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Review: I purchased and paid for travel insurance for a wedding trip to Paris. I had to cancel the trip due to medical reasons which under the policy is 100 percent refundable. When I purchased the policy I was told that a cancel for any reason was 75% refundable but a cancel for any medical reason was 100% refundable. I had to cancel the trip because of an unexpected illness which led to surgery and used all my leave. I provided all the documentation to Travel insured.When I filed my claim Travel insured stalled in processing claiming that they needed more information. All the information they needed was provided to them when I filed the claim. Travel insured ignored the medical reasons for the cancelation and paid 75% of my cost. This left a balance of $1000.00.In addition to the $1000.00 balance I have spent a total now of about 6 hrs on the phone, writing e-mails and filing this complaint. As this takes away from my time I bill at $200.00 an hour. I also had to pay interest on accounts because of Travel insured stalling on the claim which comes to about $74.00Desired Settlement: Travel insured needs to pay the amount of the policy under the medical cancelation. They also need to pay for the interest I had to pay and for my time that they wasted. I might be willing to settle for less than the $1200.00 for my time if they pay quickly. If Travel insured continues to stall then I will demand the full amount plus any additional time and interest charged to me.As Travel insured was acting as an agent of [redacted] a separate complaint is being filed against USAA.



Under the plan Mr. Preciado purchased thru Travel Insured International,

sickness is a covered reason if it results in medically imposed restrictions as

certified by a Physician at the time of Loss preventing your continued participation

in the trip. According to the

documentation submitted, Mr. Preciado was ill at the end of 2012 and used all

his earned paid vacation time at work. On April 20, 2013, Mr. Preciado

cancelled his trip because he had no more paid vacation time and was unable to

take unpaid vacation. Since there was no sickness that resulted in medically

imposed restrictions as certified by a physician at the time of loss, April 20,

2013, this is not a covered reason for cancellation; therefore, benefits were

paid under the Cancel For Any Reason benefit.

No additional payment is due to Mr. Preciado.

Please note, Mr. Preciado purchased and paid for the

insurance policy directly with Travel Insured International. Coverage was not

provided by [redacted]

Review: I purchased travel insurance from Travel Insured and I spoke to [redacted] number on extension [redacted] and advised her that my fianc /life partnerwas hospitalized and diagnosed with bladder cancer requiring extensive treatments. The policy offered a 14 day look back policy. I called specifically to confirm if the policy covered him because if it did not, I would prefer to cancel the policy if it was not going to cover the cancellation of my trip. She confirmed that he would be covered and I should proceed with the claim. Once I did the company came back and advised that a fiance was not a family member and the claim could not be covered. I told them about my conversation which they told me was recorded and they confirmed that I did have the conversation stating I wanted to cancel if my fiance was not covered. They said they would have to check. After going back and forth, they then came back with anotherreason to not pay the claim which was that he had a pre existing condition.this is not true he was diagnosed with cancer in November and they were just looking not to pay my claim. I told that that they should have justbeen honest with me to begin with instead of taking more of my money duringa terrible time in my life where I was struggling with medical issues witha loved one. I contested the payment of this policy with my [redacted] account and Travel Insured denied it. I feel Travel Insured is a company without integrity and does not honor their commitments, they made me go through getting pages of documents just to deny my claim. This could have all been avoided if they were honest with me and just let me get out of the policy within the 14 day look back, which now I believe is a "shameful false representation of their business. I have been looking on line and see that I am not alone in this situation, there are many people on the internet who have been deceived by this company and I believe that this company should be held to task if they are guilty of false advertising.Desired Settlement: Since they misrepresented themselves in this matter, I would like them torefund the money I paid them for the insurance policy. That is the least they can do.



The insured called our call center on

November 5, 2014, and applied for the policy.

She told our customer service representative (CSR) that she was

concerned about her mother’s health. Our

CSR explained the pre-existing condition exclusion, namely, that the policy

would not cover any condition for which medical care, treatment or advice was

given within the 60 day period immediately prior to the effective date of

coverage (11/6/14). Our CSR also

discussed the 14 day free look.

The insured called our call center on

November 15, 2014, and spoke to a different CSR and explained that her fiancé

was ill and she needed to either request a premium refund or file a claim for

trip cancellation. The CSR told her that a fiancé is covered.

0ur claims department declined the

claim explaining that a fiancé was not a covered family member. The

medical report from the fiancé attending physician showed there was medical treatment

in October, 2104 and the claim was declined pursuant to the pre-existing

condition exclusion.

Since the insured called us within

the 14 day free look period and expressed an interest in the premium refund if

the claim was not payable, we will issue a credit to her credit card for a full

refund of premium.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: In June I purchased a cruise to Cuba from a Florida travel agent, and was REQUIRED to purchase the "optional" travel insurance that the travel agent sold, stating that it included the required medical insurance that the Cuban government required of tourists. A month before we depart, we learn that this insurance is not accepted by the Cuban govt., and we need to purchase another medical insurance product from another company. As I did not desire to purchase any optional travel insurance for this trip, and since we were lied to & forced into buying this policy, I requested a refund of my premium, but they refused.Desired Settlement: Refund my premium paid.



