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Called Cyprus Air to schedule an in-home visit and quote for a gas fireplace. Jerry was instrumental in cleaning up an error in booking the appointment; Fredis was the Tech who made the visit, and he was very professional and helpful in explaining our options and providing line-item quotes for each. We have not yet made a decision as to vendor (soliciting additional quotes) but found the initial experience with Cyprus air to be very favorable.

I purchased a gas log system from Cyprus Air many years ago and have used their services annually to inspect and maintain it. Service techs have been great. Today Marcellus performed the service. He was polite, cordial, especially helpful and most importantly very knowledgeable, competent and efficient. It was a pleasure dealing with him. Cyprus should be proud of him He represented the company extraordinarily well.

To thank our technician, CJ, who did the yearly maintenance on our gas fireplace logs. CJ pointed out several things we could do to take better care of our logs that I hadn't know before, i.e., clean the gas jets and turn off the gas after the last use in the spring. He was very efficient, professional and made no mess - would not even have known he was here if I hadn't seen him.

Review: My tenant contacted Cyprus air to get The AC unit inspected for not cooling effectively. Inspection fee was $149 plus any labor fees. A technician by the name Harry showed up at 12:50 PM on 08/26/2014. He went down to the basement to the central unit and found out that it was clogged with an old filter that fell. he reached it out with hand and get it pulled it out. Then he went out to the main living room where the demo-stat is and saw that the unit is set on a FAN mode. he tried to reset it but he could not. So he decided that the screen to be replaced. He got one from his van and replaced it and then started it on. he waited for 10 minutes to check for any malfunctions, there was none. he billed me an invoice for $864.85 and collected his money by a check. he left the house 2:00 PM. When I contacted the company on on 08/29/2014, I spoke to a representative by the name Rhonda J[redacted], I asked her to explain why I was overcharged for a material that is priced at $65 from [redacted] instead they charged me $695. she replied that this is not the price of the material only but the service as well. I asked her how much you charge per hour labor, she replied that charges are made based on a job not by the hours spent. I asked her again if it is fair to be charged 864.85 to replace a demo stat that costs only $56, which means they charge me for an hour and 15 minutes labor $800. Her answer was that that is normal. I told her that I am gonna escalate the issue; then she asks for a service representative to call me. A service rep called me after couple hours and basically repeated what the first rep said. when I complained about misleading me by indicating the the price of the material was $695 where actually it is only $56 she answered that was a mistake from the technician and did not offer any reduction.Desired Settlement: $600.00



Good Afternoon [redacted],

My name is Christine and I am a Customer Service Manager for Cyprus Air.

I recently received a notification from the regarding a service call Cyprus Air performed on August 26th, 2014at [redacted] VA [redacted].

I understand you have some concerns regarding the amount you were billed.

You mentioned that the [redacted] 6000 Thermostat could be purchased on [redacted] for $65.00 and you were upset with the amount of your invoice.

Cyprus Air does not purchase parts on [redacted], we purchase directly from the Manufacturer. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of any parts purchased on [redacted] or the legitimacy of companies doing business on that site.

You may very well be able to purchase that particular thermostat on [redacted] for $65.00 but that price does not include the installation of the part and electric wiring work that is necessary for the thermostat to function properly with your system.

The fee you paid on August 26th was $864.85, which included $149.00 for the diagnostic (inspection) of the system and $715.85 for installation/labor.

After speaking with the General Manager, Indira A[redacted], she has agreed to refund the diagnostic fee of $149.00 and offer you a one-year, free maintenance contract with Cyprus Air.

The maintenance contract is valued at $288.00 and will cover one 50 point inspection on the heating and cooling system next year.

You may call at any time in the next 12 months to schedule your visit and the service technician will inspect the heating and air conditioning at the same time. (Please note that the air conditioning inspection can only be performed when the outside air temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore, it would be best to schedule during the summer or early fall).

I am normally in the office Monday-Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Please call me as soon as possible so that we can resolve this issue.

Thank you again for choosing Cyprus Air,

Christine G[redacted]

Washington Gas Liaison/Customer Service Manager

Cyprus Air




[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:I emailed them back asking them to issue a check for the diagnostic fee which is $149 and a cash value of $288 for their 1 year service, a total of $437 instead of the $500 initially requested. they came up with a $288 as a final offer from their instead stating that they can not cash their service offer.

Review: Our complaint begins a two part problem;

1. They promised a $500 Rebate and it took over a year of me calling and arguing and fighting with all I had, they never followed up, they lied and ignored me, over and over again, before I finally got the full, promised $500 rebate.

