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C & F Finance Company, Moore Loans, Inc., MAC, C&F

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C & F Finance Company, Moore Loans, Inc., MAC, C&F Reviews (135)

Horrible people
These are the most horrific ppl I have ever had to deal with. They will take your last penny even if your homeless on the side of the road. I gave back a huge lemon because I couldn't afford to get it fixed any longer, they turned around and took me to small claims for the money owed which I know was only interest left. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THESE HORRIBLE PPL. I bought a brand new car before I gave that lemon back so I'm good with that. A little side note though, KARMA is certainly a real thing ! I only gave 1 star because I HAD to.

Gap insurance rapping off folks
I brought my suv on March 31 /21 and it got paid off on April 20/21 and this no good company sent me a check for 91.05 which I will be writing BBB about this !

Class-act # 031-121573 Thomas Yates I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.] Regards, [redacted]

C&F Finance Management has reviewed all notes and materials relating to this complaint and have found the following:On 02/11/2015, an Audit Letter was mailed stating the balance remaining after proceeds from the Insurance Company and the GAP Company had been applied The amount was $with a interest per diem of $On 02/20/2015, Mr [redacted] spoke with a collection representative and an agreeable plan was made to pay the remaining balance agreed upon payments were received as follows: 03/02/$150, 03/11/$100, 03/12/$50, 03/19/$50, 04/02/$100On 04/01/2015, customer spoke to a representative and stated that a billpay check was sent out for $on 03/30/and that another payment will be made on 04/13/ On 04/13/2015, 04/14/2015, 04/15/2015, 04/16/2015, and 04/18/a collections representative phoned the home number and left a message in regards to the next payment A call was never returned A e-mail was sent on 04/16/to tim [redacted] to call C&F Finance.After numberous attempts to contact customer and due to the broken agreement to pay the remaing balance, SrManagement followed procedures to Charge-off the account A Deficiency Letter was sent stating the obligation that is curently due of $ This amount does not include the interest that remains on the account, which was included in the $ A Collections Manager has made several attempts on to speak with customers to settle this matter but has not received a returned call At this time, C&F Finance will continue with business practices to resolve the remaining obligations on the account I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.We have yet to receive a statment listing the accrued interest in question This information can be faxed or mailed Regards, [redacted]

Sleaze Better off with a Mafia loan

Customer service is horribleThey are rude and unwilling to work with clients re: paymentsMost finance companies work with their clients

I can say that my experience has been an overall favorable oneWhen I fell behind on a payment, C&F worked with me to not only defer the late payment; but also changing my due date in order to accommodate me so there would be no issue in making my payment each monthNo negative information has ever been reported to the CB's in regards to my account eitherI will admit, prior to this being put in place, the calls were a little embarrassing, especially when my references were contactedHowever, I understand that this is what the representatives are hired to do and first & foremost, my not keeping up with my contractual agreement at that time is why the calls were madeThe only regular correspondence I receive now is an email each month telling me my e-statement is ready for viewingIf you work with them, they will work with youNote: As far as recommending to friends, family or colleagues, C&F Finance chooses you based on credit issues, you don't choose themSo if you do get approved for vehicle financing through them, make sure you adhere to the contractual agreement and there will be no issues

[redacted] , Thank you for recently taking the time to express your concerns regarding your account with C&F Finance Company We have completed a detailed review of your account and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your complaint filed with the /> Here at C&F Finance Company, we record all calls incoming and called out I have pulled the recordings relating to your account and I have not heard anything that could be construed as "horrible." What I have heard is the collector stating their name and number for which you can call them back If you happen to receive a "horrible" message, either call me or e-mail me and let me know when the message was left so that I can pull the recordings and take appropriate steps to discipline It is our policy at C&F Finance Company to call customers when they become one day past due I will refer you to your contract that you signed regarding the actions we are legally able to take when you do become past due whether it is one day or one month, either way you have broken the contract As of 04/10/you are days past due It is very important that you call the office and speak to a recovery agent as soon as possible, preferably today If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me Sincerely, [redacted]

When C&F Finance Company purchased Ms [redacted] contract from the prior finance company, a Welcome Packet was sent which included a disclosure of the available payment options C&F Finance acceptsIn addition to the initial disclosure, each time Ms [redacted] calls into the office to make a payment, company representatives are required to disclose payment options prior to accepting a payment There is a $fee associated with Express Payment Options which post funds to the account the same day payments are made over the phone or online Customers are not required to choose this option and may choose to pay using our other lower cost and free options Lower cost options include [redacted] and [redacted] Free options include, making a payment at a C&F Bank branch, mailing a check, and automatic recurring payments If you have any further questions, comments, or would like assistance enrolling in the free automatic recurring payments, please contact a representative in our Customer Service Department

