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Green Solar Technologies

6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #400, North Hollywood, California, United States, 91606-1564

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Green Solar worked with me to be able to afford the solar system. Every time I have called with a question they have been prompt to answer.

Fantastic. Customer rep extremely knowledgeable. Project management stayed on top of the project. Installation team went above and beyond. And, the product is top notch. Way better than I could have ever imagined or expected.

I love this green solar it makes me save light

This company was great to work with. I would highly recommend them for your solar needs. They were very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs.

after pressure sales rep. convinced me to sign contract that required me to forfeit 1000.00 dollars if I didn't make my decision with in Three days. It took more than a month to receive a site evaluation so I could make a ceingdecision of weather this project would be feasible decision. At the conclusion of the site evaluation I found that it was not in my best interest to move forward with the project. I notified ***, the rep. I had been dealing with of my decision and thought that was the end of our relationship.Many weeks later I began to receive pressure and threatening phone calls coercing To move forward with the project. I let Green Solar know I was not interested.It was at this point that their legal dept. threatened with a possible law suite of up to 6000.00 dollars and possibly a lean on my property.I ended up paying them 1000.00 dollars from the original contract that there was no way to satisfy.

Desired Outcome

I feel that I was coerced into a contract that I could not satisfy., and I hope to recoup my 1000.00 dollars

Green Solar Technologies Response • Apr 26, 2018

Green Solar Technologies has been in regular contact with Mr. and is surprised to receive this complaint. Throughout the entire process, Green Solar Technologies maintained a professional relationship with Mr. with the shared goal of installing a solar system on his property.
Mr. entered into a contract for installation of a solar system with Green Solar Technologies. Green Solar Technologies maintains and offers every customer a three-day right to cancel after execution of the contract, which allows the customer to cancel without penalty for any reason or no reason at all. Mr. did not cancel his contract during the three-day cancellation period.
As such, Green Solar Technologies relied on the contract, and has undertaken substantial steps and incurred costs and fees to uphold its end of the contract. In reliance upon the contract, Green Solar Technologies began the process of planning to install a solar system and moved forward with the site inspection to install the solar system. Mr. decided after the site inspection that he no longer wanted to move forward with the installation of a solar system despite the contract he signed. By this time, the incurred costs of the site inspection, the design and architectural plans, preordered materials, and additional office expenses and sunk costs were estimated to be approximately $6,000.00. Green Solar Technologies explained these costs to Mr. and even though it incurred costs of $6,000.00, Green Solar Technologies would accept $1,000.00 for the damages incurred from Mr. breach of this contract. Mr. agreed to this generous cancellation fee and signed an Authorization for this $1,000.00 as a cancellation fee. Thereafter, he also signed a confirmation of cancellation.
To summarize, Green Solar Technologies had entered into a valid contract with Mr. This required Green Solar Technologies to take certain measures in reliance and in furtherance of the contract, and in doing so, incurred costs in order to fulfill its obligations under the contract. Upon learning that Mr. desired to breach the contract, Green Solar Technologies was willing to accept a minimal amount of $1,000 (far less than the amount of costs/damages incurred) as a cancellation fee in order to allow Mr. to breach and cancel the contract without owing any further obligations to Green Solar Technologies aside from the $1,000 cancellation fee. Only after the contract was fully and properly cancelled, as agreed by the parties, did Green Solar Technologies receive this complaint.

