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BMW Of North America LLC., Customer Relations Dept.

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Review: I received an "Important Safety Recall" in July regarding : Recall campaign No 15V-Driver Side Air Bag Module for my vehicle which is a BMW XThe notice informed me that in the event that my car is in a crash with the air bag deployed, excessive pressure could cause metal fragments to strike the driver causing serious injury or deathHowever in the same letter they state the part is not available and I will be notified when it is availableI have made several calls to ###-###-#### only to be informed over and over that they do not have any parts available and they are manufacturing parts but have no due date for recall replacementsI find this highly unacceptable and irresponsibleI do not feel that BMW considers this issue to be a priority if they have no replacements anywhere in North AmericaI asked if I could find a part in a BMW center and had it mailed to my local BMW center would it be covered for replacement and I was told "no"The part would only be covered when I receive a notice that parts are available and they don't know when that will beAt this time I am very concerned, upset and disappointed that they can provide no comfort, relief or information regarding a timely replacement.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my airbag replaced immediately or be provided with a BMW loaner, recent model vehicle, that does not have the airbag issue/problem, from one of my local centersI would like the cost of the loaner to be covered by or paid for by BMW of North America,LLC until my new air-bag part comes in for replacement in my XThis is the least they could do considering the severity of the riskAt this point...God forbidif I am not injured in an accident and survive, my airbag will do more harm to me or cause my untimely death when deployedAir-bags are a proven safety feature that I value as a BMW consumer and it should not be defective or faultyBMW expects consumers to pay for the luxury of their cars and I expect the service that should be provided when I buy their carsThank you kindly, A concerned consumer
The above customer has been provided with alternate transportation until the Takata Air Bag part that's been ordered can be installed in her vehicleShe is satisfied at this time and will be notified when the part becomes available
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

Review: Two weeks ago this coming Friday, I purchased an X5 from Orland Park BMW. I drove it home that evening, got up the next morning around 7am and drove to get coffee. About 945 I went to go run an errand and found that the car wouldn't start. I called the dealership and they sent over my sales guy and the service manager who looked perplexed. But he jumped the car and everything seemed fine

Then, in the midst of running errands, the car told me it was overdue for an oil change. So I stopped back at the dealer who told me to bring it back this past Monday so they could take look.

I travel quite a bit for work and the car was in my garage for that week. Then last Saturday when driving again it told me I had a flat tire. Back to the dealership and everyone was telling me that it's a voltage issue related to the battery.

So I drove it last weekend and ignored all the warnings, assuming they were false, and took it on for service Monday. On Tuesday I was told this is a known problem with BMWs and that they can't sit for too long or the battery drains. They then told me I would have to purchase a power cord and plug the battery in every time I left on a business trip. I went to the dealer to talk it through and even requested they take the car back but didn't get very far.

The point of my email is to ask your opinion and to see if this is in fact an issue and if what they are telling me is my only solution. I've never spent this much money on a car and the fact that I have to plug this thing in now means I can't park my car at the airport and that the warnings I get may or may not be real. I actually don't feel safe driving.Desired Settlement: I would like the car replaced.



To whom it may concern:

BMW of North America, LLC offered the customer $3,000.00 for any inconveniences. The customer has accepted our offer.



I have reviewed the response and while it is accurate, and I did accept payment, I would like it noted that my original request to have the vehicle replaced was denied. Additionally, the vehicle is yet again in with the dealer due to an issue similar to the one where I initiated my request.

Review: On Dec 17, I called BMW fields dealership at South OBT because the engine on my 2011 BMW 335 suddenly seized while in driving in traffic. (could of die, was scared for my life in traffic) They told me that is a rare thing and to bring it in because it might be something different that's the issue. They assured me if it was the engine that was indeed the issue they would take care of me. Many days after taking it in, they confirm it was the engine that is the issue (which I told them). More, they told me they need to dig in and find out the extent of the problem just to make sure it was not something caused by me. It would cost me 600$. I called corporate and they said that to go ahead and agree to pay for the 600$ and if it was proven that the engine failed due to reasons not caused by me which they sited as extreme they would cover the cost. Two weeks ago they told me that the "third cylinder connector rod bearing spun"-- they also told me to call back on Wednesday when the tech worked so they can tell me if the car suffered from oil deprivation or extremely high revving. On Wednesday, they confirm it was nothing that I did and would see what BMW what would do regarding my issue. Today they say they would pay only 10k but I had to pay for 13k to replace the engine. The car was nearly two months out of warranty but not by mileage. The car is under 50k mileage (39k actually). Over the lifetime of the car, ONLY BMW have done service to it. I believe my car is a lemon and BMW should compensate for that injustice. NO ONE EVER BUYS A 35K CAR TO HAVE TO do MAINTENANCE WORTH $23K 39,000 MILES into it! What kind of company do not stand behind their craftsmanship of a luxury line. Walmart takes better care of their customer!! BMW mislead me for nearly four weeks now. On top of it, all they refused to give me a loaner- have had a rental for 4 weeks now. attention ALL $500+ monthly car payments and bad cust service!!Desired Settlement: I need BMW to replace my car's engine FREE of charge, cover the cost of the rental car for four weeks and Uber services and also to stop misleading their faithful customers!



This vehicle came with a 4 year or 50,000 miles limited warranty against manufacturing defects in material or workmanship. Since this warranty expired. This request for assistance cannot be considered.

