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After what I thought would be an easy divorce I was served with divorce papers and had no clue where to start I started looking into attorneys and Cordell & Cordell kept coming up I made an appointment & within hours I had attorney Jason *** on my side Jason handled every obstacle with ease, confidence and knowledge I really felt like Attorney Lasser had my back and made me feel like he had my best interest in my case

I was in need of a skilled child custody attorney and found Cordell & Cordell online, Thankfully I was able to work with Jonathan Winn, who by the way is amazing and can get things done fast and effectivelyI was ultimately able to get custody of my daughter- “Yes” I did say that I was able to get custody of my daughter in Utah and while playing niceYou pay for what you get and I will tell you if I had to do this again I would definitely hire Cordell & Cordell againThanks Jonathan Winn of Cordell & Cordell
Jamie Evans
Salt Lake City, Utah

Going through my divorce I worked with Cordell & CordellMy attorney was Marcie ***My experience with her was nothing but positiveI felt that she always gave me the opportunity to explain how I felt and provide input into the direction my case should goWith that said she was always in control which put me at ease Additionally, I thought that she conducted herself with the utmost professionalism It was clear that she was strategic with her thinking and did not keep me in the dark with respect to our strategyIn my opinion she always displayed the most concern for me by listening to my thoughts, voicemails and responding to my emails all the sameI would recommend her and the Cordell & Cordell team to other dads that find themselves in the position I was inI always felt that we were working on the same team for the same common goalSincerely,
*** ***

My attorney Laura *** from Cordell & Cordell in Dallas was great!
Cordell & Cordell handled my case very well and everyone at that office was professional and knowledgeableThey provided regular updates on the status of my case and quickly responded to any questions I hadI have been recommending them to other dads that have similar issues to what I had

I was referred to Cordell & Cordell by a friend of mine to help me with some post-divorce issues that I am experiencing with my ex, and I wish that I would have had them represent me when I initially got divorced My attorney, Ryan ***, is professional and knows the law I feel that he was in my corner every step of the wayI was impressed with his tactics, his advice, and his professionalism He kept me informed of the proceedings throughout the process in a very prompt manner I would recommend him and Cordell & Cordell without hesitation

Erica was awesome She is very knowledgeable and experienced at what she does I couldn't have been more pleased

Kimberly *** was a fantastic attorney to work with! Not only did she listen to my needs, she also put more time and effort into helping my case than I could ever expectI could count on her to tell me her honest and professional opinion for the best outcome for myself and my childI would highly recommend her services

Kristine *** has done an amazing job helping our family with child custody issuesI found Kristine through another lawyer who actually worked for the opposing party in a caseShe was really impressed with how Kristine worked to bring the two parties togetherShe is not the cheapest nor the most expensive lawyer and the firm charges $for an initial consultation feeWe've done a consultation twice for two different issues a couple years apartShe gave lots of great legal advice in that short amount of time, hoping to help us NOT have to go to courtI've never been through a divorce, but going through child custody issues could give a person a cardiac from the stress and worry over your child's well-beingThere are also a lot of family law lawyers that take advantage of this and stir up more issues which end up costing more and moreI have been so impressed with how Kristine cuts to the chase and tries to bring about a solutionI sleep MUCH better at night knowing that she's representing us and she has helped bring about some major miracles in our little familyShe is a person with great integrity

At the recommendation of another professional, I chose Jamie *** to represent me in my divorce suit I believe that it was a very wise choice as Jamie has always worked diligently for me with professionalism, integrity, candor, and honesty My particular case is rather complex as it involves a small business which needs to be valued Because Jamie has a background in accounting, I feel that she is quite competent to handle the financial aspects of my case and has a working knowledge of equitable distribution She also never "lets the ball drop" as I believe other attorneys do Although she is busy, she moves my case along and always keeps me well informed of the current status Additionally, her expertise in the area of divorce law seems very apparent She provides me with a sense of security that my situation is well under control and I feel as if she is truly working on my behalf for my best personal outcomeShe projects that she truly cares about me and my case I would definitely choose Jamie as my attorney again