We spoke to [redacted] and

discussed the need for both policies. He acknowledged his understanding

of the issue and asked for a premium refund. The refund was processed

to his credit card on 1/13/16.

Review: My husband and I booked a trip through a travel agency which was insured ($2,280 for insurance!) with this company. The original trip was in 3 parts - flights from Houston to Athens and a cruise from Athens, Greece to Alexandria, Egypt; over night in Cairo and a flight to visit friends in Doha, Qatar; further flights from Doha to Cairo to Nairobi for an EA safari and then flights back to Houston. After all these non-refundable arrangements were paid for, the cruise line notified our travel agent they would no longer go to Egypt but return to Athens from Israel. The travel agent had to book more flights (Athens through Doha to Nairobi - $1,764.20) and a night in a hotel in Doha with meals ($358.46). Also, during the safari one of the lodges did not provide the services the tour operator told us in writing were included ($1200).We filed a claim (Kristen Stewart) with 20+ pages of documentation and the company issued a check [redacted] on 2/20/2014 ONLY for the unused plane tickets from Cairo to Doha to Nairobi ($1,346.20) and stated this was for the unused, pre-paid and non-refundable portions of our trip. We have not cashed their check and sent several more e-mails explaining that this was not correct. In several more e-mails we have requested payment for our other covered expenses - additional airfare expenses (Athens to Nairobi), additional meals and hotel, unused hotel in Cairo ($108.15), and non-provided services on safari. We have had only canned form letters from the company saying our e-mails were received. No written explanation has been forthcoming from this company even though our policy states the company must notify us in writing of the rejection of any claim and the reasons for the rejection. We believe we submitted extensive documentation to back our claims.Desired Settlement: We would like to be paid what we claimed under this policy and something more for the aggrevation they have caused us by their lack of response in an appropriate manner.



Review: 9970701

I am rejecting this response because: See copy of e-mail (with an attachment) sent to Travel Insured. [email protected] was included in the cc list. Many thanks for your help!


Mary King



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: the information listed by Travel Insured is not correct. I have e-mailed Ms. Raymer and also indicating our initial policy for this trip was Plan Number [redacted] and the paid date was 7/30/2012, within the 21 day timeframe. My understanding from [redacted] Travel, agent for Travel Insured, is that when we met a certain monetary limit for the trip, TI issued another policy. In my original documentation Attachment 12 shows the payment for the policy AND the refunds for the original policy. Thus we were insured by TI for this entire trip from 7/30/2012.


Mary King

Review: my mother [redacted],im her daughter lorna mother is 70years old,a whole lot of stuff she dont understand.sales represenative/manager[redacted] can to my mothers church solicit her bible study class.on behalf of diamond pay for this trip 6months to mothers paid in full,but death happens.we contacted ms.elaine as soon as my aunt when into hospice,she died the weekend of the trip.representative said she would get money back my mother purchase travel insurance.they want give her a refund,because sent death program they want a death certificate,this person my aunt gin([redacted])lived in natchitoches,la.we dont see these other family members,maybe once ever 5to10years,it usually a funeral that bring us together.I feel I that imposing to ask someone,can you may acopy of your moms death cerficate,my travel agency want refund me because I [redacted]@funeral.this is stupid!!.please help.we live in houston

Account_Number: XXXXXX[redacted]

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

t rip cost was the the insurance 45.00.these are senior citizens giving up there social security checks,to have a nice vac.and they have to go through this if there is death in the family,I think they are suffering mother is a cancer survir,her mother is a cancer survior,my aunt gin my grandmothers sister died of colon cancer.I think this insurance company is hearless!!and taking advantage of elderly church people.death certificate,indicating cause of death,nothing to do rf



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/05/03) */

After further review of the submitted documentation, we have made payment in the amount of $570.00.

Review: I had to change my vacation plans when my traveling companion needed brain surgery the day we were supposed to leave. I had called the insurance company for guidance. They had explained that if I were to postpone my flight for 2 days until I could sort out the changes, it would count as Trip Interruption rather than Trip Cancellation. As I was now traveling alone, I had to amend my travel plans to salvage the trip.

At first, they did not want to pay me at all, saying it counted as Trip Cancellation, even though I had simply changed the details of the package with the tour agency, and had not actually cancelled the trip. When I told them I had made my choice to go rather than cancel the trip based on guidance from an agent, they finally agreed it was Trip Interruption and agreed to pay the change fee by the tour agency (around $250). However, they still refuse to pay for the amended travel arrangements: one train trip and one night in a hotel, totaling around $250, with which I could to re-join my planned itinerary and catch the flight home.

