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Creative Stitch Quilt Shop LLC

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Last year I took out an installment loan with Cash Central, I have been getting loans from them since and had never really had any problemsWith this particular loan I was late paying it and decided to pay the full balance in October when I received an email demanding full payment or a payment arrangement due to the monthly amount being returned for a third timeI called Cash Central on November 1st and requested to pay off my full balance and was told that the balance had already been paid in fullI knew that this could not be true because I would have remembered paying it offI was transferred to their collections department and then back to customer service and no one could seem to find my accountI told them that I could see it on my credit report and that it said it was late and they responded by saying that their system says it is paid in fullI spent minutes on the phone trying to convince them that I owed money and wanted to pay itI decided to hang up and ca

I have been a customer for over a year but due to a snow storm, I could not physically get into the office to payI told them to accept the check that they make out before giving the loanI was forced to pay a late fee due to an employee's mistake of entering my account number wrong in their system and on the contractIf the employees are not competent enough to enter an account number correctly, why should I pay the late fee for the check not being able to cash? That is 100% their faultBut of course, they reported "THEIR" mistake to a collection agencyAnd of course, I have to pay anywayShould have known better than to trust corner stores for loans

On 7/21/a check issued to check smart was deposited into my personal checking accountOn 7/21/I visited the six mile rd Livonia,Mi location and was told by an employee show a ledger of my mobil bank account and the payment would then be cleared from the system and show as paidA manager was made aware the system would not accept the information and I was told to contact the corporate office for assistanceI have since contacted the corporate office with no resolve, I have been hung up on transferring between persons whom say contact them in - business days there is no record of payment even after bank validation that the payment had cleared.This issue has caused my account to become overdraft and unable to obtain funding from other payday institutions because its showing an outstanding payday loan from Check Smart to cover the overdraft transaction to my bank account

After taking out a payday loan at the Indianapolis location on Crawfordsville Road, I was informed by an employee that the next time I came into the store, I would be able to start on their repayment plan to pay my loan backI very specifically asked to make sure it was upon my next visit that I could do this
Because I had been assured I would be able to start the extended payment plan, when I was paid next, I used my paycheck to pay my bills rather than keeping money out to payback the loan and re-borrowWhen I arrived at the store to sign the paperwork for the payment plan, I was told that I could not, in fact, start the payment plan until I repaid my loan and took out one more
Unable to pay the loan back and re-borrow until my next paycheck (December 1st), I was informed by the staff in the store and then by the corporate office that all they could do is have that check deposited, wait for it to bounce, and then deal with collections
It is my opinion that this is absol

I called in to get the number to the collection agency they sold my account toI was transferred over and over but finally when I got to the Outsourcing Manager he had to be one of the RUDEST people I have ever spoken toHe did not let me get a word out and he talked over me the whole conversationI asked to speak with someone higher than him and he stated that there is no one over him and he went on to blurt out the number to the collection agency and once I asked him if he would let me speak he told me that he was done talking to me and he hung upI am so appalled at the way that I was treated and when I finally spoke with someone over him she brushed it off as wellPOOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

I have had several loans with this company in the pastThose loans were handled eaisly and without issueI made payments and re-paid and have been a customer in good standing with them
I reached out in late April to set up a loanThe money did not come through though I was supposedly approved for the loanTo date, I have not received a loan agreement confirmation from themIt took days and multiple phone calls and emails to actually receive the moneyThey first claimed I had received it and that my bank was not allowing the transaction, no my bank confirmed they had not recieved any notice from them about the loanThen they said it was a computer glitch I would have the loan by the next business day that was a Friday and they said it would be MondayNope, did not happenThen they said I had received the money and I was trying to pull a scam on them because they were showing that my bank had recieved the cash which again my bank and I both confirmed that I had n


I was contacted today 11/14/by a man from phone ####-###-#### who would not disclose his name but said he was from California Check CashingHe called concerning about a debt I have outstanding with them and I acknowledged that debt and explained that I had just found a part time job and just started workingI explained to him that I have kids that I am taking care of and I could not give him an exact date on when I could payHe began to be very rude and told me my problems aren't his concern and demanded an exact date to pay the debt
I told him that he was the first person I dealt with concerning the matter who was rude and disrespectful, and he proceeded to talk over me and said to me the calls will continue whether I like it or not, if I heard correctly as he was yelling over me, and hung up on me when I said I wanted to speak to his supervisor
So I called back the number and finally got A supervisor and I explained to her the situation and asked that for

In June of 2015, I walked into First Virginia Financial Services of Virginia Beach, VA and asked for a loan in the amount of $1, I was given a credit card with $1,on it, which I would later find out was not a loan, but a "cash advance." My monthly payments were scheduled to be $a month For months, I paid them $a month, more than the scheduled payment amount In Jan of 2016, I noticed that my principal balance was $1,600.00, more than my original loan amount I asked the local branch about this, and was told that I was late with several payments I called the corporate office and complained, I told them that I had made a total of $2,in payments over the last six months, yet my principal balance is now greater than the original loan Corporate told me that a local area district manager would call me to discuss A local district manager did call me, we discussed my concerns and I was told that I would receive another call after she consulte