Although we are closing our file on this matter, please know that we value your patronage.

Should you have any further questions, our authorized BMW centers are always available to assist our customers.

Review: I'm the original owner, and I purchased the car from [redacted] BMW in [redacted] on June 6, 2011 (8 miles on board)

After 1 year from purches on Aug 31, 2012 and at 10,194 miles, the Front Rotors were warped. Since then, I have 35,000 miles and I already changed the front rotors four times. BMW NA has failed to come up with the reason the car is warping the rotors. I consider the company in breach of warranty contract, as a solution to why the car is warping the rotors has not been provided to me.

1. 10,194 mi - Aug 31, 2012. Warped front rotors replaced (both front rotors out of parallel) ([redacted] BMW - [redacted], OR)

2. 17,485 mi - Jul 30, 2013. Warped front rotors replaced (left front rotor is warped) ([redacted] BMW - [redacted] OR)

3. 25,714 mi - Jul 01, 2014. Warped front rotors replaced (both rotors are warped) ([redacted] BMW - [redacted] OR)

4. 31,162 mi - Nov 17, 2014 (31,162 mi) Requested Buyback from BMW NA because the car has a chronic issue with vibrations and warping the rotors. [redacted] BMW and BMW NA Technician inspected the car and denied the claim to buyback the car. According to the investigation performed, the answer from BMW was that “At this time no faults were found and our engineer confirmed that the vehicle is operating as designed.” (please not that when I took the car to BMW of Portland #5, they were easily able to tell the rotors were warped)

5. 33,804 mi - Feb 03, 2015 BMW of Portland (Portland OR) Shop Foreman certified that my front rotors were warped.

3. February 17, 2015 (34,000mi) RHOM Innovations, a private BMW specialized shop reviewed my case and found all rotors (front and rear rotors) warped. In addition to the warped rotors, RHOM Innovations also found that the Active Cruse Control is not working as designed.Desired Settlement: BMW of North America needs to find a FINAL solution to the issue or buy back the vehicle.



The field reviewed this case and the problem that the customer was complaining about wasn’t present and customer stated the car was repaired. They offered the customer that if he has rotor problems in the future to bring it back and if it is under warranty they will gladly repair them. As of now there is no problem with the rotors.



I am rejecting this response because:

As I stated in the original complaint, “BMW NA has failed to comeup with the reason the car is warping the rotors. I consider thecompany in breach of warranty contract, as a solution to why the caris warping the rotors has not been provided to me.“



Our field inspected the vehicle and told us that the customer told us the car is operating correctly. The last repair fixed the complaint.

Review: I purchased a 2013 BMW SUV that has been at the repair facility at least 6x. Since August 6, 2014 I have not been reimbursed for the purchase of the vehicle as promised. I've been getting the run around from both the customer representative [redacted] Nathan and his supervisor [redacted] (Western Region Team Lead). I have asked via email 3x for [redacted]'s supervisor - she has not replied. I was given an offer to repurchase the vehicle by [redacted] (Executive VP, Operations of BMW NE) for an amount that far exceeds what both [redacted] and [redacted] are proposing. When I told them this they have repeatedly refused to honor the amount nor contact Mr. [redacted].Desired Settlement: I would like BMW of NE to honor the $17, 188.81 NOT the ~$10, 500.00 being offered by [redacted] and [redacted]. I would also like both persons reprimanded for how poorly they have treated me - and an email in writing of an apology.



Per your conversation with [redacted] today, 10/7/2014.

BMW NA is in the process of repurchasing the above referenced customer. The surrender process will take place in approximately 1-2 weeks.

The total payment to customer, at surrender, will be $ 10,484.22

Review: Dear BMW of North America,

My name is [redacted] I am writing a formal complaint to you regarding my 2011 328i Xdrive.

In the summer of 2012, I purchased a brand new 328i Xdrive. (My sister and her husband have owned several BMW’s in the past and all they do is rave about the service, quality and ownership experience that comes with a BMW.) This was my first BMW purchase and I have never loved a car more than this vehicle. I only serviced and detailed my car through BMW. I drove the car for 24,000 miles before this incident happened.

I was traveling home at 1:00am on11/10/2014 after a 12 hour shift at [redacted] Hospital, where I work as a nurse, when my car began shaking and an oil light came on. I was driving alone on Route ** West. I immediately pulled over on to the shoulder. My car was smoking and then the engine shut off. I was unable to turn the engine back on. I called BMW assist and informed them that my car broke down. The operator then told me that she was sending a tow truck. I sat in my car for an hour and a half in the cold waiting for the tow truck. The tow truck driver called my cell phone and stated that he was given the wrong location of my car. Afraid to wait alone in my car any longer I had my 69 year old mother (who was suffering from fasciitis and severe jet lag) come out at 2:30 am to pick me up.

My car was finally picked up sometime after I left and taken to BMW of Rockville. Later that week I spoke to [redacted] my service advisor, at BMW of [redacted] began calling me over the next two weeks with updates until the final diagnosis was that my engine had seized and would need to be replaced. He stated that the engine had seized most likely because my oil was incorrectly changed in late September 2014 at BMW of [redacted] I immediately reported this claim to BMW of North America. This diagnosis was repeated several times to myself and to my father [redacted] who also spoke with [redacted] told my father and I that I would be getting a new engine from BMW due to BMW of [redacted] error.

