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Refund needed,company no longer exist No contact info
Fitgeek Events was responsible for setting up a race we signed up for Dec -Muddy Mortal in orlando Me and husband paid $thru my bank on 12/19/ As of 8/9/the company cancelled all there events and no further details nor plan to refund My bank refuse to help due to time relapse This company needs to stop and do the right thing

Company had advertised for a Muddy Mortal 5K weekend event, held no events and then abruptly cancelled and refuse to refund the money people have paid
It is my opinion that this was a scam from the beginning and the owner defrauded hundreds if not thousands of people and never had any intention of holding an event There is a face book page in which people have provided documentation showing she did not have vendors paid, events actually scheduled but continued to collect money from people for over a year She did not stop until early August and initially said the company was filing bankrupty, however now the website now says they are in voluntary dissolutionShe needs to be held accountable by having a bad rating and many of us have also filed complaints with the Georgia Attorney General's office and would like to see her prosecuted

FitGeek failed to follow through with the event I signed up for or the refund promised
I signed up for the Seattle Muddy Mortal event on 08/29/ I received an email on July 11, saying the date of the event had changed and if I wanted a refund all I had to do is fill out a form and submit to them by July 26, I submitted the refund request on July 11, and still have not received my refund and have since found out they have removed their website and Facebook page

The owner, Jamie Guined, closed the business with no notice and cancelled all events with little explanation and without the opportunity for refund
FitGeek LLC was the event planning business behind the Muddy Mortal 5k mudrun raceIn October, I paid for two ticket packages to attend once of the Muddy Mortal events, the one to be held in Chesapeake, VAOver time, little updates were given about the events (multiple Muddy Mortal events were to happen around the US); the only updates we received were constant packages and perks that could be purchasedAs the time for the first race neared, participants in that event did not get any updates about details of the date and attempted to contact the owner/organizer, Jamie Guined by Facebook, Twitter, and email but received no informationThey then attempted to get in touch with the event locations as listed on their tickets or event invitationsWhen they did this, they learned that either the event was not schedule or that final payments had not been made by the owner and the event locations had been unable to reserve the place for the event
In the few weeks that followed, FitGeek LLC cancelled the early Muddy Mortal events and told participants they were being delayed but provided no details about when and where they would be rescheduledDuring this time, they changed their website to say that no refunds would be provided under any circumstancesThen on 8/7/or 8/8/2017, FitGeek LLC/Jamie Guined/Muddy Mortal deleted all the events on Facebook and, deleted all of their social media accounts, and posted a message that they had to cancel, would be filing for bankruptcy, and would give no more refundsSince that time, the company has been unreachable for questions through any means and to date, no bankruptcy appears to have been filedI attempted to email the owner at the email address I was given on my event ticket and another I found through internet researchI have not received a response
Many participants across the country have come together on social media to share their experiences; like mine, those experiences are badA number of the owners at the locations where the Muddy Mortal events were to take place have also come forward on facebook, their websites, and on local news stories to say they were not affiliated with FitGeek LLC or Jamie Guined and that they either never got payment or never got more than a deposit from the owner and as such were unable to provide the agreed upon location
The fact that the owners/organizers of the event never made additional payments on their locations, have not provided any customer service as all of this has happened, and have removed all internet and social media presence, and have deleted their email accounts speaks to a scam that was potentially planned for the beginning or has been planned for a while
Me and many other participants are out a lot of money now due to the actions of this company and its owner.I am pursuing a corrective action/resolution with my bank since I made the original payment with my bank's debit cardI seek no resolution through the, I only want to inform the and any other people who might come in contact with this company, FitGeek LLC, and it's owner, Jamie Guined, at any future date

Bought tickets for Muddy Mortal, event cancelled and filed a refund formNow owner claims she can't refund us our money
We purchased tickets June for event on July 2017, Transaction ID: ***, Order Number: XXXXXXXX, total of USDUsed credit card to make paymentOur printable tickets were emailed to us from ***
Event was rescheduled on July 2017, email from ***@eventbee.comOption to file for refund, in which we didRefund form filled out July on a google formReceived an email on July from *** stating we have to wait up to days for refundThere was no number attached, no way to contactToday August 9, we found out that the owner cancelled the event, claimed bankruptcy and stated that she could no longer honor the refunds because the money was spent (all stated on She then proceeded to delete the Facebook page that contained all forms of communicationAuthorities are l

Muddy Mortal cancelled no warning
Back in December I signed up for the Muddy Mortal 5k and festivalI paid $for my pass and did so during a giveaway to get a free wandI have received no wand and now everything is cancelledTransaction ID: ***, Order Number: XXXXXXXX