Customer Response • Apr 28, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
No I do not accept Green Solars response. Their claim is that I signed a contract that I could cancel with in three days. My position is that the contract is not valid because it could not be fully vetted in that time frame. My thoughts are that I could not make an educated determination with out gathering All of the facts before moving forward with such a costly and envolved project. Why such a large company would move forward with engineering, purchasing product and all the other steps they claim to have taken before knowing all the particulars seens less than prudent. I as the customer could not make an educated decision with out also knowing this information. Until the cite inspection was complete, and all of the information was gathered, neither Green Solar nor I would be able to make an educated conclusion to what was to be involved. Here in lies the problem. The amount of time and effort by both sides required far more time than three days making this contract unachievable. I as a contractor also incur cost when preparing Bids. I gather information concerning the job at hand. I present this information to my customer. They than digest this information and make their decision. Often I am awarded the contract. Often I am not. The time and effort I have invested is often fruitful. Some times not. When I am not the successful bidder I receive no compensation. That is only the cost of doing business! As for the so called kindness that Green Solar has extended to me by only asking for 1000.00 dollars when they claim to have invested 6000.00 dollars? After speaking with Mr. I. Ito of Green Solars legal department and crunching the numbers,He informed me that the amount of finance involved is far less than 6000.00 dollars as there was no product shipped and many other steps in the process that had not occured. This brings us back to the coercion, pressure sales tactics and Bulling stance Green Solar their sales team and their legal department impose on the public. I have requested that Green Solar to not contact me any farther yet still receive E-Mails and phone calls attempting to convince me to purchase their products. It is my opinion that Green Solar is a preditorrial entity that has established a business model that positions them self in a win win situation at the expense of the public. It is also my hope that you folks at will look farther into the business practises at Green solar. I feel that Green Solar has used their financial clout, and vast resource to insure that the only secure part of a business transaction with Green Solar is Green Solar. As to how I can be satisfied with my complaint to the ? I would like to see that Green Solar be held accountable for their predatorial behavior. Create a business model that is more in line common respect for their costumers and allow the burden of doing business on them self and not their costumers. In closing I would also wish you to consider the return of the 1000.00 I forfeited. If this is not possible I will consider this a lesson well learned. Thank you for your time in this matter and I will be looking forward to hearing from you in the future Sincerely And respectfully submitted by

Green Solar Technologies Response • May 09, 2018

Green Solar Technologies maintains a consistent protocol in its execution of contracts, which included a standard three-day right to cancel. Because Mr. did not cancel his contract within this given period, Green Solar Technologies upheld said contract and proceeded by taking steps to execute its end of the contract. In signing the contract, Mr. agreed to a three-day cancellation period during which he did not cancel. Thus, Green Solar Technologies moved forward with the plans and inspection in accordance with our installation policy. Mr. also had time prior to signing the contract to consider the implications of moving forward with the contract. Green Solar Technologies accepted a minimal cancellation fee of $1,000 from Mr. when he expressed his desire to cancel the contract after Green Solar Technologies had already moved forward with the site inspection and made plans for installation of the system. Mr. signed an authorization which included within its terms that a $1,000 cancellation fee would be required even though Green Solar Technologies had incurred a greater cost by this point in the project. Green Solar Technologies feels as though they have resolved this matter to the best of their ability considering the untimeliness of Mr. cancellation and the expenses it incurred because of its reliance on the contract.

Extremely pushy sales people who berated me when I told them now isn't the time for my family to incur a debt financing a solar system. Told me I wasted their time. I never solicited them or their service simply listened through a cold call.

This company has been harassing me. After 6 times telling them I am not interested, they are still calling continuously.
This is harassment to not stop calling

Desired Outcome


Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 20, 2018

As of March 12th, 2018, the phone number here has been taken off all lists associated with Green Solar Technologies. We have spoken with the home owner and fixed the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

SCAM ARTIST! Roof leak repair paid for $5000 - leak came back one week later
We inquired about a solar and roof repair with this company. They came out, gave us a quote of $3000 to repair the roof, and another wrote of nearly $30K to do solar. We wanted to start with the roof repair first and then do the solar. Thank god we did, because this company turned out to be entirely unprofessional and scammed us out of $5000. We are now filing a law suit against them.
The originally quoted $3000 for the leak repair became $5000 a week later, when they found "more issues" in connection with our roof. That alone should have been a red flag.
In any event, they offered a 20 year warranty on the roof and we felt good about going ahead with the repair. They repaired the roof leak and not even ONE WEEK later the roof leaked AGAIN.
Our contractor who look at their work while they were doing repairs told them that the way they are fixing the roof won't hold. They ignored him. We called them and said to make sure the work is done properly. They said, our contractor doesn't know what he is talking about. And, if indeed there was an issue the warranty would hold and they would come out to fix it. So, we thought it's a non - issue given the warranty.
The warranty was worth nothing as it turned out because they refused to come out to fix their mistake, when we called them to fix the leak. They reasoning was "the leak must come from somewhere else". When we showed them pictures showing the roof was leaking at the EXACT SAME SPOT they "repaired" they yelled at us saying "you don't know what you are talking about" and hung up on us. They didn't even take an inkling of responsibility for the fact the service we paid for (repairing a roof leak) was not performed and their warranty was not exercised. We are now forced to hire another roof company to do the work AGAIN.
Needless to say we will file a law suit against this company for damages they caused plus a loss of rental income, because our tenants can't live in the home due to the leaking roof.
Thank God we used them on a smaller job first, before giving them a $30K job. People like this are repulsive and its truly upsetting having to deal with such a profound lack of professionalism.

