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BMW Of North America LLC., Customer Relations Dept.

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Tell us why here... From: [redacted], ([redacted] Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 11:04 AM To: [redacted]> Subject: RE: case# Dr. [redacted]/case# [redacted] Good Morning [redacted]: After leaving an initial voice mail on 2-19-16, I...

called again and was able to speak with Dr. [redacted] this morning. She provided me with the needed VIN ([redacted])  mileage (105,046)  and dealership information. She has agreed to send me a copy of the written estimate from [redacted] BMW required to complete the repairs on her 2011 X5 BMW. Once I receive the written estimate, we can review the possibility of goodwill assistance with the repair. Kind regards, [redacted] --------------------------------------------------------- BMW of North America, LLC [redacted] Executive Customer Care Customer Relations and Services [redacted] NJ 07675-1227 Tel:      ###-###-#### Fax:     [redacted] E-mail: [redacted] Web:    [redacted] This e-mail and any documents accompanying it contain information which is sensitive and confidential. The information is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named on the transmission. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this e-mail and attachments are prohibited. If you have received this e-mail and any accompanying documents in error, please notify me by telephone (###-###-####) immediately.

[redacted],   2012 BMW 750Li xDrive Sedan, VIN: [redacted]   BMW of North America, LLC has received the complaint and attempted to reach an amicable resolution with Mr. [redacted] regarding his concerns. BMW of Orland Park and BMW NA offered Mr. [redacted] a onetime payment of $1,600.00, as a goodwill...

gesture regarding his experience with the above referenced vehicle.   Mr. [redacted] verbally accepted our goodwill offer on July 26, 2016. The check has been processed and should arrive within the next business week.   Please contact me at [redacted] with any questions.   Kind regards,   [redacted] Executive Customer Care Customer Relations and Services

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  the the cars backup camera does not function in the same manner of other...

cars of the same make and model year simply because it's white. I cannot get full use of the camera because at night the camera is blinded by the plate lights bouncing off the bumper into the camera. This means that my car functions to a lesser extent than other cars in its mode line therefore other users get a product that functions as designed and I get sub par performance. 

Mr. [redacted] believed that the repairs to his vehicle were unwarranted and misdiagnosed. Upon further review, it was determined that the vehicle displayed fault codes for those repairs, so they were necessary. As a goodwill gesture, BMW NA offered to reimburse Mr. [redacted] for the fee he paid to have his...

vehicle towed to BMW of Nashville.

BMW NA has declined your request for goodwill assistance based on the age and mileage of your vehicle.

According to our records vehicle [redacted] does have BMW Assist. Not sure why he was given instruction about the trunk button. My suggest is the customer contact the local dealer to go over the operation of the car. Also they can check if the battery is low on the key fab giving problems opening the...


Review: I bought a brand new 2014 BMW S1000rr motorcycle. I have been waiting 5 years to get this bike. Right away I noticed a ticking noise so I brought it to the dealer. They said it was normal. About a month later it broke down pulling out onto a main road causing cars to skid and avoid hitting me. This was right before memorial day weekend. I am a veteran so it was very important for me to ride that weekend. We got the bike to the dealership and said the check engine light went away so we can't do anything. So I took the bike back and sure enough it happens again.The dealership said they took the bike apart and have done everything they can but can NOT fix it. I have since been without this motorcycle which has been about a month now and also have been on the phone with bmw customer relations since. They never call me back and seem to be doing nothing about it. My case has been taken over by three different people now [redacted]. I was told my warranty states they have 20 days and we have now passed that... I can't believe being a veteran or even anyone would have to go through this.. I have no transportation considering my motorcycle was my transportation... please help.. Then on June 12 I got the motorcycle back from the dealership. Them and bmw said the motorcycle was safe and ok to ride. It broke down again 20 minutes from the dealership. The bike had no engine power and coasted to 25 mph before I had to cross 4 lanes on the highway almost getting killed. Called roadside assistance and they said two hours. They never called or showed up so when I called they said the company didn't have the equipment to pick up a motorcycle. At this point my fiance was already there with my 6 month old and two year old on the side of the highway. They said it would be another hour and that we could NOT LEAVE because they wouldn't come get the motorcycle. I got the bike home by my own means from there.Desired Settlement: I just want another new motorcycle. They also said they might rewire the entire bike. It will never be the same no mechanic could ever do the job the factory can. Who knows how many miles they have ridin my bike and its been taken apart three times already.