I requested that the warranty and the new engine paper work be in writing. I was called the day after Thanksgiving and told that my car was ready. I had to work at the hospital all weekend. After completing my 3rd 12 hour shift I was notified on Tuesday Dec. 2, 2014, by BMW of Rockville that if I did not return the loaner car immediately that I would begin to be charged $90 /day for the use of said loaner. I called the BMW dealership and [redacted] was unavailable so I requested to speak with the Service Manager, [redacted] During this phone call, I requested the paper work on my new engine be prepared. [redacted] informed me that I was not getting any paper work on my engine replacement. [redacted] told me that it was a crated engine and that he had no idea if the engine was new or not. [redacted] was primarily concerned with getting back his loaner. [redacted] was extremely rude throughout our entire conversation. I told [redacted] that I didn’t want to pick up my car until I knew what had been done to my car. [redacted] stated that he didn’t care what I did with my car but that he wanted his loaner back.

My father called [redacted] immediately after I got off the phone. [redacted] re-iterated to my father that he was not able to get any paperwork on the engine and that it wasn’t his job to research the history of the vehicle. On Dec. 2nd, 2014, I went with my sister to BMW of Rockville to drop off the loaner and to speak with [redacted] in person. During the visit with [redacted] he was very rude and he maintained his position of being unsure of whether the engine was new or not. He also maintained that he didn’t know the history on the engine but that this is what was covered under my warranty. In the history of dealerships I have never heard of a service manager not being able to pull up the history of a vehicle. Nor have I ever taken my car for an oil change without getting very detailed paperwork about what has been done to the vehicle. BMW of Rockville usually gives a full vehicle check/report card which tells me the current state of my car (Oil level, tire tread depth, any repairs that have to be done). [redacted] then flipped his story around and said that it might not have been the faulty oil change but a defect in the engine. I also don’t believe for a second that with all of the research and development that BMW puts into their cars that BMW wouldn’t be able to tell me why my engine died. If you build them then you certainly should know what happens when they go wrong. I told [redacted] that this was not what I was promised. I had been told I was getting a new engine. When I realized that this promise wasn’t going to happen I informed [redacted] that we were leaving the car at the dealership. The next day I spoke with BMW of North America and they told me that it was impossible for this engine to be new because BMW was no longer building new engines for the 2011 model. This is when I realized that I had been lied to by BMW of Rockville for second time.

I was planning on becoming a lifetime BMW owner. I’m smart enough to know that BMW of Rockville’s actions do not reflect BMW’s corporate vision. I know that BMW appreciates all of its owners whether you have a 3 series or a new I8. I have been lied to, I have been given the run around, and I have been majorly inconvenienced. I have read and been told that BMW does trade assists for people in my situation. I want to move forward with BMW. I cannot own a car that I don’t trust. I expect to come to a better resolution then getting my car back with an unknown engine and a 1 month payment credit. I find these terms to be unacceptable and insulting in light of everything I’ve gone through. Not to mention that now (due to negligence of BMW of Catonsville), my car does not have a clean carfax.

The warranty on this car is in force and I am now completely disillusioned by this experience and the refusal of your BMW staff to address this issue. YOU should homor your warrenty commitment regardless of fault as long as it is not my own.

I would like to ask your office to resolve his issue promptly by either replacing this car with a new unblemished car or to simply accept the repaired car pay out my outstanding balance on the car so I can move on with an alternative vehicle. Failing that, I am sorry that you are dealing with an unsatisfied customer who will consider further action until this situation is remedied to both of our satisfactions.

Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to a quick response and resolution.

Regards, [redacted]Desired Settlement: Trade Assist

Review: I have a 2011 BMW 750 li. I have a safety issue/manufactures defect that the dealer/warranty company will not fix. Both of my head lights build up condensation and water in them and I can't see when I'm driving at night. The dealer confirms and documents the problem but wont honor the warranty and replace them. They have made 2 attemps to fix the lights but still are have the same issues. I tried called corporate which is BMW North America and instead of honoring the warranty and fixing the problem they said that can offer me 1500.00 towards a new BMW. My car is still under factory warranty and is covered bumper to bumper. I just purchased my car a little over a year ago and should not be havering these problems. When it comes to safety there can be no chances taken. 1 of the main reasons why I bought a BMW is for it's warranty.Desired Settlement: The outcome I am looking for is for BMW to honor their warranty. if it's a manufactures defect or something that needs to be covered under the BMW warranty it still need to be taken care of. I have been dealing with this issue for about 1 month in a half now.



This is in reference to case #[redacted]

BMW of North America, LLC made the following attempts to resolve this issue:

1. On Oct 9, 2013 per repair order [redacted] we modified headlight vents per [redacted] for moisture.

2. On Dec 2, 2013 per repair order [redacted] we replaced both headlights due to moisture.

Attempts to follow up with the customer on 12/12/13, 12/16/13, 12/26/10 and 12/30/13 were unsuccessful.

Review: July 31, 2010

We leased a 2011 BMW 328i from United BMW located at [redacted] on 7/31/10; finance by BMW of North America [redacted]. 43026-[redacted]

My wife and I were told explicitly, "When the car needs service, it will notify the operator via a service indicator light present on the Dashboard". This conversation was communicated to us, by United BMW service representatives after numerous calls to the service center when the vehicle had accumulated less than (3) Thousand, (6) Thousand and (10) Thousand miles. (Bear in mind that this is a leased vehicle and BMW is responsible for the cost of the service, i.e.: oil change and other fluids. My wife and I are responsible for charges that is outside of the agreement such as tires.) This was also verified by the sales person from whom we leased the vehicle, his name is Mr. [redacted].

