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I went into California Check Cashing (7/5) to purchase two money ordersUpon purchasing the money orders, I was advised the machine which would print the money orders was not workingThe clerk decided first she'd reimburse the amount paid in cash (excluding a debit fee for processing the transaction.) I stated I would not have processed a debit transaction at their location, I was solely there for the money ordersSo another clerk came to the desk and processed a refund using the debit/credit card machineI requested contacted info for their manager, which I was providedNo one had any real information to provideI was late on my rent ($85.00) due to the inability to give my rent to my property managementI have not received any feedback, which I find unacceptable

I received a tax refund from EPS/Efile IRS I took the check to the store, and had it cashed there at the store The store called me two weeks later to say that the check was bad and that I am legally responsible for the check I contacted EPS/IRS to have the issue resolved and they sent me a copy of the cancelled check stating that they paid the check and that CHECKSMART sent the check TWICE EPS says they paid it once and sent back the second attempt Checksmart stated that I "copied the check with my smart phone and deposited the check then went to their store and cashed the check!" They have verbally threatened me, called me a liar and defamed my character They have threatened me with the police and have refused to contact EPS who could vouch that they paid the check I have every copy of every electronic and written thing both agencies have sent me regarding this issue including a letter from Dan Perry who yelled, screamed and threatened me over the phone

I took out a payday loan at the CA Check cashing in Sanger CA back in Due to a financial situation, I got a Debt consolidation to help me with my loansThey settled my account for $They did the following payments: $on 7/4/16, $on 8/24/I then cancelled the Debt Consolidation and contacted the Corporate office directly to arrange payments, as I had to pay the remainder $I made my first payment on 11/of $I spoke to *** *** extension #*** as she was in charge of my accountWe spoke and I told her I would call in the following month or in weeks to make another paymentThat was the last time I spoke to ***I called CA Check cashing multiple times and the representatives would always tell me that I can only make payments with *** as she was in charge of my account, so I would leave her voicemail'sI called times in Nov No call back from her or the companyTime in Dec8th No call back from her or the companyOn 1/27/I call

Unbeknownst to me, someone listed my information in the contact section of an agreement they struck with First VirginiaMy information was provided without my knowledge or consentFor years, I have been receiving calls from First Virginia as the whereabouts of the person THEY transacted withI haven't spoken to this person since before the calls began so I couldn't even help if I wanted to!
On multiple occasions I've spoken with First Virginia employees and asked that my information be removed from their file as First Virginia should not have access to my information (I did not give it to them nor did I consent to someone else giving them my information)Not every time but on a few occasions a first employee has stated that my information was successfully removed but yet the calls continue
It's extremely frustrating that a company can have your information without your consent and then begin to harass you over a transaction that does not concern youApart from this complai

A cash advance loan was taken in my name without my knowledge and I will be disputing it with Cash Central of North Logan, Utah and with the credit collection agencyI have also placed a fraud alert on my credit report and will be filing a police report and complaint with the State of California Consumers Affair agencyI called Cash Central to find out how a loan was taken out without my knowledge and despite being on the phone over an hour and transferred to three different departments, no one helped me

I fell behind in my payments and was finally able to update my account and bring it current on 10/3/The payment that I made has not been posted to my account as of 10/13/and the collections department is not at liberty to post the paymentThe collections department stated that only a supervisor could post the payment and I was promised a call back from a supervisorI did not receive a callback to discuss the payment to my account, so I returned a call to Cash Central on 10/6/I was told (on this call) that my account was "paid in full", but I knew this was incorrect information
After begin transferred multiple times, I was able to speak with a collections representative who stated that he could see the additional payment that I made for $on 10/3/17, but was unsure why this had not posted to the accountI explained that there are bank drafts scheduled for my account and all I need to know is my "true" account balanceI was again told that only a supervisor can

I am writing because I am very concerned about the handling of an installment loan that I took out with Cash CentralI took out an installment loan on 11/3/I made all my payments as scheduledOn 12/27/16, I made a larger payment in the amount of $I was sent confirmation of the payment and confirmation that my next payment would not be due until 3/17/On 1/12/17, I received an email saying that I had a payment due on 1/20/I called to see why I was receiving this email when I had already received a confirmation email that said my payment was not due until 3/17/I spoke with a representative who said that it was an error and they would correct itI received another confirmation email confirming the error was corrected and that my next payment date would be due on 3/17/
However, on January 20, 2017, $was taken out of my bank account by Cash Central without my permissionI was very upset because this is a large sum of unexpected f

Consumer took a loan out in & from a check smart and paid back in 04/ She would pay in cash but they would never give her any receiptsShe never heard anything until in She spoke to the manager (Adriel) and gave him all of the information on the payment that her father had paidShe never heard anything until today when she received a call from *** which now is Buckeye Lending whom Check Smart sold the debt to She then called Community Choice Financial who is the corporate office for Check Smart is telling her they have no record of the payment She was threatened with being taken to court for the money she owes which they did not disclose but back in she was told she owed $ She initially borrowed either $or $ Consumer had been paying (Katie C***) at check Smart who would take her payment and not give her a receipt Katie got fired for theft

I received a call from someone from Community Choice Financial and I asked the gentlemen (Asian guy) to please do not call or text me because I am not interestedHe responded with " *** YOU, *** YOU!"
The phone number that he called from is *** The text came from *** I did call back and the person answered with "hello, this is Community Choice Financial."
ABSOLUTELY RUDE & UNPROFESSIONAL! If I needed a loan, it would NEVER come from this place!
Consumer’s Desired Resolution:
Want this noted on this company's reportIn addition, I researched the number and it has a lot of complaints as wellJUST RUDE!
ZERO Stars!!!