Desired Outcome

refund of money so we can actually get the roof repaired proplery

Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 20, 2018

We have reached out to home owner to address this complaint. We are close to resolving this issue to meet home owner expectations and we foresee this being resolved in a day or two.

They keep harassing us and calling over and over. We have told them to stop 8 times.

Horrible company, liars and cheats. Destroyed my house, check rip off report. Please don't trust ANYTHING they say, for it is a lie! Trust me! Currently they have some over 70k worth of damage to our property and still we don't have solar. Worst most company ever!

I have not been issued the $1,000 bonus offered for "going solar" by the end of August 2017.
On August 1st I was sent and email from Brian W telling me that if I went solar with Green Solar Technologies by August 27th, 2017 they would send me a $1,000 Going Solar Bonus. My project was complete around the third week of October, I mentioned this email to Harry G and even forwarded him the email on October 26th, 2017. He replied "I haven't heard back yet. I'm sure I'm going to get this for you, I just need the people in that deparment to finish up the paperwork." I reached out to him again on November 13th, 2017 and still have not heard back from him or anyone else.

Desired Outcome

I want the $1,000 bonus that was offered to me in the August 1st, 2017 email.

Green Solar Technologies Response

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have issued and sent a check to the customer's address which should be arriving in the near future. We apologize for the delay. Thank you for choosing Green Solar for your solar needs.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It is now December 15th and I haven't received this check.

Green Solar Technologies Response

There was an error in our accounting department. This has been brought to the attention of the appropriate parties. The check should be issued by the end of the week and will be sent via certified mail to the address of record. Once it is sent, we will call the customer to provide the tracking number. We apologize for the delay in regards to this matter.

Customer Response • Jan 05, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I have received the summer bonus check. Thank you.


Desired Outcome


Green Solar Technologies Response

Customer entered into an agreement for a home solar system in February of 2016 with Green Solar. While Green Solar often informs customers of potential tax savings, we cannot warrant or guarantee any specific rebate or credit the state or federal government may offer. In fact, Section 9 of the signed contract explicitly states that "we cannot guarantee any rebates, whether or not discussed in this contract." That same section also suggests consulting a tax attorney or accountant to see if the customer does actually qualify for any tax incentives. Further, the contract states that the contract is not conditioned on being able to attain any type of rebate, incentive or any other credit. Although we do try and inform customers of potential tax benefits, our contract states that we cannot guarantee tax rebates or credits.

The customer also states the panels themselves are not working like the salesman had said. Again, the contract states in Section 8b that we make no representation or warranty about kilowatt hour generation of the system. The reason we include that is often times energy generation can be outside of our control. For example, poor weather conditions or shading can affect energy production and through no fault of our own, energy production may go down. We try our best to provide accurate estimates, but as stated in Section 8b of the contract, various factors may affect energy production.

