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Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: the information listed by Travel Insured is not correct.  I have e-mailed Ms. Raymer and also indicating our initial policy for this trip was Plan Number [redacted] and the paid date was 7/30/2012, within the 21 day timeframe.  My understanding from [redacted] Travel, agent for Travel Insured, is that when we met a certain monetary limit for the trip, TI issued another policy.  In my original documentation Attachment 12  shows the payment for the policy AND the refunds for the original policy.  Thus we were insured by TI for this entire trip from 7/30/2012.
Mary King

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I am a Veternan of the Vietam conflict and a Senior Citizen on a fixed income.  This cruise opportunity was a professional symposium of which I would be able to deduct from my Income Tax.  I was the soul provider of this whole trip.  My companion, a Senior Citizen, was to meet me in Fort lauderdale the day before the ship leaving port to ensure our getting on board togather.  We were to stay in a reserved Motel overnight and get a ride to the ship in time for boarding.  Everything was arranged except the weather.  I purchased the Travel insurance to cover any discrepancies in my plans.  I found out the flight was delayed the AM of Dec 7th and that public transportation was unavailable.  This meant I would miss my connection from Houston to Fort Lauderdale.  I asked if there was another flight out and was not assured a seat due to flight cancellations the day before.  Therefore in mine and my companions best interest for our well being I was able to cancel everything but the cost of the Cruise without penalty.  My companion was also able to cancel her transportation without penalty.  In conclusion, I feel it is reasonable for the insurance company to reimburse me the remainder of the Cruise payment of $696.28 for the circumstances that I have truthfully stated due to inability to continue my trip as scheduled.  Thank you for your assistance in bringing this to the attention of other travelers in the same situations which has been frequent this winter.
B Atwood

The policy requires the filing of a
loss report with the authorities. The insured did not file a report and under
the circumstances he described, we will pay his claim.
0in;">The policy pays for the actual cash value (cost less proper deduction for
depreciation) at the time of loss, up to $250 per item. The insured stated that
the lost items cost $400 and $420. Since he did not have proof of those
payments we applied a 50% depreciation factor.  If the insured provides receipts, we will
adjust the claim payment.

NCL has confirmed that the $250 was for a good will credit.
The policy reimburses your prepaid, unused, and non-refundable trip  cost paid when prevented from taking your trip due to a covered reason.  The policy does not reimburse credits or discounts applied to a booking.
When the 2nd traveler cancelled their trip, the $250 credit that was applied to the booking was transferred to the 3rd traveler. The credit was used as the 3rd traveler went on the cruise.

Our insured said that she cancelled her trip because her friend
could not drive her to the airport due to icy road conditions.  This is
not a covered reason for payment under the Trip Cancellation/Interruption
benefit.  This benefit provides coverage If weather caused a complete
cessation of services of her common carrier for at least 24 consecutive hours
however, we have not received documentation to show that.
 The Trip Delay benefit provides payment up to $500.00 if a
documented weather condition prevents an insured from getting to a point of
departure.  We paid the insured  $500.00.  We also paid her
travel companion $500.00 under the travel companion’s policy.

Sickness is a covered reason for cancellation if it occurs before departure on your trip, requires medical treatment at the time of cancellation...

resulting in medically imposed restrictions, as certified by a legally qualified physician,) and prevents your participation in the trip.
The effective date of the plan is 1/30/16.
The original medical documentation we received indicated the insured was medically unable to travel as of 12/14/15. We advised the insured that pre-existing conditions are excluded under the plan and with the medical we had on file, the claim was not payable. The insured had the physician submit additional documentation. We reached out to the physician to clarify and received additional medical documentation on 12/13/16. With this documentation, we completed the claim review. Payment of $1288.38 was mailed to the insured on 12/15/16.
We apologize for the frustration encountered.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I never received a telephone call from Travel Insured.