Review: I'm a long term customer that took pride and enjoyment in driving BMW products. I have purchased 4 motorcycles and 2 cars. In 2010, I purchased demo 2009 K1300 GT from a BMW dealer in Oklahoma. I have recently learned that the dealer had "fixed" a stalling problem with the bike. The engine stops while driving the vehicle. In 12/04/2009, BMW issued a recall on the motorcycle I purchased for stalling. I was not notified and/or my bike was not included in the recall. BMW stated in the recall that "Engine stalling could result in a vehicle crash." Thank you BMW for showing corporate responsibility.I started having stalling problems in 2011. I took the bike to dealer in DC. The dealer performed the same repair as the prior dealer. In 2013, the problem came back same worthless BMW solution: testing software. I did not drive the bike in 2014.This year, again, the engine started stopping while driving on vacation. I stopped at a dealer in Montreal. The dealer told me that adjusting the software was not a fix. He recommended replacing both the stepper (idle) motor and airbox. The cost over $1,200 dollars. I would have to pay because the warranty period was over. I visited another dealer on my way home who made the same recommendation.Three times while under warranty BMW failed to fix a dangerous mechanical problem that in their own words "could result in a vehicle crash." Now, I have to pay to fix BMW's incompetence. I have taken the bike of the road. I don't want to be in an accident due to BMW's negligence. Some thing is not right here.Desired Settlement: The bike should be repaired and BMW should guarantee that the bike will not stall again while being driven. If BMW cannot guarantee the repair, the bike should be replaced.



BMW responded to Mr. Henriquez on 8/14/2015 regarding his stalling concern. The warranty for his motorcycle provided coverage up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. Coverage ended June 8, 2012. As a result of this review, the motorcycle will not be repurchased. We requested the following information: The last date the bike was serviced for this complaint? Which dealer was the bike taken to and were they able to verify the complaint? Copies of the repair orders. As of today, Mr. Henriquez has not responded. Kind regards,



I am rejecting this response because: when I learned a month ago that there was a recall on the bike that stated bike prone to stall which can cause a crash. I took the bike of the road and cancelled insurance. I have take the bike in the past to 3 different dealer to solve the stalling issue without success. I'm 68 years old with two replacement knees. I can not afford to crash due to a mechanical recall that bmw has not been able repair. When I spoke to the bmw representative he was going to look into transporting the bike to a dealer.



Thank you for contacting BMW of North America, LLC regarding your 2009 K 1300 GT. We are sorry the stalling concern for the motorcycle remains. I have reviewed you request for assistance with Motorrad USA and concluded the following: 1. The warranty for your motorcycle provided coverage up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. Coverage for your motorcycle ended June 8, 2012. 2. There is no way to determine if your current complaint is related to a prior and previously performed recall without proper diagnosis.3. Motorrad USA has approved an offer of goodwill to cover 50% of the tow cost, one way and cover the cost of diagnosis at an authorized dealer of your choice. 4. If the results of the diagnosis are related to a previously performed recall, BMW will cover 100% of the tow cost, one way, and the cost of repair.5. The motorcycle will be required to have a valid registration and current insurance in order for the dealership to perform proper road testing. 6. Once the bike is diagnosed and repaired, you will be responsible for the return/pickup of the motorcycle.If you would like to procced with this offer (item 3), please advise on your preferred authorized BMW dealer. A list of our authorized BMW dealers categorized by name, state or ZIP code, can be found on our website at: under “Dealer Locator.” If I do not receive your reply to this offer by Friday October 2, 2015, I will presume you have no further interest in our offer and will consider this matter closed. Kind regards,

Review: There is a lot of detail behind this complaint that won’t fit within a 2000 character field. However, here is the high level summary, it’s pretty straight forward, and there is a pretty well defined paper trail.

