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Duvera Billing Services

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Review: TO: BETTER BUNISSES BUREAU, CONSUMER AFFAIRS & CREDIT REPORT AGENGIES FROM:[redacted] CIRCLE, DECATUR GA [redacted]REFERENCE: DUVERA BIIILLING SERVICES LLC, aka DUVERA FINACIAL, (servicing account for 3XP ON LINE WEB STORE) P O BOX 2549, CARLSBAD CA 92008, ALSO 1910 PALOMAR POINY WAY, #101 CARLSBAD, CA 92008 COMPLAINT:UNFAIR BUSINESS PRATRICES, AND DISPUTED INFORMATION PLACED ON MY CREDITB REPORTTO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: A few years back, I was contacted by a company named 3XP online web store; an offer was made to me to purchase an online business. I was told that the cost for everything I needed for the online store was $2,000. At that time I did not have the money for this, but they had a company that would back it and handle the billing. That was Duvera Financial, so I made the purchase, gave them a credit card number to bill me monthly for the payments. Once I had made the purchase, I was later told by 3XP that I needed advanced coaching, drop shipping and a host of other things before I could make any money. After they had taken so many payments from my credit card, I contacted 3XP and told them to cancel the service because I was not able to make any money without all the additional stuff required to run the web site store. They agreed and I thought it was done. Later I learned that the payments were still being charged to my credit card, I tried contacting 3XP again but the number was no longer in service, so I called Duvera Financial/Billing because that is where the payments were going. I explained to them that I had cancelled with 3XP some time back, yet they have charged me about $2,000 since the cancellation. Duvera told me that I had only 24 hours to cancel from the time of purchase; this was the first time hearing this. So I cancelled my credit card so that they could no longer bill charges to it.I want this removed from my credit report because it is causing me undo hardship as I struggle to rebuild my life after losing my husband.Desired Settlement: I would like to have the negative information removed from my credit report. This company was collecting money from me for a business that was closed or could no longer provide any services, and on an account I had cancelled.3XP agreeded to cancel my account with them, yet Duvera continued to charge my credit card almost $2,000 after the fact. they really ow me a lot of money; however my credit is more inmportant to me, just remove the information from my three credit reports.



This response is to a consumer complaint [redacted] in regards to an [redacted] - [redacted] Cir

- Decatur, GA [redacted]

In reviewing this complaint, Ms. [redacted] is requesting this loan be deleted from her credit bureau.

Duvera 1 Palomar will comply with Ms. [redacted] request - Please find the attached deletion request sent

to the credit bureaus on 07/15/2014.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Directors of Billing Services

Duvera Financial

Review: Duvera is assisting [redacted] Defraud the unknowing public, but claiming they only do billing but handle [redacted]'s cancellations?Desired Settlement: I want my contract that I was provided null and voided. And they will decist in trying to collect additional funds from me. I want [redacted] to refund me $217.98 since Duvera is their billing agency it may need to come from Duvera.



This response is to a consumer complaint [redacted] in regards

Review: Many years ago I was considering going into the real estate business. One night I was up late and saw an infomercial which described a real estate education course that would teach me to buy and sell real estate.

Once the materials came in I read the entire book, cover to cover, and viewed the other materials. I was quickly very concerned. The materials had zero real estate knowledge in it, and is a complete scam. In fact, it is not until 75% deep that anything is mentions other than "cheer-leading" stories about people who used this special real estate "secret" program made millions of dollars. Everything in the materials I could have Googled online, and the rest was actually a "self-marketing" program that amounted to spending more money to put lawn signs all over your state saying that you buy houses. It's a complete scam, I never activated the product, it is totally misrepresented as an educational course on real estate buying and selling, it is not even close to being that, I will never use it, and I am never paying for it since I did not get what I was made to believe I was getting.

