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Review: When my items arrived at my home the outer box looked as if the tape had be removed and then reapplied and was only partially keeping closed. It was in poor shape and the camera on the inside was floating around out of its box and is most definitely broken. On top of that it is missing its battery, warranty card and manual. Also, all the cables are not factory sealed. The lens is missing the CL-0913 Soft Lens Case and was falling out of its box as well. Broken camera equipment with missing parts serves as a real inconvenience.Desired Settlement: A full refund of $599.96 to my PayPal account.



In response to this complaint of a damaged package. We are very sorry to learn our customer received a damaged shipment. Upon researching this complaint, it was determined that this package was damaged while in the courier's possession. It is a very unfortunate situation for our customer. To resolve this for the customer, we have accommodated this customer's return for a full refund. Return instructions along with a postage paid return shipping label have been provided to the customer so that they may return this damaged package at no cost to them. The customer is set up to receive a prompt refund once the returned package arrives at our return facility. We are very sorry for the events which led to this complaint and dissatisfaction and have to the best of our ability taken the steps necessary to resolve it.

Review: Purchased a Nikon Coolpix P600 camera from this company in January, 2015. I returned from a trip in September, 2015 and the camera was not working upon my return. Called Nikon and took the camera to an authorized repair center. I was told that the serial number is a non US product and is considered grey market and Nikon would not repair. I was NEVER told this when I purchased the camera. I called Gadget Circuit and received a RA number and returned the camera to them for repair. They received the package 9/29. The company never acknowledged receipt for the package via email. I have called them twice. My last call was today, 10/29 and spoke to Angel. First he told me there were scratches and the camera was dented. It was not dented. When I told him, then he said he would have to check with the repair department and call me back. He never did. This company should not be allowed to be in business. I have now found numerous complaints against them.Desired Settlement: I do not trust this company do make the proper repairs and want a credit to my Amex card.



The vendor contacted me via email that the camera has been repaired and is being shipped back to me. If anything changes, I will let you know. Thank you.

Review: My order number with Gadget Circuit is: [redacted]main item on the order is a [redacted] camera. The box the camera came in from [redacted] plainly states:Supplied accessories:StrapRechargeable Li-ion batteryCharging AC AdapterUSB CableUser's manualWarrantyThe User's manual and the warranty card for [redacted] was not in the box. The box appeared to have been opened and these items most likely removed. The box the camera was shipped in via [redacted] was securely taped which indicates these items were missing before being shipped by Gadget Circuit. I would like to have an original User's Manual, NOT A PDF file for me to print- 226 pages. I need a compact manual that I can carry with me.Desired Settlement: Provide the original [redacted] User Manual.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We havereviewed the customer’s order details and can confirm the customer ordered the[redacted] Cool Pix P530 camera, which includes a pdf manual from [redacted]. Althoughthe manufacture does not include a paper manual, we have special ordered one toresolve this with the customer. The manual has arrived and has shipped tothe customer. Here are the shipping details: [redacted] tracking # [redacted]It is scheduled to arrive to the customer soon. Please have the customer contact us shouldthey need any further assistance, we’ll be glad to assist. We’re happy to be able toresolve this issue for the customer.Thank you[redacted]

Review: Ordered a Nikon Coolpix S33 from Gadget Circuit. Received product quickly. Manual and warranty were missing from the box. The included USB cable is different from the one the manufacturer claims is in the box. Camera had no stickers or protective foil on display. I e-mailed Gadget Circuit about this, expressing concern about whether this was a new product. Received a quick answer that the product was new and that they always ship complete boxes. Followed up to re-state that my box was not complete at all, haven't heard back in four days. Wrote 2 more e-mails. Tried to call, too. On the phone, they state their phone hours start at 10am instead of 9am as their website claims. At 10:15 today, the line was not open yet. Now, it always goes straight to busy - no line management or anything.Desired Settlement: Would like for them to get back to me and suggest a solution. Open to various solutions - resending missing items, exchanging for a complete package, even just letting me return (with free return shipping). Would also appreciate more honesty about what/ why this happened. Always open to buying returns/ refurbished items IF they are declared as such and issues stated clearly.



Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. It is most important to us that each customer have a pleasurable buying experience and that we deliver a product in which the customer was hoping for. In this case, the items which were not received were not included from the manufacture. Many manufactures in effort of going "Green" are omitting user guides and "paper work". Instead a digital user guide and registration is offered via the manufacture website. We try our best to advertise our items correctly are truly sorry to hear the buyer is dissatisfied with the item they received. We also understand how the manufacture packages items may not be accommodating to everyone's needs. To resolve this issue for the customer we have set the customer up with a return for a full refund and have also provided the customer with a postage paid return shipping label. We try our best to provide an outstanding buying experience to each and every one of our customers and when things do not go as planned, we are always here to help.