The BMW provided service manual indicates various types of service at specific intervals rather than based on the on-board condition based system; key items in dispute are transmission (SMG) fluid change, rear differential fluid change, and spark plug change. Also in dispute is a failing battery.

Problem 1: Dealership sought pre-approval from BMW NA to conduct the maintenance items noted above. BMW NA denied covering spark plugs and offered to cover half of the fluid changes despite both being defined in the service manuals. According to the dealer that ultimately did the work, BMW said the plugs should have been covered by the first dealer that I talked to but they didn’t and they weren’t going to approve the work but that they would cover half the fluids change. The dealer said they’d cover the spark plugs as a good will item over the frustration of the situation. No additional detail or explanation provided by BMW other than different types of oil changes dictate coverage despite not being defined in the service manual. At this point I asked the dealer to do the work so we could get our car back.

Problem 2: while trying to get the work done at a different dealer, they checked an error pertaining to the battery. They deemed the battery fine and charged it saying I needed to drive the car more (I drive it daily as my sole vehicle). A month later the problem returned, although this time the car is now out of warranty. Dealer tried asking BMW for approval as a follow-up claim on the warranty and it was denied but offered 50% part as a compromise. BMW refused to explain why and said to take it up with the dealership for not diagnosing the problem correct the first time. I refused the offer and will take it to an independent mechanic.Desired Settlement: Clearly BMW is failing to honor their warranty. And their bullish "that's not customer facing information" position on the factors around deciding to not honor their warranty is shameful.

Given all the work on problem 1 was outlined in the service manual, I feel I should be reimbursed for the cost of the work that I paid for.

Given the work that will be performed on problem 2 is on a problem that was claimed within warranty, I feel I should be reimbursed for the cost I am going to incur getting the battery replaced.

Anticipate the total cost to be roughly $721.40 ($221.40 for problem 1 and anticipating $500 for problem 2) but will update once the work is completed.



Good afternoon:

Please be advised Mr. [redacted]'s concerns were addressed and he will be getting a refund for out of pocket expenses. In addition, we will correct the steering wheel issue under goodwill.

Please let me know if your require anything further.

Kind regards,

Review: I bought a 2014 BMW 328i in October 2013. In may 2014, I found out the car was running rough on low gear but there was no warning\error light. So I scheduled an appointment with [redacted] BWM dealership and dropped the car on 5/30/2014. The technician identified the problem as "Engine missfire". So I left the car car for repair but didn't expect that this is all the nightmares began. I hadn't hear anything so I contacted the dealership on 6/17/2014 and being told "We are waiting for further repair instruction but it may lead to bad fuel. And we have swapped plugs,coils and new injectors with no change". Then I followed up on 6/20/2014 and being told the car was still not ready. Later on 6/24/2014, the dealership told me they need to tear down the engine for further inspection. And then they told me the it was a engine problem. I started realizing it's a big problem. On 6/28/2014, after they replaced the engine, the dealership called me again saying that they found another problem with transmission. They have to replace the transmission. I couldn't believe that after 6 month, a brand new "ultimate driving machine" has both engine and transmission problems. So I totally lost the confidence on this car. I am asking for a repurchase/replacement. Here are reasons:

1. The car was out of service from 5/30/2014 to 7/1/2014 for 32 days.

2. the car had both engine and transmission major problems which not only brings super uncertainty on what other parts could fail but also highly affect the resale value of this car.

3.Even though the bad parts being replaced, the car wasn't the original car technically and mentally for me. Who knows what negative effect could happen on this car later within warranty or even after warranty expires?