[redacted] , Our Collections Manager [redacted] has made several attempts to contact you We have made changes to your account so that the monies you paid will go towards your installment amount instead of the late charges as per your Desired Resolution Please contact [redacted] at [redacted] to discuss how payments are applied and what occurs when a full installment amount is not paid If you have any further questions please call us Sincerely, [redacted] ***, Compliance Manager
I have reviewed the offer made by the
business in reference to complaint ID***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I met with an *** *** Attorney and the administration fee is prohibited in *** ***
*** ***

*** ***Thank you for recently taking the time to express your concerns regarding your account with C&F Finance Company. We have completed a detailed review of your
account and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your complaint filed with the Revdex.comC&F
Finance Company records all phone calls incoming and being dialed out. I have gone through the phone records and I do not see any phone calls made to any of the numbers on your account for 04/09/If you have any evidence or recordings that say otherwise, please forward that information to me so I can investigate further. Here are the actions that have occurred on your account since 04/01/2014:
-04/01/Phoned Work at 9:27a.m- No answer
-04/04/Phoned Work at 10:57a.m- Left message with operator, said customer is working and she will pass message
-04/04/E-mail Sent at 10:58a.mto ***
-04/05/2014 Phone Home at 8:37a.m- female answered, said,"really" then hung up
-04/05/Telephoned Cell at 8:39a.m-no answer to ***
-04/05/Telephone Cell at 8:40a.m- left message on *** to call back
-04/07/Phone Home at 11:53a.m- left message to call back
-04/07/Telephoned Cell at 11:54a.m- *** cell-left message to call back
-04/07/Telephoned Cell at 11:55a.m- *** cell-left message to call back
-04/08/Telephoned Cell at 10:55a.m- *** cell-left message to call back
-04/08/Telephoned Cell at 10:56a.m- *** cell-left message to call back
04/08/is the last time a phone call has been made regarding your account. There have been no phone calls made on 04/9/to any of the numbers that you have provided. We have been provided numbers to call regarding this account and we will use those numbers when the account becomes past due. Whether you are one day late or one month late, you are still late and have broken the Retail Installment Contract, signed at the dealership. C&F Finance follows all laws and regulations regarding Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Telephone Consumer Practices ActIf you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
*** *** *** *** ***

04/03/*** *** *** *** *** *** ** *** ***
C&F Finance Company, Company Respondent
Product: Retail Installment Sales Contract
Issue: Servicing
Dear *** ***,
Thank you for recently taking
the time to express your concerns regarding your account with C&F Finance Company. We have completed a detailed review of your account and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your complaint filed with the on 04/01/14.
The Insurance Binder that was provided to C&F Finance Company is not the Declaration Page that was requested and required. Also, the insured on the Binder is not the name on the account, Red Flag of a Straw Purchase, and
C&F Finance Company must be identified as the loss payee.
C&F Finance Company does not collect storage fees. You will pay this fee to the repossession company when you physically go and pick up the vehicle. There is no benefit to C&F Finance Company for holding onto your car. Our best interest is in obtaining the proper paperwork and getting the collateral back to the customer as soon as possibleIf you have any further concerns please feel free to contact meSincerely,
*** ***
*** ***
C&F Finance Company

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's offer. If you wish, you may update it before sending
I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to meI will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolvedIf the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: ***
*** ***
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.I will supply C & F with records of their harrassing calls as I have counted on my cell phone alone starting 6/1/- 6/10/I also have record of them calling my husbands cell phone and home number several time. I will also supply them with a copy of my contact as well. This dispute with the back is still pending and I do not plan to cancel this or dismiss the matter.My general purpose for the compliant it to make other consumers aware of the practices of C& F Finance.My I do not foresee this matter being resolved to I have decided to only pay my future payments via money order and pay a fee to have them tracked via the united states postal service I am also in planning to have my vehicle refinanced with a more reputable company by August
*** ***

I purchased a SUV in January with *** ***, financed with C & F I wasn't until I was about to make my first payment in February of that I came across all of the terrible reviews this company has So I figured I would give them the benefit of doubt I made my first payment via check and sent a voided check to set up automated payments Now $has been stolen from my account, purchase from *** for $and an automatic withdrawal for $300.79!!! I DID NOT authorized either C&F are the only new company that I had recently dealt with and I strongly feel it is someone with their company My bank informed me that the automated withdrawal had to have had my bank routing number and entire checking account number, which I had recently submitted to them Now, I had to close my account, will probably have return checks and more to deal with!!!!! I plan on contacting the definitely!!!

