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Green Solar Technologies

6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #400, North Hollywood, California, United States, 91606-1564

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• Sep 14, 2023

Almost a full year
Bought my system in 2017 went through hurricane Harvey that year. Worked great after, for two years. Then we had one optimizer fail. Sent it straight to my home, by the time they replaced it, two others went out. They sent those and it worked till it didn't. I believe I had three service techs out by this time.
It failed completely on 11/17/2020. They replaced my inverter/computer along with another couple of optimizers...they said the new mount on the house was plain to see but I did not get them they were sent to the service company personal this time. Did not see the optimizers this time. More about service "companies" later. This took till Feb 11, 21. At this point half the system was working. The 4th of May 2021 it failed completely again.
Finally got someone out to look at it. He even managed to get it to work at half power production for about a week. That was from October the 11th to the 18th. Got it back on December 14, 2021 producing 53kWH out of the initial 59kWH when the system was installed. After that service I started to hear thumps when the wind blew. Turns out the last tech left 5 or 6 mounting bolts and brackets off the system. I called and got zero response, I called a few times that winter and spring. As far as the flapping of the panel I used a block of wood and some zip ties to keep it from flapping.
The system worked just a little under peak power and with the zip ties till 9/24/2023 where it died again. A “tech” came out, not sure of the date sometime in November and said it needed a complete rewiring and trouble shooting, then left. He did say he was going to order some parts. By January I started calling they told me parts were on order. They called mid February to tell me they were still waiting on the parts saying they no longer make that railing. These are the “parts” the last technician ordered. It was on 3/8/2023 that another tech came out. He worked on it a bit said basically the same thing the last tech said but he got it on, although it only lasted 4 hours.
So basically baring the four hours one guy got out of it, it died on Sept 24 and has not worked since.
None of the technicians that showed up wore uniforms no patches telling me who they worked for asked for ID was shown the DL. They all told me they were certified yet, they had nothing on them to prove who they were. I think I saw the same techs out of all those service requests two times. Every other time it has been someone new.
When it works, completely works I love the system. But no one I contact tells me a thing. Last guy I talked to, and that has been few and far between, told me he was working on compensation for the time it has not worked to getting a crew out here to fix it. Great conversation; absolutely no action. Calling gets nowhere, email gets me nowhere. The only option I have is a lawyer at this point. I have been told by my lawyer here in Texas to find one in California to take on the case. They have no home office in Texas and thus are kind of untouchable here.
The warranty is 25 years…. according to my papers. Compensation is also listed as well for when it is not working beyond 30 days.
Not sure what I am looking for here. I do not think this will change anything nor help me get it fixed or even get the warranty enforced. Too many problems, not enough service from a company out promising what they can deliver.

16 months and system still not working
I had 48 panels installed in 2021. It worked okay for a few weeks showing production in the app mid June. Then it quickly started doing random shutdowns at 11:00 am and showed as no production or poor production on clear sunny days during what should have been peak energy generation. I've contacted customer service and my contacts several times. Each time they would tell me to power down and restart. I've done that multiple times with no results. The toggle lever on the inverter is loose and floppy. Months later a tech did come out to look at it but didn't have the expertise to fix the problem. It is now 16 months post install and I still have electricity bills of $157-300 a month in addition to the loan payments for a system is non-functional.
I simply do not have faith in the whole system anymore and
I REALLY wish I had never said yes to purchasing solar panels.

Green Solar Technologies want to charge me *** to remove and put back solar panels, because I want to replace my roof.
*** from Green Solar Technologies, and *** from Green Solar Technologies said that if I got solar panels put on that if I ever needed to replace my roof, they would come remove them and put them back after roof was done, FREE OF CHARGE. Now that I am going to replace my roof, and called the company. *** and *** , who also work there at green solar said that, whoever told me that it was free of charge, gave me wrong information. The same day they told me that, I called *** and he said yes that it is free of charge. My wife asked to speak to the one in charge of Green Solar Technologies. *** said she would have the one in charge call my wife back and they never did. Green Solar Technologies, lie, they tell you removing solar panels would be free of charge for replacing the roof. Then turn around and want to charge you *** dlls. Thats not fair.

Desired Outcome

I would like for them to remove the solar panels while I replace my roof. Then come put them back on my roof once my roof is finished. Like *** from Green Solar Technologies, said that that was what they were suppose to do.