Why did I ask so many questions, placed so many calls regarding servicing the vehicle. It was simply a bad habit. We had never driven a car for over 10 (Thousand) miles without an oil change. We've been leasing cars since 1998, thereabout. List of vehicles leased: Toyota Camry, Lexus ES 300, Lexus GS300, Lexus GX470, (2) BMW 320 series; Honda Acura and own a Yukon GMC. All those vehicles were serviced, within a 2 - 4 thousand mile use (meaning getting an oil change and other fluid change as well as inspections, tire rotation, etc).

September 2011

My wife notified me that the tire indicator light is on, on the dashboard. After checking, all four tire light were illuminated. I took the car to the gas station and proceed to put air in all four tires and check the pressure with a hand held pressure gauge. Even after putting air in the tires the light was still on. I was not sure what was going on and so I called the service department at United BMW and schedule a service appointment, we discussed getting a oil change, checking the tires since the light was on and so forth.

We found out that there was a nail in one of the tires and that it had to be replaced. The other three tires were ok, however, the sensors were tripped by the change in the temperature going in and out of the garage, that is how they explained it to us, and that it simply needed to be reset. We paid the cost to repair the tire. We were told that they topped off all the fluids in the vehicle, However, on the invoice received from the service center they made no notes of that, nor did they make any note of changing the oil as discussed. The mileage at this time was 10,781. We were driving the car, at this time, for almost 13 months.

August 9, 2013

My wife notified me again that the "SERVICE LIGHT" is on the dashboard. I then called United BMW service department and made an appointment. After we brought the car in for service we were given a loaner car because of the extended wait time. While at home, we received a call from the service department. They told us that there was something wrong with the engine and it was because of lack of service. The person then went on to say that there was an engine problem that was, as a result of not changing the oil and BMW refuse to repair the vehicle. The representative then went on and elaborated that the "SERVICE LIGHT" came on the dashboard at exactly (14) Thousand miles, notifying us that the vehicle needed service, however, we ignored it until now and decided to bring the car in. At that point I had heard enough and told the representative that I don't think so. I then told here that could never be the case as we were actively anticipating any indication of a service light and expressed the fact that we have never driven a car for this length of time without being serviced. I requested to speak to a manager and she replied that she would have a manager call me.

August 13, 13

I did receive a call from someone who told me his name was [redacted], and that he was told by Adriana to give me a call. He then asked me, "What do you intend to do with the vehicle"?. I replied to [redacted] that I had expressed those desires to the service representative that I spoke with earlier. I'm expecting the vehicle to be serviced.

I then called BMW North America (###-###-####) and filed a complaint. Spoke with someone by the name of Ponce and provided the details that took place, as outlined above. I eventually got paired with someone by the name of [redacted] who asked for the details again, which I explained and he then told me that he would try to get in contact with the dealership. After a while (more than ten days), they decided that I will need to come up with over four thousand dollars to pay for repairs to the vehicle. They further indicated that the total cost of the vehicle repair is over (17) Thousand dollars but BMW and the dealership is willing to pick up approximately (13) Thousand dollars with the remainder being my responsibility. I replied that this was not even as a result of negligence on my part. I further stated that I followed the instructions of the professional service individuals who communicated on numerous occasions that the vehicle will notify the operator when service is due and we brought the car in on all the occasions that we were notified, even for the air pressure in the tire.

They've simply ignored everything we had to say and decided that we should pay this amount. I believe this is wrong, furthermore, this is money we don't have. At the end of the day we are without a vehicle that we are still paying a note on. All service and repair obligations were kept by us as we followed explicit instructions, from professional service individuals as to when the vehicle should be serviced.

Please help!. Thank you.Desired Settlement: My desire is to have BMW repair the vehicle at no charge to myself or my wife; since we followed professional service recommendations provided by BMW trained expert service personnel and honored our service and repair obligations. I did not call or brought my car into Burger King to ask them for an oil change/service. I brought it to the experts that BMW provided to service the vehicle. Furthermore, I want to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else. Thanks you.

Review: As I was driving my steering wheel locked, at this time it seemed as if I had lost power in the brakes which resulted in a motor vehicle accident. I have spoke with the company and they advised they are not liable as my steering assist did not fail completely. I would have been able to turn the steering wheel, it just would have been very hard. An inspection of the vehicle was done in which the company advised they did not see any issues with the vehicle. I requested a copy of the inspection report from the vehicles black box and was advised the company would need to get authorization to release that information to me. The car is totaled and I would like for this company to take liability for this accident as I am upside down in a loan as my insurance did not pay the full balance owed on the car. There is an open investigation from NHTSA ID:13V044000 involving the electrical system which houses fuses and circuit breakers which pertains to 3 series sedans manufactured from 2007-2011, I had a 2009 328I which I would think would be included in the date span for a recall that should have been issued on 504,545 vehicles. The recall was expected to begin March 2013, this never took place or I was not notified by the dealer who sold me the car March 2014. I have also spoken with the FTC and I am attempting to reach the attorney general in New Jersey as well as Connecticut for legal assistance.Desired Settlement: I would like for this company to take ownership for what happened with my vehicle. I believe they should be responsible for paying the loan balance that I have as well as clearing my motor vehicle report and the information that my insurance company has on file.