4. The most important one, I am feeling safe driving such a car any more. What could be worse driving a car all about concerns every day?Desired Settlement: Car being repurchased or replaced



The vehicle was dropped off 5/30/14 without an appointment because the customer stated he was going to Japan. He was told it would be 1-2 weeks before the vehicle could go into service. The customer stated it would not be a problem because he wouldn't return until 6/22/14. The repairs were started on 6/9/14. The customer was contacted by the service advisor on 6/25/14 advising him the proper repair is to replace the cylinder head. This was the second repair attempt therefore the vehicle did not qualify for a repurchase. Mr. [redacted] pursued having the engine replaced. BMW NA replaced the engine to ensure the customer would have no further issues. The customer contacted BMW NA on 7/10/14 requesting a repurchase. At that time, Mr. [redacted] was advised BMW NA would monitor the vehicle and if additonal issues occured, we would revisit the request for repurchase. On 7/14/14 the customer confirmed he was pursuing legal action therefore BMW NA closed the file. On 7/15/15 Mr. [redacted] contacted Executive Customer Relations requesting a repuchase. BMW NA worked with Mr. [redacted] to remove him from his current vehicle. On 7/29/14 Mr. [redacted] took ownership of a



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I purchased a factory certified 2008 BMW 550i (VIN # WBANW53588CT48466) in July 2010 from a Scottsdale Dealership. I bought the extended warrant up to 100,000 miles or 3 additional years I think. The car had about 35,000 miles on it when it was purchased.
I noticed in the first year that I had to add oil a few times and thought that was odd. Over a 3 year period I repeatedly asked Chapman BMW to check for oil problems. There wasn't much oil on the ground and so I wasn't sure where it was going. I asked 4 times during that period. 3 are documented in the service records. I was repeatedly told it was a leak or they found no problem. But there wasn't that much oil on the ground (like maybe 1-2 teaspoons). Finally in Jan 2014 I only brought it in for them to find the problem with the oil. I wanted to get it resolved before the warranty had run out. Well, apparently it had already ran out. I had 66,000 miles on the car. Of course then the problem was found. Leaking valve seals. I have now learned that this is very common and is the closest thing to a manufacturing defect I've heard of. It was clearly a problem well before the warranty ended. I contacted the Chapman BMW service manager and dealer manager. Neither was willing to do anything for me. The only thing they offered was to do the work for $5000 instead of $8200. I am clearly not satisfied with that offer.
I had recently contacted a BMW service center (not Chapman BMW) and they encouraged me to contact BMW North America to try and get this resolved. They believe this is a manufacturing defect and should be fixed by BMW. I couldn't agree more.

Review: I went through [redacted] to build a car back in 2012, the car I decided to purchase was 2012 BMW 535XI. I paid a little much for the vehicle but it was what I wanted, the car was a loaner car that had 7600 miles on it. I closed the deal with out getting an extended warranty, I figured what could go wrong and the dealer warranty was fine for now so I declined their warranty. Earlier this year my car started jerking, I contacted my service manager and asked about it....I was wondering did it need a need transmission, I was told by my serve manager the transmissions don't go out in these cars. Took the car in and it was a bulletin, and was told the transmission had to be erased. They completed the service and I paid them. Then it started again after I picked the car up and was told to give it a day. There were no more problems. Then around May time frame transmission malefaction light came on and I called the service manager, he said it was nothing to worry about and let the car reset. If it didn't reset its self bring it to them the next day. I let it sit for about two days it was fine. Then in July I was rear-ended, the damage was on 2000 to the trunk and bumper. It was fixed by my insurance company however it started jerking again, it was reported to my insurance company they sent it to another BMW to see if it was accident related that dealership said no and I had to pay the cost. It was some type of update that was needed (SIB 12 09 15) and I was told I wouldn't give me any problems. Well last monday 21 Sep 15, the transmission malfunction light came on and I was almost rear ended. I called the service manager he said let the car reset its self. It reset and I drove it home safely and let it sit to 26 Sep 15 then I took it in for them to check the car. I get out of the hospital on 29 Sep and I was told a new transmission is needed. How is that when the car only has 84,000 miles? I was told that it was rare internal failure. I don't understand howDesired Settlement: I feel I did all the proper things to keep my car updated and serviced on time. I am not sure what an internal failure is but if it happened to my car that has only 84,000 then it has happened to someone else. The dealership says its rare but I think a warning should be out, it should be further investigated on what caused it to just happen. Just telling someone who works hard that it's rare and its internal failure is not a good enough answer. I was given two options pay 11,000 to repair it or get into a new car with a car note of 12,000 a month. When I called North America they seemed like they were trying to get me off the phone, they never even offered to help with the cost or put me into a vechicle that's equal to mine since this SO RARE. I just need a resolution to this SO RARE INTERNAL FAILURE THAT NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN TO ME AT ALL. And to add the nail in the coffin I had to pay 130 dollars when I picked up my car for them servicing a car that supposedly needs a new transmission