Customer Response • Jul 25, 2020

Please disregard case

We have been trying to get someone out to our home for our Solar inverter not working for 4 weeks now.
We realized our inverter wasn't working. After getting the run around from the equipment company we were told to contact the installers. We have been in contact with the company for a month. We have received no information pertaining to our issue. I have called every week to try to get on a schedule. I understand things are a little odd with covid however, we've been very patient. There times my wife left multiple voicemails on multiple days and times and no one called her back. Finally my wife got through to customer service again and waspwas on hold while the customer service rep tried to contact the project manager assigned to our case. The customer service has been great this is beyond them and they can only field the calls from us with minimal updates. Our Project manager is *** and told the customer service rep that they were having difficulty finding a technician that was qualified to come troubleshoot. Meanwhile, the equipment company cannot send a new inverter out until there is a tech on site. *** proceeded to tell the customer service rep that she was putting an add out to find a qualified technician and that she would call us after her meeting. We are now a week
from this previous call. We have no way of getting in touch with a supervisor etc. This just makes me nervous if we finally get a tech to troubleshoot and the inverter is in fact bad. How long will it take for them to get someone out here to install it. We are beyond frustrated at this point.

Desired Outcome

We are wanting someone to come out and troubleshoot so that Solar edge and either send a replacement inverter or Green Solar Technologies can fix it.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Aug 11, 2020

We are working with the Customer and close to resolving the issues with the system. This should be fully resolved in a few days.

Customer Response • Aug 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
The only reason I will accept this response is due to that fact we are FINALLY operational.

We were notified after a local company called to schedule a visit to troubleshoot.
30 minutes after receiving a call from the tech company I received my FIRST and ONLY correspondence with Green Solar Technologies via email, stating a crew will be on their way.

Coincidentally we were contacted the day after we filed a complaint with the

As stated previously Green Solar Technologies told us that they were having trouble finding a qualified technician. While the company that came to trouble and install a new inverter is a well established company and has worked with Green Solar previously before us.

We are now officially up and running just shy of 2 months from our original contact with Green Solar Technologies.


repeated bills for shipping charges, now in collections, from Fed EX
Feb 2020 Solar panels were delivered to my home requested by Green Solar Technologies. Delivery was signed for by one of their staff. We have received repeated bills form Fed Ex. I contacted *** our sales rep numerous times, I reached out to *** our project manager. At one point he had me snap shot a pic of bill and stated he would handle it. Copies of the bill had also been sent to *** per her request. I have been unable to reach either of the people. The original bill was est $286.00, now a new bill from Synter Resource Group has sent a bill for $***. This is a collections agency. PO Box XXXXX North Charleston SC XXXXX
Another concern is I feel these panels have not lived up to their promise. My bills are just as high, the finance co placed a lean on our home! We have no contact person to discuss any issues. We feel like they got our money and left us high and dry. ***'s number is now disconnected. It is clear she is no longer employed. I feel the company should have reached out with a new contact person. This is a huge investment that we are regretting, this is compounded for all the install issues, ongoing billing issues and now no follow up care. We had a bad hail storm and may need to replace our roof. The 1st question we asked prior to getting the solar was, "What happens is we need to replace our roof"? I was told they have roofing companies they contract with that are trained in solar panels. Allow me to repeat myself, this is a huge financial investment. To not have a secure point of contact is very poor business.

Please help me resolve these issues.

Desired Outcome

Follow up and payment of the bill being charged from Fed EX

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jul 24, 2020

We have resolved this with the customer and the providers.

The installation was to be done WITHOUT ANY SCREWS on the NEW METAL ROOF. They used screws and dragged panels across the roof. The job is on hold
WE had a brand NEW METAL ROOF INSTALLED with instructions NO SCREWS. THEN GST was to install the solar panel with NO SCREWS. They told us, "NO PROBLEM " they have special clamps for metal roofs. I INFORMED & STRESS to them every time I talked to them about NO SCREWS.Then their installers were on others jobs and not showing up maybe one day a week..
*** the project manager had to call everyday to see if anyone showed up & then I would call him back to tell him when they showed up and how many.
Then when the.time came for the panels. They said, they sent the wrong clamps.When they did get the clamps. They screwed the panels in and dragged the panels across the roof. The damages they did was horrible. We put a stop to the job and told them we wanted them to replace the roof. They got a bid for the roof. They keep sending e-mails the roofers is showing up. I finally call the roofing company. They haven't heard from GST & she had tried calling them & try again;
Then they offer me *** for my roof. The metal roof cost us *** The roof isn't even a year old.'PLUS I am worried the roofing company won't honor their warranty because of the damages GST did also our house insurance. So, we put them on hold because IF they finish the job that would be the end of them trying to do the roof..I just want my roof .redone & my solar panels making electricity. .

