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GFL Environmental

1280 Rum Creek Pkwy, Stockbridge, Georgia, United States, 30281-9445

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• Nov 14, 2023

Never showed up to pick up the trash in whole month
Kept calling them but there representative tells me everyday that it suppose to pick up today , now it’s been a month no one showed up . The worst experience of my life . Worst company ever

• Nov 03, 2023

If I could put -10 I would. This company is horrible. They are spilling trash in the street and constantly miss picking up trash and when you notify customer service, they respond with attuited and say they will be out the next pick-up trash business day which never happens they show on the next pick-up trash day. No credit no nothing for the inconvenience. This happens once to twice a month so imagine my frustration. If they know they are the only trash service in your area they will not provide or render service.

• Oct 30, 2023

Worst trash service ever
I own many rentals so I had 28 cans. They destroyed the asphalt in one of my cultisacks by spinning whole weight of trucks on two tires, there is trash flying everywhere in neighborhood after they pick up, the cans are falling apart and they tell me it’ll be 6-8 weeks as there’s a national trash can shortage! Funny thing the new company I hired has no problems getting new trash cans. I’m actually paying a bit more now but I was glad to so I could fire GFL

• Jul 21, 2023

worst company to ever do business with
I was finally within the window to cancel our contract with GFL. I said, just wait, they will raise my pricing again because I am closing our account with them. Sure enough, another $39 for monthly services.
We will be going with John's Disposal. Straight amount, no extra fees, taxes and NO contract to sign. And they are half the price for the same services, BEFORE this last GFL increase.
How can one company charge so much more than another for the exact same services?!?!?! Not to mention GFL's customer service is a joke!
I can't recommend enough for you to compare prices elsewhere if you are using GFL as your garbage/recycling provider.
And I can't tell you how excited I am to get out of this ridiculous contract with them.
worst company to ever do business with

• Jul 19, 2023

Weak HR Pencil Pushers
Their HR is a joke in Coquitlam, BC, Canada in the summer of 2023, a female pencil pusher phones me for a telephone interview which I made a home run that was echoed by her and was impressed and echoed favorable comments about my background including a text which I showed to a case worker with WorkBC. She then schedules a secondary interview a week later, in person and a ride-along, then ditches it with no effort to make a second time. No follow up for weeks, and then GFL gave me the heave-ho despite volumes of first hand experiences as a top performer in the same industry with indisputable evidence in written form to prove my value and claims. Several weeks go by without proper follow up and then was sent an email the position was filled, sad. Amateur hour at best, and they lost out on someone who would bring quality to their company. Got to laugh at office workers and bosses who should be on the unemployment line.

• Sep 28, 2023

sounds like you're just mad that you didn't get a job...

• Jun 14, 2023

No-one answer phone, ignore full payment to branch office
In the past 3yrs, I received bill late May for full yr payment at discount paid before mid June. No mail this year or can I pay full year at discount online.Last wed 6/7, I drove to GFL Sterling Hts location & gave full yr amount check to employee 'Karen' who was courteous, she said she can forward my payment with account detail to Southfield accounting office, then email me status. One week later, GFL has not cashed my check nor update my account balance nor contact me. In fact GFL ignores my hand delivered payment. I've hunch GFL no longer want to honor pledge of upfront payment with discount. Next week, I'll file complaint with Michigan AGO.

• Jun 20, 2023

Epilog: went to Sterling Hts MI GFL office again to inquire on my payment check, Karen was off, thus left note to another staff. Any case today 6/20 checked my account, they did cash my check & updated balance to credit. Interesting thing is: my check written to GFL was cashed (stamp on the back) by different company. My hunch may be correct, they cashed my check on last discount day after my 2 filed complaints, they may have sold Michigan turf to someone else. Any case, I don't expect any upfront discount next year UNLESS Michigan counties involved demand upfront pay in full discount policy.

• Apr 26, 2023

I have had GFL since 12/21. In the beginning the service was great. For the past 6 months they have been slowly making changes. Picking up later in the day or picking up the two-three days later. This past week I have been really disappointed. My trash has been in front for over a week. I have called every day and was told that I was on schedule for pickup. I spoke with Bridgette, Kim, Theresa and a few other representatives. I know it is not their fault, but the lies, lies, lies. I am cancelling my service this week. By the way, they gave me a $6 credit.