While we are disappointed to learn that the customer is not satisfied, based on the signed contract and currently available information, there is not much we can do. However, if the customer has documentation contrary to our records, we'd be more than happy to review those and work with the customer toward an agreeable solution. If the customer cannot provide such documentation, we are still willing to work with the customer to reach an amicable solution. Our customer service line is (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext. 166.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Deceptive business practices, breach of merchantibility, breach of contract
Harold Shields, sales representative, told (1) that the solar panels would greatly reduce our electric bill, (IT HAS NOT), (2) he told us we had to sign 2 loans, the 2nd loan for $20,000 would be paid back to us by check for $20,000 when we filed our 2016 income tax, File form 5695 the IRS would send us the $20,000 check, it was a energy incentive for
people to have solar panels put on their house. The IRS DID NOT. The rep said we needed to send the $20,000 check to the loan company when we received it from the IRS, that would take care of the 2nd loan. He gave us so much false information, we signed this contract on line under false pretenses, untrue statements that were made by Harold Shields. We want this Solar off the house and this contract voided.

Green Solar Technologies Response

The company's position has not changed on the issues presented by customer. Again, if the customer has any documentation to demonstrate facts contrary to our records, we'd be happy to take a look. However, based on our records, his system is producing. Also, tax credits are based on federal tax liability, we do not guarantee any tax credits in our contracts, and also our contracts suggest speaking with a tax attorney or CPA. Green Solar has nothing further to add at this time.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
1. The solar panels are not producing the amount of solar energy that we were told by Green SOlar Tech, Harold Shields said they would, Consumer Fraud, 2. Harold Shields did in fact promised the 2nd loan for $20,000 that we signed, the government would give us that money back as a tax energy assistance for getting solar panels on our house and that we had to sign now because 2016 was the last year the government would be giving this incentive. He said this was a guaranteed incentive, that this bill was passed *** President Obama. we would have never signed for 2 different loans. we felt coerced to sign.

Severe Damage to home and improper installs (not once but twice)
My wife and I contracted with Green Solar Technologies (GST) to install a solar system on our property for power generation for our home. The sales side of the business seem to go pretty smooth and the sales professional did seem to do an adequate job of what services they would be providing. From their own sales staff they stated that site plans would be drawn up by an electrical engineering firm and would be sent over to us for approval. Then, a professional installer would come out to the property to install the system. Also, stated that this process would be no more than 2 weeks'time frame, after plans were designed and approved.

Within one week of signing contract for their services, they sent out a site inspector; he agreed that the solar array should be placed on the shop building (B1) and that the invertor & disconnect & transformer would be placed on the home (B2). (Note: B2 is a clear span metal house, with a light gauge metal roofing design, composed of light gauge cee purlins; therefore it was unwise to have the solar array installed on top of B2 because it would cause structural damage to B2. Hence the reasoning behind installing the solar panels on B1, because it has a metal trusses that can carrying the weight of the solar array.)

The engineer then concurred with site inspector of the layout of having the solar array installed on B1 and the invertor installed on B2. They sent over plans via email and I approved them. While I was gone on vacation to Colorado, the "project manager" (Justin W.) called me to ask if they could install the weekend of Sept 15th; I voiced concern with him about it, since we were not in town; however he assured me that everything would be fine. He said, we do "thousands of jobs" yours is easy (remember this, this job is easy). He said, they have the plans they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

On the afternoon of Sept. 15th, my father calls me to tell me they are stacking solar panels on top of my house(B2) not B1! I immediately called Justin, turns out not only had they thrown thousands of pounds on top of roofing system that cant handle that kind of load; they had installed brackets that are secured with hundreds of 4" self tapping screws into my roof. A roof that they weren't even suppose to be on to begin with!

So, apparently the workers got mad at their boss and just walked off the job site, all the while leaving thousands of pounds of weight on my roof. I am gone to Colorado, completely helpless and worried! Then in the following weeks they finally came to get the panels and weight off of my roof, I was then told they would be removing the brackets (which would have left huge holes in the roof for it to leak even more!). Not only had they ruined my roof the weight caused major structural damage to my home!

They assured me, we are going to get you taken care of, but that they needed to get system installed immediately, would it be ok if they got their "best" installer out to my house to "properly" install the system; again they assured me they would be taking care of the damage to my house. So I thought to myself, this is a national company, I am sure they will do what they say. So I agreed to let them bring another installer out to install the system.