Desired Outcome

I just want my roof replace because of GST damages they did. Then finish the job and let the electricity produce.

Customer Response • Apr 12, 2020

I have only gotten one e-mail from *** at GST. IN which I will included I have not sent any pictures because Guaranteed Roofing sent them to DST. I will try to get copies this week to send.
I plan to get my roof and garage redone in which they damaged to the max. IT was a brand NEW roof.
I want my solar panels working. Then my two gifts.
Here is the e-mail from *** at DST.

Hi ***,

We have informed Texas Solar Integrated that we are planning to file a claim against their insurance. Hopefully this will light a fire under them to take care of your roof. I'll keep you posted on any updates

Thanks and please let me know if you should have any questions or concerns.

Project Manager


The sun is the source. We are your provider. Learn More.

This is all I have gotten from them.

Thank you

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jul 24, 2020

This matter has been resolved

Rebate promised and never got.
16 months and 2 inverters- 5mo production!!!
We were promised a rebate on 36 solar panels. Never received. In 16 months, we produced solar for only 5.. FIVE months!! 2 inverters and absolutely no compensation for the $*** we have paid towards solar that isnt even working.. PLUS our full energy bill! So, instead of getting rid of an energy bill (as they told us).. we are paying monthly energy Bill's AND monthly payments on 36 solar panels. They claim they cannot compensate our loss..We have been fighting with them for over a year now with no resolution.

Desired Outcome

We want the rebate promised on 36 solar panels. We want compensation for 11 months of our solar NOT working.. to US.. not towards the loan. (WE will put it towards loan) If the poor customer service continues, they can dissolve our loan and come take the panels and repair the roof.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 12, 2020

We have been working with Customer and await Customer's response to our offer to resolve the situation.

Customer Response • Mar 12, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
*** compensation for several months of paying a high utility bill of almost *** monthly (especially over the polar vortex!!) PLUS paying just under *** month for solar panels?? We do NOT feel this is justifiable. Green Solar Technologies continues to blame other companies etc when THEY are the ones who sold us everything and set up sub contractors etc and never informed us we needed to be checking our meter DAILY. $200 is an ok gesture but we were better off paying our electric bills and not taking on another big monthly bill for something that didnt produce for us. (We are a family of 7 so we dont take to additional loans lightly.. we were doing it to eliminate the electric bill - which we were told with 36 panels, it would most certainly happen). This is not resolved and our family will figure out our next step.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 23, 2020

We are willing to continue to work with customer in order to answer any questions and resolve any complaints. We will continue to handle all customer requests as received, and will provide direct communication to customer regarding their complaints.

I was told in writing I would receive $500.00 after competition so I have not and no word on when I would receive the money

Solar array was destroyed because of ground mount rack failure. Green Solar has avoided or refused to take responsibility for 31 months.
We purchased a 33 panel, 9.5 KW ground mount solar array from Green Solar Technologies in November 2016, financing partially through Green Sky, partially Service Finance Company, and it was installed by Alternatex (an approved subcontractor hired by Green Solar) out of Dallas, Texas in February 2017. *** of Green Solar was the project manager. The installation was sloppy, but the solar array was producing more energy than we were using, so we were satisfied. Less than four months later, in June, the faulty rack failed in the wind and the solar panels were destroyed. The entire array ended upside down in front of the rack. It was unbelievable. We contacted Green Solar immediately, speaking with *** who suggested we dismantle the system for safety sake and who then requested pictures of the individual panels, which we sent. Nothing happened. We kept calling, being told we need to get in touch with different people, *** (a project manager), *** (operations manager), and recently *** (legal representative) are among the many we have spoken to over the many months, and we have been reassured all along that the problem is being dealt with, but it has been over two and a half years since the array was destroyed because of the faulty rack, and we have seen zero progress on this issue. What's left of the rack is sticking out of the ground with huge wires hanging beside it, waiting to be inspected. We are beyond frustrated at the lack of customer service that Green Solar Technologies has provided. We had always dreamed of having a solar array and were sold on the idea of using Green Solar Technologies because we were assured it would generate enough electricity that it would replace our electric bill, and that's exactly what it did for 3 months, until it flipped upside down. For the last 31 months we have not only been paying our $300 electric bill each month, but also the payments to Green Sky and Service Finance Company which have been in excess of *** for a system that is not operational because of a defect in a rack that was approved and installed by Green Solar.