BMW of North America is able to offer [redacted] 40% off of the cost of the repair of her transmission. After testing done at the dealer and corporate engineering level, it was determined that the transmission did indeed need to be repaired due to a fault stored for the automatic transmission. We believe that our offer to cover 40% of the cost of the repair is fair and reasonable given the nature of the concern.

Review: Over the past 2 year since we bought this brand new BMW X5 car, we see the engine light on for so many times. We sent to the BMW dealer to repair for more than 4 times, but each time when we took out the car from the dealer and drove for a couple of days, the engine light turned on again.The recent two dangerous driving experiences were that the car was slowed down on the street until got fully stopped, not controlled by the driver on purpose, but by the car itself without any notice to the driver. The engine light was on, saying "malfunction for the engine" message on the display panel. Second, as the driver, I observed that the stick of car was switched from the Drive to Neutral automatically, without controlled by the driver, and then the car got fully stopped on the road.I called BMW North American customer service 3 times, telling them the scary driving experience I have, and I also contact BMW Mount Laurel dealer in NJ many times, urging them to contact BMW North American to buy back this car because I have lost confidence in the core part of the car, that is the engine of the car.My wife and I have been using this car to send and pick up my two daughters to or from the school /day care. The malfunctio[redacted] engine of the car put my entire family in a very risky situation that we don't know what will happen if this car got stopped on the highway or city road without any control by the driver.Desired Settlement: BMW north American should buy back this car. BMW Mount Laurel dealer in NJ should work with BMW north American to facilitate the buy back process.



I have spoken with Mr. [redacted] and this matter is currently still under review. The BMW of Mt. Laurel center has been working in conjunction with our engineering dept to resolve the customer issue. A corporate review will be conducted to see how we can best address and resolve the complaint and reach an amicable resolution. I will contact you again when I have some additional information. Kind regards,Rebecca

Review: I purchased a BMW X3 on June 19th, 2010. The car is under warranty, but since I purchased it has so many issues that not even cheaper cars have. Some of the issues with the car have been worked on at least 2 or 3 times and are still not fixed. I have listed the issues below

-Peeling of the interior of the car

-Front Passenger seat belt sensor not working properly. (They have fixed it twice, and it still not working properly)

-The Passenger rear door window just dropped and was not functioning. I was told that there was a part in the door that was not working.

-The Driver door window just dropped and was not functioning. I was told that there was a part in the door that was not working.

-Passenger Front Door leaking water into the car. This issue was addressed at least 3 different times. The carpet was never replaced.

-Passenger Rear Door leaking water into the car. This issue was addressed at least 3 different times. The carpet was never replaced. I complained to the dealership about the water and they told me it was fixed. They also took ownership of the carpet mildew smell and detailed the car, but the smell is still there. Now when I turn on the AC it smells like mildew. Mold in the car can cause long term health issues. I currently get dizzy in the car because of it.

-Engine issue that required the car to be in for about two weeks and then was fixed and went back in.

It has been such a burden to take the car in over and over. Just this year the car was in for service in Jan, May, June, July a few times, and almost all of August until September. Oh and I have another appointment to take it in this month.

