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Verde Energy USA Inc.

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Review: A month prior to my account's fixed rate changing on March 28 to variable, I switched providers, as previously instructed by Verde. There were two cycles of an exorbitant bill from [redacted] indicating that the supplier was Verde through April 28 - although I cancelled the Verde account effective March 28. Upon receipt of the bill dated Mar 28, I called the number provided by Verde to confirm that they were no longer servicing my account. I and assumed I was speaking with a Verde representative as I called the number provided by Verde. The person with whom I spoke represented themselves as a Verde rep; listened and understood my issue and agreed to have a check in the amount of $374.81 sent within 14 days.

On May 7, I received an email from a [redacted] advising a "courtesy" check of $187.50 would be issued within 7 - 14 days. I responded via email that I was told the refund would be $374.81. Subsequent emails from Shelia Chaill were condescending and advised me that the personwith whom I ha spoken via the number provided by Verde, and who identified herself as being a Verde CSR, was not affiliated with Verde and was not authorized to tell me that she would resolve my issue with Verde by having billing send a $374.81 refund check. [redacted] was going to "review the tapes" and make a determination.

I cancelled my account with Verde Energy in a timely manner but was still charged an increased variable rate far over what had been the original plan. In order to rectify and confirm the vendor had indeed been changed, I called the only number provided by the company and assumed that the person with whom I spoke,"[redacted]", was in fact a Verde CSR and capable of authorizing a resolution to customer satisfaction.

To receive a series of insulting emails from [redacted] that undermine /rescind a previous agreed upon refund amount is beyond belief. I was advised by a person answering the company's phone and representing themselves as a Verde CSR that the refund would be one thing and then told by someone else that info is not going to be honored. Unethical behavior! Never in my phone conversation was I told by "[redacted]" that she was not actually with Verde and was not "authorized" to issue a refund.

I certainly appreciate your efforts to resolve - thanking you in advance.

[redacted]Desired Settlement: A refund check in the amount of $374.81 as initially promised.



Replied directly to customer via e-mail dated 5-12-15

Review: I received a telemarketing offer to receive a benefit for $25 just for enrolling. I paid $3.50 from my debit card. I received coupons in the mail. I called costumer service to make sure I followed directions. She said I had to wait 30 days to pass before I submit my coupon. A copy of my monthly utility statement must be sent with the coupon. I told costumer service I did not want to continue after 30 days. She said she will remove me from future billing since it is required to cancel or you are subject to recurring billing each month. I waited 2 months for my delivery of $25.00 to reach my mail box. I called costumer service and she said my coupon was not received. I told her I believe I was scammed. She said she would mail another package to me. After 3 weeks, no package was sent to me. I called again on 3/4/2015 to complain again. This time she told me my contract is cancelled. I told her I will report this to 43.50Desired Settlement: $25.00 is the amount I should receive. I paid $3.50 for handling/shipping with no refund offered



Dear Mr. [redacted],

We have received your complaint via regarding the $25

rebate our service offers. Apologies for

any confusion regarding our service, our sales team does not offer $25 for

enrolling, you have to be an active customer for at least one month and send in

the rebate coupon with a copy of your utility bill. The rebate form is included in your welcome

kit, I show your welcome kit was sent on Oct. 21st to [redacted], we also have this rebate form on our

website as well. Our service offers four

$25 rebates for every quarter that you’re an active customer. Because you were an active customer (1 month)

we will send you a check for $25 as a courtesy, we show that you have since

cancelled our service on November 21st, so you will no longer be

eligible for additional rebates.

Kind Regards,



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10518466, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Michael [redacted]I received this email 3/9/2015 and the ESS company has agreed to pay me $25.00 to be mailed by check. Therefore the complaint will be resolved when my check arrives so my case must remain open with Renee Clifford Mar 9 at 1:15 PM To me CC Tony Menchaca