Desired Outcome

We are requesting that Green Solar Technologies replace the damaged array in its entirety and in a timely manner. The array is irreparable due to no fault of ours, only due to the faulty rack that was approved and provided by Green Solar Technologies and installed by their approved subcontractor. If a replacement is not possible, a refund of the entire purchase amount plus additional damages to our property would be acceptable.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jul 24, 2020

Working with Homeowner and insurance to try to resolve the matter to every party's satisfaction.

Great product and great service. We have had our product for 3 years. Works awesome with no problems.

I got my panels from GST and im very happy, best customer service...

We have had our system for over two years now and have loved the support and the savings. Whenever we've had any issues, concerns or questions, Green solar has been quick to respond and send people out if need be. Highly recommend !

We've had our system up and going for 7 months now and it's performing as expected with no issues! Though we had several delays getting it installed, the system is beautifully done thanks to our meticulous contractor.

They sold me a system half the size I need. Unable to get technical info from them for solar credit. I had to program system myself, they couldn't
I purchased the system in April 2019 at least that's when it was scheduled to be installed it was finally running just before July, after struggling with not being able to reach them and also there lack of knowledge about the system they gave me admin clearance to set it up myself which didn't take long...after running the system all summer..I am only making half the power they told me I needed based on past I am getting a electric bill and a payment for my panels...did not help at all...I have tried many ways to contact them about these issues but as usual no luck... they also refuse to give me the technical info for the solar credit through focus on energy program..If I would have known the company better I wouldn't have used them...

Desired Outcome

I want the size system that meets my needs at the price they promised and the "Focus on energy" solar credit I was promised also. Otherwise I want a full refund with any repairs that need to be done from the system on my house.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jan 08, 2020

We have been in contact with the Customer throughout the month of December and believe we have met his expectations. If that is not the case, please let us know. We take these complaints very seriously and respond and address any issues immediately through our customer service department.

Customer Response • Jan 11, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I give the credit to Deborah at green solar with getting things resolved. She did a great job.

Work was promised by june 1st still not completed. In process caused *** damage to roof and will not fix. Was installed improperly.
March area contacted GST to install solar on workshop building at my home. Was promised work to be completed by June 1st 2019 by a *** Work was not even started by that time. April 12 2019 plans were approved for work to start. Over *** from personal account (no loans or financing) has been paid. Payment have been paid sameday they were billed. The system was installed in July. System was installed improperly with wrong wiring, mounting brackets and cut/exposed wiring. This was installed on a metal roof and now has many leaks and tears in it causing many issues. System has been removed from roof do to all installation issues and to fix some leaks. On Aug 5 2019 I approved new plans to have this installed on ground due to roof needing to be completley replace from damages and GST refusing to fix roof. I have been told may time different lies on why work is not completed or why it is not installed or why they openly admit that this caused damage to roof but wont pay for it to be fixed. They answer calls from me very rarely reply to messages never. *** is the guy who is supposed to be my direct contact. *** is also supposed to be a contact over ***.

Desired Outcome

I would like them to remove the solar system from my driveway/workshop and refund me what has been paid and pay for all damages caused to building. Or finish the job correctly and pay for all damages caused to building.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Nov 20, 2019

Disputes with the customer have been resolved. Customer and Green Solar have agreed that a ground mount system is more appropriate, as opposed to a roof mount. Materials should be arriving today and we anticipate the installation to be finalized sometime the following week.

Customer Response • Nov 21, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Materials have not been delivered after many promising work still not started. Still *** of damages and getting worse. Have made no agreement with company. Only agreement is work to be completed and all damages to be fixed or removal of all equipment and refund with all damages fixed.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Dec 06, 2019

Company is aware of the some of the complaints mentioned in the complaint. The roof repairs were due to another installer or an already old roof. The solar ground mount array is completed and operating properly. We will work with Customer to assist the roof complaints, and if it is determined that the company is the cause of the roof issues, the company will repair said damages, as is customary in the construction industry.