Attorney Review: Ryan Stanger
I was in need of a good divorce attorney I had heard the radio ads and decided if anyone fit with what Cordell & Cordell was sayingit was me I called and set an appointment with Ryan Stanger in the Clearfield, Ut office I have never been in any legal situation before requiring an attorney so I needed someone I could trust and would not take advantage of the situation I found myself in I found Ryan to be this person and I am very thankful I retained his services
I did not know exactly what I needed in an attorney but every time something came up I found Ryan to have the experience, patience and adaptability to give advice and counsel for the appropriate steps that required attention I always felt like Ryan was in control of what the desired outcome should be for me and how to advance the process in the most efficient manner
It was also apparent to me early on Cordell and Cordell have developed a system where attorneys within their organization could rely on for each other for additional support if necessary
Ryan did an excellent job for me and when it was all said and done the outcome was fair for both parties involved and I attribute that to Ryan's professionalism and experience
I can recommend Ryan Stanger and Cordell and Cordell without any reservation whatsoever
Sean E

I have had good service from the Cleveland office First with Leighann ***, and now with Carolyn *** Very knowledgeable and attentive Fair with billing- the couple of disputes / questions were expedited quickly and professionally

Asa *** represented me in a family court matter His representation was extremely good He was timely in responding to my queries and is excellent in court on the stand I would recommend Asa for all family court and divorce matters

I would like to thank Cordell and Cordell and especially my Lawyer Kristina *** for the excellent guidance and support through the most difficult of times in my divorce processI'm glad there is a legal firm you can turn too that understands the issues men faceI switched to Cordell after year of getting nowhere in my proceeding with another firm and really feeling taken advantage ofI felt there had to be a lawyer and firm that would understand my issues and serve me betterI found that with Kristina and Cordell & CordellMy divorce is now final and I am very satisfied with my total experience dealing with this firm

Camille *** was my lawyer for my divorceHer work was top notch, a great jobShe had my divorce settled and done in less than months from start to finishI was worried about how much a lawyer would cost but it really cost very little

I had a unique need for legal assistance as I could no longer work due to a back injury and could therefore not continue paying maintenance to my ex spouseI shopped around for attorneys and found Cordell & Cordell was the one that would fight meThey didn't just tell me what I wanted to hearThey gave me their legal opinion and several months later settled the case for what they estimated they wouldI thought it would cost me triple what it was settled for! The communication was just right, not too much to rack up billing and not too little that I wondered what the status wasI would highly recommend them if you want someone who will be fair and will fight for you

Excellent service, prompt on returning calls, very knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable and invitingHighly recommend!

Rachel *** at Cordell was a life saver for me! My ex's attorney had my head spinning with everything he was throwing at me and my first attorney, although recommended by others, was no help at all I met with Rachel after my divorce process had already started, but she jumped right in and guided me through everything I needed to do and by when She also identified things that I didn't need to do, which was a huge relief to get off my plate The firm in San Antonio had all the resources to ensure my case was never neglected, things got done, and they got done right Rachel also took time & effort to ensure my personal life was in order and doing OK I truly believe I wouldn't have made it through with much left to my name if it hadn't been for her and the whole Cordell team!

Working thru my separation/divorce has been the most stressful time of my life Confusion and emotions run high during this process and Katherine *** continuously and quickly answered my questions to help me better understand my legal rights as a father She was upfront with me about what to expect during the process, both good and bad She was also helpful working through ideas I had, in coming to a fair settlement with regards to assets, custody, and finances

I cannot say enough positive things about *** *** at the Cordell & Cordell in the Utah officesAttentive, detailed, punctual, polite, and responsiveLawyers are expensive so be prepared for that but the amount I saved more than made up for the cost

After hearing great things about the attorneys at Cordell & Cordell, especially how they usually get the best results for their male clients with children, I retained one from the Greenville, SC officeAs the case progressed, I initially felt as though I was getting represented wellI suggested to my attorney that we meet with the OP and attorney in order to avoid a costly dispute, specifically with child support and custodyMy attorney strongly suggested this approach never works, and to allow the court process to work on my behalf and that of my childThis advice proved to be costly, and not just financially, but emotionally as well as the process dragged out for many agonizing months
The judge at the temporary hearing ordered several things to transpire during discovery, especially the vetting of the OP's incomeMy attorney never did this, and the discovery that was revealed was given to me the morning of mediationThis was deliberate on my attorney's part as I went into mediation with an ill-prepared attorney against an OP and attorney who was out for all they could getMediation itself was a joke, not just with the mediator, but with my attorney too as she kept telling me this was a better "deal" than if a judge decides
After sharing frustration to my attorney several times, she took personal offense to me telling her she failed me and my child, and she eventually told me that she "did not know how to handle the approach of my wife" (now ex)This revelation was too little, too late in the game as there was a mediated agreement in place and I had no money left to defend the interest of my child or myself
I spent way too much money on what I thought was good representation, but the outcome reflects otherwise

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