• Apr 03, 2023

Good At Getting Payment Only, But Not Care About Customer
Our family signed up for GFL's service in July 2022 and expected to receive a trash can in 7-10 days. After 2 weeks, we did not receive the delivery and we had to call them for it but no one answered phone. We decided to use their online support via their website, and got a reply that we should have had it within one more week. However, after one more week, we had still stored our trash in bags without a can. It was horrible. So we tried to contact them for couple times but there was no reply to us.
We feel that their system was set for payment collection only but not for customer service. Signing up and making payment was easy and fast. On the contrary, customer service via phone and online support was extremely poor or even we could say those had not been working. As you could see through our story that after a lot of attempts to contact them, we did receive only one reply from them.
After our patience and the awful experience with GFL, we decided to sign up with another company even though we just started service with GFL for around one month. Although finally we got GFL's trash can after over one month waiting, we did not want to continue the service with them anymore.
Again, we kept calling them to cancel the service right away even before the next quarter coming. But the most important thing that how could we do so while we could not contact them neither via phone nor via online support?!
And now what we received from them? It was a debt collection mail. Even though they gave us a feedback form with the mail that we could fill it out if we declined to pay the debt and we did send them with explanation why we refused to pay it, they seemed not reading it and kept sending us another debt collection?!
We did not use their service even we did make payment. We attempted to cancel service without penalty but who could we talk to? And now a debt collection mail?! Is that make sense?!

• Mar 29, 2023

New to Georgia...didn't know any better. Trash service costs almost 3 times more than other companies. No trash cans available so I had to keep my trash in my attached garage until trash day to keep animals from opening bags. Naturally my house smelled of trash. No eta as to when I will get a trash can! . They won't pick up any other trash can so I can't purchase one... When I call for cancellation, I have to wait 4-6 weeks for a refund! Unbelievable! 0 stars wasn't an option. They don't deserve the one I gave!

• Sep 28, 2023

refunds are not handled with your local branch. They issue checks to avoid fraudulent credit card refunds. The local branch has to put in a request for refund and then once approved it is issued out of Canada, as GFL is a Canadian company. It usually takes 6 weeks

• Mar 13, 2023

Unprofessional horrific experience
Gfl hasn't picked up my garbage in a month after finally getting a hold of someone and being assured the issue was resolved we were instructed to leave out the extra garbage we have done so for two weeks with no pick up. We have called and confirmed it's noted on the at pickup I stopped the truck personally as he was only taking the trash in the bin and not the extra bags that was noted. he said he didn't know what I was talking about, he's not doing it. I asked if he had any record of it he said no. I asked can he take the trash since he's here and is already outside on the curb he responded no I can do it and he doesn't have all day. And so of course I worked as quickly as I could lifting bags tossing them in bins while this machine operated not even a foot away from me . Two gentlemen in the truck ,neither assisted, instead they laughed and watched as I stand 5ft 100lbs struggling get it done in the freezing cold snow weather. I am absolutely disgusted by how unprofessional they were. They should be fired. My hands were literally red and swollen from not being prepared to do someone else's job. I'm paying for services and I have to do the work? I am not letting this go. This in unacceptable.

• Feb 01, 2023

Weak Customer Service Rep.
Called today and explained my concerns, not using profanity, but voicing a concern. How did my 6 month contract end yesterday and they sent me to a collection agency for the next 6 months starting with the February Services which are today. The funny thing is...I called 2x to pay over the phone and no one answered back in December a month before the new contract would start. The sensitive rep on the phone...He told me he did not need to deal with my attitude and to call back and talk to another rep. Serioiusly...A collection Agency after one day? Will start looking way in advance of my end date for a new company if this is how they treat people!

• Jan 30, 2023

GFL is an Incompetent Company
My trash was not picked up last Thursday,1/26/23. I called Thursday and Friday and requested a call back from management to discuss and have a truck pick up my trash. Now it is Monday 1/30/23, the trash is still on the road, and still no call-back, but GFL has my increased payment in their bank account.

