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Consumer Cellular

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Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorry to hear that our service is not working for Mr [redacted] The account is still activeI do see that we’ve received emails, which have not been processed yet, requesting cancellation of the accountI will process those emails nowPlease note that I will cancel the account effective immediately but if the customer wants to transfer their number to another provider, they will have to reactivate it to do so We have not received any communication from the customer, until now, that service has been an issueIf the customer wishes to reactivate service so that their numbers can be transferred to another provider, they may contact us at 1-800-686-Currently there isn’t a request in the system from any other providerIn regards to phone locks, the customer did contact us on 8/2/and spoke to two agentsBoth agents advised that we do not have the unlock codes for their phones because the phones were not purchased through Consumer CellularThey are using phones that they purchased somewhere else The customer needs to contact the cellular company that they were purchased through to get unlock codes, if availableSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The day after I sent you below e-mail ( 2/16/2016) I have received a corrected invoice from Consumer Cellular and paid it in full ( 2/17/2016) So this case can be closed, however I would like to point out that they have not sent any earlier e-mail with the corrected amount as they claim it Thank you for your help ! [redacted] Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondThisaccount was opened on 7/11/and Ms [redacted] ordered a Consumer Cellular flip phone for$plus tax ($32.40)During the time service was active, voice minutes and complimentaryminutes (calls to Consumer Cellular) were used.Ms [redacted] sent seven emails to customer service on August 3rd (at 08:33, 09:15:52, 15:58,16:02, 16:06, and 16:pacific time) requesting to cancel her accountShe also called and spoke tocustomer service at 16:the same dayThe account was cancelled as requested over the phone and aprepaid mailing label was sent to return her cellphoneBecause the account was cancelled with lessthan days and units of usage, the invoice for service was waived and there will be no charges.In order to return equipment, the items must be in like-new condition without any signs of physicaldamage, significant wear and tear or water damageMs [redacted] ’s phone was received by our shippingdepartment on 8/14/with deep dents in the corners of the phoneIt is standard practice for ourreturns processors to take pictures of any equipment we receive that is denied for any reasonBecauseof the damage to Ms [redacted] ’s phone, the equipment is not eligible for a refund and was returned toMs [redacted] by US MailMs [redacted] called customer service on 8/and stated she received thephone back and was unhappy with the service she has received.On Wednesday 8/16/17, Ms [redacted] sent the following email to customer service, which I replied topersonally on 8/at 08:(below): [redacted] Wednesday August 16, 13:41your customer service [redacted] I returned your [redacted] phone and you sent it back now you say thephone was dented I never even used the phone and to top it all off now you say I have to pay for thephone I thought I already paid for it so you all can go to hell you want more money garnish my welfarecheckYour a bunch of [redacted] By the way when I sent the phone back I packed it allthe original packing so if was dented it was because of your [redacted] packingI am going to report you toevery single consumer agency I can find I don,t like being called a liar and that is just what you did whenyou said the phone was dentedMy brother is a lawyer and I am going to have him look at this phonetomorrow you are a [redacted] company I am also going to contact [redacted] let them know I was on hold for20minutes and then you hung up on me.Ms [redacted] ,I've reviewed the photographs taken of your phone when it was received in our shipping department.The damage to the phone is significant and there was no indication it occurred in shippingAs youcancelled within our guarantee period, you were not charged for service with Consumer Cellularhowever the phone is not eligible for return or refundWe are not seeking any payments from you andyour account balance is zero.Regards,Jessica H [redacted] Digital Communications ManagerCorporate Executive ResolutionCustomer Service 800.686.4460www.ConsumerCellular.comIn response to my reply on 8/17, Ms [redacted] has sent eleven emails between Friday August 18th andTuesday August 22nd at 06:AMAs I had been out of the office, I replied Tuesday morning at 08:11AM with the pictures we took of Ms [redacted] ’s phone when it was returnedI’ve attached a copy of thephotos that were provided to Ms [redacted] This phone cannot be returned and nothing is due toConsumer Cellular for either equipment or service chargesPlease let me know if I can be of furtherassistance.Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because I believe the replacement phone should have the same year warranty as the defective phone it replacedI appreciate the business' initial action to provide a replacement phone, but in their second response, they did not give a rationale for only providing days on the replacementI was patient working with Consumer Cellular for the 1st years as we addressed continuous problems with my Moto GI finally asked for, and have now received a replacement phoneIt is also a Moto G, but a later editionThere is no logical reason that the 2nd phone would not have a year warrantyThe failure to provide one indicates to me that Consumer Cellular and Motorola have no confidence in the replacement phoneI'm willing to compromise on a month warranty in order to resolve the complaintThe extra time gives me peace of mind and costs the company nothing (provided the replacement phone is in good working order)Is months acceptable to the company? Sincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: It seems like a deceptive practice because the website allows you to go in and track your usage and appears to be up to dateI know that now, for the future, but how was I supposed to know that before, that it wasn't actually up to date?Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Consumer Cellular has not adjusted the plan according to the 12/8/call made by Mrs [redacted] The plan would reduce the monthly amount to about $per monthThe billing is not reflecting that changeThat would decrease the total amount due from 12/8/Sincerely, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Usage can be delayed for 24-hoursWhen it gets down to the last few minutes before midnight on the closing of the bill cycle, this can be difficult to gauge if a customer is coming so close in their usageOnce the bill cycle ends, we give the towers about two days to finish getting us all the usage that happened at the end of the billing cycle because of this delayThe customer has already had one bill adjustment within the last year, due to overages, and we are therefore unable to lower the cost on this invoiceThe invoice cost is $158.86, $of which has been paidThere is a remaining balance on the account of $and is due by 10/31/Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, TINA G [redacted]

Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondIapologize for the mistakeI will get another return envelope sent to the customer so that she can returnthe phone againOnce we have it back, we will credit the charge off the accountThe customer shouldexpect to see the return envelope within days Sincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I purchased a Consumer Cellular plan at Target, believing the man who installed it on my phone when he said it would work Consumer Cellular has disavowed any business responsibility in that good faith transaction between the seller of a Consumer Cellular plan and the buyer I called Consumer Cellular several times and wrote the CEO regarding my concerns about the failure of the service I was promised Once again, Consumer Cellular believes they are not responsible for the service that I paid for, but did not receiveThe service was not suddenly ineffective in September or November of 2017, it was nonexistent from the beginning It was only after my many attempts to use the service, and trying to understand if I was missing some instruction, and after several Consumer Cellular's attempts to identify the problem, that the diagnosis was made For a doctor to say that a cancer was never present until it was diagnosed would be negligent Yet Consumer Cellular is choosing only to recognize the time after I insisted there was a problem.Based on my experience, I realize that Consumer Cellular prefers to take money for nothing My trust in Consumer Cellular to fulfill a good faith agreement between a seller and a buyer has been misplaced, and I take responsibility for believing in what was promised The $compensation for never receiving the service I was promised in August of is, in my opinion, unconscionable Yet it may be exactly how Consumer Cellular chooses to do business with customers from AARP and Target I do not accept the response from Consumer Cellular My hope is that Consumer Cellular will see that there were and are other choices that they could make, and if they truly valued what they do, they would value the good faith that was extended to them Sincerely, [redacted]

February 18, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondOur risk free guarantee states that if a customer cancels within the first days and no more than units of usage, we will waive any invoices that have generatedMs [redacted] used voice minutes, text/picture messages, and 0.14MB of data; exceeding the risk free guaranteeMs [redacted] chose a plan that was $for minutes, $for 150MB/1500Text and an additional line for $That is a base rate of $The invoice was $and this included the taxWe are not a prepaid planWe are a month to month service and the initial days isn’t free unless the customer cancels within the risk free guarantee period and within the units of usage stated aboveI can assure you that no one has “messed with” her accountAs a one-time courtesy we will extend the risk free guarantee and I have cleared her invoiceSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] Dear,We apologize that a mistake was made on the account which caused the customer’s phone to deactivateThere was confusion over an email that the customer had sent us which said ‘The phone is not activatedWhy did you say it was?’ The agent who received that email thought that Mr [redacted] wanted the phone to be activated and so she didAs soon as we were made aware of the issue we submitted the old SIM card to be re-usedIt appears that the phone his wife has is usable again.Mr [redacted] is requesting a refund for the iPhone which he will receive once we have the phone back and it has gone through inspection to insure it is in like-new conditionThe activation of the phone occurred on the 24th and the issue was resolved days laterI have placed a prorated credit of $for the loss of service and an additional $courtesy credit plus associated taxesThe customer also received a credit of $for express shipping since he ordered another phone for his wifeThis has reduced the customer’s current invoice from $to $77.66.Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: This is a follow up to complaint # [redacted] Consumer Cellular sent me a new phone right before the warrenty expired and I returned the old phoneThe old phone was returned to me along with a note stating they were chargine me for the phone because I returned it after the warrenty expiredI received the new phone prior to the warrenty expiring and returned the old phone I would like to receive credit for the charge of the phoneIf Consumer Cellular would like to resend a prepaid mailing I would be happy to return it again.Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorryfor the frustration that this has caused our customerWe did try to work with the customer to transferthe number over but we were not successful due to another provider who was also requesting thenumber When we spoke with Mr [redacted] on 9/20/we attempted to contact the other provider to get theinvalid request removedOur agent advised Mr [redacted] that she would try again later to contact themas she had not been successful right thenMr [redacted] hung up on our agentThe next time we spokewith him he called and cancelled his account with usUnfortunately we were unable to complete thetransfer process I believe that I can get the number to the other provider however the account and line of service have tobe active and I need to know who the other provider isI don’t have a valid number to reach thecustomer on so I have also sent him a personal email to see what he would like to do Mr [redacted] had service with us from until the date the account was cancelled on 9/22/2016.During the final invoice dates there were voice minutes, messages and 29MB of data usedThisinvoice is valid Complaint ID [redacted] Vonda [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs[redacted] called customer service on 4/27/and asked to have her granddaughter’s phone numberchangedPrior to changing the number, the agent advised that the new number would be a randomnumber in the provided Zip code and once the phone number was changed the original number couldnot be retrievedThe agent verified that Ms [redacted] wanted the new number based on the Zip code76491, then processed the requestThe system assigned [redacted] as the new numberAfter thenumber was changed, Ms [redacted] said she did not want anything except a [redacted] phone number.The agent correctly advised Ms [redacted] that the new number is local to her area and we could changethe number again but could not guarantee the prefix would be the [redacted] she requestsMs [redacted] wasunsatisfied and was transferred to a supervisor who processed a second number changeThe secondnumber change generated [redacted] .The phone number currently active for Ms [redacted] ’s granddaughter is [redacted] We are not ableto retrieve the original phone number that Ms [redacted] requested to have changedAt this time, wedo not have any [redacted] phone numbers availableThroughout the phone calls Ms [redacted] insistedthat the phone number we assigned her was for the “Northern States”, however it is a Texas phonenumber in the Woodson rate centerThis phone number is local to the customer’s home area and is alocal call from her home phone numberIf we could retrieve the original number or create a new [redacted] phone number for the customer we certainly would have done so.Unfortunately at this time, we have no further action we can take to obtain a [redacted] phone number.We apologize that Ms [redacted] is unsatisfied with the service she has received, however, the agentsshe spoke with provided the correct information and expectations prior to changing the phone number.Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: in the end they did nothing to resolve the issueThey actually forced me to do their work for them or be charged for the phone I would like to state that CC claims to have a high rating, but seems to treat their customers in horrid fashionI am currently searching for a replacement company as this is the only way that companies such as this understands what they are doing is wrongSincerely, [redacted] [redacted] Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondis athird party providerConsumer Cellular does not have control over their operationsThey send us a billto pass on to the customerWe provide a toll free service, which is discussed in our welcome packetthat the customer receives, which is 1-800-FREE-411.As a courtesy I have waived the late fee and have given credit for half the cost of the callsTheremaining balance on the account is because taxes were also adjustedThe remaining balance willneed to be paid by 7/21/or the account will be subject to additional late fees and collection efforts.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: I have emailed receipt to [email protected] and I have faxed itI did all of that at 8:am on 11-14- I've called about it twice since then and the repshave no record of itI can send proof of the email I sent to billing if necessary Sincerely, [redacted] Complaint ID [redacted] [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond [redacted] ’s account was cancelled upon request on 4/30/Consumer Cellular bills in arrears for monthly service and usage, so there is always a final bill for service through the cancellation dateThere are no charges for service after the final cancellation date of 4/30/[redacted] ’s final bill was $which was due 5/25/We did not receive a payment until 7/10/and [redacted] paid $and not the full balanceBy the time the service invoice was paid, a $late fee had accrued, however, the invoice due was not paid in full so a balance remained and continued to accrue late feesSince [redacted] paid $towards her final invoice for service, I have gone ahead and waived the late fees as well as the $that was underpaidThe account balance is now zero and nothing further is dueConsumer Cellular has not reported any payments or delinquencies to a credit bureau.Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST F [email protected]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI think that Ms [redacted] is not understanding my previous response fullyShe isn’t cut off from minutes if she hits per dayThere is a bucket of minutesIf that bucket held minutes and she opted to use the minutes in one day, that’s perfectly okWe don’t say that you can only use minutes out of the bucket per dayWhen we talk about minutes per day, we are talking about an averageIf you had a bucket of minutes and there were days in the month, on average you could use minutes per dayOf course you might use minutes one day and no minutes some days and or two minutes here and thereThat is okYou get a bucket of minutes and you use them however you wantIn regards to her billing, even if we had billed her at a full month, she would have been upgraded and would have been put on the next higher plan based on her usageWe reduced the cost of that for her by not charging her the full priceIf I was to remove the reduction that she received, she would be charged $plus tax on the second invoice instead of $plus taxThis service was used and the charges are valid and correct

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