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The technician Sahdula, was very courteous and very professional. He offered suggestions about my heating system, and gave me some tips to help prolong the life of my system.

The tech. arrived at the stated time. He was very informative, professional, and efficient.

CJ the technician was very professional in doing his work. He was knowledgable about the work and got the job done quickly.

Review: I took advantage of the furnace and AC deal and had both installed in Dec 2012. The following spring (5/2013) the AC was not working. I called Cyprus and they told me I would have to pay $89 for someone to come out and diagnose my brand new AC. The technician told me that the system had a refrigerant leak and needed additional repair (again, this is a new AC). I had to pay to have the refrigerant replaced. In May 2014, I tried to use my AC unit and noticed that the system wasn't working. So I called Cyprus and was informed that I would have to pay another $89 for someone to come and diagnose the problem. I paid the $89 only to have the technician tell me that the AC was completely out of refrigerant and that there was an external leak. Sounds a little like de ja vu and not at all like a new AC unit. The external repairs are covered under warranty but I have to pay for more refrigerant. That's not fair and they're ripping me off for a unit that was supposed to be free and new under the advertised deal.Desired Settlement: All I want is an AC unit that works every year.



RE: COMPLAINT# [redacted]:

I spoke to this customer this morning and apologized for the delay in contacting her due to my computer outage.

Customer had an HVAC system installed by Cyprus Air in December 2012.

At the time of installation, we did not replace the suction line since it is copper and very RARELY needs to be replaced.

We did not charge customer for suction line at time of install since suction line is not normally replaced with an install. If customer wishes to replace it, we will, but more often than not, there is no need to do so.

After the install, we returned twice to repair leaking from suction line and had to recharge the system with Freon.

Customer was charged a diagnostic fee of $89.00. This is not something that is normally covered under any warranty. It is simply a charge for the technician to inspect the system and determine the nature of the problem.

Customer was unaware that Freon is not covered under the Manufacturer Warranty and customer is responsible for charges for Freon.

I have attached a copy of the Manufacturer Warranty page explaining this. Please see item 10.

We have since explained the detail of her warranty to her and she now understands that Freon is not covered under the warranty and that the suction line was not newly installed, therefore she is responsible for replacement.

Customer has two choices: to replace suction line, or to keep replacing lost Freon.

Customer agreed to let our site inspector come out on June 20th when she returns from travel and perform a site inspection. Site inspector will determine what repairs are necessary and Cyprus Air will return to perform repairs if customer agrees.

Customer agreed to pay for new suction line, Freon and any charges not covered under her Manufacturer’s Warranty.

We are working with the customer to resolve this issue.

Customer is satisfied with our response at this point. Will follow up after visit June 20th.

The Cyprus Air Tech, CJ, called before coming as he was supposed to do and was right on time at 9 AM on Tuesday, Oct. 27. He was very professional and set up covering in front of the fireplace before starting work. He told me what he was going to do and indicated that even if the fireplace is gas it generates soot and the various ceramic logs had to be brushed off. He told me about the need to turn the pilot light off in the spring so that the thermostat near the pilot does not get damaged since he had to replace the thermostat. I hadn't turned off the pilot. It's been our first year with the fireplace and I hadn't realized the necessity of turning off the pilot. He also indicated that the chimney needed cleaning. It probably had not been cleaned since it was used for a regular fire. We have not used the fireplace for a regular fire for a number of years since smoke detectors were installed throughout the house after some home renovation work was done in 2006. Any slight amount of smoke from the fireplace would set off the smoke detectors. This was the main reason we went with gas. Anyway the service provided by Cyprus Air in installation last year and service this year is of high quality and I would certainly recommend them.

We had our gas fireplace sets (upstairs and downstairs) serviced today by Mike S. He did a very thorough and careful job on both, making sure the whole gas set was very clean and working, then he cleaned each log and arranged them perfectly. He was really good at explaining each step he took. The results are great - and both gas fireplaces are like showcases!
We want Mike to come back next year and do this again!

Javier has done our fall inspection the past two years. He is gets the job done in a
timely manner and is neat about the work area. He is informative and helpful explaining
the fireplace and system.