inspected the vehicle on 10/29/15. The inspection was performed by our Product

Analysis Specialist and the results were reviewed by

our National Engineering Group. Full dynamic testing was

performed. BMW’’s comprehensive

inspection of the mechanical brake system and steering system, did not reveal any

faults, defects or malfunctions present. The

steering system evaluation revealed the power steering pulley had fractured in

half on impact; no indications of assist failure prior to the accident. The vehicle is not equipped with an Event Data

Recorder.According to our records, Recall 13V-044 related

to the repair of the Battery Positive Cable was performed on 4/17/13. The vehicle currently has no open recalls.Based on the results,

we are technically confident that there were no faults, defects or malfunctions

present in the vehicle at the time of our inspection that could have

contributed to the alleged brake system and power steering system failure complaint. BMW is confident

in the integrity of the inspections performed by our Engineers and stands by

the results. Accordingly, BMW NA cannot accept responsibility for any damage, injury or

loss associated with the accident that occurred on or about October 11, 2015,

customer’s claim is denied.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I still have not been provided with a copy of this report with this detailed information from this inspection. Funny they can respond with the information but cannot provide me a copy of this report. I do not see where they addressed the issue involving the electrical system (NHTSA ID:13V044000 involving 504,545 vehicles). I also wonder how valid this information is if there is an issue involving the electrical system. Another question I would like answered is why did[redacted] ask me if it was raining the day that my car crashed? possibly a reading that came up as if the car hydroplaned because that is exactly how it felt. And I would like to know why I still haven't been provided a copy of this report. I was advised by [redacted] that my power steering failed but the wheel did not lock completely. I could have maneuvered the turn it just would have been very hard to do. I have submitted the same information to the Attorney General of Connecticut, Attorney General of New Jersey, NHTSA and the Federal Trade Commission. I will continue in my pursuit to have this matter resolved. I am in the process of retaining an attorney and I have several friends and colleagues who are willing to sign petitions against this company as they have dealt with many electrical issues in their vehicles (BMW) as well. It is clearly stated on my total loss report from my insurance company that the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has issued a safety recall notice that applies to my vehicle."Electrical system: Fuses and circuit breakers BMW is recalling certain model year 208-2012 1-series coupes and convertibles manufactured December 2007-July 2011; and 2007-2011 3-series Coupes and convertibles manufactured March 2007 through July 2011; 2007-2011 3-series sedans manufactured March 2007 through October 2011; 2007-2011 3-series sports wagons manufactured March 2007 through June 2011; and 2009-2011 Z4 vehicles manufactured March 2009 through June 2011. The connector for the positive battery cable connector and the corresponding terminal on the fuse box may degrade over time. Over time, the high current flow and heat from electrical resistance may lead to a breakage of the connection, and a loss of electrical power to the vehicle. If there is a loss of electrical power to the Vehicle, the vehicle may unexpectedly stall, increasing the risk of a crash. BMW will notify owners, and dealers will replace the positive battery cable connector and secure it with an improved method, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin in March 2013. Owners may call BMW at [redacted] or email BNW at [redacted]Can someone please provide proof that this was actually done? When were dealers and BMW owners notified of the above issued statement from NHTSA? I would also like documentation of the black box report that advised the company that I could have turned with some extra muscle as well as a copy of the documentation showing when they addressed the issue they are claiming to have taken care of.




BMW has sent copy of Repair Order#[redacted] confirming Recall [redacted] was indeed performed on the subject vehicle on 4/17/13 while owned by previous owner.Customer was sent via separate email a copy of the Internal Field Report with corresponding pictues as requested. Since customer appears to disagree with BMW's results; BMW highly encourages her to hire her own private investigator; should they find anything

different than what has already been conveyed, BMW will be more than happy to

re-address with the investigator at that time. In the interim, BMW assistance is denied.

Review: I purchased a 2011 BMW 328I on 3/28/2011 as a trade-in for my 2006 325I that had all sorts of electrical and mechanical problems. I was advised the vehicle was new "1" owner and that I would have 50,000 miles or 4 years of warranty which would expire on 3/28/2015. On 11/7/2014 I took off work and took my vehicle into the shop and was advised none of the required repairs were covered. That I had to out of pocket all repairs because the warranty had expired. I contacted BMW and they told me the in service date for the vehicle I purchased from South Motors in Miami was July 2010. That this was the date they placed on the vehicle and could not be changed. I was lied to by BMW (USA and South Motors). I have called numerous tines to get a "GOODWILL" repair and/or the proper extension of the warranty and they have not updated the status and it almost 3 weeks now for something that should have taken 5 business days.

I am very dissatisfied with BMW. I want it repaired or have the warranty extended. There is a class action lawsuit against them for this same deceptive business practice of selling cars that are demos as a new car.Desired Settlement: Extension of warranty -- Repair - Or they can take the vehicle back and not report it on my credit file since they are lying to consumers and have deceptive business practices. They do not return calls or emails.