I bought tickets for this fun run and heard on tv that this company is a scam
I ordered tickets with fit geeks llc on 4-23-I was charged on my sound cred union credit card on 4-24-My reservation number is *** XXXXXXXXThe phone number X-XXX-XXX-XXXX is no longer acticei have emailed them at *** with no responseI also contacted eventbee at *** with no response.This fun run was scheduled for june XXXXthe other email I have is but that site now says it's not activeI have contacted my bank and canceled my credit cardHopefully you can help me

Organizer canceled the "Muddy Mortal" 5K obstacle courseNo emails were sentA notice was put on the website
On November 13, 2016, I purchased tickets for the Muddy Mortal Denver(Muggle) 5K Obstacle Race, to be held Aug12, I had not received communication about race events/details since June 30, I emailed the organizer at both available emails (***; *** Both emails were returned due to non-existent accountI then tried to put a message on the event's facebook page, and found the page was down I had purchased tickets, one for a racer, and for spectatorsThe total cost was $I used my debit card, and am currently in the process of filing a merchant dispute with the bank
My order number for the event was ***
#XXXXXXXX The main reason I purchased so far ahead was that the website claimed that the races sold out quickly due to immense popularity, which I now believe to be a lieSince trying to contact the

Company cancelled services ("Muddy Mortal" mud run event) that were already paid for, did not notify me, and is not issuing refunds
I registered for the Muddy Mortal, a Harry Potter themed mud run event to be held in Atlanta, GA on October 28, I registered and paid for this through eventbee (charged to my *** card) on September 27, The charge was $plus in processing fees for a total of $ This was for two adult and one child participants Transaction ID: *** Order Number: *** Over the following nine months I periodically received emails from FitGeek Events about the event, with no indication that it would not take place The most recent email I received from them was dated June 30, via*** regarding some basic information about the event and informing me that I would be receiving more information via email shortly Today I learned through word of mouth that all of the Muddy Mortal events had been cancelled

Company promised to hold a mud-run style event in the tri-state area, collected money from consumers to do so, and then did not hold the event
Myself and friends signed up for a mud-run style event through this company to be held in the tri-state areaWe paid and received confirmation of the payment on September 23rd of Since then, there has been no indication made by the company that this event will be run, and so I requested a refundThe company has now shuttered all associated social media pages and websites and refuses to issue refunds or hold the event as outlined

Company advertised a charity run, they changed their cancellation policy after I bought my ticket then cancelled the event and refused any refunds
FitGeek LLC was supposed to be hosting a mudder called the Muddy Mortal in several locations around the countryI bought a ticket for the Tri-State location for $A few weeks after I bought my ticket they changed the refund policy on their website to state that they would no longer give refunds in case of cancellationNot long after that the first two events on the west coast were both cancelledI contacted the company about the event I was going to attend and they claimed it was still onI requested a refund anywayI never heard backThe event is now cancelled and they have cut all communication except a not on their website stating that they will not be returning any money

I purchased tickets to a Muddy Muggle Event in Seattle which was cancelled, and was promised a refund which I have not received
I purchased tickets to a Muddy Muggle Event in Seattle on August 24th, The event was to take place on June 16th - June 18th, I purchased a Prefect Pass using my credit card, which cost $ The Transaction ID is: *** Order Number is: XXXXXXXX The event manager was FitGeek Events, LLC Their contact information is *** Phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX I received an email on May 27th, that due to an internal personnel issue, the managers of the event suffered a setback, and that the original venue was not secured for the Seattle event On May 3th, I received another email stating that they organizers were still securing a venue for the event It was also stated in the email that if you preferred a refund, you could submit a refund form at the following link: *** I

I paid to enter a race and the company cancelled all of the events and refused to give refunds
In the Muddy Mortal race was being advertised on Facebook as a Harry Potter themed obstacle course and weekend festivalI purchased a ticket for the event and waited to receive more information on an actual locationAs the time came near for my event, I noticed that they were cancelling events around the country and then deleting all Facebook posts and commentsI wrote them via their website (the only way I had to communicate with them) asking for a location for my race, as the date was approaching, to no responseTwo days ago I discovered that they had cancelled all remaining events and posted on their website that they were filing for bankruptcyI never received any communication from this business about the state of my race
In discovering from outside sources that my race was cancelled I also discovered that after I purchased my ticket they changed their policies to a 'no