I complained to BMW North American about the quality of my car and they told me just no to any of requests. I asked if they would replace the carpet since the damage was caused due to defective manufacturing. They refuse to give me a reason besides just saying no. Even the dealership jokes about how many times I have been in there for car issues.Desired Settlement: I would want for them to replace the car for something equivalent in mileage or for everything in the car to be completely fixed with new carpet and for them to extend the warranty on it since we know the car has issues.



On behalf of BMW of North America, LLC, I will be contacting Ms. [redacted] by phone in effort to address all of her vehicle concerns.

Review: My 2012 [redacted] Roadster, which I bought from and financed through BMW of North America, has repeatedly had engine malfunctions. Three times in the last 8 months engine malfunctions have forced me to take my car immediately to the dealership for service because it said it was unsafe to operate the vehicle. When I registered a complaint with [redacted], they forwarded it to BMW of North America, who declined to take any action. They declined to buy the car back (a refund in essence) and even refused to provide any additional warranty to ensure the vehicle would be safe to drive. A three year old car which was purchased brand new should not be having such serious mechanical issues on a regular basis and should not be unsafe to drive. When a product is faulty, BMW of North America should do something to make sure their customers are safe on the road.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund (car buy back) or an exchange for a car without engine repeated malfunctions.



We have reviewed the customer's request for a repurchase or replacement of the above-referenced vehicle. The [redacted] Division fo BMW of North America, LLC is unable to fulfill the request and will not repurchase or replace the vehicle at this time. Kind regards, [redacted] Executive Customer Care Representative Motoring Relations and Service

The Front Seat Occupant Protection Mat icon in my 2007 BMW 328XI is displayed on my dash instrumentation for over a year. I looked up the recalls on this vehicle and it indicated that the model was recalled. The summary of the recall stated that in the event of a crash the front passenger air bag could be deactivated that could result in personal injury.I called BMW Customer Relations to inquire about the recall and the representative informed me that my vehicle VIN number was not part of the recall. I understand that numerous BMW owners have made a similar complaint about their vehicle and recalls are usually initiated in this manner. Regardless of the production time that my vehicle was made, my vehicle has the same airbag defect as the other vehicles and should be replaced by BMW.

Review: In May 2015, my 2013 BMW had a dead battery and a misplaced key. Since the vehicle was on warranty, I called the BMW Roadside Assistance. The representative has told me that the car must be towed to the dealership, and referred me to the local towing company. Later I found that the correct procedure was to refer me to the dealership to first have a replacement key made so the vehicle can be safely loaded on the towing track. The towing company also did not know the correct procedure and convinced me that the vehicle must be loaded on the tow track. Since the vehicle was locked and on brakes, the towers could not position it correctly during loading. As the result, the front bumper of the BMW hit the driveway, the back bumper was cracked, and the wheel rim was brushed against the tow track board. No paperwork to document the vehicle conditions was filled by the tower before or after towing. No paperwork to document the vehicle conditions were filled at the dealership upon receiving the vehicle from the tower. I have filled the claim with AllState Roadside assistance that is handling claims from BMW Roadside Assistance one day after receiving the vehicle from the dealership. The Allstate did evaluation based on three photos of the damage and the BMW repair shop estimate and informed me that I have to use my insurance to fix the damage because the tower declined the responsibility for the damage. In sum, my BMW was damaged due to negligent actions and nobody accept responsibility for that.Desired Settlement: Reinforce the contract with the incompetent tower hired by the BMW Roadside Assistance and made the tower pay for the damage and loss of value of my vehicle.



Allstate was able to reimburse the customer for the cost of the repairs related to damages from a tow. Roadside services scheduled a free tow to and from the collision center for repair.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.





My apologies for the late response --- during the week of 11/4/13, I ensured the customer was opted out of marketing communication from BMW Macon, as well as BMW NA. At the moment I am trying to confirm if the customer can be opted out of surveys relating to dealer service appointments, and I will respond as soon as I have information on this.

