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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

I finally got a response from Favor Wear House.  On August [redacted] (one day before my wedding) they emailed me to say that my oder was canceled and I should call my credit card company to get the funds back.  No store should ever ask a customer to call the credit card company to get their money back.  They should refund me my money instead like a normal business.  I think that their policy and manner are unprofessional and they should not be allowed to operate this way.  Note it is August [redacted], a month after my order was placed, and I still do not have my money back.
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I ordered some favor boxes for my daughter's baby shower and the company never came through. When you call them, there's a message always stating that customer service has a high call volume and when you email them, all they say is they received your inquiry and a representative will get back to at their earliest convenience. I never received my order and I had to reorder favors and pay an extra for 2 day shipping. Now I will definitely read the reviews of other people issues with a company's overview of how they handle their business transactions.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

Thank you for contacting Favor WarehouseWe regret to inform you that we are unable to fulfill the order which you recently placed with us. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. Please make alternate arrangements for the purchase of the items you ordered. Please use this email as a...

reference to advise your credit card company that you are disputing all charges in connection with the order and that we consent to the credit. A copy of your receipt and order details can be found by logging on to our order status page. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Favor Warehouse

Review: Jan **, 2104 Received confirmation of order from [redacted] at with an order number and amount charged to my credit card. Noticed that my order was not ‘found’ when checking its order status when visiting the site. Jan. ** Emailed [redacted] regarding issue and did not get a response. Jan. ** Phoned business. Spoke with a gal (can’t remember her name) who could not locate my order in their system but was able to confirm my card was charged when I provided my credit card number. She said [redacted] was off today and she would contact him directly. She reported back that my order was never processed and even if I placed a new order, I would still not get it in time for my event. I indicated what a bind that put me in and that I had been referred to her by others…..she was still not empathetic. I had no choice but to cancel my order. Afterwards I received an email from [redacted] confirming the cancellation of my card charge. His response was “We apologize but we would not be able to get this order deloivered to you for this weekend.” I was not given any explanation as to how my credit card was charged with no processing attempt; this is a good example of unethical collection practices.Desired Settlement: Discount and free shipping on upcoming order.



This order was placed with PARTY FAVORS ON SALE not FAVOR WAREHOUSE. We fulfill orders for them but the complaint should be directed at PARTY FAVORS ON SALE. Their website is [redacted]

Review: I ordered several items from this company on July [redacted], still have not received them, and their customer service person will not help.

This company advertised that they were providing a 40 percent discount on shipping, but yet charged me over $23 in shipping charges for items that will weigh less than 2 lbs total. They claim that its being shipped from two different warehouses and that is the reason for the cost - but I do not believe that a 40 percent shipping discount has been applied to the order. Prove it.

When I challenged the customer service representative on this, he stated that they needed 4-5 days for processing. It has now been 8 days and according to UPS, the company has only generated a label - not shipped.

When I questioned him on processing time and expense, he became more difficult to deal with and told me to take my business elsewhere. I will happily do this, but not until I receive the items that I paid for in satisfactory condition or a full refund for the items ordered. Their website also indicates conflicting prices for the mini photo albumDesired Settlement: Prove to me that the shipping costs have been discounted by 40 percent. And, either cancel my order and refund in full what was paid or ship my items so that they are received within 3 days.



I have attached price quotes from matching the two shipments in question.

We note very clearly on our site that item codes beginning with the letters xKA will ship separately and as such will cost more.

We advertise 40% off shipping on our site but as you will see we actually give a bit more than that. The published UPS rate is $43.36 and we charged only $23.86 which works out to 44.97% off.

To answer the other complaints there is no price discrepancy on the photo album on our site. The price is and has always been accurate and has not changed in several months.

The processing time quoted by the customer is also completely inaccurate as evidenced by the actual tracking information provided to her.

The xKA item shipped on the [redacted] which is one business day after it was placed and the rest of the items shipped on the [redacted]. Since the customer placed the order after hours on the [redacted], a Sunday, it was not submitted to us by the credit card processor until the following day, Monday the [redacted]. The order shipped 5 business days later on Monday the [redacted] which was right on time.