Their agreement states:


Benefits will be paid, up to the lesser of a) the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Confirmation of Benefits[redacted]; or b) 150% of the total amount of coverage You purchased, to reimburse You for the Prepaid Payments for unused non- refundable Travel Arrangements plus the Additional Transportation Cost paid:

a) to join Your Trip if You must depart after Your Scheduled Departure Date or travel via alternate travel arrangements by the most direct route possible to reach Your Trip destination. (Airfare limited to the cost of one- way airfare using the same class of fare as the original travel ticket); or

b) to rejoin Your Trip or transport You to Your originally scheduled return destination, if You must interrupt Your Trip after departure, each by the most direct route possible. (Airfare limited to the cost of one-way airfare using the same class of fare as the original travel ticket)

([redacted]in the Schedule of Benefits section it says it will pay up to $500 for Itinerary Change.)

I think we are interpreting b) differently, since the concept of "interrupted after departure" already did not apply per the odd timing of the catastrophe. This is a gray area where their definitions do not provide enough detail, yet they are seeing it in black and white. Nonetheless, I think by a) they should still pay for the cost to re-join my trip, i.e. fly out on the originally scheduled departure date.

Finally, I would also like to point out that, had I cancelled my trip, they would have had to pay me over $1000. They are just being jerks, which is so very unlike USAA, a company I have trusted for over 30 years.Desired Settlement: Full payment for itinerary changes.



We appreciate the opportunity to review the file again.

Under the circumstances, although some of the expenses the insured is claiming

are not covered, we are willing to reimburse them.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Thank you so much for helping my voice be heard.


Review: Hello,

I bought a travel insurance for one month...upon needed it. I put in a claim with this insurance who denied most of it, with a clause that only insured me for...$2.00( which I was unaware of )......since I paid over $100.00 to be fully covered, I was stunned.I have been fighting this since this last October 2015, with no results.

I hope you can help....

thank you.

[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want a full refund of the expenses I incurred overseas....

for this is not a great amount......I did not even ask for compensation for pain and suffering which was intense.

hope this help,



January 22, 2016

Complaint ID [redacted]


customer submitted a claim for

Trip Interruption benefits under the

Worldwide Trip Protector Plan.


trip interruption benefit reimburses up to 150% of the total amount of coverage




confirmation of benefits the customer insured a trip cost of $2 and is

covered for a maximum trip cost of $250. The plan was purchased by the customer

online through [redacted]. The confirmation of benefits was sent to the customer the

same day the plan was purchased. When asked, the customer

acknowledged receipt of this document showing the $2 trip cost insured.


based on this information the maximum amount payable for the additional

transportation expenses under Trip Interruption is $375. Unfortunately, the customer is


eligible for further reimbursement.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I feel I was tricked as I paid around $130.00 worth of insurance........why would I insure myself for only $2.00 ? it is inserted in such a way , as not to be noticeable.......noticed only when I made a claim.......I want them to be accountable .thank you




The plan was purchased by the customer online through

[redacted]. The customer confirmed she purchased the policy

herself online as well as confirmed receiving the confirmation of benefits provided

to her that clearly displayed her trip cost insured of $2.

The trip interruption benefit

reimburses up to 150% of the

total amount of coverage purchased. Since

the policy is banded from $1- $250, we reimbursed the insured $375 for the

expenses incurred for the trip interruption (150% of $250). We reviewed

the claim in accordance to the terms of the plan. Unfortunately, the customer

is not eligible for further reimbursement.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: as I said before.........trickery was involved......have you read the contract............first I thought I was dealing with a respectable insurance, and found out it was sold to another was I supposed to know that ? this outfit has found ways of not responding to their responsibilities......can you possibly see that ? where does a customer goes from there ? their computer advertisement sure does not mention ANY OTHERS insurance participation..........there are several complaints about this insurance on the internet. ...can they be stopped ? (wish I had seen those before) do I need a counselor to help ? funds are limited for that......please advise .


Review: Plan # [redacted]

I purchased travel insurance in good faith. I paid them in full. The plan did not have a preexisting clause in it.

My husband took sick with [redacted] in October and has been in constant treatment for it. He is still on medication for this. This has been verified by his physician, both verbally and in writing.

They are denying the claim stating there was no medical treatment at the time of cancellation, which is FALSE. I have provided them with documentation of this fact.Desired Settlement: I expect payment in FULL of the claim of $1077.50 that was filed and 5% per month interest on that amount from February 27, 2015. This was the date of the original denial.



April 16, 2015

Complaint ID # [redacted]

The customer submitted a claim


Trip Cancellation benefits under the

[redacted]. Upon review of the information provided

we have determined the claim is not payable as there was no medical treatment

at the time of cancellation on 1/2/15.

Although sickness is a listed

covered reason, the policy requires treatment from a legally certified

physician at the time of cancellation. The customer cancelled the trip on

1/2/15 and the only dates of treatment we received near that date were 11/20/14

and 12/4/14.

The analyst spoke to customer on

4/13/15 and discussed what is needed for further review of the claim. Customer advised

that she would obtain additional documentation from the treating physician

showing that treatment was ongoing and that it was medically necessary to

cancel the trip on 1/2/15.

Travel Insured

has not received the requested documentation.