Review: I ordered a product (Tamron camera lens) from this business in March for $529. They shipped it via FedEx with a signature required. I receive it and in July the item shows defective issues. I contact Gadget Circuit regarding this and they offered to repair it as they cover manufacturer defects. I ship it to them via FedEx (at my own expense) with signature confirmation. They received the item and says to allow for 6-10 weeks for repair completion. By August 19th they tell me that the repair has completed and shipped it via UPS. The shipping number was [redacted] which shows that they used UPS Ground and did NOT require a signature on this item that costs over $500. UPS claims to have left the item at the front door of my apartment, but the package was not there when I got home. I file a claim with UPS and they have since concluded the search but would not share the details with me, only with the shipper. I contact Gadget Circuit again and they said UPS has declined the lost claim and sorry. I believe it was Gadget Circuit's fault for not marking the package to require a signature when shipping with UPS, which resulted in my item getting lost/stolen. Because this is well past the warranty/refund period, they would not issue me a refund. But because they offered me the repair, I sent the item to them and now I have no item and no money because of their incompetence. Please help me resolve this. Thank you!Desired Settlement: I just want my money back. Gadget Circuit will not issue me a refund, but they basically mishandled this and lost my item. Now I have lost a $529 item which was their fault. I do not want a replacement as I do not trust this company to send me another product which may be defective again. Please help. Thank you!



Thank you for contacting us. I am very sorry to hear there

was a problem with a repair which left our buyer less than satisfied. Customer

satisfaction is most important to us and our business. We strive our hardest to

always provide a superb buying experience. In this case the buyer has indicated

they have not received their repair item, although tracking details with the

courier show it was successfully delivered, we will provide a resolution to

this customer. In effort to turn this experience around, we have shipped a

replacement order to the customer which includes a brand new lens. A refund request could not be met due to the period of time

which has lapsed since the original purchase date as the issuing bank by which

payment was made will not permit the processing. Instead a new replacement has

been sent. Here are the new shipment details: UPS

[redacted] Delivered Friday, 10/16/2015

at 5:40 P.M. and signed for at deliveryDelivery of this 2nd shipment concludes our warranty terms

and responsibility with the buyer which are now fully satisfied. We hold no further

obligation in accordance with the written terms of our warrantyWe have been in contact with the buyer and have explained

the claims process which was delayed due to the buyer’s actions when they

contacted the courier prior to speaking with us and requested a claim when such

requests can only be made by the shipper. This resulted in delays and a denial

of the claim. We have recently requested the claim be reopened in effort to

bring a resolution to this issue.To provide a faster resolution to this complaint we have

issued a full replacement to the customer at no cost to them. Customer

satisfaction is our top priority. We strive our hardest to always provide a

superb buying experience.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10852589, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I'd like to add that this business did not take any actions to remedy this situation until this complaint was filed. They kept giving me the runaround and avoided responsibility for their mistake for as long as p possible. Even in their message here they are not taking full responsibility and are passing the blame onto the courier and to me, the customer when they are the ones who are at fault for this whole incident by not requiring a signature and declaring a value. I think they would have kept brushing me off until's involvement.

Review: On April 24, this buyer, in good faith, ordered a G 10 camera from On April 24, seller sent this buyer an email which reads as follows: Dear [redacted], Wed are contacting you regarding your recent purchase for the CANON VIXIA HF-G10 CAMCORDER. Unfortunately this item is no longer available. We would like to offer you a complimentary upgrade to the newest model the CANON VIXIA HF-G20 CAMCORDER. Please let us know if you will accept this upgrade or if you prefer a refund and we will process your request. On April 24, seller should have refunded the buyer’s monies immediately when they realized the product was not available – with no questions asked.

So, on April 24, buyer replied to [redacted] requesting a refund. However the buyer’s email was blocked by seller’s email delivery system. So, the buyer called seller's customer service # requesting a refund and on April 24, buyer also opened a paypal dispute requesting a refund for the item not in stock. In 3 different ways buyer requested a refund from seller on April 24th for the item that did not exist.

On April 24, 2015 seller did not issue a refund for the product not in stock, nor on April 25 nor April 26, nor April 27.

Instead, on April 27, seller mailed out a different item to the buyer, which was not the item buyer ordered from their website. At buyer’s request, seller provided the following RMA information for product return: Please return the item to:Gadget CircuitRMA 20439915 School House RdSomerset NJ 08873. In good faith, buyer returned the item to seller’s address above but the carrier advised that the address number does not exist and returned the item to buyer undeliverable on USPS tracking number [redacted].