Review: I originally switched from [redacted] which somehow turned my account over to Verde Energy, and I did receive info informing me of this and Verde assured that the agreement would be the same as with Discount. The rates were fine and I did see some slight increase over Oct/Nov. All of a sudden I get my March bill and see $450!! Looked back through the bills and see that I am now being charged almost twice as much. Went to their website ( - REALLY?) and there is the rate graph for NJ averaging the rate at .ll and I am being charged .19!! Plus this rate is anywhere from .04 to .09 higher than PSEG. I called the company and was informed it was a variable rate and agreed to lower the rate for ONLY the last billing cycle to .1129. I advised them that I was not happy with only one billing cycle and wanted previous months credited. I was advised that this was their policy and someone from billing would call me back. My 1st call was on 4/16 and finally someone from billing called me today 5/1 and said the same thing. I asked to speak to someone else and she said there is no-one else. this is the policy.After reading other complaints I see this is not always their policy. I currently have 2 accounts and will be looking into other companies. The company should live up to its' claims of "lock in historic low rates" "no contract" and a graph that shows .11 not .19!Desired Settlement: I request a refund of the excess charges that Verde billed over the rates that PSEG would have charged for the past 4 months on both accounts. $281.73 and 58.53.



We sent the following email to the customer

Ms. Kaminski,

Review: I signed up with verde energy to start one year for my supplier for my [redacted]. Start date Jan.27,2014 at 8.9 per Kwh. I noticed my Oct. billed me at 13.9.per Kwh. I called [redacted] an told them there was an error in my bill, they told me verde can charge what they want, no help from [redacted]. November billed me 16.9 per kwh, Dec. billed 16.9. per kwh,Around November 20th I signed up with [redacted]. When I called verde they were so rude. Feb., bill from nrg solar 9.1 per kwh. My husband [redacted] and I have lived in this home for 37 years and have had all electric all these years. This home was built for all electric and is double insulated for electric. We are on S.S. now and can't afford to keep our home.Desired Settlement: I like verde to pay me back for all the overcharges! AND [redacted] AND verde not to be so rude to the customer.



copy of email sent on 2/10/15:

Dear [redacted]

Review: Signed on with Verde as my electricity provider after they advertised substantial savings in electric costs over local [redacted]Was told that after 6 month introductory rate the rate would be variable but would not exceed [redacted] rateBegan noticing marked increase in bills this winter.After receiving March's bill in the beginning of April I noticed Verde's charges were ~40% greater per KW than [redacted] and immediately cancelled Two billing cycles later I am still being charged on my electric bill by Verde.After reviewing the complaints against Verde, this appears to be an ongoing issue with their marketing/billing practicesDesired Settlement: Minimum - refund of the past two months difference in provider charges based on rate charged by Verde and rate charged by [redacted]Ideally refund of all differences whenever Verde per KW charges exceeded [redacted] charges while enrolled.Also Verde should be required to state on large bold type on all advertising, and state during phone solicitations that rates after the introductory period are LIKELY to be substantially higher



We sent the customer the following email today

Mr. Nitko,

I reviewed your recent inquiry.


account was on a variable rate offer and the rate

increased due to significant increases in energy supply costs, not all

of which

were passed on to Verde customers. Even though your account left

service with Verde at the end of the billing cycle on 6/2/14, we will

issue you a billing adjustment check for

$100.74 which lowers the effective rate on your May and June bills to

$0.1129/KWH. You should receive this check in approximately 2 weeks.


Verde Energy USA



Review: 10080396

I am rejecting this response because:

It is deplorable that a company which promised to save me money on my electric bill is charging nearly double ($0.1877 vs. $0.0964/KWH) the rate I would be charged if I had not switched.

Review: Verde promised a $75 rebate. My request was received by their rebate dept on 1/21/15. I was given this date per a phone call on 3/3/15 and again on 3/16/15 and 3/19/15. On 3/16, a callback from the Rebate dept was promised - never happened! On 3/19, I requested to speak with manager. The rep returned and told me her manager expedited my rebate and I would have it in a week. Today 4/2, I called and was told my rebate form was received 3/22 and takes 4-6 wkd to process. What happened to the file documentation of 1/21? Also told no expedite process for rebates. I asked to speak with a manager but they were all in a meeting (really?). Promised a callback but no surprise-didn't get one.Desired Settlement: $75 rebate as advertised



