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Travel Insured International, Inc.

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Review: I booked an international flight for vacation purposes about 3 months ago, and purchased with it full insurance for the trip from this company. To make a long story short, my flight was cancelled due to a fire at [redacted] airport, after waiting hours at the airport to find out whether it would still fly out or not, and had to be rescheduled for 4 nights later, effectively cutting my trip in half. My wife called the insurance company when we found out the flight was cancelled to find out what would be covered by our insurance and if I would be covered to take a taxi home. The rep told my wife that I would not be reimbursed for taking a taxi home. It took me a bus, a train, and 2 hours to finally get home (my wife was already overseas and could not pick me up, I had already paid someone [redacted] to take me to the airport). After my trip I called to see what kind of reimbursement my insurance would provide for my trip delay (that is why one buys insurance!). I was told that if I had stayed in a hotel, saved food expense receipts, or taken a taxi home from the airport I would have been able to claim all of those expenses. They called it a miscommunication that I had been told otherwise. Finally, the rep ([redacted]) agreed that the company had made a mistake, and then proceeded to inform me that since there was no way to put a $ value on this mistake they could not go ahead and reimburse me. I think the taxi fare is a good start!They were still happy to reimburse me for my train fare though (they must have said that 1000 times, like it was some conciliatory prize)The company keeps reiterating that I am not entitled to reimbursement for a taxi fare as I never took the taxi home from the airport. I think they just dont get it. They told me I would not be reimbursed for the taxi ride, that is why I never took the [redacted] - [redacted] taxi rideIt was like pulling teeth to get this company to admit it made a mistake. A mistake that they are not willing to do anything about.Desired Settlement: I would like them to pay for the taxi ride that I was entitled to under the insurance contract



Review: I have a travel insurance policy with them for [redacted] Cruise scheduled for January 15 I had a Cancel for any reason policy-I have filed all the necessary forms and then some claim/policy #[redacted] I had to cancel my trip I turned in all the necessary paperwork-got the runaround and then I called [redacted] the booking company ([redacted] is one of the travel insurance they suggest on there site) they where nice enough until [redacted] said when I called them that they are waiting for info from [redacted] to process my claim and then I called [redacted] again and they said they are waiting for [redacted] coincidently they both gave me the name of a "Nadine" who is processing my claim-ummm its been a month and I had a "cancel for any Reason" policy and feel I am being scammed-can you please help me and look into it if they have other reports of shady business and pursue that accordingly.Desired Settlement: My full payment as stated in my policy/claim for a "no reason Benefit claim" no reason as in no reason why I would need to cancel my trip-I simply have to and its no ones business why but its a !000 plus trip and I took the no reason policy in case it didn't work out. It has not worked out and I would like my refund.



We have received the requested documentation and on October

23, 2015, we told Ms. [redacted] that we will pay her claim. A check for $500.0 will be mailed to her


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this delay may

have caused.

Review: Travel Insured has not responded to my claim. They say they have not received my faxes or letters. They are simply stalling in the hope I will give up. Not yet.They are as unhelpful as the selling agency [redacted] Travel.Desired Settlement: To be refunded the remainder of my trip cost as per contract.



We received the insured’s documentation on 05/05/14. The claim was processed and payment in the amount of $386.00 was made on 05/08/14. This payment is for the penalty incurred minus the non refundable insurance premium.

Review: To my knowledge this company was built on a foundation of family values and exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, today this company is giving me a hard time regarding paying for the claim. I sent all the proper documents to do so and they are pushing to revile what truly is wrong with my daughter. At this time she has been hospitalized for MVP and is under going evaluation for Gull bladder Stones. I really am disappointed in this company and plan on going the distance for something to be done about this issue. Its sad they are acting like this for a 15 year old girl who couldn't go with her class due to her illness. What we thought was minor in the beginning actually turned out to be something big.Desired Settlement: We paid a total of $2,595.00 for the travels and we expect the same back.



