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Consumer Cellular

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Consumer Cellular Reviews (1291)

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: reasonsThe sim card was to small and I was told to go through with it and it would work anywayIt was only after my Boost was shut off the representative told me I would have to buy one of their phones and I did not have *** so I would have to have a higher service planCustomer Service was APPALLINGLY rude!! Rarely do I ever encounter being treated so disrespectful.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

see attached December 4, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, We sent the customer a prepaid mailing label when order number [redacted] was setup for a warranty replacementAnother phone was sent out free of charge with the understanding that the customer would return the defective phone to usThe tracking number on the prepaid postage label we provided for her is [redacted] If you verify this tracking label with the USPS, the label was never usedSince this label was never used, we have no way of knowing where the customer sent the phone toWhen we didn’t receive the phone back, she was billed for the remaining cost of that phoneOur only option for the customer is to reverse the $and put it back onto the account as still being owedWe can then setup that amount so that the customer may make installment payment of $per month until it is paid back offIf the customer would like to do this, she just needs to let me know and I would be happy to make that happenThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I have since moved I have this new address: Cost of living lower SSI payment forced me to move NEW MAILING ADDRESS FOR ME IS AS FOLLOWS FROM NOW ON! [redacted] APARTMENT [redacted] KATY, TX Please make the appropriate correction and send copy to new address if unable to, make correction on time? I share now what, I can no longer afford a private place of my ownIt's better than a homeless shelterYou should tell me on my statement how many minutes I've used so I can make the changes, if you are really interested in providing for x-retired service members, who only have SSI to live on now days I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely, [redacted] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely, [redacted]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondI’m sorrythat Mr [redacted] was unsuccessful in resolving this issue with Consumer Cellular customer serviceI amnot able to locate an account or sales prospect for Mr [redacted] Credit checks are only performed whensetting up an account, so I do not see that we performed a credit check in his nameConsumer Cellularuses Equifax for all credit inquiriesIn order to remove a credit check error, Equifax has an onlineprocess for Credit DisputesPlease go to the website or write to Equifax at the addresses below. 740256Atlanta, GA 30374Please note that if the dispute is mailed in, the results of the investigation will be mailed to the customerinstead of delivered online, which may take additional timeEquifax will notify the customer of theresults of the investigation within days of the request (days if the dispute is based upon a freeannual credit file disclosure) Sincerely,JESSICA H [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F [email protected] Thanks for your quick response to this problem I will let you know if I don't get the refund for sure This company needs put out of businessI have notified AARP what they did also I do not want any more money illegally taken out of my bank account and am sorry I let my husband convince me to do business with them in the first placeNothing but a nightmareHopefully this is the end of it I have never had such a problem with any other company that I have dealt with Thank youI have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meSincerely, [redacted] *** [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondConsumer Cellular does not advertise nor sell their phones as unlockedIn our end user agreement we are clear about this and unlocking the phone is at our sole discretionI have included that section of the agreement belowIf Ms [redacted] phone is in like-new condition (no scratches, drops, physical damage, liquid or humidity exposure), I can cancel the line of service and send a return envelope for her to send the phone back for refundShe is outside of the risk free guarantee but I will extend this for herI will need a response by 4/27/if she wishes to do thisWHAT TERMS RELATE TO MY DEVICE AND CONTENT? My DeviceYou are responsible for all phones and other devices containing a SIM assigned to your DeviceYour Device must be compatible with, and not interfere with, our Services and must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulationsWe may periodically program your Device remotely with system settings for roaming service, to direct your Device to use network services most appropriate for your typical usage, and other features that cannot be changed manuallyDevices purchased for use on Consumer Cellular’s system are designed for use exclusively on Consumer Cellular’s system and EquipmentYou agree that you will not make any modifications to the Equipment or programming to enable the Equipment to operate on any other systemConsumer Cellular may, at its sole and absolute discretion, modify the programming to enable the operation of the Equipment on other systemsYou are solely responsible for complying with U.SExport Control laws and regulations and the import laws and regulations of foreign countries when traveling internationally with your EquipmentSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:The Consumer Cellular representative that I talked to on February was not a male The Consumer Cellular representative I talked to on February was a female The female representative told me that because of the very low use of the cell phone in January and no use of the cell phone in February, she was waiving the monthly fee of $ The female representative then told me that the only charge that I would have to pay would be $ I relied on what the female representative told me and I paid the $to Consumer Cellular.Consumer Cellular did not charge my Chase credit card $on the next due date of March as they normally would have This is because its female representative waived the $monthly charge when I talked with her on February Consumer Cellular then tried to charge $to my Chase Credit card on March I disputed the $charge because of the agreement the female representative at Consumer Cellular made with me on February After Chase investigated the $charge, Chase agreed with me that the $charge was not a valid charge and it was not paid to Consumer Cellular It is obvious that someone at Consumer Cellular did not approve of the decision made by its female employee to waive the $monthly charge Someone at Consumer Cellular tried to change the decision made by its female representative when Consumer Cellular attempted to charge my Chase credit card $on March I do not owe $to Consumer Cellular and I have no intention of paying any more money to Consumer Cellular Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because you have chose to not do anything so I will chose to give more bad reviews on you