The following email was sent to the customer todayMs. [redacted],

Review: I initially contracted with Verde Energy, LLC for them to provide electricity to my office for six months because the advertised rates were lower than National Grid. I believed in their Internet advertising "Over 300,000 households and businesses pay lower electric bills with Verde Energy USA!" which was represented on their website [redacted]. For the first six months commencing February 2014, I did save money. However, after the first six months, without notice to me, they jacked the rates up to an egregious three times what the variable monthly rate would and should have been based on a recent survey of their competitor's prices. Currently, Verde Energy, LLC is charging me .2449 per kWh while the competition is only charging .08 to .10 per kWh for the same service. Even National Grid's rates are lower than Verde Energy, LLC. Verde Energy, LLC's undisclosed rate hike was three (3) times what their competitors were charging during the same period. When I discovered that my rates were unreasonably higher than necessary, I contacted Verde Energy, LLC and they said they were willing to offer me a variable rate of only .11 per kWh -- instead of the .2449 they were charging. However, that begs the question, "How long would Verde Energy, LLC have continued to over-charge me, if I had not called?" But, my real question to Verde Energy, LLC is: "Why wasn't I being charged a competitive variable rate at the expiration of my initial six month term?" Your company represents itself as "LowCostPower" and advertise how households and business pay lower electric bills. It's all bunk (i.e. absurd, ridiculous and nonsense). What I saved in six months, Verde Energy, LLC took back through their undisclosed price gouging during the following six months when I was excessively charged after the expiration of my six month introductory period. This is unscrupulous and deceptive marketing and underhanded and unethical conduct. Verde Energy, LLC could have charged me a competitive monthly variable rate but they chose to surreptitiously jack up the rates to absurdly high levels without notice.Desired Settlement: I would like to see a refund for the last six months service determined by the difference between what a competitive variable monthly rate should have been and what Verde Energy, LLC over-charged for both my residence and office.



emailed reply on 3/11/15:Dear [redacted]

Review: Verde Energy has been charging me DOUBLE and in some cases over DOUBLE the basic generation charges of my electric provider. The company promised to SAVE me money by switching to the basic electric generation and I was charged $576 during the month of November and $407 during the month of December 2014.

The [redacted] charges for the Months of Oct, Nov, and Dec 2014 is as follows




Verde is as follows:




My usage for Oct, Nov, and Dec in KWH




this is an overcharge for three months on just generation total $331.975

OCT $40.44

NOV $131.515


This is just a small synopsis of the overcharges I have been feeling in the past three months. I think that if I review every bill over the past 18 months that I have been a customer, I could discover a great deal of overbillings.Desired Settlement: Please remit the overbilled amounts for the past three months and make sure that I am not charged the priced gouged rates for January and February of 2014.



We sent the customer the following emailMs. [redacted],

Review: I switched to Verde Energy for a 3 month fixed rate. In my contract I was pledged that I would receive notice "not less than thirty days or more than sixty days before the expiration of the 3-month period" to inform me of my new rate. My contract rate for 3 months was $.0779/kWh. My contract period is ending on or about 1/23/15.

I received notice on 1/3/15 (dated 12/30/14) that my rate was $.0779/kWh and that the supplier by law cannot increase my rate by more than 25% without notifying me. The notice was confusing in that it said my current rate and my next billing cycle rate would be $.0779/kwh. As my meter read date is on or about the 20th to 23rd of the month, at the time the letter was issued and received I was already in the last billing cycle of the period. The indication that my "next" billing cycle would be $.0779/kWh was thus confusing.

I received notice on 1/5/15 (dated 1/1/15) that my rate would increase to $.1259/kWh. The rate was not identified as either a fixed or variable rate and there was no term identified for this rate.

I have contacted Verde Energy in regards to the rate change and the lack of proper notice. The response provided is that the holiday season must have delayed the notice. However, if notice was to be served properly it should have been drafted and sent BEFORE the holiday season started. Verde informed me that the rate they switched me to is a fixed rate for 1 year. The option that Verde provided me was to switch to their fixed rate for 4 months, which is $.1149/kWh, in case I am not able to switch my supplier in a timely fashion.Desired Settlement: I feel that given the lack of proper notice that Verde should be restricted in increasing my rate by more than 25% or a maximum of $.097375/kWh. I have engaged through the [redacted] website with a new supplier for a term of 23 months for a rate of $.09802/kWh starting on or about February 1, 2015. It is not guaranteed that I will be able to switch to this supplier given that the power company must approve the switch before my next billing cycle. Even if I am able to switch to the new supplier, I may have a period of approximately 10 days between the approximately 1/23 end of service and 2/1 start of service that I will have a higher rate than is fair and reasonable.

I have filed a complaint with [redacted] at the [redacted] regarding this issue as well.



We sent the customer the following email[redacted],I received a copy of your inquiry.

You should have received two notices in December, one indicating that

your initial 3 month fixed rate would end in late January and the second

a quarterly notice that CT requires us to send to all customers

regardless of their status.