According to the Trip Cancellation claim form submitted, the reason for cancellation was due to a nervous breakdown. The plan excludes losses due to mental or nervous conditions,

unless hospitalized and since the Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) did not

show a diagnosis we requested the physician’s office notes. We were told that

there are no notes for the dates of treatment shown on the APS. The plan

requires treatment at the time of cancellation.

We will review this claim when we receive any additional medical

information that identifies the diagnosis and the dates of treatment.



Review: 9992356

I am rejecting this response because we submitted the proper paper work for her. My Dr. is the one who put a note to them stating it was a medical condition I on the other hand put the nervous condition due to my lack of knowledge in the health care. As I stated earlier we are still under going the medical condition treatments. They feel she was having what they call MVP. I don't appreciate them belittling my daughters condition due to them not wanting to pay a claim. The Dr's note we provided stated a Medical Condition period not anything different there fore there needs have been met and they need to provide us with the proper payment we requested.


Sean Kidwell

Review: I purchase insurance from "Travel Insured" for a cruise my husband and I were going on. Within the first day of the cruise, I unfortuntely became ill. I immediately proceeded to contact Travel Insured to ask and confirm what documentation I was going to need to make a medical claim. I was informed to obtain all documentation and receipt to make a claim. I did provide all documentation and receipts and filed a claim on 12/23/13. I called Travel insured on 01/22/14 to obtain a status of my claim. I was informed by the representive that the account manager was reviewing my file and would contract me by with phone or email within the next 24 hours. I never received correspondence. I contacted Travel Insured on 1/24/14 and requested to speak with the person who was handling my file. I was then connected to [redacted] He then proceeded to ask me if I saw a medical doctor while I was on the ship and if that doctor put something in writing stating that my medical treatment required my to have acupunture? I responded by saying that according to my certificate of insurance states on the front page " Medical claims: Obtain receipts and a letter from the service provider stating the amount paid and listing the diagnosis and treatment." I reminded him that I called into Travel Insured and was informed to provide my receipts and documentation for the service provider and that wasall I was told. I did infact seek license service provider and she did provide a break down of my diagnosis code(s), procedure code(s), and amount paid with receipt of payment. [redacted] then proceeded to inform me that I would be receiving a denial letter in the mail and I could appeal it. He wouldn't give me their physcial address to send any legal corresponance to.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a refund for my medical expenses that I incurrred while on my vacation. I have provided all documentation for my expenses and show diligence with my communication and documentation on this matter.




plan reimburses for medical expenses that are incurred by you while on your

covered trip for treatment, including services and supplies that are

recommended by a physician.


physician is defined as a licensed practitioner of medical, surgical or dental

services acting within the scope of his/her license. Since the acupuncturist

that treated the insured is a licensed practitioner of medical services and was

acting within the scope of their license the medical expenses incurred are



check for $1734, the medical expenses incurred, has been issued.

Review: I purchased travel insurance for a trip to Germany accompanied by my German Shepherd Dog, an Emotional Support Animal. We were part of the USA Team competing at the [redacted] for German Shepherd Dogs. My dog became seriously ill, and was not able to complete the trip. A letter from the vet, as well as a letter stating that the dog was an ESA was provided. The president of the [redacted] sent a letter stating that I was no longer a participant of the event as a well. The claim was denied because the illness was in a dog, which is not a person, therefore not covered. I am not able to travel without the dog due to a disability. The company is unwilling to adjust their policy regarding illness to include an [redacted]. They have no exclusions regarding service animals or [redacted]'s.Desired Settlement: I would like Travel Insured International to acknowledge that thousands of animals travel as companions with their humans each year and that they should be included in policy coverage. I would like my airline ticket refund of $3300.00 approved and sent to me in the form of a check. I would like for people with disabilities needing service animals and [redacted]'s to be covered in the event that the animal becomes ill and they cannot travel, no fault of the human. I would also like an apology from Travel Insured International for the emotional stress their denial of my claim this has caused me.