When I call I get a customer service agent that can only send an email to Operations about this matter and still no one calls or values my dollar. This is a disappointment to pay for services and not receive the services or even a phone call about the lack of service. I am canceling my service today. GFL does not care about losing customers or having an adequate management or customer service model available to keep customers. Please choose another company.

• Jan 23, 2023

Worst sanitation department everyyyyy!!!!
I been waiting a month for trash can. Trash has been piling up in my garage. Spoke with someone last wee and was promised I would have it on Thursday. Spoke with someone else today (Monday). Stating it will be sometime next month. I wish another company can take over this company (GFL). When it was waste management I had no problem with my trash being picked up. But they have no problem getting your payment. FACTS!

• Jan 10, 2023

This company is the worst. I can promise you I will tell everyone about what a sorry excuse of a company that this company is. They kept going up and up and up and when I went to cancel they said my contract automatically renews and I have to pay 6 months to get out of my contract. This is highway robbery please don't make the mistake to do business with this company

• Jan 04, 2023

this company is organized crime
signed contract 2021 for 5 years $192 a month getting monthly bills now for $351 a month biil goes up 10-$30 a month .This has to be ILLEGAL!? .About talk to a lawyer THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST I've ever SEEN IN 25 YEARS OR BUSSINESS

• Jan 19, 2023

Same boat here. What did you do?

• Jan 01, 2023

The worst company ever
It is NYE they have not picked up my garbage in over 2 weeks. I called multiple times and the promised extra pick up twice which NEVER happened and the scheduled day the garbage never came! I have HOA and we are lugging the garbage around the house so it doesnt show from the street! Over 10 bags! I called multiple times and they lie to me to get me off the phone! I canceled subscription and have signed up with their competion! They did not refund Jan. Services and in the meantime I have no service! Do not go with this company you will regret it! They lie and they cannot find anyone to work! The worst company by far!

• Dec 29, 2022

I have a large daycare center trash is supposed to be picked up twice a week. They have not picked up trash for 2 weeks now. When you do get a person by chance, they transfer to someone's voice mail to get rid of you, leave a message and no call backs. Have been emailing for a week now back and forth with Kimberly and all I get is we notified the driver, cross your fingers and still trash all over. The only thing that you are able to do is pay your bill wants the money but no service. Canceled my service and need them to pick up all this trash, get their dumpster and all I get is I know! Really didn't have a choice when they took over my trash company before that was WONDERFUL!
SO DISAPOINTED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE and TRASH PICK UP don't think they even care. Closed today cause of weather we live in colorado business still open and proved services.
BJ Stoner

• Dec 29, 2022

Over priced, terrible customer service, long wait times on the phone to speak with a customer representative. I have had missed pick up days where I have had to call and find out why my trash wasn't picked up (wasn't a holiday). A surprising $50.00 cancellation fee popped up that has never been disclosed before and there is no mention of a cancellation fee on their website or on the back of the invoice! I did not have a contract with them and should not be charged a fee that I was NOT aware of!

• Dec 16, 2022

OMG I am not allow
Customer service is nonexistent. Ability to process payment accurately NOPE! God forbid that you have mutiple commercial accounts. Worst company to deal with ever in my life.

• Jun 22, 2023

Same Problem with Corporate Accounts, we have 3 of them and the customers service is nonexistent. When you do get someone, they are rude or act like it is a problem for them to get info to you. Pretty sad when you have set up all the accounts and they do not have your name or number for contact purposes. Still can't get any of the bills on time, called to have them emailed but for some reason they are undeliverable...WORST COMPANY EVER.

• Dec 01, 2022

Do not use this company!
Since GFL has taken over they have screwed up my bill so badly it took 6 mts to correct! You can’t talk to anyone other than a call center which does no good. They have missed picking up my garbage cans no less than 3 times and will not come back to get it. I have been with this company for years but since GFL took over it’s awful.

• Jun 22, 2023

I totally get that; I have had the same problem and we have several accounts.

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