With that being said, I have spoken to the company directly, and to many collection agencies over the years trying to make me pay for something I don't have, never used, will never use and will never pay for. They are all extremely condescending and rude, and try to bully you into paying anyway. These people seriously seem to enjoy being really obnoxious to people all day. They have a complete lack of customer service, and it makes it very clear that they are just a scam business. A real business would just let a customer go who was not satisfied with their product, respect them, and stand behind their product, rather than make a raving enemy out of them, and try to beat their money out of them. These are tactics used by many companies just playing the numbers. If 10,000 people buy, but only 3,000 pay, and 0 are happy, they don't care; they have your money already.Desired Settlement: Stop calling me to try and get me to pay for your scam "product". I will never pay for it, never have activated it, will never activate it, and will never do business with your company. If I wan't to know anything about real estate, rest assured I will never ask you for any information, since it is clear that you have none.

Send a request letter to cancel this debt and take it off my credit report. If you do not then I will have my lawyers get you to do it instead. In addition, if you verbally abuse and/or harass me again, or do not comply with my settlement request I will file an additional complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.



Dear Ms. Moreland,

Thank you for your patience during our personnel transition. [redacted] no longer works for Duvera Billing Services, LLC, please make sure that all future correspondence is directed to my attention.

Attached is our response to file # [redacted] for Mr. [redacted]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I would like to set-up a call with you to discuss this workflow of the complaints and to see what we can do about working towards improving our rating.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Vice President of Operations

Duvera Financial & EasyPay Finance

1910 Palomar Point Way

Suite 101

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Tel: (760) 602-5000 ext. [redacted]

Fax: (760) 602-1209

Email: [redacted]




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


Review: I acquired financing from Duvera Financial Corporation, through [redacted] in [redacted]. It was my intention to pay off the amounts financed (roughly 1500) in 3 months to avoid the finance charges. However, because I had 2 separate deliveries, there were 2 contracts made. The issues started with the very first payment (on the 1st contract). I received a text stating that I was past due and a 30 dollar charges had been applied to my account. I called immediately and reminded them that at the time the contract was made, I signed up for Direct payments from my checking account. They asked if my account was a "[redacted]" account and I stated that it was not, that it was a simple checking, they stated I was assessed a late fee because the payment was returned by the bank. They apologized waived the fee and reconfirmed the checking and routing numbers and I proceeded to give them the payment over the phone. Well, the very next payment the same issue same excuse and the very next month, the same issue same excuse, so I decided at that point to pay off the balance in full on this account. On the second account all of the above applies. on the very first payment I again got a late notice assessing a late fee, I called went trough the whole routine again and demanded to speak to a supervisor, because their "excuse" again as to why I am being assessed a late fee is that the checking account is coming up as a "[redacted]" and the payment was returned by the bank! I never got a Supervisor "[redacted]" on the phone, left a msg. never hear back. Today after yet another late notice and late fees assessed, I called and they refused to honor the interest free payment because they state I am late. I am waiting to resolve this as they are deceitful and dishonest. They are now claiming that they turned off the automatic payment to do me a favor!Desired Settlement: They need to honor the 90 day interest free contract which I am happy to pay in full, as I was neither late nor did I ask them to turn off the automatic payments. They give you the same story every month to try and scare you into paying late fees. Or pay they outrageous financing fees.



This relates to a retail installment contract between [redacted] and [redacted] dba One Stop [redacted] which was purchased by DuveraFinancial. [redacted] signed a Retail Installment Contract (RIC) with[redacted] dba One Stop [redacted] on March 6, 2015,along with an Application for Credit and an EFT Authorization Form. On March21, 2015 we contacted [redacted] and completed a Welcome Call and verified allthe terms of her contract, as well as verified the banking information providedto us by the customer and the merchant prior to purchasing the RIC. [redacted] confirmed all the informationto be accurate. When Duvera Financialattempted to withdraw [redacted]’s first payment on April 15, 2015, it wasreturned as “Invalid Account Information/Unable to Locate Account”. This resulted in a series of late notices to[redacted]. On May 5, 2015 we werefinally able to make contact with [redacted] and obtain the correct bankinginformation we waived the fees that were incurred to [redacted] due to thereturned payment. The agent did not setthe account back up on Electronic Funds Withdrawal as maybe [redacted]thought would occur after we received the April 2015 payment. Again, this resulted in late notices beingsent to [redacted]. This was an erroron our part and we apologized to [redacted] when she contacted our officeson June 3, 2015 to make her final payment. [redacted] was not assessed anypenalties nor did she pay any finance charges on her account. [redacted] hasnot disputed receiving the goods she contracted for or that she signed thecontract. We apologize for the inconvenience and aggravation this caused Mrs.Castillo and have since conducted a proper review with the agent to preventthis from happening in the future. If Mrs.Castillo has any further concerns, we invite her to call and speak to theCustomer Service Manager [redacted] at [redacted] Tell us why here...

