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Company never delivered my appliance
Beware using them to ship for your company unless you like losing money. This company held my refrigerator in their warehouse until they lost it. Numerous calls were made by me for six weeks to them and try to get it delivered. Today I was advised by Build that EFW lost it.

Been on hold over 2 hours THEN HUNG UP ON shipment never received
Scammers last I talked to someone told me 48 hrs it's been a week and it's still sitting in same location They had the nerve to ask me to go to new Orleans and pick it up. WTH I PAID FOR YOU TO BRING IT TO ME. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

No Show, Then Zero Contact/Answers
This delivery company is ridiculously terrible. I’ve called multiple times, I’ve also emailed, and I’ve also tried chat. The phone number auto-answers, puts me on auto-hold, then at the 17-20 minute hold time mark it AUTO-HANGS UP! I tried it yesterday after my item didn’t get delivered, then again twice today - same result! I emailed yesterday, it’s now afternoon the following day and no response. I tried their chat and, surprise-surprise, it timed out because no one from their company ever joined the chat - and this was at 11:00am on a Wednesday.

My $1700 Walmart item was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It wasn’t. It’s delayed. I get it. When talking on the phone to Walmart today (tried Walmart since EFW wasn’t responding in any way) and I’m told I need to wait 48 hours. Fine. I’ll wait … BUT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TIME TO EXPECT THE DELIVERY SO I CAN BE HOME to get my $1700 item.

Even if it doesn’t get stolen on my doorstep, I don’t want it sitting in the 100 degree sun or in the forecasted rain.
No Show, Then Zero Contact/Answers

I scheduled my delivery for today (1/22/21) between 1pm and 5pm with EFW. I took the day off of work to receive this delivery. A scheduler just called me and is trying to schedule it for Monday, so I will have to take another day off of work. I am very, very, very upset I am now loosing 2 vacation days and the time over the weekend to set up my home gym. This is not acceptable.

I've set aside work and my EMT classes today and this entire weekend to deal with setting up the home gym. The treadmill is an integral part in that

I used to work in logistics, I know how this works. Except when we messed up like this, we went above and beyond to deliver on the right day or offer weekend delivery


I did not believe they could be so bad, I was very wrong!
Horizon elliptical ordered 12-15-20, According to their tracking arrived in destination city 12/31/20 at 7:27 AM. Delivery scheduled, and confirmed via email 1-4-21 between 1-5PM. Never came, nor did I hear anything from Estes. After an hour plus on hold, I was told it really did not make it to town, until today. They will call in a day or two to reschedule. I took a vacation day today to be home for the delivery. I have no more vacation time until May! And why do I have to give 1 star? They SUCK!


Avoid using this company
I ordered a 26 ft coleman swimming pool from on 5/12/2020 and EFW is the freight company they used. On 5/26 I made an appt for delivery date 5/28, that day came and went with no call or update. I called the company and thats when I found out they allegedly "lost" my package. I have called countless times and spoke with so many different people but no manager. I have left reviews on so many platforms and they just advised me to get a refund and order again, which O can't due to the pool shortage because of Corona. Someone from their social media team advised me to email them at [email protected] and I have yet to hear anything from them. I checked the tracking status on their site and it said they closed my case and could not deliver. On 6/11 the tracking shows my package as passed through my destination city , now on 6/14 my tracking status says appointment created but no one is letting me know whats going on. I dont want a refund I just want the item I purchased. I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below That is not my house and not even my townWe do not have curbside trash pick upThe whole situation is so sketchyI was belittled and told there was no way a mistaken could have been madeRussell (a night supervisor) ensured me he would call me back the next day after looking into this and he never didMaybe time to rethink your relationship with the terminal carrier as well as how you treat customers Regards, [redacted]

Terrible companyOrdered an Eliptical from [redacted] who uses this delivery companyI live in a secured apartment building on the th floor with elevators [redacted] assured me they would bring Eliptical to my door inside building Got an EMail from Esres assuring me an in home deliveryDay of delivery was between 1pm and pmDriver calls at 1045am stating he was at complex but I did not hear phone ringLeft messageI called him at 11am and he was rudeOn his way to another placeHe also stated he would not bring inside building For hours I was on the phone with [redacted] and Estes manager only to be told they would not bring up to the 4th floor [redacted] argued with them stating that it was agreed upon they wouldI finally canceled the orderDid not want to deal with these peopleDisorganized and every single person I spoke with was rude Terrible company

Regarding this shipment, EFW was instructed to pick up in Georgia but the freight was actually located in ** This caused a delay at the beginning due to the way packages are sorted However, the package was delivered and signed for on March 9th Although this may have caused some inconvenience to the customer, we feel we have done everything we can at this point according to the customer’s desired settlement Please keep in mind EFW handles thousands of shipments a week and delays like this are very rarePlease let me know if you have any questions.Thank you

EFW was not tendered the freight until June and it arrived at destination on July and was given to the agent for deliveryThe freight was accepted by the customer on July Please keep in mind three days is transit time so EFW was not at fault on this shipment

I've reached out to the customer to explain the process of returning and letting her know that the request must come from ***.com I've also advised her that I will send an email to ***.com on her behalf to ask them to contact her to resolve and I will call her back after I hear from ***.com

EFW apologizes for the overall experience We understand the important of a successful delivery and receiving the item without damage [redacted] .com did not notify of the damage and we are in the process of reaching out to pick up the item without any further inconvenience to you or your family Your example will be used for continuous improvements and appreciate the feedback Again, EFW apologizes Thank you