Customer Response • Dec 09, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
GST has sent out 3 contractors who have looked at roof and all have determined that the damages were caused by solar system installed incorrectly. The METAL building was constructed in 2015 the interior of the building was newly constructed in July 2017. I have many emails and text messages from GST stating they are not paying for the roof. Still to date the brackets and other solar equipment is attached to roof and underground. Yes the system is installed and running with minor issue still needing to be fixed by installer. I dont know where the break down is on their end, but I believe it starts with communication. There is also 100s of pictures of all damages taken by all contractors and myself that have been sent to GST. With weather being bad it is causing more damage and I'm sure costs are going up on fixing problems. Estimate was done and sent to me on OCT 4th and we have had many days of rain and snow since. Would like to complete this soon.

Customer Response • Apr 14, 2020

would like a status on what is being done about this

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jul 24, 2020

Company has filed the claim with the appropriate insurance company that would cover damage based on work performed by a subcontractor. We continue to attempt to resolve it through insurance based on the third-party assessment from the neutral investigator that went to the property. We are waiting for a final resolution between customer and insurance to resolve this matter.

Installed system months late then after two weeks the system no longer works. It's been a month and still no resolution.

I am an electrical contractor and did some 3 solar installs for Green Solar and they still owe me about $*** from over 60 days ago.
I am the owner of a small , 3 man, electrical contracting company, *** at *** , ***
We installed a solar system at *** E *** finishing up on 7/25/19 in the amount of $***.
We installed a solar system at XXXXX Hwy 65
*** XXXXX finishing up on 7/18/19 in the amount of $***
We installed a third solar system at XXXX XXXth Street
Pine *** XXXXX finishing up on 7/9/19 in the amount of $***.
Total for all three projects is $***
We finally received a check today, 9/25/19 in the amount of $***, well below our invoices. I'm worried that I will not be seeing the rest.
I've been told multiple times that money is coming and am very frustrated.

Desired Outcome

Full payment

Green Solar Technologies Response • Oct 04, 2019

We have discussed and resolved this matter with the contractor. Payment has been mailed. We do not anticipate any further issues at this time.

continual harassing cell phone calls to sell solar panels
I keep getting continual phone calls on my cell phone from this company trying to sell solar panels to me even though I have been on the DNC for over 10 years

Desired Outcome

i would like a corporate officer to address the continual TCPA violations

Green Solar Technologies Response • Sep 09, 2019

We do not have . ***'s phone number and are unable to locate her in our system. If she provides us with her number, we can determine whether we ever received her phone number and called her, and can immediately put her on a do not call list. However, she refuses to email us her phone number in order to accomplish this. There are numerous "Green Solar" companies out there, and without her phone number, we cannot determine if she is complaining to the proper company.

If a customer requests to not receive any phone calls, we immediately place them on a do not call list. We take TCPA violations very seriously and only call those who have provided us prior consent.

Customer Response • Sep 11, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
their response is a COMPLETE LIE. I have NEVER even heard back from them so therefore HOW CAN I REFUSE TO PROVIDE MY NUMBER?????? My multiple unanswered emails to them however DID contain that information. And I have proof that the emails were read. These emails as well as the additional documentation I have, will be forwarded to the FTC and FCC so they can deal with those fines.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Oct 04, 2019

The company has attempted numerous times to provide a satisfactory resolution for . ***'s complaint, but is unable to do so with the limited information . *** has provided. The company maintains a do not call list, receives proper consent prior to calling individuals, and is TCPA compliant. Based on the information we have been provided, we have never called . ***. There are numerous other companies with a similar name, which may be calling . ***, but it is not Green Solar Technologies.

