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Cyprus, Inc.

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Today Mike S arrived to perform the annual 24pt safety inspection and cleaning. Mike is very professional, taking the time to explain to me what he was doing and why. The cleaning he performed was the best since I have owned the fire place. Mike disassembled the entire system cleaned and reassembled correctly. (past technicians did not know how to correctly construct the "Campfire" system. When he was done the fireplace looked better than the day it was installed four years ago. I will insist with Cyprus Air that Mike is the only one who I will allow to work on my system in the fuyture.

I just had another great experience with Cyprus Air servicing my gas fireplace. They are very careful to keep things clean and do a great job explaining the work being performed. I have an annual contract for their service which I recommend to anyone with a gas fireplace. You will like their friendly, professional employees.

Mr. Orlando L with Cyprus Air installed the HVAC at my grandfathers house and did a wonderful job. He explained everything that was needed and how long the install she take. The price was reasonable and he made great recommendations for future services.

Mike was professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and careful not to damage any equipment and household items.

The service rep., Derrick D. from Cyprus Air was professional, personable and educational. After a previous unfavorable experience with Cyprus Air, I was plesantly surprised by Derrick and his knowledge and willingness to share information on the care of our gas log system. I would give the company a higher rating, but I am balancing this experience with the previous difficult time we experienced with them.

Levi C. was the ultimate professional. He is very knowledgeable. And explained everything clearly. He did an excellent job servicing my fireplace and getting it up and running. His customer service skills are exceptional and very refreshing to see.

Service call to replace a defective part on my recently installed gas log fireplace insert. Derrick D. was curious, competent, and efficient. Overall, a very positive experience.

called for service and repair on heating system and fireplace on Wednesday Oct 14th to schedule work repair. Scheduled appointment for Friday Oct 16th. Harry B arrived during time slot scheduled and did inspection of work and explained repairs required. After authorizing repairs he went right to work. After work was completed he explained work accomplished and reviewed operation of both systems and gave suggestions on maintenance of systems and when next service would be required within one year, He was courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable. He also maintained a neat work environment and cleaned area when he was finished. He outgoing manners was more than exceptional and beyond that expected from someone of his youth, I would highly recommend him and his company to others.

Technician Mike S provided us with great service during the annual checkup of our gas fireplace. He arrived on time, and remedied a potentially serious hazard. We were very satisfied.

Karman did an excellent job cleaning my gas fireplace and explaining to me what the problem was that was causing the soot accumulating inside the unit. I am very pleased with his service and would recommend him to anyone in need of a gas fireplace cleaning or maintenance.

Javier G was very professional and helpful. After identifying the problem he took the time to explain what the problem was and what I could do to correct the issue if it should happen again.

Julian H. did an outstanding job servicing my gas fireplace. He even showed me how to light the pilot light if it goes out.
Courteous, organized and quick.

Levi C. performed routine maintenance on my gas fireplace. He was on time, courteous, and efficient. It was raining outside and he was very careful not to track water and mud into the house. He gave me a full report once he was finished, including information about the unit and ways to ensure my family's safety.

Levi C replaced the thermostat/controller for by gas fireplace. He was on time and did a good job. Very happy with him.

Review: Sunday, 26-Jan-2014

Went to Cyprus Air showroom at [redacted] in [redacted] and looked at 3-gas log sets; a Campfire 1, Campfire 2 and Wildfire. I was very interested in the Campfire 1 set, but the salesman (Anthony) said for the size of my room, 12’ x 16’, cost difference and efficiency, I was better off with the Wildfire. He said the Wildfire was a 3-burner unit, had a remote flame igniter, came with a 15-year warranty and because I had an existing log set in the firebox, I would save $175 for not having to have a gas line installed and the price included the FFx county inspection. At the signing of the sales agreement, Anthony gave me the email address of the person who would spec the size of log set, so I had to go home and take several firebox measurements and send them to [redacted]. It was at this time that I noticed on the sales agreement that the gas log set did not have a 15 year warranty, it was only the ceramic logs that had the 15-year warranty.