Review: We purchased airline tickets and flight insurance through a travel agent to France in late April, 2014 for a trip on 8/3/14. The Flight insurance was supposed to cover flight cancellation (100%), as well as trip interruption (150%), emergency accident and sickness medical expenses ($50,000), emergency evacuation & repatriation of remains ($1,000,000), and more. My wife had been undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer for over 2 years and the disease was considered stable at the time of our arrangements. In late June she underwent tests (CT scan, MRI) to ensure that her condition was still stable. The results of the tests showed massive spreading of the cancer to more than 20 sites in her brain. We cancelled our trip on 7/9, consistent with the requirements of our insurance. The agent was able to cancel the airline reservations on 7/14. Medical justification was sent on 7/23. It took 2 months for the airline to send notification that a refund was not authorized. I therefore contacted "Travel Insured International" (TII). During that interval my wife passed away. I am her personal representative. I accumulated documentation that fully responded to every question on the TII multipage form. I finally received a letter from TII on Dec 3,2014 dated 11/17/14 stating that TII would send a 2nd request to my wife's oncologist to check the accuracy of my submission. In response they received the same information I had sent in October. The TII determination (dated Dec.16), finally received On Jan.2,2015 concluded that "benefits are not payable". Their reasons site "physician did not certify that a sickness (or injury) resulted in medically imposed restrictions at the time of cancellation" The doctor answered "Yes" on his statement. A 2nd reason for denial given in the Dec.16 letter states that my wife must be seen back at the doctor's office on 8/7/14. Huh? Doesn't that show that TII knew the original trip had to be canceled?Desired Settlement: Refund the original price of the tickets without further delay.



We have paid this claim after reviewing

additional information the insured sent to us on 1/13/15.

Review: I purchased insurance with Travel Insured International for airfare, hotel and rental car for a long awaited family trip to Orlando. I opted to purchase the 'cancel for any reason' optional coverage. We missed our flights as my daughter was sick on the way to the airport and vomited all over herself. She did this twice. Both times we had to pull over and strip her down to clean her up, unpack suitcases to find her clean clothes and then dress her again.We missed the boarding by 3 minutes and the airport would not check us in.I was denied the claim for the cost of the trip because the cancellation was outside 48 hours of the departure. That clause alone is contractictory to the title of the coverage. Cancel for any reason implies exactly that. The disclaimer appears to be written as a 'get out of paying anything' by the company. It was a medical reason for missing the trip, although there was not a doctor on the 405 freeway at that time to sign off on what was wrong with her. We tried to book a later flight but despite a great effort from the airline company, they could not get us to our destination on any future flight as they were all booked up (it was Spring Break and there were 4 of us travelling). I disputed the denial with the insurance company but they stuck by their 48 hour rule to get out of paying. It is an expensive add-on to a policy which serves no useful purpose to the customer, yet is very remunerative to the company.Desired Settlement: I'd like them to process my claim.




plan provides trip cancellation benefits for a sickness which necessitates medical treatment at the time of

cancellation and results in medically imposed restrictions, as certified by a

Legally Qualified Physician, which prevents the insureds participation in the

covered trip. There was no documentation from a legally qualified physician

certifying that a sickness resulted in medically imposed restrictions;

therefore, benefits are not payable.

Under the Cancel For Any Reason benefit the insured must

be prevented from taking the covered trip for all reasons up to 48 hours prior

to departure. Since the incident did not

occur 48 hours prior to departure, benefits are not payable.

Review: I purchased "cancel for any reason" insurance for my son's Senior class trip with [redacted] and Travel Insured is the company to file the claim with. I provided all documentation needed including a receipt which reflected "purchased premium cancellation insurance" and a copy of the original flyer for the trip (it's ridiculous they even wanted this, who holds a copy of this? Luckily, the teacher who is managing the tour at my son's College Preparatory School had a copy).

I called travel insured today and they stated they are trying to get proof how the insurance was paid from [redacted] despite my sending a receipt, bank statement, etc. They supposively sent this request to[redacted] and myself on 12/23/14; I never received any communication from them (even checked my spam folder of my email) and only found out about additional documentation needed by checking the status of my claim on-line.

I spoke with [redacted] at Travel Insured today and she said they have not attempted to reach [redacted] since 12/23 and will only do so via email to a general delivery email at[redacted], they will not call them.

I have provided all documentation and receipts needed, it is ridiculous I have to do all the leg work on this and they do nothing.Desired Settlement: Full reimbursement/payment for the balance of the trip which I cancelled, I had "cancel for any reason insurance" on this trip.