Customer Response • Sep 24, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
why would I need to be put on a do not call list if I wasnt contacted???????? Also my information WAS provided so theres that - furthermore the calls ABSOLUTELY WERE made on behalf of verde- the next call will be recorded and then I will pursue ALL calls to the fullest extent of the law!!!!!!! PLEASE NOTE- DO NOT MISCONSTRUE MY ATTEMPT TO GAIN INFORMATION ON THE NEXT CALL AS ANY SORT OF WAIVER OF THE FEDERAL DNC OR AS CONSENT TO SWITCH ENERGY PROVIDERS, I WILL BE PLAYING ALONG IN ORDER TO PROVE VERDE TO BE THE DECEITFUL COMPANY THEY ARE AND EXPOSE THEIR LIES

They preyed on my mother. She was not in the right mind set when she signed this agreement. She is elderly and not in good health, and by no means savvy in technology to be able to fully review the agreement via email. They asked my sister to sign a one page statement stating that the sales and financing statements were correct, however that acknowledgement did not reference or include the actual terms of the sales or financing contract.

My mother tried to cancel this agreement within the three days of signing via a phone call to the sales rep for Green Solar. The sales rep provided my mother with her personal cell phone number (which conveniently can not be recorded for quality/training purposes), which my mother called. She told my mother that she didn't want to cancel now because everything was already "in motion" and she would help my mother out by reducing the amount of her commission so that the payments were less.

My mother specifically, on several occasions, and with a family member present, asked the sales rep about having multiple payments. She advised my mother that she would never have an electric bill. That the one payment for the panels would cover everything. This is an absolute false statement. In addition to the finance payment for the solar panels, my mother is still receiving electric bills. In fact, she has seen no change in the electric bill since the panels were installed in February of 2019.. There are not many solar panels in our area for a reason. We have more cloudy days than sunny days, which is a statement supported by the local electric company.

My mother was also informed that if she ever sold the property, the panels would easily transfer to the new owners. However, she was not informed that this would be in the way of a personal loan for the new owners. The new owners do not want to assume additional debt (as this is a personal loan and would hinder their financial wellbeing) and they do not want the panels on their property. The buyers of the property have previously done research re: solar panels in our area and based on their findings have determined that solar panels would not be a cost effective energy source.

I also feel that research was not done properly to look at the actual cost of the electric bills compared to the cost of the panels, days of sunshine, amount of energy generated, size of the panels needed for one person, etc. If proper research had been completed and if the proper questions had been asked, I'm confident that Green Solars research would have shown that a large solar panel system like the one that the sales associate persuaded my mother into purchasing, was not appropriate for a 68 year old, unhealthy, single person to purchase. $37,000 over a 25 year term for a person on a very fixed income?

The finance company for the solar panels filed a lien against my mothers property for the loan, which was not disclosed to my mother. The UCC1 statement is a secure statement/lien on the solar panels and should not have been filed against the property itself. I'm not sure how this is a legal practice. The secure interest are the panels, not the dirt they are sitting on. Due to the way that the finance company has filed the statement, the loan for the panels was required to be paid in full at the time of closing on the property. Due to my mothers declining health, we had to sell her house. The house was priced accordingly so that there would be enough funds from the sale to take care of my mothers future medical needs. We were not aware that there was a lien, and therefore a large portion of the funds needed for her future medical needs are now gone.

During the discussions with both GST and the financing company (Sunlight Financial), I have suspicions that GST markets the elderly and they have some sense of that, hence the reason they ask a family member review the information. In this particular situation, I do not feel that accurate information was provided/disclosed to the family member in order to make an informed decision.

Their attorney lead us to believe that he would entertain an offer to settle the matter, however when he learned that the closing company would be releasing the funds to pay the loan, he failed to continue discussions regarding negotiating a settlement.

Unfair trade practices, violation of consumer protection laws and preying on the elderly.

We were promised a solar rebate ( federal ) for aprox. $*** that was actually not available. We also stipulated we could not exceed a $150 per month.
We stipulated we could not exceed a $150 month fee for the loan ( any higher rate was a dealbreaker ). We were verbally guaranteed that our rate would stay at !50 per month. Then after a " grace period " of 2 years they raised it to $250.
This was an outright deception by their sales team
We were also promised a program to view solar panel power production that would be available on computer that never came to be.

Desired Outcome

Solar rebate as promised. $150 monthly charge. Computer program to view and acess power preduction.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jun 21, 2019

We received the complaint directly from the Customer and are in the process of resolving this matter. We have scheduled a site inspection and will be assessing any necessary repairs that the Customer requires. We have been working closely with the customer in order to schedule a site inspection in order to repair the system. We continue to strive to repair the system and do not anticipate any issues moving forward with this system repair.

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