Ms. [redacted] contacted us with concerns about her warranty and related repairs. BMW NA took steps to reach out to the dealer, provide her information, and cover the cost of her repairs

Review: In my letter dated 2/18/2015, sent to BMW of NORTH AMERICA 300 Chestnut Ridge Road Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675 - Attn :Customer Relations Officer, I lodged the following compliant:My one-owner 2000 BMW-323i lost use of reverse gear on the automatic transmission. The transmission was replaced.The odometer at the time of the transmission replacement was 98,935 milesIn my letter compliant, I asked for some monetary consideration in view of the costly out-of pocket personal expense paid by me for the replacement of this critical drive train (transmission) component. My previous research, at that time, showed there were cases where other BMW 2000-323i owners experienced the same problem. In their telephone response to me on 2/26/15, BMW of North America, (at ###-###-####) indicated that there was nothing they could do about this situation since the vehicle was out of its standard warranty period. I explained that compared to other vehicle transmissions (especially luxury cars) this transmission had low mileage for the life of this critical component. At this time, pursuit is being made by me since it appears that there is possibly application of a vehicle Hidden Warranty. A second consideration is perhaps there is a cost recovery method based on a common component defect for these models. The total expense for this replacement was $5,187.54 which includes labor . VIN is [redacted].If possible, please help in my attempts to resolve this matter of obtaining reimbursement.Desired Settlement: Reimbursement to me for out-of-pocket expense for replacement of critical vehicle drive train component. The original component had a short life.

Review: I own a brand new BMW S1000RR that was in the shop from 10/31/13 and finally got back yesterday (2/6/14) after being in the shop for more than 3 months.

Within the 3 months that the bike was in the shop, the shop had issues finding the issue with the bike, the shop contacted BMW for help and BMW promised they will send a field agent to the shop to advice on how to fix the bike. I personally called BMW customer service in [redacted] since the shop was waiting on that field agent. when I call [redacted] they promised someone will be down there within a few days.

When no one showed up I called again and they promised the same thing. no one ever showed up.

While waiting for BMW to send someone to the shop as promised the bike is now under the Lemon Law.

I called a few times and never got any answers because no one what is going on or got a call back as promised by the BMW.

After 2 and a half month I called BMW and asked for a new bike since they can't fix it and its been in the shop for more than 15 days in a row. again, I was promised a call back within 3 to 5 business days and again, no one ever called back. When I called to check in they said that a manager will call me back by the end of the day. again, no one called back.

I called again and was told that all the managers are in a meeting all day. I asked for someone to call me back. again, no one did.

I work for Audi and I can tell you that if I ever treated that way to a customer I would lose my job on the spot. very disappointed with BMW.Desired Settlement: At this point since it falls under the MA lemon law I'm looking to get another motorcycle or a refund.

Review: My BMW almost killed me! I have a brand new 2014 428i coupe and while driving home the other day a car was driving pretty close to me and it tried to change lanes, crossing from the left lane to the right. I saw the vehicle and I tried to hit my horn but to my surprise it didn't make a sound. I frantically pressed the horn with no success and I was forced off the road to avoid impact hurting my back and banging my hand on the shifter. Since I've had the car its had chassis stabilization error twice, and break system errors and its only 2015. I even hear there is a recall. It was terrifying, I thank god it wasn't more serious but this has left me with fear of driving BMW's and has left me in physical pain. my line of work is already dangerous and im not sure if I should speak to a lawyer about this.Desired Settlement: this car obviously has issues and put me in serious danger. I was told to try and communicate before seeking legal actions so im doing that. im not sure what bmw is willing to do for me in my situation honestly but they may also contact me



After reviewing Mr. [redacted]'s case, BMW of North America worked with the Service Department at BMW of Freeport to inspect the 2014 428i vehicle. It was determined that there was an open short in the elecrtical components of the horn. Both horns were replaced and the horns are now both fully functioning. The vehicle is currently operating as designed and has been delivered back to Mr. [redacted].

Review: The rear rims (model 296 19") on my 2009 z4 have developed hairline cracks under normal driving conditions resulting in quick loss of tire pressure and in some cases destroying the affected tire.

In the past 24 months, I have replaced or repaired the rims *at least* seven times on 5/11/2012, 9/9/12, 4/12/13, 5/23/13, 11/28/13, 2/8/14 and 4/26/14.

BMWNA has made the assertion that these seven replacements were not covered under warranty and are in no way due to defects in the design of the rim, thus each and every one of these times I have covered the cost of the rim out of pocket (generally about $700 per rim).

[redacted] reports indicate many 2009 Z4 owners have similar problems with the 296 style rim.(

The 296 model rim is not offered as an upgrade on newer Z4's and is routinely replaced outside of the USA. In the UK for example, BMW covers bent or cracked 296 wheels under warranty (absent any clear visual sign of impact damage).

I have addressed these issues repeatedly with service advisors Doug, Z, and Richie. I have also attempted to reach out to Ted Datri among others, and escalated to BMW North America. I have not received a satisfactory response.Desired Settlement: Refund in full of all rim purchases and repairs for 296 model rims.

Refund in full of all mount, balance, alignment, and other charges related to the defective parts.



To whom it may concern: BMW of North America, LLC has offered $1,500.00 as a goodwill gesture for inconvenience, providing a General Release is signed. Please let me know if you have any questions. [redacted] BMW of North America, LLC Executive Customer Care



I am pleased with the fact that BMW has acknowledged the issue and has attempted to work with me on a resolution. It is accurate that for the over $4000 in 296 style rim receipts I provided they have offered me a one time $1500 compensation.