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Those are nottttt valid charges and I owe them nothing--everything is up to date, includinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg the disputes that I posted with my credit card company that Consumer Cellular did nottttttt list...They are the ultimate judge in determining validity of charges That is why I went to the!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Cheryl [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: First of all this company I have been with for many, many years I have found out this call was made by [redacted] who found my phone that I left in her house and why she tried calling me on it she has no clue and apparently didn't hang it up for minutes If Consumer Cellular would make the effort to check this call out, they will see it was: 1) NEVER ANSWERED AS I DID NOT HAVE THE PHONE - IT WAS IN [redacted] 'S POSSESSION UNTIL I CAME TO PICK IT UP 2) THERE WAS NO DIALOG ON THIS CALL THAT CC SHOULD BE ABLE TO VERIFY 3) THEY CAN SEE FROM ALL PHONE RECORDS I NEVER TALK THIS LONG ON A CALL! PERHAPS FIVE YEARS AGO WHEN MY MOTHER WAS IN THE HOSPITAL DYING THE CALLS TO/FROM FAMILY WERE LENGTHY, BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I NEVER TALK FOR ANY LENGTH ON THIS PHONE You can call [redacted] at the incoming number on my bill (she made the call and not me) to see there was NO DIALOG whatsoever on this call and her provider is Verizon When I first initiated my inquiry, I did think this was a solicitation call from Verizon that was incorrect After calling the number myself down the road and checking the date and realizing I was in her house and left my phone there for a few hours, I have put all the above together CC can call Mrs [redacted] to verify this if they wish, but to charge a long term customer for a minute call adding $to my bill when there was no talk on the call and apparently she answered it and never hung up, CC should 100% credit this amount and furthermore have never been as rude and uncaring as they have been To do what they have to a year old woman who has been a long term customer and always pays her bills on time, this is ABOMINABLE! And to never be abler to talk to anyone but those that answer in customer service and not be able to get a requested response from a Manager or their CEO, MrMarick in his privately held company is just inappropriate too Sincerely, [redacted] ***

SW 69th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97223800-686-May 22, Complaint ID [redacted] (Customer # [redacted] )Dear,Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondMs [redacted] ’s service was interrupted on 4/20/due to a past due balanceOnce the past due payment was made on 5/10/17, the service was reinstatedThe next day, Ms [redacted] called because she couldn’t get her iPhone to power onThe agent assisted with plugging in the phone to see if it would take a charge and it was unresponsiveWe referred Ms [redacted] to an Apple store for in-person support to troubleshoot the problem.We didn’t hear back from Ms [redacted] until receiving this complaintWe called and spoke to Ms [redacted] on 5/and performed troubleshooting to try to identify the source of the problemThe phone not turning on was unrelated to the service interruption, however due to the length of time the phone was not being used it’s not unusual that it would need to be fully charged again to power onThe phone was still not taking a charge, so Ms [redacted] went to a local [redacted] store, one of our retail partners, for additional assistanceIn the store they identified that there was gum or a similar substance in the charging port which prevented the phone from being able to charge and therefore power onOnce that was removed, the phone began working normally.If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.Sincerely, [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST T F [email protected] [redacted] Dear, This has been an ongoing issueThe customer continues to file chargebacks with her card companyHere is a rundown of the account.Customer paid $for the initial down payment of the iPhone, two $payments and $for the remainderTotal paid = $ We received the phone backCustomer received a credit to her card in the amount of $and $credit to her accountTotal credits received = $ Two invoices generated which went against the $credit on the account leaving a credit of $which was then refunded to the card Customer filed a dispute with her card company for $We returned the $to the card however we did not owe this back to the customer so that amount was put onto the account as being owed plus a $late feeTotal owed = $ We spoke with the customer and she stated that she was going to drop the chargeback dispute however she didn’t and instead made a payment for the $bringing her balance back to zero Then she filed another dispute for $and received a $late feeHer account now has a balance owed of $375.00.For this issue to resolve, the customer either needs to pay the balance or drop the dispute so that we can waive the late feeShe also needs to not file any more credit disputes.Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond.Sincerely,TINA G

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondThere is only one phone that I am able to take back and provide a credit forThe other phone is over a year oldI have already provided $in creditsThere are no further credits that I am able to applyThere are no further credit that I can apply

