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Really friendly people on the phone when I called up to inquire about their mattressesHappy that I did too, because since I have received my astrabeds bed I have been sleeping like a babyI know it sounds cliche, but I am just so satisfied with the company, their eco friendly product, and their awesome service

I am a single mom and don't get a whole lot of sleep, but I think that was effecting greatlyI went out and found Astrabeds and am extremely happy that I didWhenever I am able to get to my bed I find myself sleeping much better than I have in the pastIt is also all natural eco friendly material which is very important to meI love my new mattress and want the world to know!

Their website is always offering great dealsAfter waiting around and checking out what they had to offer, I went for the Prodigy mattressGot a great deal and customer service was awesomeI think they are a great company and I love my new mattress

Perfect bedsThe adjustable features are the reason I went in on astrabeds, and my sleep habits have been the beneficiary of this bed's awesomenessI purchased and recommend the Essential Bed PackageGreat stuff

Happy with my new astrabeds mattressWorth making the call to them and figuring out which mattress was best for meIf you are looking into them their staff can definitely help out

The full package when it comes to purchasing a mattressAdjustable, comfortable, economic, eco friendlyWhat else is there to say? out of

Certainly one of the best mattresses I have ever slept onExcited to say that latex isn't just a hot thing, but the top of the mattress world right nowFound out about astrabeds through a forum and haven't looked backGreat nights sleep, comfortable in other occasions as well

The organic cotton cover I put on with the SomonaBed has made all the differenceSuch a relief for my sleep and my backI like the design a lotThere aren't many organic latex mattress brands out there, but I definitely recommend these guys

Well I must say, I was hesitant at first when thinking about latex mattressesThe only reason I really went with astrabeds is because they offered a trial period with their mattressesHowever, I have decided to continue my trial and purchase the mattressThe [redacted] is comfortable, and is made up of all natural materialsMy sleep has improved and I am extremely satisfied with the company and its product

Astrabeds has provided some great comfort and support for me over the course of the past couple monthsI received a trial run, after which I was so happy with the mattress that I just kept it and paid for it! Such sweet relief to know that I made the right choice of mattress this time around

Reading endless blogs and forums on mattresses is probably one of the most annoying things to do since there are so many different opinions out thereNot to mention everyone's preference is differentI was really looking for a trial run on a latex mattress, not a "lay down on it at the store" type trial runAstrabeds offered just that and I must say that I was very impressedSo much so that I purchased the HarmonyBedGreat quality and comfortExcited that this will be my new mattress

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response If you wish, you may update it before sending it.] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

The best purchase I have made in yearsEvery couple of weeks or so I have noticed pain in my backWhen I got the Astrabeds mattress it was more for its environmental properties but also I had heard good thingsGodsend this mattress wasIf you don’t want to take my word for it they have a trial version

In the past couple of years I have had on and off back problemsI knew the mattress type I was using wasn't going to cut it so I had to go in a different directionI liked the idea behind latex mattress, and after looking through many reviews on different sites I decided to try out AstrabedsVery happy that I did, love the new mattress

Incredibly and absolutely comfortable mattressQuality is superbCustomization is key to why I bought this bedAstrabeds is the best latex mattress I have come across in my years of searching for the right mattress

Very good customer service, and prompt deliveryOrdered my bed a couple weeks ago and ever since receiving it I have been sleeping like a childLatex is the way to goAstrabeds have done a fine job providing me a high quality mattress and I will be recommending them moving forward

