that lead nowhere, and an indefinite "processing" screen that is at LOW traffic times.

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.


Supreme Response

Store credits were issued for both orders. The customer has confirmed the store credits work by placing an order using one yesterday. Please see attached.

On August , 2017, I purchased a red Supreme backpack for $148 plus $10 shipping = $158 (Order # ***). On August , 2017, I received an email stating that my order had shipped and included the *** tracking number (***). When I was charged the $158 and the item wasn't received, I checked the tracking and *** showed that the label was created, but it was waiting for pickup. On September ***, I checked the *** site again and saw the same message. I then emailed Supreme using the online form. I have yet to hear back from them. Here we are, September *** another week out and I checked ***, saw the same message and decided to call - 3 numbers (1) , received a recording that said to call another number or hold for a transfer. I held on and the phone just rang and rang. (2) I hung up and called the number provided on the first call and received a message stating that the call could not be completed as dialed. (3) I found another number online and called and was told to leave a message. I wanted to talk to someone about my order, not a machine. It has been more than two weeks, Supreme took my money, and hasn't delivered the product. This is totally unlike them as I have received orders in the past within a few days. If they no longer have the product, that's fine, just refund my money.

Supreme Response

We had no record of the customer reaching out to us via email- we followed up and confirmed that the customer received the merchandise on Sept .

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Address: 62 King St Fl 3, New York, New York, United States, 10014-4807


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