Date: March 1, First, thank you both – & Consumer Cellular – for replying to my complaint MsG [redacted] has made two offers in response to my complaint: a) to review my credit and consider my application for EasyPay, a substantial change from the company’s refusal to review my creditworthiness; and b) to cut in half the amount of time needed to establish a bill-paying history and thus become eligible for EasyPay without a credit check These offers demonstrate a willingness to resolve my complaint, and I believe that many people would consider them adequateIndeed, the credit review is one of my own suggested resolutions However, it should not take complaints to, to the FTC, the Rhode Island attorney general and Consumer Cellular’s CEO, to achieve this common sense resolution Further, the offer comes too late in terms of my personal situationI have since purchased an iPhone directly from Apple, using that company’s 12-month, interest-free payment program, which went without a hitch after I temporarily unblocked reports from all three credit rating agencies More importantly, MsG [redacted] ’s reply to does not deal with the other part of my suggested resolution – the most important part – which is to ask that Consumer Cellular desist from what I consider misleading advertising and sales as it affects other consumers in positions similar to mine MsG [redacted] does not address my assertion that I was caught in a deceptive sales practice: attracted by an offer of convenient monthly payments through the EasyPay program, I found myself excluded by Catch 22-style rules that were explained neither on the Website nor in my conversation with sales representative when I originally signed up, but only after I was enrolled as a service customer and later tried to buy a phone I suspect that I’m not the only customer similarly boxed in, which is why I would like Consumer Cellular to change its approach in common sense ways: a) to clearly explain the limitations on EasyPay access in written and verbal communications with customers; and b) to review the credit of any customer who wishes to use EasyPay, regardless of whether his or her credit was checked at the time of account signup For these reasons, I respectfully reject the company’s proposed resolution Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Hello, I have just received an email from stating that my complaint had been closed I HAVE NOT received ANY messages from since my notification that my complaint had been received and an email message that my complaint was under review Consumer Cellular actually verified the truth of my complaint They confirmed that they had been billing my account by my credit card number ending in [redacted] which I DID NOT give them permission to do I had given my banking account number ending in [redacted] for them to useI also, was not on an auto pay system with their company which means that I chose when to pay my bill NOT THEMThey told me that they had only gotten my banking information in March, which is NOT TRUE I provided that information to Consumer Cellular just after I established my account with themI assure you that I have not received any email notifications from about this case as I have stated above I do not appreciate lack of diligence with my caseAnd I ask that this case be reopened With the information provided by Consumer Cellular proves my complaint which was that Consumer Cellular used my credit card number to bill me when I DID NOT GIVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO SOWhen I established my account with Consumer Cellular they required that I give them my credit card number to establish the account that is how they got my credit card informationI appeal decision to close this case Thank you, [redacted] Phone: [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted]

Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondWespoke with Mr [redacted] yesterday and he opted to go and purchase a SIM card from a retail location.We were able to get his phone working yesterday.I have waived a month’s cost for the additional line fee and he also received the credit towards thepurchase price of the SIM card.We apologize for the time and frustration this has caused the customer.Sincerely,TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALISTT F

February 24, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondIt appears that Ms [redacted] spoke with one of our agents earlier todayWe have already sent a replacement phone to the customerOnce she has received it, she will need to return the other phone back to usIf the only issue is that the SIM card is stuck, the phone should be accepted backIf there is additional damage, then the warranty may be deniedSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST

November 23, [redacted] [redacted] Dear, I have resent the customer’s three most recent invoices to her email address that we have on fileThe customer is currently setup to receive her invoices through paper mailing and that she will send in or call in her payment every month; it is not setup on autopayIf Ms [redacted] would like any of this to be modified, we can certainly do thatMs [redacted] states in her complaint that her phone was shut off however we have never shut off her account or her phone line and she has been with us since 9/13/If the customer is having service issues, she may call us at [redacted] from a phone other than the cell number and we would be happy to troubleshoot the issueThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondSincerely, TINA G [redacted] CORPORATE EXECUTIVE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

Dear, Thank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respondAt this time Mr [redacted] account is cancelledWe can process his phone for a warranty replacement but his phone is over a year old and is outside of the warranty so we must have a decision on this by 4/7/If he decides by that date that he would like us to replace the phone under warranty, I will extend it for himThe original phone must be in like-new condition; no scratches, drops, damage, or liquid exposure

Dear, I’m not sure what else to say hereThe customer continues to reject our responses despite the fact that we aren’t disputing anything that he is saying and we are very actively working to get this resolvedPlease note the followingWe know the customer has received phones and has been charged for twoWe know that he does not have a working phoneWe know that he sent a phone back to us which was denied a second timeWe are sending another prepaid return envelope because the phone was sent back a second time which was a mistake and we realize thatWe are in constant communication with him in regards to the status of these returnsOne of our agents has contacted him numerous times and will continue to do so until this is resolvedOnce we have the first two phones back we will properly credit his accountA SIM card has been ordered for the most recent phone so that we can get it workingThe SIM card is out for delivery today and our agent has already scheduled a callback with the customer to verify that it was received and to make sure everything is working againWe know that the customer has not had working serviceOnce the service is working, then we will apply credits for all the service lossThank you for contacting us regarding this complaint and allowing the opportunity to respond

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