That issue took over a full year to resolve, but HAS been taken care of.

Now, I/we, do not have the time or the patience to wait another year for Cyprus Air to neglect us the same way on Issue No. 2

2. When we purchased the Air conditioner and the Furnice from them in April 2013, the contract states that in order for our warranty to stand, we have to have the annual maintence performed by them.

We scheduled the appointment for June the 13th. No time slot was given, they told me that someone would call me a day "or so" in advance to give me a window of time.

On 6/12 at 6pm, still no body had called to confirm or give a time. I called Cyprus Air. The person answered and said she would find out and call back in 15 minutes....of course she never did.

The next morning, I called bright and early, was told that someone would be at our house between 4-7 pm. Perfect! I thanked them and went to work. At 8 Pm that evening, no body had been at the house, no call - no show. I tried to call, go an answering service and no return call.

The following Monday, on 6/14, at 3:15pm, I got a call from a service tech, asking if I still needed service??? I said "not today", what happened last Friday?. He said he would find out and have someone call me back....well, of course no one did.

On 6/23 I called a Customer service mgr and told her about my experience and how I still needed service for our equipment. She appologized and said she was going to speak to her boss and promised to call me right back. Guess what?? No call yet!!

On 7/1 I once again tried to call this same customer service mgr, left her a voice mail, still no call back from her.

Today is 7/8.Desired Settlement: I want a complimentary service of my equipment as well as a letter explaining their behavior and an appology.




July, 2014 As you know, Cyprus Air takes customer

service very seriously. Regarding the

delay in payment of the $500.00 rebate from the purchase of the new system:

Cyprus Air apologized to the Customer, however, due to an error on the original

paperwork, [redacted] refused to refund the amount in full since the paperwork

was already processed. Cyprus Air

contacted [redacted] on behalf of the Customer and was willing to re-submit new

paperwork but [redacted] refused. Cyprus

Air wrote the customer a check for the remaining $200.00. Customer has received her rebate in full and

this matter is resolved. Regarding the missed “yearly inspection”: When

the Customer called regarding the rebate, our staff spoke to her about scheduling

a yearly maintenance visit, however, the Customer refused to schedule her

yearly visit until she received her rebate in full, stating that our delay in

processing her rebate was a direct reflection on the customer service standards

of the company and she could not trust a company to perform work in her home if

we could not refund her money. We

explained that [redacted] was the reason for the delay but Customer was

adamant. Our office staff called numerous times to

schedule the required annual maintenance visit, however, the Customer refused

service. After receiving her rebate in full, Customer

called to schedule her annual visit. The

technician was unable to get to her that day due to an emergency call and the

appointment was moved to the following business day but when the technician

called, Customer refused service again asking why we had not shown up for the

original appointment. The

Customer’s original Manufacturer’s Warranty is as follows: WARRANTY: 35 YRS HEAT EXCHANGER, 11 YRS


Customer was offered a Presidential Plan Maintenance

Agreement contract at the time of installation for Spring visits only.

The cost for this Presidential Plan Maintenance Agreement is $100.00 per

year to be billed each year at the time the Spring Maintenance is

performed. Upon

signing the maintenance agreement, this would have increased Customer’s

coverage to the following: 15 YEARS ON


warranty expired on 6/19/14) but the terms remain the same for everything

else—(time frame starts at date of installation). To date, Cyprus

Air has not received a signed Maintenance Agreement Contract from the Customer.

Normally, this would have to be filled

out at the time of installation in order

to be enrolled. Cyprus

Air has agreed to extend this offer to the Customer again (albeit a year

later). We have also agreed to waive this year’s fee. The Customer requested a service appointment

this Saturday, July 26. We are sending a

technician to the Customer’s house before noon this Saturday with a copy of the

Presidential Maintenance Contract for her to sign. Customer

has accepted our offer and is very happy with this solution. We consider this matter resolved. Respectfully, Christine G[redacted] Customer Service Manager Cyprus Air



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:The letter is full of lies and over -indulgence.

Marcellus of Cyprus Air was the excellent technician who did the maintenance on our gas log fireplace. We found him to be courteous and most pleasant. He did a thorough job with obvious skill and took time to answer questions we had which was most appreciated. We would definitely recommend him to others.

Our sale rep, Larry, showed up on time - we went over what we needed or wanted to do - he knew exactly what we wanted - went over and showed us what we would be getting and the price. He was spot on.

CJ was very polite and efficient. He explained the status of my gas fireplace and told me what he had done and what I needed to do to keep the fireplace in good shape. I was very pleased with my interaction with him.