Review: On June 16,2013 I went to the location mentioned, to review and discuss the purchase and installation of gas logs for my fireplace. I currently have a wood burning fireplace to convert. I received great attention and explanation. I made my selection of a 30" log set, which Cyprus Air did not have in stock,but could order. I paid 50% of the amount due. Several weeks later I was called and told the logs were not available at this time. I said I was in no hurry since it was early summer and I would not be using the logs until fall. Several weeks after that I was called again and told the log set could not be obtained, but they could provide me with a 24" log set, and would get 2 sets (at no additional cost to me) to increase the logs to the 30" set I desired. I agreed to this with the understanding that the burner pan and fireplace grate would be 30", not a some botched together misjoining of 2 sets. I was assured I would be very happy with the 30" base they would provide. I agreed to this arrangement. Weeks later we were ready for the install, which I was told would be in the process of an installer to run the gas line from outside the house into the fireplace, an inspector to verify the work, the logs to be set, and then inspector to again verify that work - all in one day. What I got was a line installed, plus 3 boxes of logs. I was told I needed to call the inspector to arrange for his review. Another day went by before he could come do the inspection. He rejected the work as the line was not holding the pressure. I called Cyprus to tell them of this and they arranged for another technician to return to my home to make the needed repair. Another day went by. The repair was made, I called the inspector and had to wait 2 more days for him to return. At that time he did approve the installation of the gas line. I called Cyprus Air to advise them that the logs could now be installed. I was told they did not have a 30" burner pan or grate and would have to order them. It would take 2 weeks. After 3 weeks went by I called to find out about the installation and was told they still had not been received. I asked to speak with a manager, and was connected to [redacted] who, after listening to my conversation said he could not help me as I needed to speak with [redacted], the General Manager. I called her and got her voice mail. I left a message and later that day she returned my call, but unfortunately I was in a meeting and she had to leave me a message. Since that time I have called her 5 times, only to be told she was out of the office, she was conducting an interview, the computers were down and she would return my call.

I am very unhappy with this situation and feel that even though this company represents themselves as being recommended by [redacted] Gas, they are less than satisfactory. I have since contacted another known company and found that they are able to provide me with what I want, at a considerably lesser price, and that their charge for permits is only $70 compared to the $400 Cyprus Air charged me.

I have paid $1587 to Cyprus Air, received shoddy installation of a gas line, which has the potential to be a very dangerous situation, have waited 3 months to get my product installed and working and cannot get anyone with the responsibility of decision making to return my phone calls.

At this point, I want the installation of the logs I originally paid for, and at the amount I have already paid Cyprus Air. This fee is reflective of what other companies charge for the same product. I am only sorry I allowed a fancy ad, and a showroom of multiple products to determine my selection of a company to provide the product and service, without further investigation.

Any help you might provide in getting this issue resolved will be greatly appreciated.Desired Settlement: I want the job finished satisfactorily and for Cyprus Air to accept what I have already paid, and nothing more.



11 December, 2013


1411 K Street, N.W.W Suite 1000

Washington, D.C. 20005

RE: Case# [redacted]:

As you know, Cyprus Air takes customer service very seriously. In an effort to provide outstanding customer service, Cyprus Air has agreed to provide the customer with a discount of $1,286.20 toward the price of her log set. Customer has accepted our offer and is very happy with this solution. We consider this matter resolved.



General Manager

Cyprus Air

Great service. Polite and informative technician Sahdula A.

Johnny J. exeeded all our expectations, he gave us all the information we need to make a prudent choice on the equipment we need to economically control our indoor environment.
He also gave us three different options which we will carefully consider in deciding a prudent course of action to meet our heating and cooling requirements. Johnny J. definitely knows his business.

