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19111 Dallas Pkwy STE 165, Dallas, Texas, United States, 75287-6928

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I visited the restaurant on 2/4/17 at approx. 11:30pm to order some food and take home, as I approached the door, I realized it locked as I attempted to pull and push. An employee saw me trying to enter he ignored me and I can see him saying something to the other employee (in what I assumed) was about me attempting to enter the restaurant. He came at the door and says the place was closed ...I reminded him that the signs and restaurant hours says 1am and that I wanted to order food...he says sorry the restaurant is closed because they had a long day and decided to close early.. I thought at was strange since the staff and what appears to be other people inside drinking and having a good looks like it was heir friends or other staff members having a good time on company time while closing the store and denying access to customers. I thought this was inappropriate and reached out to TGI FRIDAYS and they simply says sorry about what happened and really explain why I was denied access and was told I couldnt order food. Tgi fridays created a Guest relation number was...and I want a clear explanation of why this happened to me.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) I need to be contacted and talk to someone about my experience. The generated email that was sent after my direct complaint to Fridays, felt like a cut and paste answer...not really addressing the issue or even made an attempt to reach out to me.

My husband and I went into TGI Friday's on December 28, 2017. I received a gift card for Christmas and wanted to use it. Anyway, I tried to place an order online and it wouldn't let me put a gift card in, so my husband and I went into the store to order take out. It was busy that day, so we understood it could take some time to get our food. The host told us to wait at the bar and the bartender would take our order. We waited for over 20 minutes for the bartender to get our order. She kept walking pass *** We didn't find an issue with that, because there were paying customers getting drinks at the bar. We finally put our order in and I asked if she could make sure to put honey mustard into my box. While we were waiting, the bar tender turned to another couple and made a rude comment about people not wanting to wait for a table. I ignored it, I figured it was a busy day and it can be stressful for service people. I was a waitress in college so I understand. We waited about a while for our food. Then waited another 10 minutes for the bar tender to ring us out as we watched our food sitting at the register. When we left, there was no honey mustard in the box, so my husband had to run back in and ask the host for it. Our food was extremely inedible. My husband's burger was dry/bland and the fries were bland. My tenders and fries were so salty that I could not eat any of it due to my high blood pressure. It tasted as they salted the fries, threw them in the box put the tenders in then threw a bunch of salt on top of that. We ended up throwing the food away. We contact the higher ups of TGI Friday's. We received an email stating that a manager of the branch would call to fix it. We never received a call from the store. I found it offensive and overall extremely horrible customer service. My husband and I frequent the mall and will stop in the store after.
Product_Or_Service: Food

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) Would like some kind of refund

I went to TGI Friday's after a long work week and the end of a stressful semester with my grandmother to unwind and spend some time together. I ordered a drink and the lady asked for ID, when I showed her I'd she stated that she could not accept my VALID FLORIDA ID BECAUSE IT WAS VERTICAL WHEN I WAS WELL OVER DRINKING AGE. Her only excuse was that it was vertical. Florida states that businesses can choose what Ids they accept but CAN NOT refuse a valid state issues Is with current and valid expiration date. So this alleged policy is stupid and the manager couldn't provide any valid reason beside that this location didn't accept valid ID's. I have been to that exact location and they have accepted my ID numerous times! I also have been to many other TGI locations and have had no problems with their vertical ID shenanigans. I am above drinking age and my ID is valid for another 4 years so I will not be going to the DMV to change my ID because of TGI. I will just NEVER GO THERE AND INFORM EVERYONE ELSE THAT I KNOW NOT TO GO THERE ALSO. I took my business to a competitor and they gladly accepted my legal vertical ID and saw that I was well above drinking age. I think that they just wanted to cause me to have a horrible customer experience and they should get on the same page because I've had waiters serve me drinks at that location with no problem. If a waiter can't do basic math to determine whether someone is above drinking age or not then that is there problem, and they shouldn't have a job! I will never give my business to TGI again! They had horrible customer service, and explains why they are losing business and their parking lot was not packed on a Friday verses other restaurants in the area. They are closing down and I truly see why after my terrible experience. The manager couldn't even clearly specify this rule and blamed it on ppl serving kids alcohol. If a waiter can't read an ID then they have bigger issues!

Desired Outcome

Correction to a credit report I would like them to forward my complaint to headquarters and re-evaluate their ridiculous policy and stop lying to people and telling them that this is okay and acceptable. They can't reguse a valid state issued ID because they feel like it. They need to be more informed. If waiters are serving drinks to underage ppl then they have bigger issues than refusing someone who is well above drinking age with a valid ID because of irresponsible staff. This is absurd, they need better customer service