29, 2014

Re: [redacted]




# [redacted]

Ms. [redacted] submitted a claim for

Trip Cancellation benefits under her [redacted] Deluxe Ticket Protector Plan. Upon review of the

information provided we have determined that her claim is not payable.

Ms. [redacted]’s claim was first created on

August 18, 2014 due to employer termination. Claim forms were then emailed the

same day as there is coverage if the insured is prevented from taking or

continuing the covered trip if the insured's or insured’s traveling companion

are laid off from employment.

On October 2, 2014, we received her

claim forms along with the supporting information. Under the brief explanation

for the circumstances of Ms. [redacted]’s claim, she indicated she canceled her

trip due to the illness of her teammate canine and removed from the world

championship team. She also indicated her canine is a registered emotional support

animal that without it she cannot fly.

This reason was not consistent with the one

provided when her claim was first initiated. Claims Analyst [redacted] contacted Ms. [redacted] on October 10, 2014 to discuss the reason for her claim.

She stated the event was canceled and she was taken off of the championship

team. Her dog was ill and so she canceled her trip. When the Analyst inquired

about the employment termination reason, Ms. [redacted] stated she chose to leave

her job due to unpleasant circumstances. Ms. [redacted] did not want to pursue her

claim under employer termination. Ms. [redacted] was then advised there were

covered reasons for cancellation under her policy and an illness of her canine

is not a covered traveling companion as defined in the policy. She responded

that she would be contacting her lawyer and will continue to pursue the appeal

until the claim is paid.

A copy of her policy along with her original

declination letter was emailed to her by the Analyst on December 18, 2014. The

Analyst pointed out that the policy’s document lists the covered reasons for

Trip Cancellation and the policy’s definition of a traveling companion means a

person. She was advised her canine

traveling companion, even though it was an emotional support animal, is not a

covered reason. Unfortunately, the illness of an animal is not a covered reason

for cancellation and was advised that was the reason for her denial. She was

encouraged to submit additional information if she felt our information was




Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: TravelInsured failed to respond the the letter from my counsel with [redacted]. TravelInsured also failed to acknowledge that under the American Disability Act, policies are to be adjusted /changed when service animals are involved. I requested their policy on service animals with no response. Please provide me with that information as I represent one of thousands of individuals that require air transportation with their canines.

Review: We paid for travel insurance for a 4 leg trip. One of the common carriers changed its itinerary, a change that required that we buy new airline tickets and continue our trip from a different city than originally planned. This change required that we incur unexpected additional costs in airline tickets, transfer fees and hotel costs. While the insurance company did reimburse us for the unused, prepaid, non-refundable airfare we had paid for one leg of the original trip that we were unable to use, it has refused to pay for the additional costs we incurred in order to continue and complete our trip.We have asked that they, Travel Insurance International, reimburse us for the additional airfares, transfer fees and hotel costs we incurred in order to continue and complete our trip, costs that were a direct result of the decision made by the common carrier and over which we had no control. They have refused to do so and as of today we have had no indication that they will. I submitted an appeal again today. The reason we paid over $2000.00 for this insurance was to cover unexpected delays, cancellations, interruptions or emergencies that might arise on this trip. I do not think that they are keeping their part of the agreement.Desired Settlement: We would like the insurance company to reimburse us for the additional costs that we incurred in order to continue and complete our trip. These costs include the difference between the cost of the original ticket (unused) and the new tickets ($868.00)we had to buy, the additional transfer fees ($118) and hotel costs ($160.38).



The insured’s policy

provides reimbursement for the cost of the ticket or the reissue fee charged by

the airline if the travel supplier cancels the Covered Trip.

We have made the following additional payments:

$1736.60 for the additional


$118.00 for transfers

The hotel costs of $160.38 are non-refundable under the policy.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Martine Orr

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