I have the following issues which I communicated to [redacted] / BMWNA which thus far we have been unable to resolve:

* My expectations for "we sold you a defective part that we recall and warranty replace outside of the United States...7 different times" would be a full refund on said products. The offer compensates me for approximately 30% of the money I spent on defective 296 model rims.

* My expectation is that this contract would cover only the 7 rim replacements I have done. The contract provided specifically covers problems that "may exist" in the future and disclaims any liability for "fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligence, breach of contract, personal injury, emotional distress, loss of use of the vehicle, attorney’s fees, damages, costs, and expenses, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, related to the alleged problems". I am specifically very uncomfortable signing away rights around problems which have not occurred, problems unrelated to the rims, etc.

Review: Hello, November 2013 we sign a lease for 2014 BMW X6, month later the vehicle present knocking noise in the bottom of the vehicle when start. After 3-4 weeks and 3 attempt to repair it, they replace the vehicle. 4 moth later, I got the same issue with second vehicle. May 1st we bring vehicle on service and service adviser confirm this noise and we left vehicle for 8 days, 8 days later they sad that they can not duplicate the issue. As soon as we got it back and drive vehicle for a 30-40 min the noise I coming up. About a week to try to schedule an appointment with Hassel BMW and Life Quality BMW and no one can schedule an appointment until they talk to the service manager. We still waiting the call from Life Quality BMW ( 3-5 times we try to contact service manager, he is never available) . For Hassel BMW on May 16 we go to Hassel BMW to confirm the issue without appointment because we can not rich anybody from management to do that. When we came to the service our service adviser ask technician to drive with as and confirm the issue, we did it and technician confirmed the issue, he took the vehicle and after quick inspection sad that he can not find exactly why it happening and that they need to BMW engineers come to inspect it. June 2nd BMW engineers inspected the vehicle, confirm the issue and sad that problem with Fly wheel in transmission, they sad that this part in stock and in 2 days they fix it. June 6 they sad that vehicle still present this noise and they need to check it again. June 9 finally we got somebody on the phone, his name is [redacted] and he sad that vehicle was fixed on this noise no more present and sad that we can pick up it. After we picked up the vehicle and drive it for 10-15 min, we see that noise still present. We go back to the service, technician draw vehicle again and sad that the noise is much louder then it was in the morning and still present . (At all of the time we informing BMW of North america about the situation).Desired Settlement: After that they start saying that this is the regular noise of the vehicle, all my requests to show me the same model vehicle which presents this noise was refused. We try 2 vehicles, one on bank parking lot, second our neighbor's vehicle no one of this vehicles By the end 2 dealerships refuse to take vehicle for the service (Hassel BMW canceled all my appointments, Life Quality do not want to schedule it). Vehicle still present this noise. We want to return the vehicle back, get our down payment ($3600) back, and lease payment (6 month X $685) back. At all times we still can not to talk to the service managers fro 2 dealerships they are never available. BMW of North America do not care about this situation. As they sad they do not have control on their dealerships.



BMW NA addressed customer's first noise complaint in November 2013 by replacing her vehicle with a new 2014 BMW X6. Customer states same noise is heard in the replacement. Vehicle was inspected by a BMW representative but noise could not be duplicated. However, BMW NA agreed to Ms. [redacted]'s request to terminate the lease, provide a full refund and relieve her of this vehicle.




Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

In 20 days you did not paid for it, I spoke today (7/7/2014) with BMW Financial department and they did not receive any payment from you. My vehicle still on service, you do not want to give me loaner vehicle till you resolve the issue, I have to rent vehicle and paid around $1800 for it, I want reimbursement, because you never follow with what you sad. Stop cheating!!!! Your sad that you can not duplicate the issue, I have repair invoices first that you confirmed the issue, second that you changed fly wheel in transmission, but it did not resolve the issue with noise, after that you start saying that its regular noise of the vehicle, I have also repair invoice for it, and after last service repair invoice saying that it it no issue with vehicle, I got this message on vehicle screen that "transmission over heated" (I attached pictures). I have no idea how you service department checked it if day later transmission was heated and I have to stop on highway for about an a hour to cool it.



BMW of North America refunded Ms.[redacted]'s lease payments, refunded her deposit and terminated the lease on this vehicle. no futher compensation will be offered



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

For a month after I sign all papers you did not paid for the vehicle and did not give me money back. You have vehicle on service, I asked few time to provide me with loaner vehicle, you rejected all my requests. I try to contact Linda to force this process but she ignored my calls. I wan compensation for this time, I have to rent vehicles and pay for car service, I'm not gonna pay for your mistakes. To process a check for me takes not a 30 days, it takes 2-4 days.

Review: I have a 2011 335 I BMW. Car stopped working. It doesn't start. Dealer said I need a new engine and that that I need to pay $19,500 for a new engine. They said they won't cover engine under warranty because the oil in the was dirty. I told them that can't be the case because I changed the oil 4 months ago. He asked for a receipt that proved I changed the oil than he ( [redacted]) would cover the repair under warranty. I emailed him the change oil receipt. He than told me he can't accept the oil change receipt because there is no seriel number on the receipt. I said that isn't true, seriel number of receipt is on top right corner. He than said, he won't cover repair under warranty because the mileage isn't written on the receipt.Desired Settlement: BMW needs to fulfil their contractual obligations



Customer could not produce adequate proof of vehicle oil change maintenance. Unable to assist.



