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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] we have visited glass nickel pizza on multiple occasions and actually sat and watched their tablets go through all of their ads for over 2 hours and our ad is not being advertised whatsoever and definitely not being advertised as per the "contract". We have tried reaching out to you many times brought phone, email, voice messages and we never get a response back. We always get told the same story from the girl who answers the phone "he is out of his office and won't be back for a couple days."

Excuse me,It was indeed for $790.00 I do apologize for the confusion.

Hello,I am sorry to hear you had a poor experience with our company.  I will say this much, we have signed contracts with EVERY restaurant we work with. And this is exactly why. Secondly, we sign contracts with restaurant owners, if that owner doesn't inform their staff of the tablets coming in...

the future it can result in this outcome. I do apologize you felt uncomfortable or distrusting, but that was never our intention. We are striving every day to increase our customer service experience and be as transparent with our customers as possible. I was just recently put in charge of customer service, I took the position with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction. Thank you,Craig A[redacted]Customer Service Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution...

is satisfactory to me.   We spoke to Craig several times and we were told several times that a check was in the mail.  We will continue to pursue the issue if the check is not received.  Our mailing address is 3[redacted] this is a business please put in care of [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: My order cost was for 2 years at $395 each, totaling: $790.

We have a contract with the venue. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not abiding by the contract terms. In these cases, we try to resolve it with the restaurant before refunding our clients, as we have made investments in the venue. The tablets were shipped to the restaurant, we paid our graphic...

designers to create the artwork for our clients, we've paid our salespeople commission, etc... When we are unable to resolve issues with restaurants, it amounts to thousands of dollars in losses for our company. However, in this case we have been unable to resolve this issue with the venue, so we did agree to provide a refund. I apologize for the delay in receiving your refund. I put a check in the mail this morning, so please allow 3 to 5 days to receive it. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me!

Mr. [redacted] has been refunded, as of January 18th, 2016. Attached are the refund receipts. The third charge was voided the same day that it was charged. This voided transaction receipt has been provided as well.
Within our contract, which Mr. [redacted] agreed to, states "This contract...

shall not be changed modified or cancelled." The purpose of this policy is to avoid expending resources towards creating advertising unnecessarily. This policy is very clearly stated in our contract. 
Regnal Media has made the decision to waive this policy in this case, due to the fact that Mr. [redacted] requested the refund before any artwork was created.
We apologize for the experience you have had, and hope that this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction. 
Andrew P[redacted]
Customer Relationship Manager
Regnal Media, LLC

[redacted], We have contacted your venue multiple times and we have confirmation that the tablets were set up and are live. I am not sure whom you spoke with at Taco Surf, but we have a signed contract with the owner. We work with the owner. And those tablets are in house, with your ad on them....

Those "clicks" Darren referenced were pulled off of a [redacted] analytics report.  I apologize for your frustration, but that is the reason your refund request was denied.  Attached is our contract with Taco Surf.  Thank you

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: I have still yet to receive a refund from this. They said they mailed it twice but I have not received anything from them.Sincerely,[redacted]

[redacted], We have never sold ads on a restaurant without having a signed contract with the owner of the venue. We have also never charged a single dollar to a restaurant, our tablets are totally free to them. I am not sure where your information is stemming from, but I can ensure you that is...

incorrect. Reach out to [email protected] and I can send you any contracts you request. We also follow up with restaurants every 30 days until the tablets are delivered to keep the line of communication open. Also, our reviews about our product online are all from customers, feel free to reach out and verify. Yes, our employees have left reviews talking about the work environment and the friendly staff they work with. We are 110% transparent and are more than willing to help show you our legitimacy. Thank you

[redacted], Our office is closed today and has been most all of this week due to terrible weather and driving conditions, when we reopen tomorrow morning hopefully we will happily get this resolved.  Thank you

As disclosed before, your check was sent. Thank you

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:My account isn't live, I have not received any advertising for the money spent, I do not wish to...

do business with this company due to the poor customer service and the simple fact that they are past the 120 due date, and have had my money since July of 2017 with no benefit . Since I have formed this complaint, I have made three more phone calls to Regnal Media asking for my refund that was promised back in October of 2017 by the accounting department, Craig A[redacted] who assures me this is being handled, but that he is waiting on the owner of the company to authorized the refund. Clearly it shouldn't take 5 months to authorize a refund.  I have been told twice that a refund check was mailed and when I never received it I was told they would need to do more research, after waiting another few weeks I provided all the necessary information to be paid via my Venmo account with Nick in Customer Service. Still no refund!

We will have the billing department get a check cut and sent today. I apologize, this is the first time I am hearing of the issue.  Thank you

[redacted],   I have attempted to reach out to you on a couple of different occasions. There seems to be some miscommunication here. You signed up for three restaurants, T Bacons BBQ, Leatherhead Brewing, and Glass Nickel Pizza. Glass Nickel Pizza shipped in November (the tracking number...

is [redacted]), and your ad is currently on display on the tables. For the other two, we are still within the production process. It is our first year in both of these venue's, so our estimate is always 60 to 90 days, with a maximum of 120 (as is stated in our contract). You signed up with us on November 29th, which means 120 days would be March 29th.    I apologize for any miscommunication. Please reach out to me directly, I will be your point of contact. We would like to find an amicable solution to resolve this with you. Regards,   Andrew P[redacted] Customer Relationship Manager Regnal Media, LLC (844) 500-4652 Ext [redacted]

[redacted],After further research, it seems your Glass Nickel Pizza ad was mistakenly uploaded to the incorrect restaurant. Your ad has been being displayed in Pizza 9, which is in Espanola, California. I apologize for this unfortunate error, and have uploaded your ad to the correct restaurant. The upload to all devices in the restaurant should be complete by 8AM PST Tomorrow. I will be restarting your advertising time from tomorrow after I confirm that your ad is placed on all tablets. I will also send you an email after I have confirmed this. Please contact me directly if you require further assistance in this matter. Regards,Andrew P[redacted]Customer Relationship ManagerRegnal Media LLC(844)500-4652 Ext [redacted]

Hello,It is my understanding that the folders for this venue were produced and shipped. I am attempting to contact the venue to confirm whether the folders were used. If it is the case that the folders were not used, I would be happy to provide a refund. Please contact me at...

[redacted] or call me at [redacted] Ext [redacted] so we can resolve this as soon as possible. Regards, Andrew P[redacted]Customer Relationship Manager

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:As a business owner, if your original delivery time on your advertising product was 120 days and you knew that you were delayed due to a "tablet supplier issue" you should have contacted your customers immediately to make us aware of the delay.  A delay is perhaps two weeks, not three months.  I truly hope that you keep your word and have mailed a check as you have stated you have done on three separate occasions now.  I will certainly keep the apprised of any updates on this complaint. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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