Also, paypal closed the dispute because the seller provided a tracking number and said the order was complete. However, the buyer’s request for refund began on April 24, which is 3 days before seller sent the alternate item.Desired Settlement: The buyer asks that: 1 provide an account number so seller can return the unwanted item at seller's expense and 2. buyer requests a full refund for the item ordered on April 24 which never mailed to buyer but charged buyer for. The item cost $842.98



Thank you for reaching out to us. Customer satisfaction isvery important to us. We strive to provide a superior buying experience to eachof our customers and we are very sorry to learn of this complaint. It is veryimportant to us that we exceed buyer’s expectation and provide the bestcustomer support possible to ensure our customers satisfaction. We have reachedout to this customer and tried our best communicate with the customer toresolve this issue. It is important that our customers are happy with theservice we provide and to resolve this, we have contacted the customer and accommodateda return for a full refund. We also provided the customer with a postage paidreturn shipping label, so they may return this order at no cost to them to our returnaddress, without any complications or delays. It is very import to us that weresolve this issue to the buyer’s satisfaction, we have scheduled a promptrefund for the customer once the return shipment is in transit to our warehouse,the full refund will be processed. In addition to addressing and resolving thebuyer’s concerns, we have provided the buyer with a preferred customer coupon towardtheir future purchase with us as our sincere apology for the events which ledto this complaint. We are working with this customer to resolve this issue andhave put preventative measures in place to ensure this situation does notreoccur. It is very import that we provide the best of service and that all ofour customers are happy with their GadgetCircuit experience.Copy and paste the link below to view the postage paid shipping label provided to the customer via email. The returned shipment is pending the customer's actions. Once in route to us a full and prompt refund will be processed:[redacted]



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and in accordance with that response, I have shipped to the product that was sent in error. The seller’s UPS tracking # is [redacted]The complaint will be resolved with the buyer receives a refund from for the actual product that was purchased from their website but never received.

Review: I purchased a flash from Gadget Circuit. It is advertised as a "[redacted]" that syncs with other flash units. [redacted] does not make a [redacted] speedlite (their product is [redacted]. Gadget Circuit sold me a knock-off flash. Additionally, the flash does not sync with other units.Desired Settlement: Refund of the purchase price



To whom it may concern:Please be advised that we have been with contactwith the customer regarding this complaint and have explained the following:[redacted] offers two different flashes. The [redacted] and the [redacted] model. They function differently and are priceddifferently as well. Everything we sell are original items from themanufacturer.The customer purchased the [redacted] model inJanuary and paid the price for the [redacted] model as shown on his invoice. The[redacted] model was also available however the [redacted] costs more and the customeronly paid for the [redacted] standard model.Gadget Circuit offers a 30 day return exchangeperiod and would have been happy to accept a full return of the product withinthe return time frame however; its been over the 9 months since the customerpurchased the product and unfortunately they are past the return policy timeframe. We have also informed the customer that we offer a 1 year warranty fromthe date of purchase and if the customer is having any issues with the way the[redacted] model is supposed to function we would be happy to set it up forrepair.Gadget Circuit sincerely apologizes for anyconfusion the customer has had regarding the two flashes we offer and wanted toclarify that everything we offer is Original from the manufacturer. Thank You & Best Regards,Customer ServiceGadgetCircuit

Review: Gadgetcircuit states on their website that they accept Visa credit cards AND paypal on their website. When I attempted a $400 transaction, they took my credit card information but it did not pre auth the card before the payment screen confirmed. Then we were sent a email stating our cc info didnt match what visa/bank had on file and to use paypal. We responded that the information was correct, we were not using paypal and to finish our order. No response. I called customer service to address the issue. The hours on their site and the hours they were actually open didnt match so I was in elevator music hell for over an hour before reaching "customer service" Upon reaching them I was placed on hold several times with no explanation. When I advised the agent of the email I recieved his first response was. You can use paypal. I again said this was not acceptable and they needed to fix the issue with my information and he refused. I requested a supervisor, her name started with an ** She also recommended paypal first thing before saying much else. She also stated that she could not fix the information error. It sounded like she was reading a script, refused to provide her supervisor's information and we cancelled the order instead of fixing the issue to re run the transaction. Im now glad I was able to spend my money elsewhere but a business should not put on their website that they accept credit cards when they are not compliant with best practices. I should not be bullied into using a less trusted form of payment because they are trying to pull a fast one.Desired Settlement: For them to either improve their payment system to preauth charges to verify cardholder before processing the transaction, allow edits to received but unprocessed orders and training on customer service and PCI. Or stop accepting credit cards and only take paypal.

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Description: Appliances - Small - Dealers, Household Appliance Stores (NAICS: 443141)

Address: PO Box 4316, Highland Park, New Jersey, United States, 08904


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