Review: In 2009, we contracted with Cyprus Air to install a new heating and air conditioning system in our home. The sales representative was a member of the family who established Cyprus Air so we felt pretty good about buying the product. A year or so later, we purchased their service contract under which a technician would come out twice a year (spring and fall) to check the system and perform preventive maintenance. Like other companies we have dealt with, Cyprus Air sought to sell additional services such as coil cleaning and duct cleaning during the the semi-annual check-ups. Some we purchased and some we did not. The big problem came up on June 25, 2014 when our air conditioning unit stopped functioning. We discovered the problem after normal business hours so we called them on June 26. They scheduled a technician for June 27. He arrived and checked out the system and informed us that the condenser motor was out and the compressor was out. He said that their manager "[redacted]" would call later in the day to let us know what would need to be done. He mentioned that the air conditioning unit might be one included in a manufacturer's recall which might provide additional opportunity to have it fixed under the warranty or purchase an entire new system at a significant discount. By 3 pm, we had heard nothing from the company so I called them. The person who responded to the call informed me that the manager "[redacted]" was talking to the manufacturer about our system to see if it was part of the recall and that he would call back by the end of the day. When we did not get a call, we decided to go by the office on June 28, a Saturday, to see if someone might be available to discuss our situation and at least give us some indication of what was going to happen. When we arrived, we recounted the sequence of events and asked to see a manager. The young man who met with us was named [redacted] and identified himself as a duct cleaning manager. He agreed to look up our case and see what was going on. After consulting the computer, he reported that Cyprus Air was talking to the manufacturer and that Cyprus Air should be able to give us an answer Monday morning. At our request, he promised to call Monday morning before noon with at least a status update. On Monday, we got a morning call from Cyprus Air saying that the labor to fix the air conditioner would be $4,200. I asked about the 20 year compressor warranty and was told that the price quoted was for labor and that the parts would be provided under the warranty. I asked the representative to provide answers to three questions: 1)what would be cost be just for the parts if there were no warranty; 2) had there been a manufacturer recall that included our unit; and 3) what would it cost to completely replace the system. He said he would call back. At that point, unable to get any kind of straight answer from Cyprus Air, I contacted the manufacturer customer service who informed me that there had been no recalls. I asked, and he gave me, other local vendors for his product and assured me that they would honor any warranty still in effect. I made several calls and got another company to come out to look at the unit. The founder of that company came out, ran tests and confirmed the compressor was gone but did not know why the other technician had said the condenser motor was out. He also contacted the manufacturer who told him that there was not a 20-year warranty on the unit as we had been promised in writing when we bought it and that, in fact, there was no warranty on it at all.

My complaint with Cyprus Air was that we could never get a straight answer from anyone about our system and what little information we did get was at best misleading and confusing. Their office staff did not seem to know what was going on or what processes were in place to deal with situations like ours. This misleading information began with the 2009 purchase and only got worse as an acute problem requiring a timely response occurred. Our sales and installation contract included in writing the 20-year compressor warranty along with a " 2 year labor warranty, 20-year outdoor/indoor coil warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger" . That is written on the original purchase proposal and again on the service order invoice filled out when it was installed. Cyprus Air did not support what they sold us in the first place. Immediately upon installation of the new system, we also cancelled our service contract and vowed to never do business with Cyprus again. The manager "[redacted]" finally did call Monday afternoon to tell us that the price quoted to us was for total replacement of the air conditioning system. Fixing the existing system would be $2660. He never addressed the warranty question and by then I was so fed up I was ready to move on with a new system from a different contractor. It was installed and operating by the end of the next day.

I know Cyprus claims some kind of high level of customer service and any response they make to this complaint will say that. No matter how vigorously they make them, those claims, like the information they provided in my case, are misleading at best. If this situation is any indication, their standards for high levels of customer service are either very low or non-existent.Desired Settlement: It is impossible to suggest an outcome here because I am so disgusted with the customer service or lack of it that Cyprus Air has provided to us as its customer. I have already replaced the air conditioner and it was obvious that its management people had no commitment to taking care of its customers or meeting its prior warranty commitments. This company can be assured that I will not do business with them again and when given the opportunity will share this terrible experience with friends and neighbors. It is their name that has been harmed by their own incompetence. I have already been cheated by their failure to live up to their commitments. Consequently, I would be interested to see if they have a desired outcome.



For a final resolution to this complaint, I would like to receive in writing answers to the following questions:

Our service technician, Ed M., was very professional and thorough. He explained everything, answered all our questions, and addressed all of our concerns.

My experience with the technician and the administrative staff was positive. Technician arrived within the scheduled time frame and completed the maintenance process with professionalism.

Today, I had an appointment with Cyprus Air to come out to my home to service my gas fireplace. Service tech/installer Javier G appeared at my front door and introduced himself. He presented and conducted himself in a very professional manner. Once he concluded servicing my fireplace, he left the area in the same manner as he found when he arrived. I highly recommend using this service tech from Cyprus Air.

