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Williamsbridge Amoco Service Center

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Event was cancelled with no notice & no refund
I signed up for a Harry Potter themed 5K race event that was to be held in Conyers, GA on 10/28/I purchased my ticket on 08/26/& an additional ticket for my sister on 04/07/The company has since cancelled all events without prior notice & is not issuing any refundsI have tried to find an email, phone #, or other means of contact, but I am unable to even contact them regarding the issueThey have ceased all operations & refuse to acknowledge customers

I paid to participate in a 'muddy mortal' or 'muddy muggle' run and the even was canceled
On 12/16/paid to participate in the 'muddy mortal' event in IL and the event has now been canceledIt seems that the event was never actually going to happen because all of those leading up to this one have been canceled with no refunds given

I purchased tickets for a total for $and I am not being refunded
On 9/23/I purchased tickets totaling $for the Muddy MortalOn 7/2/I was notified by email that the event was cancelled and a link provided to file a claim for a refundI filed my refund claim the next day, 7/3/and received an email confirmation for my claimOn 10/4/I was notified by Muddy Mortal that they are unable to provided me with my refund due to their financial situation

The event never took place as promised and refunds were refused
I purchased my $80s worth of tickets in April for the Muddy Mortal event run by Fitgeek Events LLCMy event was scheduled for May 19th in Dallas,TXThe week before the event, we received an email stating that the event was rescheduled for October After the rescheduled, I researched and had discovered no events have taken place and events were rescheduled all over the countryThis week though the website and events had been removed and they have claimed bankruptcy and will not be able to refund anyoneShe just took everyones money and never put on an event

I am extremely disappointed that Jamie Guined and company cancelled all events related to the Muddy Mortal and filed for bankruptcy without informing any of the thousands of individuals that signed up for their 5K festivals around the countryAs a paying participant, They defrauded their participants, and it sickens me that these people would stoop to the level of praying off of people's love of Harry PotterGuined has not responded to any attempts to contact herAfter investigation by some participants in the event, it was found that several individuals running and organizing this race are known for scams of their ownI have nothing good to say about any of Guined's companies and will be filing a complaint asap

Entered the Muddy Muggle race which was a Harry Potter themed mud runHowever, it was just a huge scam, stealing money from thousands of people who registeredTerrible and they need to be brought to justice

FitGeek Events sold tickets for races incities across the country that did not (will not) occur
On 10/3/I paid $to register my family of four for the Denver location of an obstacle course race titled "Muddy Muggle" (later renamed "Muddy Mortal") The last correspondence I received from the company was on 6/30/- an email that stated there would be more information forthcoming about packet pick up for the race, signing up for a wave, and other pertinent information I never received anything, so over the last several weeks I attempted to contact them multiple times through email and Facebook messengerThen I contacted the venue, and the owner of the venue stated that the payment from FitGeek was overdue and unpaidI googled and learned that the four cities that had events scheduled before Denver did not have this event take place Over the past several days, many people on Facebook and Twitter are posting that they have received no informationThis is a scam**

Muddy Muggel/ muddy mortal 5k race so cal July 14th owner failed to host event
On 3/21/I signecmy self and my significant other jesse up for a 5k race called muddy muggle that later changed to muddy mortal I spent on entertainment fee to later find out the owner of fitgeek events *** never secured the venue in TemeculaAround the end of may fitgeek released a form to fill out if you wanted a refund I submitted my refund on may 31st and I have failed to receive a refund
The owner has since shut down the website and FB pages related to the muddy muggle/ muddy mortal races

Paid $with my application to be a vendor for the Muddy Mortals in SeattleEmailed several times regarding info about event and refund without res

The company denied it was going to cancel the *** *** mud run event in Southern Cali when I reached out to themthen they cancelled w/no refund
"Event owner *** *** launched FitGeek Events Muddy Mortal in late and began advertising their events in several citiesEach location event promised a weekend of activity including an obstacle race, costume contest, and several other Harry Potter themed The first Muddy Mortals were to take place this spring/summer in Dallas, Seattle, Temecula, and FlagstaffEach event location was "postponed" by the event organizers for a variety of reasons."
My friend and I purchased tickets back in December and were super excited for the mud runThe event was called Muddy Muggle and later changed to Muddy MortalIn June we stared hearing rumors about the Dallas event being cancelled and so I personal researched out several times in ** messenger and was informed that the event was not cancelled and that those were rumors being