Complaint taken over the phone by staff (LL)
Ms*** took a loan out at the CheckSmart located on *** *** *** *** *** ** *** March for the amount of $
She called on Tuesday, May 31, and spoke with the manager requesting the business hold the depositing of the check until Tuesday, June 8, The manager agreed to hold the check and indicated Ms*** had her word and it was no need to put anything in writingThe consumer checked her account today June 3, and the check was remitted for paymentThis caused Ms*** account to overdraft
Ms*** would like to know why the manager is unaware of the company policy? If the manager could not hold off on remitting the check the consumer would have understood and made other arrangements

I paid an amount financed of $in days
The loan #*** was dated 11/04/ The payoff date was 11/10/The total paid was $I want to know if the amount charged is legal under Ohio law? It appears to be an exorbitant rate to payIf it is illegal I want to be reimbursed what is lawfully due to me

I went to your Cashlocation at Mack Rd, Sacramento, CA at around 7:PM on 01/08/and I think I was overcharged when purchasing a money order and using my debit cardI was told by the cashier that the charge for using your debit card if 2.25%For an dollar money dollar, the surcharge should have been $+ the dollar charge for the money orderBringing everything to a grand total of 82.80, not the $I was chargedEither she made up the charge or made up the percentage

Consumer borrowed $in November to go out of town from ChecksmartShe made payments of
$in December January and February she is told she still owes $

I have always paid prior to incurring interest on the "line of credit"Well, recently, *** *** changed the the amount of time allowed from days to days without proper noticeI was unable to pay off the loan due to the changes and now pay partially each periodI advised *** *** I contacted a lawyer and I'm in the process of filing bankruptcy; yet they continue to call even though I am making small payments Is that legal?

To begin, for the record, I am submitting a complaint regarding *** *** Loans, located on *** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** Loans are owned and operated by Community Choice Financial Inc, located on *** *** *** ** *** *** ***My complaint with both Community Choice Financial, and *** *** Loans, is in relation to both billing and collection issuesTo be brief, I have since contested the amount of how much I owe *** *** Loans, owned and operated by Community Choice Financial IncUnfortunately, and to my dismay, when I asked for the itemized break down of how much I owed the company, they were unable to provide me with any informationI have also since reached out to Community Choice Financial Inc regarding any information that they can render regarding my account, but unfortunately to no avail*** *** Loans and Community Choice Financial Inc have both failed to provide me with any information regarding my ac

I took out a $loan in Nov I was suppose to make $payments every other weekThis was to be paid off in one yearA total of payments I were to have madeDuring this time I had two payments that had not went through for some reasonI had called Cashcentral also known as CCF and had these payments deferred to the end of the loanI do have copies of some emails explaining the plan I had made to defer paymentsOne was done by emailOn Jan 16th, I got an emailThe agreed things is as follows, "We understand things do not always go as plannedTo help bring your account current, Cash Central has a special offer for you! We are offering you a one-time workout plan of $off your past due balanceTo take advantage of this offer, please make a payment of $by 01/26/ " On Jan 19th I made a payment of $This would take $off my amount I owe On Jan 20th I received email receipt as followed, "Thank you for your recent payment of $

Harassment when the company I worked for went out of business the $check came back to themI am unemployed and have no money to fix the problemThe lady that called trying to collect from corporate cussed at me and threatened me and said she could do whatever she wanted she didn't have to abide by collection regulationsher name was carol I believe harassment and terrorist threatening are against the law and have been banded in collectingThere is nothing at the moment I can do to fix the issueBut attacking a mentally ill person in such a manor could very well lead to that person hurting themselvesI have PTSD and severe anxiety disordersI left my abusive husband only to be abused by othersThe amount of anxiety over this caused me to have to seek out my therapist to calm down and take extra medication I shouldn't have to take

Recently, I borrowed from Cashcentral and my deposit was scheduled on March 7th, at my bank *** ***On March 7th, a person by the name of James Vehepps attempted to withdrawn $from my account with a bogus check created with my name, address and account number*** *** found this to be suspicious and did not relingish the money from my accountI notified the fraud unit and hard stop put on my accountOn March 8th, a person by the name of *** *** attempted to withdrawn $from my ** Account and ** did not relingish my moneyI called Cashcentral spoke with Tim in Customer Service whom spoke with his supervisor David, and advised me the supervisor reconized these two names and the company had problems with them before and for me to contact Revdex.comI would like assistance from you either these two person in question work for this company or other person involved may work for cashcentral and be providing clients like me other personnal informationI would lik

Cash Central showed up as a loan on my credit report and I had never heard of themThey say I took out a $loan from them with and interest rate of 181%They would have known it was not me if they had gotten a credit report as they would have seen that I have no need of a high interest loan and live in New Mexico, not Utah as the loan information statesI have no other problems with identity theft and have excellent creditThis is either gross incompetence or some sort of fraud by Cash Central employees
I contacted Cash Central and they have been far less than helpfulIt is their responsibility to confirm the identity of their borrowers and they need to correct this mistake

I have a complaint against Easy Money Cash Checking Company Easy Money allowed Amber Harris from Premier, to call my job and threaten me through my boss, MrWB*** telling her that their is a complaint against me, and that they were going to send the police out to my place of employment and have me picked up All of this was said to my boss, not to me Amber Harris did not ask to speak to me, she just left that message with my boss Easy Money has my home address as well as my cellphone number They know how to get in touch with me without getting my work place involved in such a private matter I do not want Amber H*** to ever call my work place again They know how to get in touch with me without involving my job I have not receive any mail from Easy Money concerning this matter I am being harassed on my jobHELP!!

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