Review: I arranged travel insurance with this company in case I was unable to follow thru on my Cruise to the Bahamas Dec. 8th. Had arranged for ride to the airport Dec 7th to meet with companion in Fort Lauderdale. Little Rock AR had an Ice storm Dec 6th. Dec 7 the temperature was in the 20's and my ride was unable to get out of the drive due to ice. Public transportation was not moving that morning. The day before flights were cancelled out of Dallas and Houston, and Little Rock. Those passengers had to be rebooked for another flight. Checking with my airline my flight was delayed and could not quantee a ticket out on Dec 7th to arrive in Fort Lauderdale in a accommodating time frame for an elderly person. Being as there were no definites available and possible meeting Cruise on time. I called companion and cancelled our Cruise. I was reimbursed for the Hotel, Air plane ticket, and the professioal symposium I was attending on the Cruise. I was the only insured person due to my being the payee for the cruise. I put in a claim for $1696.28, the cruise portion due to dangerous transportation Dec 7th. I was denied. Being on a fixed income, I needed this refunded to me. The whole professional trip could be claimed on my Income tax which would be refunded in 2013. I feel this was an unreasonable outcome on the part of Travel Insured International.Desired Settlement: Refund the Cruise fee of $1696.28



The policy purchased provides coverage for Trip Cancellation

for the listed covered reasons. Cancellation due to dangerous transportation is

not a covered reason for cancellation. We did confirm with the insured’s

airlines that her flight was delayed; however, she was re-booked that same

evening at 10:00pm. We have reimbursed the insured the maximum amount payable

under the Travel Delay benefit of $500. The traveling companion had a separate policy

that we also paid the Travel Delay benefit of $500.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I am a Veternan of the Vietam conflict and a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. This cruise opportunity was a professional symposium of which I would be able to deduct from my Income Tax. I was the soul provider of this whole trip. My companion, a Senior Citizen, was to meet me in Fort lauderdale the day before the ship leaving port to ensure our getting on board togather. We were to stay in a reserved Motel overnight and get a ride to the ship in time for boarding. Everything was arranged except the weather. I purchased the Travel insurance to cover any discrepancies in my plans. I found out the flight was delayed the AM of Dec 7th and that public transportation was unavailable. This meant I would miss my connection from Houston to Fort Lauderdale. I asked if there was another flight out and was not assured a seat due to flight cancellations the day before. Therefore in mine and my companions best interest for our well being I was able to cancel everything but the cost of the Cruise without penalty. My companion was also able to cancel her transportation without penalty. In conclusion, I feel it is reasonable for the insurance company to reimburse me the remainder of the Cruise payment of $696.28 for the circumstances that I have truthfully stated due to inability to continue my trip as scheduled. Thank you for your assistance in bringing this to the attention of other travelers in the same situations which has been frequent this winter.


B Atwood

Review: Travel Insured provided a product that wasn't specified of timing when filing. The claim was filed one day prior to effective date for a vacation AFTER the effective date. No where in the literature does it say claim filing date after the effective date. This was not communicated with me when calling initially either. The effective date was 2/24/2015 and the vacation date was 3/1/2015 to 3/8/2015. The plan number [redacted]. The plan does not define effective date as claim issuance or the time of vacation. Again I called prior to purchasing the claim and discussed my intentions. The representative said I should not have any issues in filing my claim after purchasing. Not timeframe was specified.Desired Settlement: Payment of claim based on "cancel for anything" and receive 75% of the cost as advertised.




ID #[redacted]

Plan #


insured purchased a plan via the internet on 2/23/15 for travel dates



following the purchase of the insurance plan, the Certificate of Insurance and Confirmation

of Benefits were emailed to the insured at [redacted].

The certificate of insurance states: “Trip Cancellation:

Coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the appropriate premium

for this Policy for Your Trip is received by the Company or its authorized

representative prior to the scheduled departure time on the Scheduled Departure

Date of Your Trip. This is Your “Effective Date” and time for Trip


The effective date

of the insureds plan is 2/24/15. According to the cruise line, the insured

cancelled her cruise on 2/23/15. Since the cancellation was prior to the

coverage being in effect, benefits are not payable.

We are not able to

locate any phone calls with the phone number provided. If the insured is able

to provide a date she contacted us and the phone number called from, we can

certainly look into her allegations further.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The explanation was not provided until after the purchase. I would like a full refund on the premium costs of $150 if not payable.

Review: I purchased travel insurance for a trip to Israel for 04/23/2012-05/07/12. During the trip I had a catastrophic illness which required an operation on my spine, an extended hospital stay including intensive care, then rehabilitation physical therapy. My wife had to stay in an hotel, eat, take taxis and be with me there. I filed a claim to be re-reimbursed for those expenses which hass not been resolved or paid.Desired Settlement: I would like my hospital bills paid to the extent of the contract which we bought in good faith




paid the insured $30,021.77 for his emergency medical evacuation. His policy also

provides reimbursement of medical expenses incurred while on the trip. The policy

states that: “The insurance provided by this policy is in excess of all other

valid and collectible insurance or indemnity. If at the time of the occurrence

of any loss there is other valid and collectible insurance or indemnity in

place, the company is liable only for the excess of the amount of loss over the

amount of such other insurance or indemnity and applicable deductible".