Review: We have been a long time customer of Verde however in the last couple of month they have gradually been increasing my rate. You would think that you would be given the opportunity to renew your contract when it expires after 6 month, but no they want you to forget to do this so that they can put you on a variable rate and charge you astronomically high prices for your electric rate. Every other company I have research claims that they will notify you within 30 days of when your contract is about to expire and give you the option to renew. Why are companies allowed to price gouge? They also promised when we went with them that they would not be higher in price than PPL. PPL is currently at 0.08754 per kWh. Verde is charging me 0.172905 per kWh which is twice what the PPL rate is.Desired Settlement: I would like this year's bills reviewed and get a retrospective refund on the over charges that were charged to me this year.



We sent the customer the following email today

Ms. Taylor,

Review: I have never signed up with Verde Energy USA. I would like to see a signed contract, e-signature or recording that I approved Verde to be my electrical supplier. Since my bills always come in a [redacted] envelope I always thought it was a bill from them until the bills went through the roof. As I checked closer I found Verde Energy USA OVERCHARGING me for months. [redacted] generation and transmission charge is averaged at .0080, VERDE for same has gone from .1098 to .1563 for the last eight months. I have been doing online payments as [redacted] has been taking money out from my bank. Recently I have been getting paper bills mailed to me and I noticed VERDE in small print. I called and complained and they said they would correct, I also asked for signed contract, e-signature and verbal recording, I am still waiting. They sent me a check for $36.97...outrageous after overcharging me on average of $75.00 per month. I cancelled there service yet I still have them on my bill at the rate of .1099, [redacted] .0080. This is fraud. I expect VERDE to return all money owed to me or the PUC will be contacted as well as District Attorney Office.Desired Settlement: Verde advertises as a low cost electrical supplier, they are not. Till I receive signed contract, e-signature, verbal recording they have committed FRAUD. I expect full refund matching [redacted] charges for the last eight months.



We sent the customer the following email today


Review: I have been a customer of [redacted]ince Nov 1993. On Sept 3, 2011 I switched to [redacted] to save money, approx. 10%, for the generation of the electric portion of the electric bill, which I did until: Sept 6, 2012, when [redacted] went out of business. I was assigned to Verde Energy USA Sept 7, 2012 for the Electric generation costs. I was saving money with Verde Energy USA each month thru Oct 28, 2013 But starting with the monthly bill thru Nov 25, 2013, the Verde Energy USA was much higher then [redacted]:Thru Nov 25, 2013 [redacted] KWH rate: .1036 Verde KWH rate: .1209 this is a 16% increaseThru Dec 27, 2013 [redacted] KWH rate: .1024 Verde KWH rate: .1209 this is a 18% increaseThru Jan 24, 2014 [redacted] KWH rate: .1004 Verde KWH rate: .1288 this is a 28% increaseThru Feb 25, 2014 [redacted] KWH rate: .1008 Verde KWH rate: .1288 this is a 27% increaseThru Mar 28, 2014 [redacted] KWH rate: .0988 Verde KWH rate: .1877 this is an 89% increaseThru Apr 24, 2014 [redacted] KWH rate: .099 Verde KWH rate: .1877 this is an 89% increaseThru May 28, 2014 [redacted] KWH rate: .1017 Verde KWH rate: .1179 this is a 15% increaseI did not see these increases until early Apr 2014. I finally called Verde Energy USA customer service on Apr 28, 2014 and was told the Verde rate should have been: .1049 and I would be receiving a refund, which I did for: $161.66 but this amount only covered the one month thru April 24, 2014. But what about Nov 2013, Dec 2013, Jan 2014, Feb 2014, Mar 2014 & May 2014? There is some question about what type of rate I was assigned when I joined Verde Energy USA, Sept 7, 2012, but I think my rate was change to variable rate for the thru Nov 25, 2013 billing cycle. I was never informed of this rate change/increase either by mail or phone.Desired Settlement: I will use the .1049 KWH rateNov 25, 2013 1929 KWH used Verde charges $233.22 refund $30.87Dec 7, 2013 3541 KWH used Verde charges $428.11 refund $56.66Jan 24, 2014 3760 KWH used Verde charges $484.66 refund $90.24Feb 25, 2014 4327 KWH used Verde charges $557.75 refund $103.85Mar 26, 2014 3576 KWH used Verde charges $671.39 refund $296.27Apr 24, 2014 refundedMay 23, 2014 1145 KWH used Verde charges $135.00 refund $ 14.89 total refund $592.78