Friday, 31-Jan-2014

The technician who arrived to do the installation, removed the existing log set and brought in the purchased log set. During the install, he said the gas line had too much pressure so he reduced the size of the line coming through the firebox to the set. Then he said the flue needed cleaning, even though I had the flue cleaned several years ago and never use the fireplace. Since I figured he should know, I went ahead with him scheduling a flue cleaning for the next day, Saturday 2-1-2014. After he lit the gas logs, I inquired about the burner as the log set I purchased was to have three and he said the one he installed only had one.

Saturday, 1-FEB-2014

The 2-chimney sweeps who arrived, turned out the pilot light to the log set prior to putting the drop cloth over the logs to clean flue. They put the long-handled brushes up the flue, but did not get any soot or anything else out of it and they did not understand why the technician from the day before said it needed cleaning. After removing the drop cloth, they tried to relight pilot light and could not. One of them said at this time, they thought the was too big for the size of the firebox. They then called the office to figure out why the pilot light would not light, but the Service Mgr [redacted], said they could not get a technician out to check out the pilot light until Monday, 3-Feb. I told them I had already taken a day off work for the install and would need to take another day off for the inspection, and if they could not get a technician out today, that they could take the gas log set back and refund me my money. I told [redacted] I did not pay $3000 plus to wait to use the product and if I had to take more time off work to convenience them and me be inconvenienced because of their faulty product and service, they would be paying me for the time off. I reiterated that the next visit by them would be to remove the set and refund my money and [redacted] said he would send a tech out the following Saturday.

Saturday, 8-FEB-2014

Tech showed up and said he was here to service the gas log set and I said, no, you are here to remove it. He said his orders were to service it, and I said, NO…the conversation I had with [redacted] last Saturday was to remove it and to refund my money. He said he could not remove it, so he called his office and [redacted] said only the General Manager could authorize goods to be “returned- to- stock and that I was to have called her last Monday, 3-FEB if I wanted it removed and my money refunded. Had [redacted] told me that when I spoke with him on 1-FEB, I would have called the General Manager and not waited for yet another week to pass. The techician left.

Monday, 10-FEB-2014

I contacted the General Manager and explained the problems I was having with the product and service. Because she suspected the log set to be too big for the fire box size, she asked me to send her photos (she gave me her personal phone #) when I got home. When I got home, I took several photos, but attaching the photos to the text message did not go through, so I sent her a text and asked for her email, so I could try sending the photos as an email attachment. The email and photo sent through, but I did not hear back from her.

Tuesday, 11-FEB-2014

I was at work in my office and I was just getting ready to call the General Manager from my personal cell phone when my office phone rang and recognized the number on the caller ID as Cyprus Air. When I answered, the caller said she was calling to schedule the [redacted] County inspector to inspect the gas log installation. It was at this time that I inquired how I could I have inspection when the set was not up and running? I requested to talk to General Manager, and I was told she was on an installation…so I called her on her cell phone.

When I go the General Manager on her cell phone, she said she was waiting for me to send the photo and I said, I sent it last night and at this time she said, she did not check her emails. More time wasted and now I am taking time away from my employer because Cyprus Air has no idea what they are doing to their customers. She finally looked at the photo and my sales info and also the size of the firebox dimensions I sent to [redacted] and she came back say that they had in fact installed the wrong set, it was a 1-burner, not a 3-burner. She also said they should have installed an 18” log set, not a 24” based on the dimensions I sent, but the smaller set was $500 more than the 24” set, as the 18” is a custom set. I was offered the smaller set at the original set cost, but because of the less than mediocre service they had provided and because of the “lousy experience” I had dealing with Cyprus Air, I did not want any future encounters with their products or service providers. All I wanted was their non-functional gas log set removed from my firebox and my money refunded. The General Manager said she could refund the cost of the gas log set, but not the chimney sweep cost. I said $299 was a price I would absorb, knowing that I did not have to deal with them anymore. The General Manager said a technician would be out on Saturday to remove the log set and that my credit card would show a credit by Tuesday, 18-FEB-2014.