Review: I ordered 110 shot glasses for wedding favors from this company,13 were not printed right,smudged,and some missing letters,I have sent them numerous pictures individual ones and a group and they keep asking me for more pictures and said they will not refund me my money,no refunds,the glasses look awful and I'm getting married this summer and this company will not help or refund my money,I have every email they have sent and my responses along with the pictures..Desired Settlement: IAm willing to ship the product back with a full refund



We have tried working with this customer to provide the best possible solution to the issueson this order but due to the inconsistencies in her responses and also notproviding us with the picture we asked for numerous times, we have not beenable to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The following is what has transpired betweenthe customer and Favorwarehouse whichwill show that we have tried to handle this order the best way possible:On 1/** customer emailed informing us that she was not happy with her order andsent us 1 picture of one piece. On 1/** we responded to please send us a photo with the exact amount of thedamaged item. She responded that shegoing to send the pictures at the end of the week because of a familyemergency.On1/** – she reported a dozen were damaged and then on 1/** only 6 pieces.On 1/** – we replied - Per our prior requests - we cannot provide further assistance until you provide thephotos of the 6 glasses. We would be happy to review with the Printer to see ifthey will make an exception but we are quickly approaching the 10 business dayspolicy required to report and provide proof of damage - please email thosephotos today. We are pleased to hear it is only 6 rather that the 12 originallyreported but will require the photos to share with the manufacturer.Please note, that as a courtesy, we requested from the printers to pleaseprocess replacements of the 6 pieces even though we did not yet receive thegroup picture from customer as requested – on 1/** the manufacturer confirmed they were processing the 6 pieces.On 1/** – we sent the customer the following email –Quick follow up - please email a photo of the six pieces together so we can reviewwith the Printer.We are pleased to advise that they have agreed to reprint 6 pieces but require thephoto to process the claim.She responded that she was going to do it over the weekend.1/** – she emailed that the total amount was now 13 pieces – not the 6 that wasagreed on earlier.We responded with the following email –Below is the email we sent on several occasions - please review:Please set all 6 impacted glasses on a flat surface andemail 1 photo of the 6 together and we will be able to send to the Printer this afternoon -they will normally respond within 24 hours.Also, pleasenote, that as a courtesy we asked the printers if they can change the amount ofreplacements to 13 – we received a response from them today that they will beprinting the additional 7 pieces – shipping a total of 13 pieces. We also asked the customer to please have the 13 pieces ready for pickup – we still not havereceived the 1 picture of all the items together as requested several times.On 2/* – the customer once again sent us several pictures of individual pieces – all we are asking isfor 1 picture with all the pieces in that one picture so we can forward to themanufacture to support her claim.At this time, we are replacing the 13 pieces the customer requested and she has not sent usthe only thing we requested from her – 1 picture with all 13 pieces on it. 13 replacement pieces are being printed – it takes14 business days to process before they are shipped – we asked the customer toplease have the 13 damaged pieces ready for pickup by [redacted] as no cost to her. Please note, that there is a $39.00 set upfee cost every time a personalized glassware order is processed- printers donot keep past orders on file. . As stated on the website we do not replace, only refund personalized glassware but as a courtesy we arereplacing the 13 pieces. The customershould have waited at least a couple of days more before writing a bad reviewsince we have been working with her from the beginning to have this issueresolved.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]I have sent numerous pictures,they did send me 13 glasses again with numbers and lettering missing,I want a full refund and I will ship all 110 pieces back,I am trying to plan my wedding I refuse to use these,they are awful,date numbers are missing and the sayings,letters,please help me resolve this,I just want a full refund,I am willing to ship all back with a full refund,they should be paying for shipping and handling,I'm not at fault