determine what we can pay, we need to know the portion of the medical expenses

that are payable under any other insurance. The documentation we received shows

that the insured may have coverage under several insurance policies. On several

occasions we asked the insured to file a claim with the other insurance

companies and to send us their Explanation of Benefits paid. We have not

received that documentation and we will review his claim when we receive that



policy does not provide reimbursement for his spouse’s hotels, meals, and

transportation expenses.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: The information has been provided to Travel Insured International and is well known to them. Duke was not covered under "several insurance policies", he had primary health insurance in California provided by Health Care partners and travel insurance. A claim was submitted to the primary insurer who declined to provide coverage. Their remittance advice was forwarded by FAX 03/06/13 [redacted]. Thus Travel Insured International is required to pay those amounts due under their policy. In additiion, although they paid for medical evacuation, the situation was handled very badly even though Duke filed a complaint only with the nurses association which provided escort service. The biggest problem was this: Duke was transported on a guerney as a quadrapeligic, escorted by two nurses, while no provision was made for his wife to also return home even though the travel insurance covered them both. Except for the diligence and effort of ElAl Airlines in changing a stand-by ticket purchased by her, it would have been even worse.


Duke Jones

Review: I purchased travel insurance from this company for almost $1,600. The policy was "cancel for any reason." I had a last-minute adoption come through, and when I attempted to claim on the policy, I was denied because they said I purchased the policy more than 21 days after my first deposit for the trip. When I purchased the policy, they never asked when I had made my first deposit and the company accepted payment for a policy that was, apparently, never valid. If the terms of the policy did not apply to me, why was that not made clear to me? Why did they sell me apolicy and charge me almost $1,600 for a policy they knew I could never collect on. This is a totally unscrupulous business practice to sell insurance for a situation in which they well know the policy does not apply without informing the customer before s/he purchases the policy, but rather accepting payment and then rejecting it when a claim is made.Desired Settlement: At the minimum, I should be refunded the purchase price for the policy that was, according to Travel Insured, never valid form the beginning. This company should have warned me of that fact and never accepted my payment for the policy to begin with if, in fact, the policy was never going to cover my trip.



The Cancel for Any Reason benefit provides reimbursement

if the plan is purchased within 21 days of the deposit for the trip or full

trip payment.

The plan was purchased via the website [redacted].

The website states the Cancel for Any Reason coverage is

available if you purchase your plan within 21 days after making your initial

trip payment. If you enter in a date of

deposit more than 21 days prior, the website states that the coverage is not


The date of deposit on the application entered was 12/14/14.

Upon review of the claim, the actual deposit date was 11/17/14, disqualifying

the Cancel for Any Reason coverage.

The reason for cancellation is unfortunately not a

covered reason under the plan; therefore, no benefits are payable.

Review: [redacted] of Travel Insured , Sr. Claims Analyst, is handling the claim & she keeps asking for the same info to be sent, I have sent it twice, & try to talk to her by phone, she is never available, always says I will get a call back, this is not happening nor does it work just at her convenience seems no other person can handle this, only one supervisor, [redacted] & not available util Monday & I will be on vacation.The hospital is pressing me to pay the bill so I would like to get the claims resolved.Can you help in some way? Thanks [redacted]Desired Settlement: Need to talk to someone who can see the info & deal with the claim!



Some of the documentation was overlooked in the review of the claim. We apologize for the delay in completing the review. Payments have been issued.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: not all of the claims have been paid, I resent the info they overlooked & also some further claims. When all is paid I will be satisfied.




The claim review has been completed. Payment in the full amount of the claim is being mailed today.

Review: My husband and I planned and saved for a month long trip to Europe for 2 years. In September of 2014 we went on our trip, but halfway through (while in Austria) my father in law became extremely ill and was hospitalized. My husband's mother called us and told us to come home because he was DYING. We purchased the tickets and the very next day we were on a flight back home to Detroit, Michigan. My father in law DIED while we were en route home. My husband and I decided to file a claim with the travelers insurance. It was actually something that our travel agent encouraged us to do. They asked for the death certificate (which we submitted) as well as some other random documentation, all of which we submitted. They then told us that *WE* had to contact the doctors and get the medical records for them to verify my father in law's illness.

My husband and I tried for two months to contact the doctors and hospitals, and no one returned our calls. In frustration I contacted my travel agent who contacted the insurer and they finally offered to try to contact the hospital in our place. We submitted the request. A week later we received another documentation explaining that we had to have the executor of my father in law's estate sign off on paperwork so they could access his medical records. My father in law had absolutely NO assets. On top of that, his death was SUDDEN and completely UNEXPECTED. Not only did he not have an executor or a personal representative in place, no one saw the need for it, because none of us knew he was that deathly ill.

I spoke to a representative who said that if we do not submit the executor paperwork they will be unable to continue our claim and it will be declined. I asked this rep to have the person working on our claim contact us ([redacted]). She said he would call us within a 24 hour period. She could not give a more specific time. This was on Wednesday, 21 January, 2015. As of Friday, 23 January he has still not returned our call.