We sent the customer the following email today:

Mr. [redacted]

Review: Verde Energy USA charged 0.18774918 for supplying energy as a secondary supplier. JCP&L only charged 0.10289704 as a main supplier. Verde Energy was SUPPOSED to keep the cost of energy BELOW the cost of the main energy supplier. My energy cost from Verde Energy for the months of February and March totaled $617.51 The charges from JCP&L were only $126.53 for the same 2 months. Verde Energy DID NOT SAVE ME ANY MONEY they actually were charging DOUBLE the cost of my main energy provider. Verde Energy USA's business practices are very poor and their customer service is worse. I asked for a refund and was told that I would only receive $150.00I would NOT recommend anyone to use this company as their secondary energy carrier.Desired Settlement: I would like to be reimbursed from Verde at the rate of 0.10289704 for all of the months that they have been raping me for energy costs at the rate of 0.18774918 They charged me DOUBLE the amount of my main carrier JCP&L.A refund in the amount of AT LEAST $350.00 is due and even that is too low.



We sent the customer the following email today

Ms. Gates,

Review: I have made at least 5 call to Verde Energy since February, 2015 (last call today, May 21) regarding billing errors. When they called to sign me up, they promised a 6 month fixed rate for both gas and electric. The electric supply from Verde started in November (6 months ended at the end of April) and gas started in December (ends at the end of May).But the first month of billing for gas itself was more than the previously promised fixed rate. After 3 months of both gas and electric billing, the rates went up further. I am now paying almost twice for gas with them as I would be paying if I were getting the supply directly from [redacted]. I provided detailed information on these issues every time I called and was told during each call that the billing department would call me back in 5 business days. I am yet to hear back from the billing department. They refuse to put me through to the billing department directly to discuss the billing errors and refund.

Then today the customer service supervisor agreed that the billing should be at $0.1099/Kwh for electric and $0.3999/THERM for gas if I am within 6 months of my signing up with them, which obviously I am. But then they tried to cheat by saying that it is [redacted] who does the billing and they are the ones responsible for this. I called [redacted] and they told me that they only print the bill on the rates that Verde Energy gives them. I know that [redacted] is right because that is how third party supplies work. [redacted] has nothing to do with the actual supply rates being charged on the bill.

Due to all this mess, I called one more time in April to cancel both by gas and electric services with Verde, but till they drop the services (by June 02, 2015 they tell me), I am still being charged this gigantic rate of $0.1290/Kwh for electric and $0.8025/THERM for gas (as opposed to the promised rate of $0.1099/Kwh for electric and $0.3999/THERM for gas and confirmed by their customer service supervisor). I have the call recordings of the last 3 calls to prove the same.Desired Settlement: They need to refund/reimburse me for the additional amounts they've charged. I suppose they would not be able to adjust the bill in the coming months because I am not continuing with them.

So they must refund me the following amount by either check/cash card and adjust the gas rate to the promised $0.3999/THERM for the last month (May) before I get the bill in the first week of June.

Promised Contract rate:

Electric: $0.1099/Kwh

Gas: $0.3999/THERM

Actual billed:

December Gas: $64.23 @ $0.539/THERM. If correctly billed, total bill = $64.23 x 0.3999/0.539 = $47.6541. Refund due: $64.23 - $47.6541 = $16.5759


January Gas: $85.42 @ $0.539/THERM. Refund: $22.0444

February Gas: $104.88 @ $0.539/THERM. Refund: $27.0664

February Electric: $33.54 @ $0.129/Kwh. Refund: $4.966

March Gas: $91.75 @ $0.8025/THERM. Refund: $45.7207

March Electric: $28.64 @ $0.129/Kwh. Refund: $4.1405

April Gas: $45.87 @ $0.8025/THERM. Refund: $23.0122

April Electric: $21.03 @ $0.129/Kwh. Refund: $3.1137

Total refund from December till April:

Gas: $134.4196

Electric: $12.2202

Total Refund till April billing: $146.6398 + make sure the gas rate for this coming month of May billing is correctly applied @ $0.3999/THERM.

Thank you.