The initial claim notice did not give us

sufficient information and on 12/9/14, we sent an e-mail to the tour operator

requesting additional information. We sent a second e-mail on 12/23/14,

and on 1/14/15, we called the tour operator and then called the insured

and told him that the claim for $225.00 was approved. The claim check was

mailed on 1/15/15.

I had the most informative gentleman help me deside the best plan for me. He had many years with company And Lisa when I had to cancel my trip was. Very helpful They are truly customer friendly. A 5 star compsny

Review: My wife and I scheduled to take a trip with [redacted] November 30 Of 2014 to December 06 Of 2014 To [redacted]

Two weeks before our departure date, We learned that our granddaughter might have to undergo surgery. The surgery would require a week rest and monitoring. She lives alone and her parents both work, We said she could stay with us while she was recovering. When we learned this out we decided to cancel our trip. This was on November 3rd of 2014. On November 30 of 2014 We found out that she didn't need the major surgery and a minor procedure were going to be done as a out-patient in the office. we contacted the trip cancellation carrier, travel Insured Inc. The sent us a from to be completed by the Dr. We were informed at a later date were being denied our trip cost because on the departure date and cancellation date she was not being seen by the Dr. We have been going back and forth with the carrier about our refund. We think this is totally unfair since we had the incurrence and since she was not being actually seen on the date we canceled, we should still receive our refund.

Your help in the matter would me most appreciated. Sincerely [redacted]Desired Settlement: We would like to receive our refund back.



Sickness is

a covered reason for cancellation if it necessitates medical treatment at the

time of cancellation and results in medically imposed restrictions as certified

by a legally qualified physician.

The insured

submitted his claim with no medical documentation. Our office requested to have the Physician

that was indicated on the trip cancellation claim form to complete the required

form on the insured’s behalf. The

Physician advised they did not treat the patient at time when Insured cancelled

the trip. We asked the Insured to

provide our office with an updated patient planholder’s statement listing the

doctor(s) who treated the patient at time of cancellation and the insured

advised he will forward this additional documentation to us.

To date, we

have not received anything additional.

Review: My husband and I booked a vacation to Puerto Rico back in December as a pre-baby getaway and were planning to travel from 1/30-2/3/16. Just last week, we learned that the Zika virus, carried by mosquitoes, has been identified in Puerto Rico and that women who are pregnant should not travel here or elsewhere where the virus has been detected. In fact, since then, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are calling this an outbreak and have set a nationwide alert to postpone travel to these areas (available [redacted] The CDC is a consortium of physicians, far more knowledgeable than any one doctor; however, my obstetrician is willing to write a letter stating that he concurs with the CDC's travel warming and in his professional opinion, does not want me to travel to Puerto Rico. There is no vaccine to prevent the virus and if the mother is bitten, it can cross the placental barrier and cause severe birth defects in the baby and/or death. While I am not currently ill, the threat to my unborn child is high enough to necessitate cancelling this trip. This is the last thing my husband and I want to do as we both need a vacation. We have always purchased travel insurance and have never used it. We feel that this should be a covered reason and don't view it as any different from a political unrest situation. If we do not seek the response we desire, we will get a lawyer.Desired Settlement: Our trip cost over $2,000. I ask that we be refunded at the benefit limit of $890.09 per person ($1780.18 total).



The Customer purchased a plan on 12-01-15 for a trip departing 01-30-16

and returning 02-03-16. The Customer

called on 01-20-16 to initiate a claim under the plan. The Customer was cancelling due to the recent

CDC travel warning regarding the Zika Virus.

However, cancellation

due to the travel alert is not a covered reason under the insured’s plan.



Cancellation due to a travel alert is not a covered reason

under the insured’s plan; therefore, benefits are not payable.

On 1/28/16 we were advised the insured change the

destination of their trip. If the insured incurred a fee to change their air

itinerary, they are eligible for up to $250 per person under the change fee




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I did change my trip as a result of the travel advisory and incurred an additional approximately $200 in charges to do so. Please advise as to how to obtain reimbursement for these charges.