We do not have the funds to appoint my husband executor of a non existent estate. In Michigan it can cost upwards of 3k to appoint an executor. Our claim is for 7k. And even if we get the paperwork in to access the medical records there is still no confirmation that we will receive our money back. I feel like this company hopeless against this company.

As I see it: We planned a trip. We bought insurance. We had an emergency (in fact, a DEATH). We had to return home immediately.

I found out that I am pregnant on the day of my father in law's funeral. Other than having to deal with his death this insurance company has been emotionally draining and stressful to me. I just want what we paid for. I want a positive resolution. Please help.Desired Settlement: I want them to pay out the amount that we are claiming (7k). The 7k only accounts for the last leg of our trip that we did not utilize AND the tickets back home.



The policy excludes losses due to pre-existing health conditions

and we needed medical information. The medical provider told us they

would only release medical information pursuant to an authorization signed by

the executor of the decedent’s estate. Upon further discussion the

provider has agreed to give us the medical records pursuant to the

authorization signed by the decedent’s son and the death certificate. We

sent those documents to the provider on 1/29/15 and told the insured the status

of their claim.




I am rejecting this response because:

Review: Hello, I purchased the Worldwide Trip Protector policy from Travel Insured prior to visiting my daughter and son in law in the [redacted]. I purchased this policy primarily because I have a pre existing condition, and wanted to make sure that if something went wrong with my [redacted] I would be able to get care. I was assured by my agent that this would be the case. The policy was purchased in July, with a start date in August, and good for 180 days. In November I asked for a refill of a medicine that I need, [redacted], and was informed that it is not sold in [redacted]. The doctor gave me something similar but I did not react to it well. My INR levels were fluctuating to the point of becoming dangerous, and I was at risk of stroke. My doctor decided to have me take blood once a week and often more, to carefully monitor the situation. This has never happened to me before. Because I have had issues with my [redacted] in the past, the doctor wanted to run a diagnostic on it to make sure that was not the cause of the INR fluctuation. I purchased the plan just in case something like this were to happen, and also made sure to purchase a pre existing condition waiver in order to make sure I'd be covered if something went wrong.

Now Travel Insured is not willing to pay the claim, they say the illness did not "first occur on the trip" but it absolutely did. I have had issues in the past, hence the pre existing waiver but this was not an ongoing problem, it happened while I was in [redacted].

I spoke to the claim agent who informed me that I needed a letter from my physician explaining in detail why this should be covered and I did, only to have them refuse it on the same grounds. It seems to me they just don't want to pay the claim.Desired Settlement: I want them to pay the claim for the condition that occurred on my trip.



Complaint ID: [redacted]Policy ID: [redacted]We appreciate the opportunity to review the medical expense claim again. Travel Insured has reimbursed the medical expenses. The bills were converted to USD totaling $1227.36. The Insured was called on July 1st to advise the claim is being paid and an email was also sent to her advising of payment.Thank you.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: Travel Insured would not refund money for my trip.

This company is awful. I purchased insurance from them for my trip that was almost $2300.

We found out my mom had to have lung cancer surgery the same time as my trip so I had to cancel as I am her caretaker. Now they won't refund my money because it was deemed a "pre existing condition."

We had no way of knowing she was going to have surgery for her lung cancer at that time. The doctors felt it was necessary. I am disgusted at their company, not to mention how the agent I spoke with handled the call - very unfriendly, very cold and not compassionate at all. I can tell she was just thinking "well too bad we can't help you. but thanks for buying insurance with us anyway!"

I [redacted] be reporting them to many social media outlets and even on my own sites as I operate over 500 websites. I [redacted] also be writing to my local newspaper about this issue as they report on negative business practices in the paper all the time.

This was the first time I purchased travel insurance as it was such a big purchase for my big 30th birthday and it [redacted] definitely be my last - through their company anyway.

Unbelievable is all I have to say.Desired Settlement: I would ultimately like to get the full $2287.95 back - for my flight and trip that cannot be refunded through the airline or the trip company. Even if I can get the $1599 back for just the trip I would be satisfied.



Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/19) */

The Consumer was scheduled to travel April 7, 2013 through April 14, 2013. She canceled her trip on March 5, 2013 due to her mother's sickness. The Consumer purchased the Trip Protector Lite policy on March 4, 2013, and the Effective Date is March 5. The policy excludes all loss caused by Pre-Existing Conditions. The policy defines Pre-Existing Condition as a sickness or condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within the 180 day period ending on the Effective Date. According to the Attending Physician's Statement, the Consumer's mother received treatment for the sickness that caused the Consumer to cancel on January 28, 2013, February 4, 2013, and February 25, 2013, and was hospitalized from February 12 through February 16, 2013. The trip cancellation claim was declined inasmuch as treatment was received during the 180 day period prior to the Effective Date.

On April 15, 2013, we called the Consumer and explained why her claim was not payable. She stated that the medical condition that caused her to cancel is different than the condition for which treatment was received on the above dates. We told her that we would review any additional medical information. To date, we have not received any additional medical information.