Saturday, 15-FEB-2014

The service technician arrived about 0830 hours to remove the log set. When the set was removed, I was given the paperwork that explained the refund. When the gas log set was removed, I asked the technician if he was going to “dead-end” the gas line coming into the fire box and he said no, that was my problem. If I am not mistaken, that is a code violation, so now I have to two choices, hire a licensed plumber to dead-end the gas line or install a lockout / tagout device on the shut-off valve outside the firebox to prevent inadvertent opening of the valve or do both the dead-end and LOTO. Now I will have additional cost that Cyprus Air should be liable for, as an open gas line coming into a house is not different that an electric wire hanging loose and the only control of it is in the panel box….this is totally unacceptable, unsafe and extremely dangerous! As of Monday, 17-FEB-2014, I was still not credited $3141.50, the credit did not post until Saturday, 22-FEB-2014.Desired Settlement: Cyprus Air should be liable for dead-ending the gas line coming into my home. Upon removing their defective product, they should have returned my firebox to the previous "safe condition" prior to the installation of their product that was not what I ordered, was the wrong size, had a chimney cleaning that was not needed.



Dear Sir,

Regarding Case ID# [redacted],

Cyprus Air takes customer service very seriously. Our installation Manager spoke with the customer and scheduled a return visit with a Site Inspector for 6 March, 2014 to inspect gas termination.

Customer is happy and we consider this matter resolved.

(See attached letter).


Customer Service Manager

Cyprus Air

Mike S arrived before we arrived home & waited for us. He was courteous and efficient. In ~ an hour he inspected our HVAC system & cleaned our gas fire place. Well Done Mike!
Cyprus Air had failed to provide service during my scheduled morning appointment. They made good on it by sending Mike in the late afternoon.

Cyprus, Inc. was very quick in providing me with a service representative. They were excellent in notifying me about arrival time. This was very important to me. Berry D., Service Representative, was very friendly, mannerly and professionally in finding my problem.

Matt came and did a super job inspecting our furnace for the Fall inspection.
He was great and we hope he will be our assigned technician.

Review: I ordered a gas fireplace installation through Cyprus on 8 November 2014 after seeing an advertisement in the [redacted]s for 40% of gas logs and free remote control. We purchased the unit and intallation, had a technician survey our site, and scheduled installation for 4 December 2014 between 0800-1100 (I was told by the customer service representative that they do not offer after work hour or weekend appointments). I am active duty military and requested the day for leave nearly two weeks in advance with my chain of command. When I called ###-###-#### (the main office number listed on the service contract) at 1115, I was told that they had moved the appointment to a window of 1100-1500 on 4 December. However, I never received a phone call for this change (they would later claim that they called my work number at 1800 on 3 December - I leave at 1630). When the technician failed to show by 1500, my wife called the same phone number and spoke to Ray who told her that the technician would be there soon. My wife then said that the technician was outside and he was not coming to the door because of the dogs in the yard (even though I had been told when I called that I would receive a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to the technician arriving). I spoke to the technician who told me that it was my fault for not receving the call (I'm sure my phone records can prove the lack of a call) and that they have no control over how their schedules are dictated. He did not provide an apology. I refused service and told them that I would call the Cyprus Air office again to discuss a refund. When I called the office again stating what had happened, my wife and I spoke with Ray who stated that they will only offer an 80% refund as they will keep 20% for the permit fees for Prince George's County (permits are not that expensive). He then offered to take $200 off of the purchase price in order for them to complete the work at another date/time. I also declined this and said that after the unprofessionalism, discourtesy, and waste of my leave day, I would rather receive a full refund. Ray said that this was not possible and that he would have to pass us on to accounting who would make that decision for him. Contact from the Cyprus Air accounting personnel has not happened as of yet.Desired Settlement: We are requesting a full refund of all monies paid to the company.



From: [redacted] <[redacted].com>Date: Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 2:39 PMSubject: RE: [redacted] Complaint ([redacted])To: [redacted] <[redacted]>Cc: [redacted] <[redacted].com>Mr. [redacted] I believe there is some misunderstanding in reference to Mr. [redacted]. We have completed his install as of 12/20/2014, pressure test for gas line with WSSC passed on 12/24/2014. We have also setup Mr. [redacted] final inspection is setup for 2/3/2015 the reason for the late date is per customer request.If there is anything else that you may need please let me know. Best Regards,[redacted]General Manager [redacted]Alexandria, VA 22306###-###-#### Office###-###-#### Direct line###-###-#### Cell###-###-#### Fax

Derrick was prompt, courteous, efficient, and professional.

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