I purchased a ticket for Muddy Mortal on Aug 21, The event was cancelled and I have not received my full refund of $
I purchased my ticket for Muddy Mortal (was originally called Muddy Muggle) race on August 21, for $ The event was to be held in Seattle, WA in June The event was cancelled and a refund option was offered to be fulfilled within days of event date I have not received a refund and am in belief that this is a scam I want my money returned to me

Fitgeek promoted and collected revenue on eventsZero events were delivered as promisedFitgeek closed and offered no refunds
On Dec 24, I purchased 2x $tickets to an event being promised Sept 8-in Virginia using a Visa credit cardFitgeek failed to provide the first nationwide events of and without any correspondence cancelled my event and the remaining seven events the first week of August Fitgeek recently changed their refund policy to "No refunds"I was unable to contact Fitgeek despite reaching out to different company email accounts and the company phone #Fitgeek has since released a statement through Facebook claiming they cant repay anyone and must file bankruptcyThey have removed all other online posts/pagesI have since read online that the CEO *** *** has promoted/raised revenue/cancelled similar events in the past

Defrauded large groups of people across the country with fake Harry Potter themed tough mudder race
This article explains what happened

Event that I paid for was cancelled without notice and no refund issued
Purchased ticket May 3,for $for event in All events have been cancelled without notice and refuse to give us refundsSaid they are filing for bankruptcy and won't be issuing refundsNeed my money back

I signed up for their Muddy Mortal 5k event for Colorado December and their race is on August 12th They sent emails a few months back saying that they would send out information on the race times and more general information about race dayHowever this information was never sent and trying reach them is impossibleTheir facebook page no longer has an comments/discussions and I am unable to add in a comment unless they first approve itI also tried to email them but have heard no responseFrom doing a google search about the event I can see other people have the same experience

Company sold tickets to the Muddy Mortal race They kept all money, giving no returns, and not following through with any of the events
I signed up for the "Muddy Muggle" on October 25, for a total of $ Shortly after, the name got changed to the "Muddy Mortal" because the company never even got permission to use any vocabulary words to do with Harry Potter I received an email on July 1st saying to look for another email closer to the event The event in Denver was to take place on August 11- No one has received any emails The venue was called and they said they have not paid them and they have no information whether it was taking place This company has turned off commenting and will not respond to emails They have canceled all of their events thus far without a single refund to anyone They have scammed everyone who has signed up out of their money

I would like to receive my $refund for the tickets I paid for to attend the event that has since been unexpectedly cancelled
On December 26th, I purchased entry tickets to the "Muddy Mortal Obstacle Race" that was originally supposed to occur on June 16th, On June 6th, the organization that was putting on this obstacle race, Fitgeek Events LLC., sent out an email saying the event was postponed as they were unable to secure a venueThey offered a link in the email to submit a request for a refund or they said you wait until the obstacle race was rescheduled between July-October, We decided to wait to request a refund to see what might occur with the eventOn June 30th, 2017, the organization sent out an update email saying the event was rescheduled for the weekend of September 30th, (see printed email)No other communications were sent out in July and we decided we wanted to get a refundOn July 28th, I went to the link they provided in the

To date, FitGeek Events, LLC d/b/a Muddy Mortal has not held one of their promised events and yet they are still collecting moneyThey wait until days before the event is to be held before announcing that there is 'some issue' and they need to postponeAfter the first event was postponed, they changed their policy to "NO REFUNDS"
Product_Or_Service: entry to a Mud Obstacle Course Race
Order_Number: XXXXXXXX

Jamie Guined and her company FitGeeks, LLC used the Harry Potter fan base to completely scam thousands of people into purchasing mud run and magical experience tickets for her Muddy Mortal runs set to take place in multiple cities across the US and CanadaAll events were postponed and eventually cancelled with zero notice and no refundsThis business does not operate on ethical business practices and I have already filed a very detailed complaint with the Revdex.comDo NOT recommend anyone do business with them

FitFeeks Events, LLC event Muddy Mortal was a complete scam and stole everyone's money
I purchased tickets for the event Muddy Mortal, the event was then postponed and a new date was givenThey said they would give refunds and when I tried to get a refund, they said it could take up to daysThey are now saying the event will never happen and there will not be any refundsThey have deactivated their email and deleted any form of communicationThere were tons of events that were supposed to happen and none of them didComplete SCAM

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