C&F is the worst finance company in a long line of bad onesWe have been with them almost years and just found out today they are charging us months of unpaid late fees!!! Our payment has NOT been late times...maybe twice if even that many timesIn all this time we have never received a statement saying we had late fees or have even ever been able to access the account online as they do not provide account accessThis is 2014...bills are paid onlinecustomer service is a complete joke with this company *** *** *** are rude and condescending at every available opportunityNEVER BANK WITH THIS COMPANY!

The C&F Finance Company Compliance Manager has reviewed the complaint and performed an investigation. The following was found:- On 09/25/around 2:p.m., Mr*** contacted our office to advise of payment made of $519.39 to collection agency in regards to balance left
on account. Mr*** wanted to know when he would receive his title. The representative he spoke to explained that the pay-off amount, as of 09/25/2015, was $and that he would follwith collection agency in regards to payment and call Mr*** back.- On 09/25/around 3:p.m., representative called Mr*** and explained that the title will be released days after money is drafted from account by the collection agency. Maker advised funds were drafted today.- On 09/25/around 3:p.m., Mr*** spoke to representative stating that he was at DMV and was advised, by DMV representative, if Lienholder can send documentation on company letterhead that the loan is satisfied, DMV would give him his title. The representative advised Mr*** this is called a Lien Release Letter and that we would need to receive the funds from collection agency before we could send Lien Release Letter.- On 09/29/2015, Mr*** spoke to a representative and stated the collection agency sent him a letter stating the account was paid off. The representative advised that we have still not received the funds in our office and we cannot release title until funds are received.No further contact has been made between Mr*** and C&F Finance Company. As of 10/01/2015, the funds have not been received in officeOnce the funds have been received and the account is satisfied, C&F Finance Company will send Mr*** the title. If Mr*** has any further questions, please call Tanya or Melissa at *** in the Recovery Department. Thanks

I didn't find out until after signing with C&F that they did not have grace periodsI found this out after my first payment was mailed in days before the due dateI'm in the midwest and they are in Virginia, so it took a whileThe day after the due date I began receiving SEVERAL calls per day x days from the companyThey left VM's stating someone's name and their call back #; never stating what they wantedSo, I called them back a few days after my due date and asked what the calls were about, I was rudely met with a rep stating I was late on my first payment, this looks horrible as a new customer and I needed to make my payment that dayI explained I mailed my payment off (a check) nearly weeks ago, you should receive it shortly Instead of the rep saying, "Ok, thank you, I'll note that in the system..." I was told, ok, well you still have to make a payment today and pay the late fees or you'll have your vehicle repossessedI was shocked and said again, it's in the mail, it should show up soonThat's when I was told they don't have ANY grace periods I thought that was a jokecable, utilities even your cell companies have grace periodsThey were rude and told me to borrow some money to make the paymentI hung up They continued to call me every day SEVERAL times (at lease 5-times) for another daysAfter that, I didn't get any callsI called them back to ask when the check made it and was told the day after I called them the first time I was told I could have auto pay set up, pay via phone or money gramI decided to do money gramThe next month, I didn't pay on the due, but a few days after, so of course the phone calls started againAfter explaining every month that I don't get paid on my due date, I asked to have my due date changed - but was told I had to pay $25, upfront! Plus my next month's payment in order to so! I had never heard of being charged to change my date - but I went ahead and did it Then last year I called to tell them I get paid on a specific day (after my due day) and would like to pay on the day I get paid - yes I was late (less than days) but I needed the extra timeI was told ok that's fine, just make sure I call in on that day and make the paymentTHE DAY BEFORE I WAS TO CALL IN AND MAKE MY PAYMENT, THEY REPOSSESSED MY VEHICLE!! This had never happened me me beforeLong story short, I called got my vehicle back days laterthey made me pay the past due amt, plus $for the repo and the next month that was weeks away!! I made the payment and made sure I paid early each monthRecently I feel back again - paying 1-weeks lateI just called last week to give my debit card to have them take their payment in full - showing I want to make my payment and was met with a repONCE AGAINyelling at me, telling me to borrow money and make the payment TODAY, or I'll be repossessedTelling me they have me being days late and the credit bureaus show this - I informed the rep she was rude, and I had recently bought another vehicle and it only showed I was late time!! Last year when I was repo'd - IN OTHER WORDSthey suck! They are rude and if I wasn't upside down with such a high interest rate (b/c my credit was horrible when I got the vehicle) I would refinance with anther companyI would not recommend them and have told the car lot I bought it from - they no longer use them b/c of my complaintsIt's like they train their reps to be mean, disrespectful and unwilling to work with customers

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