A declination letter was sent to the Consumer on April 12, 2013.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 7, 2013/04/25) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

We had no idea my mom was going to need surgery when my trip was scheduled which is why I got insurance in the first place. Should I never plan a trip because my mom has lung cancer? I feel this company is being very unfair and unrealistic. Yes, my mom had lung cancer but we didn't know she would need the surgery during my trip. So yes, the lung cancer was known but the reason I canceled my trip was not so I think they are being really ridiculous. So now not only is my mom going through lung cancer but now I lost out on all that money because I need to take care of her. Not cool at all Travel Insured, not cool at all. Have some compassion for God's sake.

Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2013/05/06) */

The issue isn't whether the surgery was scheduled when the consumer booked the trip rather, was the underlying illness a pre-existing condition. For the reason stated in our 3/19/2013 response, the illness is a pre-existing condition. We are required by law to administer all claims in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy.

Consumer Response /* (4200, 11, 2013/05/07) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I am so over this company and their bt. I [redacted] never recommend them to anyone. When someone in their family gets cancer and they need to cancel / change their plans I hope they get screwed over the same way they screwed me. Not only did I now pay full price for a trip I had to cancel (which was a big trip for my 30th birthday) but I also paid for their stupid insurance which didn't even cover my trip. Note to self - travel insurance with this company is a scam. Unbelievable.

Review: My wife and I paid $1,102 to Travel Insured International via their Agent, [redacted] who booked our $14,497 vacation trip 10/1/14 and sold us her firm's preferred Travel Cancellation Insurance. We cancelled on 2/20/14, 83 days ahead of our scheduled 5/13/14 trip due to our Daughter in Law informing us she had just been confirmed by her Doctor as pregnant 10/4/13 (3 days after we had booked and paid for our trip and trip insurance). We wanted to attend our first grandson's birth which was projected to take place on our departure week. Our Travel Agent and my wife and I thought we had met the requirement that pregnancy must take place after we purchased the trip and insurnace. But Travel Insured told all of us that the CONCEPTION occured prior to the trip being booked and therefore not covered, refusing any of the $5,074 claim we had made for lost trip costs. How can an insured know their DIL conceived prior to booking a trip when our own DIL did not and could not know she conceived until she was formally confirmed pregnant by her Dr.? Travel Insured's advertised flexibility and broad and reasonable coverage is actually misleading in that no close family member expects to discover pregnancy coverage in Travel Insurance is virtually impossible to cover per this clever and misleading interpretation of the Policy. We had no way of knowing about when a pregnancy originated vs. when to book or not book our trip EXCEPPT from discovering when our DIL was confirmed pregnant (per a written Physican's Statement saying when she was confirmed pregnant). Travel Insured should not advertise that they cover Grandparents wanting to be at their Grandchild's birth if this is their position for coverage. Nor should their Agents selling the Policy be as ignorant as we were in the coverage. We were misled and short changed in the no coverage decision and in the way the Travel Agent selling the Policy was not properly knowledgable of the Policy benefits as described it to us.Desired Settlement: We gave a generous and timely notice of cancellation to the Insurance Co. but are left to absorb the $5,074 loss we incurred due to the cancellation despite having paid an additional $1,102 insurance fee for what we thought was reasonale trip cancellation insurance. We would like to be refunded our $5,074 loss and sincerely feel that is a very reasonable request under the stated circumstances. Also, Travel Insured should do a much better job at training their sponsoring Travel Agents.




referenced policy purchased provides trip cancellation benefits if an insured

will be attending a Family Member’s childbirth as long as the pregnancy occurs

after the effective date of coverage and can be verified by medical records.


policy effective date is 10/02/13 and the medical records we received, show the

family member visited her doctor on 09/26/13 and was estimated to be at 7 weeks

2 days gestation.


the pregnancy did not occur after the effective date of coverage, benefits are

not payable.


is correspondence from the insured to the travel agent confirming that they

knew the pregnancy occurred prior to the booking.



The customer, in the original complaint

submitted on 5/21/2014, stated: “Our travel agent and my wife and I thought we

had met the requirement that pregnancy must take place after we purchased the

trip and insurance”. Their understanding of the policy language is correct. The

policy states: “…as long as the pregnancy occurs after your Effective Date of

coverage and can be verified by medical records”. The medical records show that

gestation commenced approximately 7 weeks and 2 days prior to 09/26/13, well

before 10/2/13, the Effective Date of the policy.



Review: 10060847

I am rejecting this response because:

Review: When I was purchasing travel insurance online with this company, the online sales application does not clearly state that in order for you to cancel your trip for any reason and get back 75%, as per company guidelines, the trip must be insured for 100% of all costs associated with this trip. I was purchasing this trip insurance to be able to cancel it for any reason option and get back 75%. The only stipulations for the "cancel for any reason option" under the plan benefits, as quoted on their website was "Provides up to 75% reimbursement of your prepaid, no-refundable trip costs if you cancel 48 hours or longer before departure. Your policy must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit to be eligible for Cancel for Any Reason benefit". I have met these two requirements! I have insured my trip for a round number of $3,000. My claim has been denied because the claims adjuster is telling me that I should have insured the trip for 100% of the cost, which came to $3150 and not $3000 which I have estimated at time of purchase. I have advised my claims adjuster that it did not state that stipulation clearly, otherwise I would have insured it for the exact $3150. In response, the adjuster told me that that wording appears on the contract which I have received after I paid for and obtained this insurance policy and it was my responsibility to read the fine print and all the stipulations of this policy. But, [redacted] (the company) failed to include this key condition of the offer in the plan benefits explanation box which I read and relied upon to make my decision to purchase this policy in the first place.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my legitimate claim paid for by Travel Insured International and have them correct the verbatim so it would be clear for future customers.