Kind regards,

Team Leader

###-###-#### x [redacted]

BMW of North America, LLC

Customer Relations and Services



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I have contacted BMW of North America numerous times for help regarding an issue with BMW Dealer, [redacted] BMW. The dealer cashed a $1000 rebate, and promised a refund for $1000 from my deposit after the rebate is cashed. I never received the refund. I have e-mails with communications from the sales rep indicating that the rebate was cashed and that I was receiving a refund, however the dealer manager keeps giving me excuses every time I ask about my refund. This car purchase was made in July, 2013 and it is now December 2013. BMW of North America keeps telling me that all they can do is call the manager and ask if they would provide a refund, however the dealer manager never makes himself available on the phone, which renders BMW of North America useless in my case. BMW of North America has control over dealer practices and should take action against the dealer. They should not allow them to get by stealing people's money.Desired Settlement: I am owed $1000, and I need BMW of North America to step in and handle the issue, its unacceptable for them to tell me that all they can do is make a phone call, and if the manager is not available, there is nothing else that can be done.

Review: On Friday 10/24/2014 – I contacted the customer relations team by phone to report an incident with my 2003 BMW 330XI. I was told that I would hear back from someone on the resolutions team by yesterday – that never happened. I was involved in a multi vehicle collision on 10/9/2014. Two weeks prior to my accident – I was notified by mail about a recall on the passenger airbag, but parts were not immediately available for repair, and that I’d be contacted at a later date. I was struck from behind by 2 vehicles while stopped in rush hour traffic, due to the horrendous force I was then crashed into another vehicle in front of mine (double impact).

The airbags on my vehicle exploded…They did not deploy correctly – as a result I have suffered severe burns to my right hand among several other injuries from the collision. I have made a complaint with the NHTSA, I also have photos of the airbag explosion & my injuries. I have attached a copy of the recall notice I’ve received as well. I would like to come to a resolution with BMW for the damages I’ve suffered, my vehicle was a total loss. If I donot hear back from BMW re: this matter asap; I will have my attorney file suit for several damages BMW is liable for with this incident.Desired Settlement: BMW USA needs to replace my vehicle. This vehicle is a total loss mainly due to the airbags exploding instead of deploying, the at fault driver's insurance company has told me that that would've cost several thousand dollars to fix, which exceeded the amount of my vehicle.



Customer, Ms. [redacted] was contacted on 10/28, 10/29, and 10/30. The vehicle is being investigated and inspected on 10/31/2014. No further action will be taken until the results are available.



I am rejecting this response because: I have been most cooperative with BMW of North America. I gave them permission to contact and locate my vehicle through a 3rd party insurance company at a salvage yard. An inspection was completed by a BMW investigator on 10/31/14, I was told I'd receive the results once the fault codes were decoded, but now I'm told the legal team has to mark up the report before I can receive a copy, and the airbag explosion was not contained due to "Pyrotechnics". I sent a proposal along with several portions of evidence as requested to BMW Execs on 11/4/14, I have yet to receive the airbac recall investigation conclusions nor have I received any response. If this matter is not resolved by 11/18/14 my attorney's will file legal suit against BMW of North America.



BMW of North America was contacted on 10/24/2014 of the concern. The customer was interviewed on 10/28 after multiple attempts to reach her. On 10/31/2014 BMWNA inspected Ms. [redacted]'s vehicle with the complaintant and her attorney present. The customer was verbally advised of the findings on 11/4/2014 after the codes were deciphered by the National Engineering Group. The letter attached was drafted, emailed, and FedExed to the customer by 11/6/2014. BMWNA has reviewed Ms. [redacted]s concern and requests. Evidence provided by the vehicle do not substantiate a settlement.



I am rejecting this response because: I was injured from the passenger airbag which was recalled (I received the recall notice two weeks prior to my no fault multi-car accident). BMW states the parts were not available to remedy the issue until further notice. The passenger airbag exploded, without even having a passenger in the vehicle, this mechanism is supposedly sensored and only to deploy when a passenger in the vehicle is present, instead the malfunctioned airbag caused an explosion spraying my hand with gunpowder, 2nd degree burns to my right hand/arm.I am in process of legal action against BMW & airbag manufacturer Takata. The photof of my injuries and recall letter have been attached.

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