Review: On January 27, 2014, I spoke with, in person in my home, an estimator, [redacted], with Cyprus Air Heating and Cooling Company of [redacted], VA to get a quote on replacing a water heater in my home. On January 29, 2014, a contract was entered into between myself and Cyprus for the water heater and, once again, [redacted] came to my home to collect a 1/3 deposit payment which I gave him in the way of a check. The check was deposited within 24 hours with VA Commerce bank. The installation occurred in my home on January 31, 2014 and was completed which happened to be a Friday. I gave the installer the balance of the contract, and again this payment was made by check, and I signed and dated the work invoice. My husband received a call on his cell phone the very next day on Saturday asking how we wished to pay the remaining balance. He indicated the balance was paid in full by check and given to the installer on Friday when he completed his work in our home. We did not receive a call back from Cyprus after this. On or about February 5 ,2014, after feeling unsettled about the matter, my husband contacted Cyprus to follow up that they had the payment. To his and my surprise, we were told they never got the check from the installer and that the check was lost. I suggested we wait a few days at least before stopping payment on the check to at least give it a chance to show up, which I thought it would. The next communication was with the accounting office. We all agreed to stop payment on that check and have another reissued and that Cyprus would pay the bank fees and the balance would be reduced by that amount. We indicated we would reissue a check when we got confirmation that our check has been stopped which we did receive in writing from our bank. Feeling uncomfortable with the whole check lost situation, I did not want to mail in a check. I offered to bring in a check, in person, at their location so that we could conclude our business. I have called Cyprus to speak with a manager or supervisor and have not ever been able to speak with one. I was even told by someone answering their phone that they do not do any plumbing whatsoever. This confused me because my job was a plumbing job, new installation of a water heater. The installers (2) that arrived at my home on January 31, 2014 did not arrive in a Cyprus vehicle or have Cyprus uniforms. They arrived in an all white mini van and work clothing. They had my invoice with all the proper information. They called to confirm our scheduled appointment the day prior, so I did not think anything. I now believe, that they were contractors for Cyprus and not necessarily Cyprus employees????? In any event, they were paid, in full, by check. I have gotten the run around since, have not been able to complete my transaction with them, and have not been able to speak with a manager, supervisor, or preferably an owner, all of which I have asked to speak with. I have every intention of paying them and fully acknowledge the balance is owed them, as evidenced by already having given them a check which they did not secure. Now this has caused me inconvenience and great concern. I just want to discuss my experience with them with a manager, supervisor or owner. I want this to be documented for my own records. I want them to sign a release letter stating I have paid them the outstanding balance, minus the bank stop payment fee, and that this matter has been completed concluded. I also want them to acknowledge in writing that should the original check I gave surface, that it is my property, belongs to me, and needs to be returned back to me, since they would have been already paid and this check cannot belong to them as well. I don't think these are unfair request. I an the consumer. I entered into a business contract with them with right intentions. I fulfilled my end of the contract completely and fully. Were it not for them being negligent and losing my check, we would not even be in this situation. I want them to acknowledge and respect me as a consumer and the inconvenience that has been caused by me because of them. They have caused this situation, not me. I am trying to resolve it. They need to work with me. I want documentation for my own piece of mind. Please investigate and help Cyprus and myself to come to an agreeable solution that is in both of our best interests. Thank you so much for your help.Desired Settlement: To work with me, understand my position as a consumer, and give me the proper documentation I am requesting to conclude this business once and for all.



Dear [redacted],

Thank you for allowing Cyprus Air to respond to **. [redacted]' complaint. Cyprus Air takes customer service very seriously.

Our General Manager, [redacted], contacted the customer on 20 February, 2014 and the customer has agreed to accept our offer.

We consider this matter resolved.

Thank you again,

Customer Service Manager, Cyprus Air

We were very impressed with the staff in the store and with the technician, Kamran K. Kamran quickly diagnosed the problem with our gas logs and repaired it--something that two other companies had not accomplished.

CYPRUS team is awesome they are very well mannered and excellent customer service. Will make the best recommendations for your need and provides prices right away. I just had my HVAC season service and Matt J the tech was great he corrected my issue right away and tested the HVAC system. You can't get better service than that and with a smile.

Late this afternoon, we had our pre-winter inspection by Sahdula A. from Cyprus Air. He not only knew his business but he was personable in suggesting multiple ways for us to maintain our heating system and even improve it. While he was inspecting, he shared exactly what he was doing and what he was finding (that is, what kind of shape each component was in). I plan to ask for him by name from now on.

I have been with Cyprus Air for a while now and each year they exceed my expectation. They remind you of when free maintenance needs to be done. Their team is very knowledgeable and courteous They explain what they did and recommend when something needs to be done. They complete the job at a timely manner and leave the work area spotless.

I'm pleased with the service.(

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