Review: I purchased a gas fireplace in December 2011 and it was installed in January 2012. It came with a 1 Year warranty on Labor and a TWO year warranty on PARTS. Last week when we tried to light the fireplace the Pilot Light would not stay lit. I called the company and they said to send a technician to inspect the fireplace it would be $189. That seemed high, but what else are you going to do? They confirmed that parts if required were covered under the 2 year warranty. The technician came and spent 15 minutes and confirmed that the pilot light would not stay lit.

He then wrote up a service order for the part he needed (Gas valve pilot assembly), and said that would be $560. I questioned that as being excessive for the labor to install the part. He said it involved shipping the new part from, and the bad part back to the supplier, and processing fee. One day later when the company called and said they had the part on hand and wanted to schedule the repair, I complained about the price and they agreed to reduce it down to $410.

I don't think shipping and processinfg fee is part of Labor, but is part of the parts price. This is not a big part. It could be shipped in a small shoe box. I don't believe the installation time (this coming Wednesday) will be any more than ONE hour.Desired Settlement: Reduce the price to just the labor hours for one technician to install the part.



DEAR [redacted],





Kamran K, technician with Cyprus Air, is to be commended for his professionalism, knowledge of his trade and business, expertise with fireplaces and outstanding personality. He worked diligently to trouble shoot the problem with one of my fireplaces and went the extra mile to correct the issue, install the new part, and made me feel quite confident with his knowledge and work ethic. I thank him & his company for this assistance and look forward to seeing Kamran K for the next inspection.

Marcellus arrived on time and was friendly and professional during the entire visit. He took the time to explain things to me and answered every question. It was a pleasure having him in my home.

I bought my gas fireplace a couple of years ago from Cyprus Air and the service techs that have come to my home to service my fireplace have been knowledgeable and so helpful with any information that I have asked them for. Thank you Cyprus Air for making my winters wonderful. C[redacted]

clean servicevery nice an
very good service

The Technician was well trained and experienced in the work he performed.

The Cyprus Air technician, MJ, came out to perform our annual inspection, turn-on, and tune-up, He was very courteous & professional. He cleaned and/or replaced all the 'normal wear and tear' parts...sand, embers, stones, & logs. He carefully cleaned and sanded the thermocouple. He inspected the burner. After putting everything back together, he checked and double-checked all aspects of the system's performance with the remote. I was very pleased.

We have been customers for many years and will continue to do so - they are an honest company with talented employees.

Review: Advertise is saying $off on New Heating/ Cooling System but they sellsman put $in his estimateOnce I told him that the advertisment says $off , his respond was that it is up to $2500.00, which was not trueI had no other chioce than call them and talk to their managementWhen I called them, 1st they denied that there is any add is published like that it has to be up to $some way were telling me that I'm layingSince That Repcould not solved my problem, I asked her to transfer my call to her ManagerSince the Manager was out of his office, I left my name and my number to give me call backUnfortuantly next day I did not received any call back from them a day after I called again and finally after talking to several guys a genterman by name [redacted] talked to me and asked me to e-mail or fax the advertisment to him, which I did and after an hour he called back and told me " your are wright the add says $not up to $2500.00" it had to be a typo mistake by the publisher and we have the copy of same add it is saying up to $I told him it is not my problem it is your Co."s problem and you should dilivered He and your wright say what can I do for you and mentioned he will talked to upper ManagmentToday 3/20/,I got a call some body by name [redacted] told me he can not do any thing they give an estimate and I have not lost any money we are sorry
I asked them to send me any thing in writing, they denied it and I was told that I have their estimate
Dear [redacted],
First and foremost thank you for the opportunity to respond to [redacted]'s complaintCustomer Service is our number one priority and insuring that all of our customers are satisfied with any work that we may perform at their homeI am not sure why [redacted]'s disputed amount is $because he did not purchase any services from Cyprus Air, we did however perform a free in home estimate but the consumer was not charged any money for this estimate, the ad of up to $off a new system is for those customers who purchase a new heating and cooling systems from usunfortunately I can not honor a $credit to [redacted] because he did not purchase anything from us, nor did he pay for any services with our company
Thank You,

The installers were always late arriving at the end of the appointment period and then taking 3 1/2 hours and 1 hour to complete the job.
This is the fault of the schedulers and not the installers.
The installers did a very good job working efficiently, neatly and wit a quiet and pleasant demeanor.

Mike S. Was professional and knowledgable in the care of my gas fireplace. He addressed my concerns about the preformance of the unit and made the necessary Improvements for a cleaner and more efficient fireplace.
From now on, I will request Mike as my service technician.

Excellent service, very professional, explained process in detail

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