Services where never deliver for Muddy Mortal EventEvent was cancelled without notificationNo refunds givenOrganizers refused to respond
Vendor fee purchase JULY
Amount: $paid with debit card
Contact: *** ***, VicePresident (***, *** ***, President (***
Event date: 11-Aug at Denver,CO

Race canceledI was not notified of the cancelation and the webpage reports that they are no longer giving refunds
On 9/9/I purchased "Prefect Pass" Tickets for $each, totaling $for the Muddy Muggle 5k (later changed to Muddy Mortal)On July 2, I received an email saying the event was postponed and I could get a refund or participate in the race in the FallI did not ask for a refund and waited for an email updating the race datesI received no further communication and found out on earlier in September of that the whole thing was canceled and they were no longer providing refunds
Transaction ID: ***
Order Number: XXXXXXXX

Jamie Guined/FitGeek Events LLC, advertised Harry Potter themed obstacle course races/festivals across the country & here in Denver None took place
My son and I signed up for the Muddy Mortal 5k race & festival entrance as well as the Mini Mortals Inflatables race & festival entrance to take place in Denver 8/11-8/13/Our cost was $We ordered the tickets & received a confirmation email through event bee on 3/31/Transaction # *** Order number XXXXXXXThe payment was processed via my credit card company on 4/3/I received another email from Muddy Mortal on 6/30/about location (Colorado Off Road Extreme Park) and race packet pick-up After not receiving additional emails about the race I went to the Muddy Mortals Facebook page and event pageIt became clear that none of the events around the country had taken placeJamie Guined, owner, had many excusesShe claimed that races were postponed not canceled but no further information was givenShe changed her refund policy and deleted Facebook posts that pointed out the events were a scamThe Muddy Mortal website now says that they were "forced to cease all operations" and "are unable to provide any further refunds" It appears that this is not isolated to the Denver event but to all the other events as wellThe following article has additional details She has scammed thousands of people around the country and it appears this is not her first timeThere were issues in the past with her LoziluMy back was able to refund me the money but countless others have just been ripped off my Jamie GuinedJamie Guined needs to be stopped ripping people offIt appears that she has had other shady dealing in the past and is a con artistI would like others not to be ripped off like so many were in this situationThis person has been able to scam people in the past and is able to continue taking money from peopleIt would be nice if she was stopped

I purchased race tickets for this event in Seattle area for me and my familyThey have yet to issue refunds after cancelling event
I purchased tickets for me and my family for the event in the Seattle areaWe also purchased plane tickets and lodgingThe company informed us at the last minute that they were canceling the event and we could ask for a refundI sent in the forms for the refund in July of I have not received my refund and decided to try and contact them to no availThen I noticed the message on their websiteThis should not be allowedI was defrauded out of dollars as well as the loss in plane tickets and lodging

Paid for participation in event called Muddy Muggler (aka Muddy Mortal) Event was cancelled and no refund was issued
The purchase I made was for an entry into a race known as the "Muddy Muggler" (event owned by FitGeek Events, LLC) which was to be held, originally in Dallas in May, I purchased my entry in November so as to save money for early entry!!! Shortly after sending in my money the race event's name was changed to Muddy Mortal because of a name infringement
In April I was notified that the race had to be "postponed" and would take place the first weekend in October,
At the end of September I still had not received my confirmation/starting time for the race I then attempted to contact the race operators to no avail I could not get them to answer any emails and could not find a working phone number for them As the weekend approached I tried to find information out only to see that social media had finally answered my question - no race, no one was fi

I signed up for Muddy Mortal in Chesapeake, VA and received no notice of it being cancelledPer their website, I will not get a refund
I signed up for the Muddy Mortal obstacle race that was to take place in Chesapeake, VA the weekend of September 9thI asked my friend to sign up, and when she went to the Muddy Mortal site it said, "It is with deep sadness and regret that we are forced to cease all operations, effective immediatelyWe were unable to financially recover after several setbacks, and have been unsuccessful in securing the funding necessary to continue operationsWe have exhausted every avenue available to us, but to no availAll current and future events are cancelledDue to our financial situation, we have proceeded with voluntary corporate dissolution, and are unable to provide any further refunds beyond what we have already providedWe sincerely appreciate the support of those who believed in us up until the very endWe tried to hold our heads high and push fo

Event I paid for was cancelled without knowledge
Purchased entry tickets to Seattle muddle mortal on February 27th in the amount of Raceway to take place in June Was postponed to suppose venue issues to Sept 30thI just went to confirm the dates and saw mass threads of cancellation of event and it being a fraud caseSent email to see if I would get a refundTried to use the link given for refunds but no such link exists so emailed directly to the email that I received event information from .calling bank tomorrow

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