Review: This spring we were on a bus tour in [redacted] after a flight from the **. Three days into the tour, I discovered my camera & binoculars were missing from my luggage. I was unaware if the items were taken while in possession of the carrier or in the hotel rooms. Therefore I did not file a report as one of the parties was innocent. When we returned to the **, I filed a claim with Travel Insured International and it was denied because I had not file a report with the airline. I asked if I could file a delayed report and received no reply and another denial of the claim. They are denying the claim on a technicality.I request your help in resolving this claim. If it is denied, I want to file a complaint against Travel Insured International to prevent this deceptive business practice. The claim number is [redacted].Thank you[redacted].Desired Settlement: Reimbursement for replacement costs of the items.



The policy requires the filing of a

loss report with the authorities. The insured did not file a report and under

the circumstances he described, we will pay his claim.

The policy pays for the actual cash value (cost less proper deduction for

depreciation) at the time of loss, up to $250 per item. The insured stated that

the lost items cost $400 and $420. Since he did not have proof of those

payments we applied a 50% depreciation factor. If the insured provides receipts, we will

adjust the claim payment.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


[redacted]. Thanks to you for your help!

Review: I purchased a travel insurance policy in June 2014. This policy was for travel to a number of places in Asia and Europe scheduled from June 16, 2014 for some 41 days . Whereas I was able to complete most of my travel, I cancelled my trip to Israel as a result of a [redacted] attack on Israel that began just before my planned arrival in Israel (in mid July 2014) and continue during the entire period that I was to be in Israel (through last July 2014). As a result of this cancellation, I was unable to use an airline ticket that was to take me from [redacted] to [redacted] on [redacted] Airlines. This ticket cost $155 and was non-refundable.

According to this travel policy, I would be covered for unused travel expenses should I have to cancel as a result of terrorism/terrorist incident. According to the US State Department, [redacted] is considered a terrorist organization, and as per a transcript retrieved from the US Department of State website following a press conference led by the official spokesperson of the US Department of State, the attack on Israel was indeed described as an act of terrorism. Yet when I called this insurance company to file a claim, the representative -- without checking any records or verifying any files -- flatly stated that is wasn't terrorism and that the claim if filed would simply never be paid. There was no discussion. Yet when I pressed the case, she indicated that I had the right to file the claim. The outcome, according to the woman, would be as she stated however.

I did file the claim, and it was denied. When I pressed my case, I was told it simply was not terrorism. Whereas my documentation had been received, it was not taken seriously. Hence, I am filing this complaint. The policy was advertised in a certain way , and the benefits indicate that acts of terrorism would be covered. I hence paid $95 for the premium for a service not rendered and for a product falsely advertised. It was not a matter of me changing my mind for not travel to Israel, but a serious situation involving terrorism and violence against civilians.

Sincerely, [redacted]-Desired Settlement: Either credit me for the $95 premium or paid my claim for the unused airline ticket in the amount of $155.




insured’s policy provides Trip Cancellation/ Trip Interruption benefits for a terrorist

incident that occurs in a city listed on the itinerary within 30 days prior to

the scheduled departure date.

The policy

defines a terrorist incident as an incident deemed an act of terrorism by the

U.S. Government.

The event

that caused the insured’s interruption of his trip was not deemed an act of

terrorism by the U.S. Government; therefore, benefits are not payable.

Review: My son missed a trip that we had insured through Travel Insured International. The process to get your claim settled is time consuming and extensive. This company seems to be prolonging the process with needless paperwork. We have given this company their required paperwork from the doctor, a written doctor's excuse, and a copy of the medical transcript from the doctor showing that our son was at the doctor on the date of the trip and could not attend. This was not enough. We have been waiting for over a week for the doctor to fill out even more paperwork that was sent to her in the mail confirming the dates of his visit.Desired Settlement: I would like for our claim to be settled as quickly as possible with no more paperwork or hassles. I would also like the $25 back that I paid for this phony insurance!



The insured’s policy

provides trip cancellation benefits if a sickness necessitates medical treatment at the

time of cancellation and results in medically imposed restrictions, as

certified by a Legally Qualified Physician, which prevents the insured’s

participation in the covered trip.

The date of

cancellation was 05/07/14.

According to

the attending physicians statement completed by [redacted], the insured was

treated on 05/08/14 for his sickness.