I am rejecting this response because:

First they state they need a receipt. After the receipt is given to them, they than state receipt is insufficient because it has no date on it. This isn't true as there is a date on receipt. Than they state they can't affect the receipt because their is no seriel number on the receipt. This is not true either. It is clear this company intention is to commit consumer fraud. And they are fishing for reasons to not honor their obligation. I will ill be filing civil action and a consumer fraud complaint. It is appalling a company like BMW would willingly commit consumer fraud.

Review: I bought a BMW AH3 at BMW of [redacted] (Luxury Imports of BG). I have 4 e-mails from the dealership verifying that the vehicle was new, never used as a service loaner or demo and never claimed or reported to BMW as a demo/loaner and demo credit never claimed. I leased the vehicle and when I tried to activate my connecteddrive I was informed the in-service date was 10/31/12 and NOT 6/28/13 when I bought the vehicle.. I e-mailed the general manager of dealership for help and called BMW customer relations. GM of the dealership stated they needed time to rectify. BMW CR stated there is nothing that can be done BMW does not handle any dealer complaints and when I asked to invoke arbitration per my BMWFS lease contract, I was told they have 'never heard that word'. I am deeply saddened that BMW does not have paths of escalation for dealer mis-conduct and consumers are left to fend for themselves. The BMW FS contract states I have to request arbitration, but there is no path listed on how to obtain it. The dealer finally responded on 8/23/13 stating that nothing can be done to correct the in-service date of the vehicle. I will be happy to forward all my sales correspondence with the dealership.Desired Settlement: I would like BMW to have a better path of escalation of dealer issues that are more public. I would like my AH3 replaced with one that is actually not a loaner/demo.



Please be advised our Market Team is still reviewing customer complaint. I sent an email on 9/9 to customer advising we were still reviewing.



This letter is in regard to Mr. [redacted]’s claim dated August 30, 2013 concerning an incorrect in-service date caused by BMW of [redacted].Please be advised the in-service date was corrected by BMW of [redacted] during the week of October 7th.Please accept my apologies for not responding to you sooner.BMW proudly supports its product, its service, and its commitment to our customers.

Review: I purchased a used 2008 BMW 528i from a dealer in May of 2014 and in March of 2015 the engine overheated and shut off. I had the vehicle towed to an authorized BMW dealer Global Imports in [redacted]. to run a diagnostic which cost 150$. They determined that my engine coolant fan was not working and needed to be replaced for a total repair cost of 1,100$. I noticed that there was an engine coolant fan recall on the 2008 BMW 528i and I was informed by the dealer and customer service at BMW USA that according to my vehicles VIN# it did not fall under the recall and that I would have to pay for the entire repair cost. I was told by the mechanic that even the new parts they replace it with are defective many of the occasions. I believe it is ignorant to think that my vehicles engine coolant fan is coincidence and is not at all related to the engine coolant fan recall on my year and series. It is not right to repair the same vehicle and not another because their they were built at different times within BMW's recall selection window. My engine coolant fan did not stop working because of normal wear and tear, it stopped working because it was defective just like the recall states.Desired Settlement: I had to pay for the repair of my engine coolant fan repair myself because I needed to continue driving to and from work which cost 1,100$ I would like BMW to honor the quality of their product and reimburse me for the cost of my repair for a product that they new was defective.



BMW has review this case involving Mr. [redacted] and his 2008 BMW 528i. After review, there are no recalls on this vehicle. The recall Mr. [redacted] mentioned was a recall from the company Valeo, and is not a BMW issue. I provided Mr. [redacted] information on the Valeo recall and gave him the correct number to call. Thank you



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I am an owner of a 2011 BMW 328i sedan with 35k miles on it. The car is one month past the warranty period. Car was not performing so BMW wanted me to pay $300 to diagnose a problem. I went to a third party for the diagnosis and was informed that I needed to replace 6 spark plugs, and 2 Ignition Coils, and a vacuum hose. After consulting numerous mechanics I was told that the car has very little miles on it and in no way should the spark plugs or the ignition coils should be replaced unless there is some defect.

I research previous defect issues with ignition coils installed in BMW's and found that there was previous recalls. The car is unsafe to drive at this point and BMW should pay to have it diagnosed properly at the dealership and if there is a defect should cover all costs. But since there are previous recalls with this part, BMW for the safety of their customers should inspect the vehicle for free.Desired Settlement: I would like BMW to inspect the coils and spark plugs and looks for defects which were a previous problem with these ignition coils. I should not be charged for this diagnosis. BMW should pay the cost for me for the safety of the the other thousands of 2011 BMW 328i owners.

Review: I purchased an extended maintenance with car in September. I was unhappy with the first car so I exchanged for a different car. I expected I'd be able to transfer the extended maintenance to the new car. I was told the original maintenance I purchased with the first car can't be cancelled and stays with the car. So I paid $2295 for maintenance I never used on a car I didn't keep.Desired Settlement: I'd like a pro-rated credit for the original extended maintenance.



We have reached a resolution with the above customer. We have agreed to reimburse him in the amount of $1,000 as a goodwill gesture.He has agreed to sign and return a general release . Once received, Towne BMW will be processing the check to the customer for $1,000.Please let me know if you require any additional information.

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