Our initial determination was based on the

information the insured entered on the applications for insurance. Upon

further review it appears there was no intention to misrepresent and we have

given the insured the benefit of the doubt and paid the claim in full.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: As of today, February 3, 2015, my claim remains rejected. The statement from the company that stated that they have given me the benefit of the doubt and paid the claim in full is simply false. My claim remains rejected and unpaid for.




The payment was requested and the checks were mailed on February 4, 2015.

Review: I am a service member currently stationed in [redacted]. My wife was unable to travel with me due to the lateness of her pregnancy and was required to remain in the states. I purchased tickets and traveler's insurance on 12/15/2014 to return home for the birth of my son who was due January 23rd. While stationed in [redacted], I received a call from my wife on 6th January 2015 approximately 0800 [redacted] local time. She said her doctor expected the baby to come early and I needed to come home sooner than my scheduled flight for January 8th. (My son was born January 8th several hours before my original flight would have made it in). I immediately canceled my current tickets once [redacted] showed that they could not get me a flight out of [redacted] soon enough. I expected the traveler's policy purchased through Travel Insured to cover the canceled tickets due to the medical nature of the situation and the way in which the plan had been advertised on their website. It was not until they called to inform me that they would not honor my claim that I found the language that permitted them to avoid paying out this settlement buried in their website. I feel that their advertising which promised coverage for family medical situations was false and misleading. I am highly dissatisfied with their customer service which failed to get back to me on the status of my claim for several days and most highly outraged that they are refusing to pay my claim after what seems to me to be an attempt to hide the terms of the contract behind a cleverly designed website.Desired Settlement: I fully expect for Travel Insured to pay for the canceled tickets totaling $1224.80



The plan states that benefits are not payable for any loss due to, arising or resulting from: normal childbirth or pregnancy.

Immediately after the insurance was purchased, the Confirmation of Benefits and Certificate of Insurance were sent to the insured via email. The plan does provide a 14 day free look period that affords the opportunity to request a full refund of premium within 14 days of the effective date of coverage

Review: On November 13, 2015 I was unfortunately in Paris during the terrorist attacks. I was supposed to be in Paris until the 16th. This very unfortunate incident resulted in my trip interruption, I was not able to proceed to my trip to Barcelona and ended up booking the next flight out back to London [redacted] which was on Nov. 15. Due to panic I actually booked the flight from Paris to London twice. Upon returning to the U.S. I submit my claim documents including credit card statement of charges, airbnb receipt, expedia receipt stating "non refundablet flight" through Iberia. The first problem occurred when IT TOOK FOREVER to review the claim. My documents were received on December 2, it took multiple calls and 15 working days later for someone to acknowledge that my claim has been sitting in the queue. This company claims to process claims within 10-15 working days. NOT TRUE. My case was finally assigned to another Analyst since my current Analyst went on vacation. It is now 32 days later, my claim is still held up to due this company trying to verify with Iberia that the flight I didn't take was non-refundable. How hard is it to call a company and get that information? That status has been pending since December 28. I am now late on my American Express payment and this will most likely ruin my credit due to the EXTREMELY SLOW processing time of Travel Insured. I am seeking an Attorney's assistance for punitive damages if my claim does not get paid soon. I am tired of waiting and calling so many times.

This is the second time I've used this company and I should have learned the first time. They do anything to STALL. My first claim was due to another Trip Interruption due to health reasons and family medical leave. First tactic is if you have a large file don't even think of sending it in one piece, the email server is crap and cannot hold more than a few mega bytes. So I had to separate my emails. Second, they can't read your credit card charges so that required another submission. Third, it takes another week to go to underwriting and get the claim approved when you get to that lucky milestone. Travel Insured is nice when you purchase their policy and go through leaps and bounds waiting for money back when you need it.Desired Settlement: Process my claim immediately and send me the check for payment.



We spoke to [redacted] and

discussed the need for both policies. He acknowledged his understanding

of the issue and asked for a premium refund. The refund will be processed

to his credit card today.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I'm not sure who Mr. Crockett is. I believe this isn't the intended response for my case.




We apologize for the miscommunication. Below is our response: The insured’s claim documents were received 12/2/15.

After review of the documentation additional documentation was requested from

the insured on 12/22/15. The policy reimburses for pre-paid unused expenses. Upon

receipt of all the required claim documentation, the claim was paid on 1/5/16. We regret there was a delay in processing

this claim due to an oversight.

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