We are

contacting the treating physician to verify if there was treatment at the time

of cancellation. Upon receipt of this documentation, we will complete the claim




This company has already received three different documents from the doctor detailing treatment. They are trying to prolong this process to hold on to my money. If you are reading this complaint as a consumer or agency, do not under any circumstances use this company!

Review: I purchased a travel insurance policy # [redacted] for a trip to London. On Nov.2 the flight was cancelled because of fog and rescheduled for Nov.3. I missed the flight on NOV.3 because of my travel agents error but got another flight 1 hour later .According to my policy 'benefits will be paid up to 4100 a day if you are delayed for 12 hours or more while en route to or from or during your trip due to any delay of a common carrier" I have sent all the proof needed. I wasn't at the hotel the first day but they charged me for it. I had booked for seven days so they also charged me for the last day there In my dealings with the Insurance company they keep referring to Nov. 3 but I keep telling them my problem was the cancelled flight on Nov 2 and to me it is obvious that I am covered.Desired Settlement: I have sent them proof of my cab fare that I had to take because of the delay .I sent them the hotel bill for the first and last nite,because of the delayed flight, and the London Pass expenses . I had bought this pass for 7 days a few weeks before. I had to pay for the the day that was not covered because of the delayed flight.



Thank you for the opportunity to review the documentation

again. On 2/15/16 we received

confirmation from the insured’s travel agent that the hotel in [redacted] did not

offer a refund for the first night and also charged her for the last

night. Therefore, we can pay for those

charges under the Travel Delay benefit, but not to exceed $300.00 per

person. Accordingly, tomorrow we will

send the insured a check for $600.00.

Review: Upon scheduling our vacation with the [redacted], we opted to take the insurance policy protecting our deposit in case of a medical reason for not being able to proceed with our trip. We were told even if the medical issue was as minor as a flu, our money would be refunded. The sales person convinced us it was an excellent idea. Shortly after booking the trip, I discovered a medical issue that prevented me from proceeding with the trip. I contacted [redacted]l and explained things to them, and they instructed me to get a doctor's note detailing the condition. Even after producing the doctor's note, and presenting everything required to the insurance company [redacted] uses, including copies of our deposit checks from our credit union, I was still denied the return of my deposit. Even after delivering the required documentation, there was no return call or letter sent to me explaining why. I had to call them back myself to discover the denial of our claim through a rude customer service representative. I am an unemployed mother of three small children on a limited income, along with a newly discovered medical issue and feel I was misled into taking the insurance policy by someone who was either uninformed as to the details of it, or worse, intentionally mislead into buying a product that proved to be useless. On my limited income, I have no other resource to pursue this other than to contact you. I hope you will investigate this quickly, and resolve this matter so my family can put this ordeal behind us. I am only a mother who wanted to give my children a nice vacation.Desired Settlement: The best resolution to this matter would be the return of the money promised back to us, in the amount of $[redacted]. It is the agreed upon amount, and what we expected to have returned to us.


Response: Complaint Case# [redacted]

Complaint Case #: [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam,

The medical condition that prevented Insured from travelling is excluded under the policy. According to the information her doctor submitted, she has a "severe [redacted]" and "cannot fly". The policy excludes mental or nervous conditions unless hospitalized. According to the documentation submitted, [redacted] was not hospitalized.


Claims Manager

Review: Trip to ** city booked through [redacted](senior group) and payment for cancellation insurance was sent to them made payable to Travel Insured, dated 5/16/14. Thought the insurance covered cancellation for any reason as "benefits plan" wasn't received and reviewed until after check had been mailed. Then it was too late to get money back as my cancellation didn't fall under anything on their list.Desired Settlement: 1. Ask that for future clients they send a copy of their cancellation policy to be reviewed BEFORE they accept payment. 2. Asking for reimbursement of only $479.



The tour

flyer that the insured received clearly states the covered reasons and provides

a web site wherein he could review and obtain a copy of the insurance coverage.

We mailed the Confirmation of Benefits and the Certificate of Insurance to his home

address on June 9, 2015.

The plan

provides a premium refund if the insured is not completely satisfied with the insurance

and requests the premium refund within 14 days of the plan purchase. He did not request a refund of premium within

that 14 day period.