This company was apparently selected by [redacted] to ship large items I was told on the 17th my item was in transit and received at the local distribution location and they would advise of a more specific deliveryI received another e mail it would be received 3/between 8am and 6pm I then got another "friendly reminder " as they call it on 3/advising it would be here today 3/ I took the whole day out of work due to such a huge range of time They e mailed me at 1:39pm on the 23rd telling me there was an issue and it would now be tomorrow and not today I could not take yet another day out and for all I know have the same resultI suggested Saturday , they don't work Saturday ( don't seem to work Wednesday either ) I was not about to have a $dollar item left in my driveway and had no choice but to return it to [redacted] I advised [redacted] as well This company is awful and poorly managedBased on the complaints here looks like many have experienced the same I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.The company is stating this delivery issue is not their faultThis is untrueIf I am calling EFW and they are updating me with delivery information it is in the company's custody although albeit not the particular delivery hubs custodyAlso upon recieving this item 1) I received no phone call beforehand as promised 2) a very elderly unmarked man is an unmarked car (we live on a military base) 3) the item was badly damaged obviously by a forklift and the holes in the box were just taped over as if we would not noticeUnfortunately they are the same company to do the return/exchange and I let the agent know on the phone the box was damaged and needed to be repackagedUpon the return agent picking up 1)I again received no call 2) again an unmarked person and car 3) and they had no packaging materials of any typeI am again awaiting the shipment of my exchange item [redacted] which after being told was the 6th of July we are now told to be the 8thI am not confident in thisI just pray this time it's not damaged so I can look forward to never having to deal with this company againVery unprofessional Regards, [redacted] ***

Horrible, horrible, horrible Horrible delivery schedule (never got my package after taking off work three different days for it to be delivered)Horrible customer service, all people we talked to on the phone were rude Horrible that the company we ordered from decided to use this company to deliver package after it was transferred from UPS

I am sorry there is now a second complaint related to this order and will address the best I can but I will need some additional information.The customer sent a picture of a broken pallet in a box and I do not see the actual item I cannot tell if the item itself was damaged, was returned to the store and/or if a refund was received Claims for loss or damage should be reported to the actual store (in this case Walmart) and then they in turn file the claim with the actual transportation carrier I believe the best way to handle would be to contact me directly so I can obtain all of the information needed I am also not sure why the shipment was handled as described and would love to find out more so I can address it with the actual driver.Please feel free to contact me directly at [redacted] or you can reply through the with additional information Unfortunately there is nothing I can do at this point until I know more about the delivery.Again, I apologize for the bad experience and will do all I can once I have all the facts

EFW did deliver on two seperate deliveries mirrors that were received damaged We have apologized for the condition of the delivery and have picked up the damaged item and returned it to [redacted] EFW does not handle any money with the customer & if they are looking for a refund or reduction on any costs they will need to partner with [redacted]

Attempted to deliver my dresser from [redacted] twice and both times, on the day of delivery to my house, it was deemed undeliverable because it was damaged! Spoke to operations specialist and they stated "we can't guarantee it won't be damaged a third time! We've been out of a dresser for days and now we gotta deal with it even longer!!!

Cheryl Barnes called from the business stated that the product was delivered on March 28, and a Mr [redacted] signed for the delivery

Hi, Somehow I missed the email regarding the resolution of my Estes complaint I did get the one regarding the [redacted] complaint My credit card refunded the [redacted] complaint the day I filed [redacted] did not want to refund my money until they had picked up the incorrect order that was dropped off, but my credit card was proactive and took care of it beforehand I want to state a couple of things regarding [redacted] and Estes: Re: ID # [redacted] - Estes Forwarding Worldwide LLC The day I filed the complaint with, a representative from Estes contacted me to arrange to have the items picked up This was independent of [redacted] and I was pleased with the phone call and communication We arranged a time frame for pick up Since I could not guarantee that I would be home, the rep told me to leave the boxes outside She sent me labels to print and attach to the boxes The pickup service came hour late They did not call me or contact me again in any manner to give me a warning of their arrival and/or that they would be late This is a major problem, which I have never had with any other delivery service, but this is the 2nd time that Estes has had their delivery guys not communicate It rained, so the items did get wet The delivery guy was not going to take the items because I had left them outside I had to show him the email instructions from the rep at Estes He did take the items, but again did not leave me or have me sign any paperwork But I was happy, the huge boxes were gone [redacted] [redacted] sent me emails to arrange pick up of the stuff Apparently they were not in communication with Estes and did not know it had been picked up This is a problem for them and their delivery service Lack of communication I had to call [redacted] and wait on hold and get transferred numerous time to resolve with them that the stuff was picked up They had given me different tracking numbers from Estes and it was clearly another example of lack of communication In summary: Both [redacted] and Estes have 1) lack of communication with the customer 2) put the customer on hold and transfer them multiple times when the customer has to call to get an issue resolved or a question answered 3) do not assign one person to a case to follow up with and resolve 4) do not communicate with each other The items are gone and I have been refunded, so both cases are resolved I ordered my furniture from another company and had it delivered without a problem from another delivery service They arranged a time frame for delivery, called to say they were minute out, came within the time frame, had me inspect the contents and verify that they were correct, and had me sign the paperwork Perfect Easy Thanks! Have a great day ***

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Description: Delivery Service

Address: 1100 Commerce Road, Richmond, Virginia, United States, 23224-7506


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