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Wayne Mazda/Wayne Auto Mall Hyundai

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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
I would like to "thank" *** *** and *** *** (my apologies if I mispelled the name) for taking the time to look into & resolve my issues.The time they took is greatly appreciated and by doing so, they gave me the trust I needed to continue doing business with Wayne Mazda.I hope that their commitment to resolve client issues trickles down to the entire staff
*** ***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:First, I want to thank *** *** for taking time to address my concernsI appreciate that he
has acknowledged and is honoring the Maintenance agreement that was expressed to me by one of his employeesI also accept his apology and am grateful for his understanding.But, on the issue with the registration, if I had any doubt of what I conveyed to all parties involved, I would not have even brought forth the request for reimbursement of the difference between new plates and transferred platesThis is something I had asked for (transfer) as my daughter was very specific to that if she got a new car, she wants to keep her original plated from her 1st carAt no time, was this followed through, and instead I was issued the new plates.***, I apologize that I had to go through the to get my issues addressedAnd if I had not mentioned the transfer of plates, this would be a dead issueBut I was straight, direct and repetitive when discussing the platesWhat made it worse, the acknowledgments I received from your employees that it will be taken care of, and then notI am still requesting the reimbursement of the difference.I also thank you for the offer of $off the purchase of another vehicle, but ask that you think about thatAfter all I'm going through now, and still not being reimbursed for the plates, "would you buy another car from that dealer"?In conclusion, I again thank you for you time and acknowledgements, and hopefully when it is all resolved to my satisfaction, we can move beyond thisSincerely, *** ***
*** ***

Please be advised a letter has been sent to [redacted]  I will respond in greater detail once he has received the correspondence.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:They never offered me a good deal on a used car.  They didn't offer me anything and didn't return my phone calls.  They just want to make this problem go away.

Upon reviewing all documents from 2013 the customer agreed upon the purchase price including the down payment.  The customer was not defrauded in any way.

Please see the attached hard copy of repair order with the customer's signature authorizing the repairs.  In speaking with the Service Director and Service Advisor, the Advisor did not say he made a mistake.  However he did discount the repair as a...

goodwill gesture for the customer.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am...

rejecting this response because:I spoke to a lawyer and the frames are my own personal property and not something you are free to remove from the car I own! I spoke with Hyundai headquarters and was told that was not a practice that any dealership is authorized to perform. Just because all the dealership you have been in does it ,doesn't make it right! So I have a frame that advertises my business can I remove your frame andreplace it with mine?You should be receiving an internal memo from ,Hyundai stating that practice should be stopped!

Please be advised the refund checks have been processed and mailed today.

Hi [redacted], This is to advise you that the above matter has been resolved and payment was received today,Thank You[redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to...

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: The evaluation was given but I did not agree to the brakes being repaired. Furthermore, if it was agreed upon, why would it be necessary to discount the original amount. It was discounted because they admitted to the mistake.

Please refer to my original response.  The offer was made to replace the plates and the customer declined.

Please refer to the original response.  The pictures clearly show the damage is old, not recent as would be the case if we damaged it.  We also would never use duct tape to repair body damage as we have our own body shop.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response.  If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. I have received the check referenced by the business. 

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The business transaction had two components.Part A:Wayne Hyundai was supposed to use the $697 I borrowed from Hyundai Finance to pay off my auto lease. I want to clarify, 1)  Wayne Hyundai did not use these proceeds to pay off the auto lease as they agreed to do, 2) I borrowed the $697 from Hyundai Finance, 3) I owe the $697 to Hyundai Finance. Part B:A separate component of the transaction consisted of Wayne Hyundai's agreement to reimburse me for 50% of the $697, or $348.50. Although this part of the transaction is in no way connected to Part A above, I believe Wayne Hyundai set up this convoluted financial scam wherein they are trying to call the proceeds I borrowed from Hyundai Finance a reimbursement. It is astounding to me that Wayne Hyundai has resorted to deception to keep an additional $348.50 on this transaction. They have lost any future business from me or my potential referrals. I have never dealt with a more dishonorable dealership.
[redacted] [redacted]

[redacted] Hyundai lease contract was signed on 1/29/2013; when the vehicle is returned to the retailer it is grounded then sent to Hyundai.  A final inspection is completed and the customer receives the report itemizing any charges.  Before the lease is due to be terminated the...

customer receives a lease termination kit; the kit states that acceptable wear and use includes scratches less than 2", dings and dents less than 1", window chips less than 1/2", paint chips less than 1/4" and tire tread more than 1/8" from the lowest point.  the physical damage to [redacted] vehicle exceeded these limits as there was a scratch that was larger than 4".  The customer is responsible for this bill as the parameters for acceptable wear were itemized not only on the original signed contract but in the lease return kit that was sent to the customer.

Attached please find the supporting documentation requested.  All personal information has been redacted from the applications for privacy purposes and compliance.

Please be advised [redacted] is being issued a refund for the difference between the registration transfer and the new plates that were issued in error.   ?

Please be advised replacing plate frames on vehicles that come in for service is standard operating procedure at dealerships.  We offered to call the original selling dealership and have their plate frames sent up but [redacted] declined the offer.

Please be advised a check in the amount of $54.51 was issued and mailed today.  I sincerely apologize to [redacted] for the length of time it took to process his refund.  It is our policy to issue refunds promptly and is not acceptable that this refund was not handled in the...

proper manner.

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Description: Auto Dealers - New Cars

Address: 1244 State Route 23, Wayne, New Jersey, United States, 07470


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