On 5/22/15, I spoke with customer on the phone at length. No refund due for electric, as he was paying a lower rate than our mass market fixed rate.Issued refund for difference in rate for gas for 2 billing cycles:

Review: I have verde energy as a supplier through [redacted] and I have benn trying to cancel for months,they tell me i'm cancelled then when I receive my bill from [redacted] verde charge is thereDesired Settlement: stop them from doing this



Replied directly to customer via email:Dear [redacted],

Review: To whom it may concern,My name is Howard Taylor Jr.141 Blue Mountain RoadSchuylkill Haven, Pa. 17972Phone ###-###-####My PP&L Bill acct number is [redacted] had the opportunity to sign on to your company expecting to be saving on some energy to my home.This past year I had been out of work, requiring several back surgeries.Then being put on social security disability - income $2,045 a month.Usually my winter electric bills were $425.00 at any highest level.January I received my Dec use statement and it was $544.05 ! Which I never paid that high before !Then I had noticed then that PP&L rate was $0.08754 per KWH, which when I signed with you , your rate was less than that.Your rate on this January's invoice was $0.104900.So then about 3 weeks ago I called to cancel with you and go back to PP&L !I expected to be changed that day.They told me the change would occur at the end of the billing cycle, probably another 3 weeks !Ironically when I get this month's bill for January's usage into February, the generation rate INCREASED to $0.164900 !All but double the rate of what PP&L CHARGES ! AND PP&L's RATE HAS NOT INCREASED !During this time I was actively using my fireplace to raise the heat in the home for the heat pump NOT TO RUN and lowered my thermostat setting !This feeding of the fireplace was a difficult task since I am recovering from the spinal surgery that I had just endured !As a result I see form the bill, I used 178 KWH LESS than the previous month ! THEN MY BILL COMES IN $221.95 HIGHER THAN LAST MONTH !The Bill Total was $766.00 !Pretty bad with an income of $2045 for the month ! This is ROBBERY !To charge people such high rates with NO NOTICE of this kind of increase !I had called your customer service, which I was on hold for 29 minutes until someone picked up !I didn't get the name of the person, but I told my story to them and they told me he would pass this information on and see if the managers could work on an adjustment of a lower rate for my situation.I asked him if I was going to hear back from someone and he told me to expect a call from someone from Verde !I am sitting at home waiting to hear from someone !I am expecting a call.I can use some help .Howard Taylor Jr.Desired Settlement: I would like to get a reasonable credit for electrical services with regard to my limited financial situations. This unannounced increase, especially and ironically just as I was cancelling with them is extremely unjust ! At least put things in line to what PP&L were charging for the same service instead of being charged twice the amount for electric generation !



Our customer support staff spoke with Mr. Taylor earlier today. His account was on a monthly variable rate which can increase based upon market conditions, and has increased based upon recent significant increases in energy supply costs. We are providing him with a $301.35 refund on his last bill as a goodwill gesture and he was very appreciative of this. The inquiry is resolved.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Howard Taylor Jr.

Review: I have been requesting a cancellation of my contract for the past 4 months, and over that time have spoken to numerous "supervisors" in their call center. Each time I've been told that the cancellation was put through and that it is being put through again. I never even asked for the no-show rebate, only to be released from their contract. These people are liars and scam artists, and I want no part of them. Thank you for your assistance.Desired Settlement: Release from contract and refund if applicable.



I have reviewed the customer record and entered a cancellation of their enrollment. Con Ed should make this effective at the end of the current bill cycle. I did not see any other cancellation request in the customer record. Verde has no cancellation fees of any type.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted]

Review: I switched from [redacted] to Verde about 2 1/2 years ago because of their more reasonable rates. The last 3 months, their rates have far surpassed [redacted] rates. Verde is about 6 or 7 cents per kilowatt higher. I would like to be compensated for these outrageous price increases these past months. I would like a refund ASAP. Is this something you could help me with,Desired Settlement: Compensation for these rate spikes.



We sent the customer the following email today:

Ms. [redacted],

Same here! Without any notification, their charge went to .21/kwh. I doubt that CL and P would get away with such an insane rate. Calling did nothing, but they suggested I sign up for another 6-month introductory rate of .10/kwh. Absurd. I do not recommend going with Verde, if you do, check your bill DILIGENTLY and once they start hiking up the rate, drop them ASAP.

I was shocked this month to see that my rate had more than tripled due to a "spike' in December from .07 to .16 and then January's "spike" went from .16 to .21!! So in 2 months, WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION my rate went from .06 cents/kwh to .21 cents/kwh, a more than triple the original rate!!! WITHOUT ANY NOTIFICATION!! Needless to say my bill increased by almost $100.30

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