Over the past couple years I have realized my health is pretty directly related to my sleep quality, especially when it comes to my backI pulled a muscle about a year ago and it continued to nag meI decided to get a new mattress to see if it helped but I didn't want to invest too muchI went with the trial period with Astrabeds and was amazed at the difference it made with my back and in turn my overall health have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.1) The seller implies that I am somehow in this to get money from themThat is untrue and a not very worthy suggestionIf I can afford to pay $2,for a bed, surely I wouldn't go through all this aggravation for a few hundred dollars? The response also presents me as inflexible on a specific discountI never fixed specifically on any specific amount as an acceptable solution for the poor service I put up with--and I never rejected any other offer , except a very paltry one of "some pillows"The seller asked me by phone what I thought was fairHe had offered me two pillows, and I did not think that was an equitable suggestion for all I had put up withHe then asked me what I thought was fairI suggested $as a small gesture of goodwill, but never said I would not accept any other solution [redacted] , whom I spoke with, stated after getting off the phone for a moment that "I've been told all I can offer you is sheets or a pillow from the web site." That is the only offer he ever madeI told him I have sheets and pillows, and didn't think that this was adequateThe response keeps saying they have "done everything they can." Well, besides demanding photos of the second, defective mattress cover, which I do not have the technology to send electronically, I really am not aware of what else they have done to make up for their shortcomingsThe response states that the calls I made that went unanswered were not made during their business hoursI flatly deny thisWhile it's possible one call was made outside their business hours, I was very careful generally to call during their mountain time zone hours on a SatIn addition, the response does not address subsequent calls I made that went unanswered, forcing me to leave messages and then be called back which interrupted my day and appointments, sometimes not until the next dayIf a business states they are open certain hours, and conducts business primarily by phone and web, barring some kind of emergency I do not understand why they do not have someone answering phones regularly or at least calling people back promptlyThe response does not address my repeated statements that [redacted] , their employee and my first contact with the company, was rude and sarcastic to me on the phoneIt does not apologize for his tone or his words; the company has never acknowledged his behaviorThey only state things like "we always strive to provide good customer service." Well, they fell down in this regard and are treating me as a liarIs this good customer service?The response does not acknowledge the fact that the company gave out my name and personal information to one of their contractors, a designer, without getting my permission or even notifying meI received a call from a strange number and a stranger was suddenly asking questions about the mattress coverHe also was condescending on the phone, asking me questions like "I guess you know what I mean when I say things got messed up at the factory?" I had to actually tell him that yes, I knew what a factory wasHe also asked me several times "And the zipper was working when you got it right?" which did not really seem relevant given that the zipper on both mattress covers broke within a few minutes when I started trying to assemble the mattress (put the layers in the mattress cover)The company keeps demanding I send them photos of the problemEven if I could send photos--say if I borrowed someone's digital camera--I would have to undo all the work a friend of mine and I put into making the layers fit into the mattress cover and then tape it shut (it would not stay zipped)The "solution" offered by the company (getting the photos) would require more time, energy and labor for me, including borrowing someone's smartphone or digital camera, getting a friend to help me untape the cover so as to show how the zipper, which goes almost all the way around the cover, split and brokeI told the seller I don't have the time, energy, or help I need to go through yet another, third, exhausting assembly process if they sent me a third mattress coverThat is why I don't think sending me another mattress cover of the same quality and design--which has twice broken as I've tried placing the foam rubber layers inside it--is a good or adequate responseIt would end up inconveniencing me more and being yet another problemI doubt they would redesign the mattress cover before sending another oneThe response does not acknowledge a mistake the factory made before shipping me the latex layers and mattress cover, which doubled the amount of time and labor I had to contend with: the directions on the website specify that two layers would come already in the mattress cover, so I would only have to insert twoAccording to a call with [redacted] , the factory made a mistake and put two of the layers in the wrong order so I had to take those out and then reassemble insert all four layersMaybe if I hadn't had to do that, the zippers wouldn't keep breakingAfter all, I have never handled this stuff before; I've tried to be as careful and ginger as I can but I certainly received no guidance or advice from the website or staff on how to actually get the layers in there8.The response makes a point that the seller "discovered" that I gave them bad reviews on websitesI honestly reported my experiences with them, and I don't see why I shouldn'tMany people review their experiences with different businessesI don't want other people to go through what I have.Basically, my point is that a reputable seller, when a customer, say in a store, points out that a product they want to buy has some damage to it, will usually discount the itemI don't see why the same shouldn't apply here though it is after the factEven a token amount and a written apology would be better than the seller sending another mattress cover, a third one, which most likely would break again.Regards, [redacted]

I am not a good sleeper in all honestyI would find myself experiencing a lot of pain from sleeping on my old mattressWhen I found Astrabeds, I went with the trial and wow, I didn’t even realize the difference a mattress would make!

I started out with Astrabeds on their website and saw a button that said "chat with a specialist"I clicked on it and started chatting with one of their employees asking them about their bedsAfter getting a lot of good info from their team and thinking it over for a bit I went in and just purchased the Serenity bedWhat a wonderful purchaseI am so happy to be sleeping on a great latex mattress now and would advise anyone that is looking into this mattress to chat with them in order to get the right mattress for you

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