I was contacted by Jim M*** saying I was approved for a loanHe said if I was to pay $to receive the loan for $After he received the $I was told my credit score was not high enough and that I needed to send $more when I declined he said I had to either pay the amount or I would have to go legal action to get it backHe also said that the $was the final feeWhen I paid the $I was then told I had to pay an additional $I feel like I was scammed

In December 2015, I contacted Cash Central via letter and email, indicating that my credit report included a hard inquiry into my credit by Cash Central (** ** *** ** *** ** ***) in November I am a resident of North Carolina and have never been to Utah, nor certainly ever used a check cashing or payroll advance serviceI informed the company that they must be mistaken, and asked them to please remove the inquiry from my reportI sent along a copy of the page from my credit report
I received a letter dated December 18, from Randi T*** which indicated that the company believed my report had been pulled after a valid inquiryI responded via email, letter, and left a telephone message for MsT*** informing her that I would like a copy of any application that had been submitted using my name and personal information, authorizing them to obtain my credit reportI indicated that I would be filing a police report if my information was used or obtained illegal

They pulled money out of my account even though I made a payment I was told that the money would be returned to me, it has been almost months later I still have yet to have the money returned to me and when I called their corporate office the person who spoke to me told me they already returned the money to me and that he was not goong to help me resolve this issueI have my bank statements which show when the money was witdrawn and have the bank statements up till today that show that two months later I still have yet to recieve my money

I applied for a loan with this company and fell into a hard time and contacted the customer Service department and asked them if I could split up my payment into a amaller amountsThey approved that request and pulled out the amount agreed however they still pulled the full orginal amount and when I contacted them they told me that they made a mistake and that they would have to wait for to days to issue me a credit backI finally got my money back from the overpayment and now they charged my checking account another $which would of been the second payment had they pulled the first payment out correctly But because they didn’t and they pulled out the total amount, they have now pulled out $and I don’t owe than any money so they shouldn’t of pulled it My loan was paid in full which even there website stated that I didn’t owe any money So why would they pull money they are not entitled to This company is extremely hard to get a hold of and they are quick to

I requested short term loan from Cash Central on May 19, I have the legal right to cancel the loan transaction within daysI did not receive the funds until May 22, when I faxed the written Notice of Cancellation on Cash Central's form to them @ ###-###-####Cash Central proceeded with the transaction and deducted the requested loan funds w/interest from my checking accountAgain I sent the fax Notice of Cancellation on 5/30/with the fax confirmation receipt from May 22, along with an email

asy Money is trying to make me pay them twice (times) for
a check I wrote at their store in November I wrote the check #in
November 2016, I went into the store and paid the check weeks laterI have
the cancelled check inclosed is a copy of the check and receipt

I am having bill collecters harass my year old mother for payday loans that I may or may not have taken in #*** and #*** Non-secured debt is time barred after years in CaliforniaI have had the same phone number since so the only reason anyone would call my mother miles away is to harass her to intimidate meThe last company to call on Cashcentrals behalf called from ###-###-#### This company refuses to give me an address or real phone numberThe last address they gave me was for a PO box in Indio CA where I liveWhen I contacted the PO I was informed that the PO box they gave me was a private resident and not a business

I was supposed to make a payment to this establishment on Friday, 27, I made the payment on June 2, 2016, in the store located on *** *** ** (amt of 576.03) On Saturday I looked at my account and saw that the same amount had been taken out of my account resulting in a double payment I went back to the store and was advised to call the corporate office I called the corporate office who then said I had to submit paperwork as proof of the deduction I did so on Saturday via a screen shot of my on-line account through email I was later told this was not good enough and I had to submit it via fax I went back to the store on Monday, and the employee fax over my papers and she wanted to speak to my bank to confirm that the payment, that had already posted, would not be returned So, I called my bank on speaker phone and she spoke to the customer service rep at the store I called on Tuesday (today) to see what the hold up was and was told I had to wait til Wednes

I owed a debt to check smartI received a phone call from the *** Ohio location from Brandy, stating my debt had been cleared and waived and I no longer owed them anything and if I ever wanted to reborrow again I could borrow I told brandy I wouldn't be borrowing again and she said that was fineDuring our phone call she reassured me that I did not owe them anythingToday 05/24/I received a call from a collector telling me that was not trueI called and Meghan told me it was waived and how it shouldn't of been sent to collection and gave me the corporate numberI then called there and was sent to a supervisor JessicaShe stated for my debt to be waived I would have to reborrowI let Jessica know that was not what was stated to me by an employee over a recorded lineFlat out I was lied to which Jessica refused to call it thatI called the *** location back and Lisa got on the phoneTold me that they were sent an email saying certain peoples debts were bein

Company sent my disabled mother *** *** notification that she owed a payday loan from Cash Central...Mother is her information was obtained fraudulently we contacted police department as notification we received did not have account number to reference etc...this company is now wanting my d usabled mother to obtain documents and have them notorized this is unacceptable...I am requesting proof if documents my mother have signed for any payday loan which is my legal right

The lady was very rude to me

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