The waitress was extremely poor, the wait time for drinks, appetizers and dinner entrees was too long and the manager was rude and belittling.
On 11/10/2017 around 7p.m. my cousins and I visited Fridays in West Orange to celebrate my grandmother's birthday who passed away last year. The server Shalini was unprofessional, forgetful, and sloppy. She took all the orders but did not check back in randomly to update us on our food.I ordered the Uktimate Georgia Peach Ice Tea which according to your menu it states limited time only $7 but I was billed $9.50 and it also took 42 mins for me to get this drink which is very unacceptable. I then ordered 2 of the Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp which I know I use to pay about $18.50 for. I also ordered the endless boneless wings which took about 30 minutes every single time I asked for my refill. When the food finally did come out we were not provided any condiments such as, butter and sour cream for the baked potato, cocktail sauce for the shrimp, ketchup for the fries, etc. The dirty dishes stayed on our table until we left. Finally the manager Beatrice came tp the table which I thought was to clear some things up and help make our visit more pleasant which instead she made things worst. She was worst than the server. She advised me that jack daniels chicken and shrimp is no longer served and has changed since April, however I advised her that everytime I visit Fridays I order the same thing so when I ordered Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp the waitress never corrected me and said we no longer have that but we can give you this or that or it would be charged separate or whatever and I know first hand from providing customer service that if something is different its your job as the front line of representing the business or company you work for to educate the customer which this helps provide outstanding customer service but that didn't happen instead I was billed separate for everything bringing my meal up to almost $30. The manager didn't say I will talk to Shalini or I can make the adjustments and I do apologize. In fact all she said was " well as you can see she is new".To make matters worst Beatrice the manager was being smart, rude and basically held smirk in her face the entire time it was so disappointing that even my mother was upset and ended up crying because this was suppose to be a special night to celebrate the birthday of her deceased mother grandmother and we chose your establishment to do it and ended up being there for 3 hours and dealing with unfair, ignorant treatment and to be honest I plan on furthering this complaint to consumer affairs and whatever the highest entity possible. This was a sad but special night for my family and I and to be made a joke of my the manager is sad and disturbing. It makes me wonder how this company could hire someone as disrespectful as Beatrice to manager a restaurant. I hope that further training is provided to avoid any other customers from enduring this experience. The sad thing is that after all the confusion and igotry I still tipped the waitress $40 because I have a big heart and My grandmother would have wanted me too.
I have a picture of receipt which states the server was Shalini the cashier was the manager Beatrice Guest: 9..reprint # 3 and also some other #'s ***
TGI Friday's #

Desired Outcome

I aqm seeking to hae a reimbursement of $53.50 sent back to me in a check, this server Shalini to have a little more training so she can be better equip to handle large parties and last but not least I want the manager terminated and If she is not and I am not provided my refund I will be contacing my attorney, consumer affairs, the department of health and the media.

Unfair practice act without explanation
I have been frequenting TGI Fridays on an almost daily basis for my lunch breaks during the weeks, I would also visit on Sundays at times as well. I participated in the Fridays Rewards program through the "App" that they created for customers who frequent their establishment. I had built up quite a few Rewards Points for which I was eligible for free menu items whenever I wanted to & was allowed by the App to use them.
For no apparent reason or explanation by TGI Fridays my account was suspended & all of my points were taken away. I have spend over $459 over the past month at their establishment. It is not right for them to take from me not only my cash but also the rewards items that I am entitled to.

Desired Outcome

I want my account reinstated along with all of the points that were earned by me or I want my $459 that was spent at their establishment to earn my points refunded.

On Oct. 2, 2017 my aunt had a reservation for 10 family members at TGI Friday's for 7:30pm. 7 family members came on time so that we could be seated until the rest of the party came. We stood at the door for a while before anyone noticed that we were waiting for a table and once someone came to assist us it took a while to be seated because they forgot we needed a table. Once seated we did not receive menus to order our drinks first it took about 15 minutes to finally get those then it took over 20 minutes for our drinks to come by the time our drinks came everyone from our party was seated but very crappy service. The restaurant was not packed with customers and I even noticed that one of the waiter' s had to go search for another employee to come back to work because there was only 3 waiters there. Once the dinner was finished everyone has separate bills and I paid my bill of $40.33 with my debit card and I did not leave a tip because I didn't think the service deserved a tip. On Oct. 4, 2017 I checked my bank statement and seem a charge for $45.88 from TGI Friday's. I called the restaurant to complain about the charge on my card and was told by the manager Bob of Friday's that he will be calling corporate and it will take up to 5 to 10 business days before I hear back from him. Well that time passed and when I didn't hear back from him I sent corporate an email telling them about my problem and the next day I received a call from Bob saying that he told me it would take a few weeks before I heard anything back and still haven't heard back from anyone. So on Oct. 21, 2017 I called TGI consumer line in Texas to see if I could get this issue resolved and was told that someone would be calling me by Tuesday but still no call. I called yesterday and was promised that someone would be calling me to resolve this but still nothing. I had to call my bank to have the money returned because it doesn't seem like they had any intentions on refunding it back.
Product_Or_Service: THO Friday's

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) The bank shouldn't have had to refund my money back because it wasn't the bank's fault that Friday's waitress was trying to tip herself. TGI Friday's is the one that needs to be paying me back for their employee's lack of respect for customers. And I would like an apology letter from Friday's for the lack of concern they have for customers complaints against there establishment. They need to handle things in a more professional manner andnot just think people will just let this type of thing go.

My family and I went for dinner at the Tyrone location in ***. I ordered the $15 endless appetizers. Food was great was I was in shock when I received our bill. The bill itemized every appetizer I had and it was part of our total which showed a discount on the bill so that it would add to the advertised $15 for endless apps. However my shock was how misleading the suggested calculated tips on the bottom of the check. These suggested tip amounts reflected a total as if we would have paid separately for every appetizer therefore the "suggested tip" was inflated. It did not reflect what we actually paid.

Desired Outcome

Modification/discontinuance of Friday's needs to discontinue this practice and only charge $15 for endless apps as a one line item and stop misleading clients to make more money in tips. Very, very disappointed. This is a dirty business practice!

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