Review: I had an initial contract with the lender for 1130 approximately and they had me sign up for automatic payment through them. Their hook was something like 0% for the first 90 days. I was not told what the interest rate was after the 90 days but it was nothing like 189%. If they had told me that I would have said [redacted] them. When I called the person on the other end was so arrogant. They are robbing innocent customers by not being clear with their contracts. Lucky for them I just don't remember them mentioning the interest to me. They definitely did not mention the interest in a way that said it would be inflated to 189%. 18% interest to me is high. I would never have gotten suckered into 189%. They did something shady to get me into this. I just can't remember because it has been months and I had a hard time remembering the account information to log into their system to check. I kept having problems with their site not being able to access it early on.Desired Settlement: I would like them to adjust their interest to something more reasonable.



This relates to a retail installment contract between Ms. [redacted] and Your Furniture Now, LLC dba Steal a Sofa which was purchased by Duvera Financial. Ms. [redacted] signed a Retail Installment Contract (RIC) with Your Furniture Now, LLC dba Steal a Sofa on September 8, 2014, along with an Application for Credit and an EFT Authorization Form. A 5 digit contract code was sent to Mrs. [redacted]’s personal mobile phone with a link to all her contract terms, which she confirmed receiving by providing this code to the merchant. The RIC clearly sets forth the terms of Mrs. [redacted]’s credit and discloses, in accordance with Regulation Z under the federal Truth in Lending Act, a payment schedule of $216.28 per month for 12 months, at an Annual Percentage Rate of 189%. As confirmed by Mrs. [redacted] the contract also included a 90 day interest rebate promotion offer, expiring on December 8, 2014. In addition, she signed the addendum for the 90 day interest free promotion which clearly outlined the terms of the promotion; “Interest charges begin accruing from the Contract Date, and will be rebated to Buyer if all of the following are true during the promotional period: (1) The total Amount Financed plus other items to be financed (if applicable) listed in this Installment Contract is paid in full, (2) Buyer makes all timely payments, and (3) no payments made by Buyer are returned.” Mrs. [redacted] was disqualified from the promotional offer when her November payment was returned for insufficient funds. Regarding Mrs. [redacted]’s concern over the APR, California law expressly permits the parties to agree to any finance charge, to be set forth in the contract. See Cal. Civ. Code § 1805.1 “The holder of the contract shall not charge, collect, or receive a finance charge which exceeds the dollar amount shown pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 1803.3 [requiring disclosure of finance charge under Regulation Z]”. Ms. [redacted] has not disputed receiving the goods she contracted for or that she signed the contract. In short, we do not believe that Ms. [redacted] has a justified complaint. Having said that, we want all of our client's customers to have a good experience. We have tried to contact Ms. [redacted] multiple times in an effort to resolve her complaint and have been unsuccessful in reaching her. Ms. [redacted] has put a stop payment on her most recent transaction and it is important that we resolve this to both parties satisfaction as soon as possible. If Ms. [redacted] continues to have issues paying her contracted amounts going forward, we would invite her to call in specifically to [redacted], Customer Service Supervisor at [redacted] ext. [redacted] to discuss making alternate settlement arrangements, such as a reduced APR.

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Address: 1910 Palomar Point Way #101, Carlsbad, California, United States, 92008


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