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Thank you for sending me the case. I honestly thought this case was closed since we first sent the customer the 13 replacement pieces and then eventually refunded the customer in full. The following is what transpired after the last entry regarding this complaint. On 2/* - we shipped 13 replacement pieces to the customer even though she never sent us the one thing we requested from her to support her claim - 1 group picture for the 13 pieces that needed to be replaced. We also informed the customer that a [redacted] call tag was issued to pick up the 13 pieces that she claimed were unacceptable - all she had to do was have the box ready for [redacted] to pick up - she never did and the pieces were never picked up. On 2/* - customer informed us that she received the 13 pieces but she was not satisfied with those pieces either - we then informed her that we were going to issue another [redacted] call tag to pick up all the pieces - the pieces from her original order and the 13 additional replacements. We were then going to issue a full refund after the entire order was received. Once again, we told her to please have the box/boxes ready for [redacted] to pick up. A 2nd call tag was issued, the customer once again did not have the items ready for pickup - I even informed her on 2/** that [redacted] already made 2 attempts to pick the order up and they were going to make one last attempt - to please have the items ready. The reason for the call tag was to make it easier for her - she would not have to take the heavy boxes to [redacted] - [redacted] was going to pick them up from her. I also informed her that if she did not have the boxes ready for [redacted] that she will be responsible to ship the order back to us - she did not have the items ready for the 3rd attempt. Please note that we were charged for 2 unsuccessful call tags. On 2/** we finally received the entire order plus the 13 replacement pieces. A full refund was issued on 2/** - the same day we received the return. Once again, please note that from the beginning we tried to work with the customer to resolve the issues on this order. Also, personalized glassware are some of our most popular items. We sell thousands of pieces with little or no complaints but we always try to resolve any issues as soon as they arise. Thank you for your consideration to this matter. [redacted]

Unreliable communication, does not take responsibility for any errors on their part. Many orders are not completed or completed in error with no remorse. Terrible customer service and systems across the board. Have never had such a stand out terrible experience with a store online or otherwise before.

Review: I ordered two different types of frames from this seller. The frames arrived with plastic cover rather than with glass. Also one style of frame was advertised as 4x6 but was actually a 3.5x5. The products were not as advertised.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded for the cheap looking products or at least be reimbursed for the additional costs I had to incur to correct the products.



I would like a refund for the items since I purchased them based on a description that they did not meet.



The customer did contact us to inform us that she was not happy with the items. One of the reason was because the picture frame had a plastic and not glass cover - no where is the description does it lead you to believe the covers were glass and not all frames that are sold elsewhere have glass. The other reason was because of the size for the picture was slightly smaller then the description and she had to cut the picture - sometimes we encounter that certain batches of items might be slightly different - we do not intentionally want to mislead the customer. Also, we rely on the description the manufacturer provides us. These products are sold on other websites with the same description. When we found out from the customer that the measurements were slightly different, we asked for a sample from the manufacturer and found out the measurements were slightly off. We are currently fixing this on our website. When the customer contacted us that she was not happy with the items, we informed her what our return policy was - to return the items and when we received the items, we would refund her.

After we found out that she reported us to the we contacted [redacted] via telephone to inform her we would issue a call tag to pick up the order from her and when we received the items we would issue a refund. She informed us she did not have the items because she used them for her event. Since she did not have the items we would not be able to offer a full refund but we did offer, out of courtesy, a full refund for all the frames that were slightly smaller - she was content with that offer. We refunded her for the items with the credit card she provided over the telephone.

Review: I had placed an order with Favor Warehouse for personalized Hershey kisses stickers on Dec [redacted] 2015. I paid an extra fee for a rush delivery and order and received a confirmation email from them. I was under the impression the order would ready to be shipped by Dec [redacted]. I decided to email them to check on the status of the order. I also asked them to change the shipping address if it wasn't processed yet.

I received an email back from them stating that they needed a confirmation for the characters and also tried to contact me several times. They said that since they had not sent it to their printers they would be able to change it to the requested address (since I am currently abroad preparing for a destination wedding). I had not received anything from them until o started contacting them. The characters that needed to be printed were wrong on their email and I submitted the correct information. A few hours later I received a confirmation letter stating that the order is processed and ready to be shipped - it showed they incorrect characters and the old address. I inquired about the address again and they stated they cannot change it after it is processed--- even though it wasn't processed when I contacted them and they confirmed they wouldn't have a problem making changes.

I am very disappointed with their service since I needed these items for my wedding and I am no longer in the US. Moreover, I had to contact them to figure out what was going on with the order. They said they would make the corrections and change the shipping address. Today I got an email stating they shipped the item showing the wrong text and the wrong address. This order was supposed to be processed and shipped by December [redacted]. I paid extra to get rush delivery and it was sent wrong and to the wrong address.Desired Settlement: Correct the mistakes as stated in the email and send it to the requested address (as it was promised)

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