Review: [redacted]

You are correct, that is in the brochure and I had just failed to read that part. Based on that I guess you can close the claim - BUT the claim is not resolved. How did I know in June that I would change my mind in July? I paid for a trip that I did not take. You were notified BEFORE the trip that I was not going so I still, and always will, feel I'm due my money back. GOODBYE


Review: My daughter, [redacted] was in [redacted] last summer and we purchased a travel insurance policy for her through Travel Insured. [redacted] deliberately purchased the most comprehensive (and expensive) policy which included cancel for any reason (which also includes interrupt for any reason), as well as a policy that included terrorist attacks. While [redacted] was in [redacted], the situation got worse in terms of [redacted] bombing where she was staying. [redacted], has been declared a terrorist organization by the US government and has taken responsibility for the attacks in June/July 2014 while [redacted] was there. We were in contact with Travel Insured per their policy while [redacted] was there. She had to go to a bomb shelter on more than one occasion and when things got worse decided to come home. There was actually bombing of the airport that day that she was flying home. Despite putting in a claim with the expenses incurred for traveling home, as well as the lost money from pre-paid nonrefundable deposits, Travel Insured has refused to pay saying the "US government did not call there terrorist attacks". Given that 1) Both the [redacted] passed resolutions stating these were terrorist attacks during July 2014 and that the US is on record stating [redacted] is recognized as a terrorist group (and there is no dispute of fact that the bombings were done by [redacted]), we felt this should be adequate. Besides, [redacted] paid extra for the cancel for any reason. None the less, this company has failed to make good on the claim. I have complained to [redacted] insurance (where I am a member and through whose website I was linked to Travel Insured's site), as well as to the [redacted] and Insurance Complaint division. On both occasions, Travel Insured contacted me to say they will not cover it because it was not a government recognized terrorist attack.

Here is the language from their website and their policy:In the website advertising:

Covered Reasons for Trip/Flight Cancellation and Trip Interruption

TERRORIST ATTACK: Politically motivated terrorist attack within a city on your itinerary that occurs after your purchase date and no more than 30 days before our trip.


Provides up to 75% reimbursement if you must interrupt your trip 72 hours or more after our actual departure date. This may cover your unused, pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs and added transportation costs.

Trip/Flight Cancellation vs. Trip Interruption

Trip/Flight Cancellation applies after you purchase your policy but before departure. Trip Interruption applies after departure. The same reasons are covered for both Trip/Flight Cancellation and Trip Interruption.

Covered Costs for Trip Interruption

• unused, prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs

• transportation costs to return home or rejoin the trip

• coverage up to 150% of trip cost for extra expenses such as unplanned return flight on our Worldwide Trip Protector Plus, Worldwide Trip Protector and Worldwide Trip Protector Lite plans.

Policy language:

TRIP INTERRUPTION Return Air Only up to $1,000 if $0 limit displayed on Your Confirmation of Benefits

Benefits will be paid, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount, for the non-refundable, unused portion of the prepaid expenses for Travel Arrangements and/or the Additional Transportation Cost paid to return home or rejoin the Covered Trip, when You are prevented from completing Your Covered Trip due to the unforeseen events listed under TRIP CANCELLATION/TRIP INTERRUPTIONDesired Settlement: Payment on claim submitted of expenses to travel home and unused forfeited deposits: $2438.28

Have the change their rating. Given the number of complaints I just read, I am concerned about this company's integrity.




plan purchased provides benefits for trip cancellation and/or trip interruption

if a terrorist incident occurs in a city listed on the itinerary of the covered

trip and within 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date. The terrorist

incident must occur after the effective date of the trip cancellation coverage.


policy defines a terrorist incident as an incident deemed an act of terrorism

by the U.S. Government.


[redacted] itself is named a terrorist group, the U.S. Government has not deemed any

of the events as terrorist incidents.


option cancel for any reason benefit was purchased, but interrupt for any

reason is not an option. In order to qualify for benefits under the cancel for

any reason, the insured must be prevented from departing for the covered trip

for all reasons up to 48 hours prior to departure. Since the insured already

departed on her trip, this benefit is not applicable.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

1. Congress did declare these as terrorist attacks last summer.2. Literature is misleading: some of it says cancel for any reason is the same as interrupted for any reason. also misleading about how narrowly terrorism is covered.

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