Well, low and behold, they put the solar panels on the right house; but guess what their "best" installer did?! They put the invertor (it takes the DC current provided by the solar array and helps turn it into AC power which houses use) on the wrong structure and hooked it into the panel at my shop. Not to mention that this is completely wrong; but my shop has its own meter! Meaning they are now trying to back feed into the electrical grid on a meter no one has permission to. Also, not to mention the damage they have now done the façade of the front of my shop by drilling and coring holes all throughout the face of it!

So, long story short, these guys had plans drawn up and didn't follow them twice!

Desired Outcome

I want them to come get all of this equipment. Replace my shop roof (apx 10K) (since they will be removing the solar array and it will have huge holes in it). My home needs to be fully repaired; both structrally and astatically (apx 50K) with no out of pocket on my end (meaning that whatever insurance doesnt cover due to depreciation, they are bound to make me "whole" by the law). Also, i want a written apology from them ALL for causing me so much headache; and claiming that they "did not have to worry about me, they had much bigger projects and I was the least of their worries" (Jake (Project Manager) to Robbie (CEO) on a confrence call with me) I want them to realize that no customer is too small and they should realize how badly they messed up! Another option is the company provides the install and solar system completely free and cover the cost of the difference for contractors fee to repair my home (difference between insrunce and actual REAL cost to replace), plus the $1000 bribe Robbie offered on confrence call. I am giving them an opprunity to make it right without having them have to waste a ton of money flying their lawyers out here to Texas to fight a battle they know they cant win! A five year old could win this case! All one has to do is look at the plans, they had drawn up, which they did not follow! Finally, I do beiieve it is in the best intrest of the public to contact the FERC and electric delivery company (Oncor) about their isntaller hooking an inverotr into a meter that a tariff agreement was not signed for or agreed.

Green Solar Technologies Response

We are currently working with the customer to rectify the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience and stress the installer's errors have caused the homeowner. We hope to remedy these issues as soon as possible.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The above statement by the company is false. As they have yet to have a "solution or resolution" to "fully" repairing my home and installing the system for free. No paperwork or contract amendments have been submitted for compromise. Therefore, they are still in default "per their own contract". Ergo, no they are not working with the costumer, and it is an understatement to call all the damages to my house and my health an "inconvenience"!

Green Solar Technologies Response

We appreciate the customer's patience and willingness to work with us while we try to reach a solution. We have received a quote from the contractor for the work to be done and are in the process of getting the insurance situation settled as well. Again, we sincerely apologize for the continued delays, and we appreciate the customer's patience.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Speaking is not doing. Still waiting on the "doing"....

Roofing repaper and solar equipment started on 9/5. Job has multiple issues with the quality of work on the roof. I have requested to do a job walk..
September 5,2017

Roofing is started to be taken off. Question was asked if permits were pulled and *** replied yes via email. Then says only for solar they were pulled. I informed him that Santa Clarita requires permits.

September 6, 2017

Permits were supposedly pulled but could not get because of accounting and checks.

September 7ht still no permit pulled. There was some work done on the roof.

September 8, 2017

Permit pulled, no work sine.

September 10, 2017

rain showers and roof was exposed to bare plywood

September 11, 2017

No work done

September 13, 2017

one guy working on roof got there at 8 and left at 12. Only 3 rows of roofing reinstalled

September 15 Roof was not done as had been indicated by roofer mike

September 19 roof was supposedly complete

September 25 requested a job walk to be scheduled with project manager Zuriel. He said sales person would contact me to schedule

September 26 sent email to try to schedule to get some information and express my concerns

September 27 sent and email to them again. Filing a complaint with

Desired Outcome

I would like to have repaired as they said they would. I would like all workmanship issues addressed. I would like the job to be completed. I would like a completion date. Iif they can not provide me with my request then I would like a full refund and for them to remove the solar panels from my property and cut all obligations by both parties

Green Solar Technologies Response

Green Solar has communicated with customer and the installation is back on track. We have completed the scheduled walk through with customer, and have resubmitted for permitting on the job. We apologize for any delays and inconveniences but are happy to have the job back on track.

purpose of product falls short
I provided my electric Bills so he could figure out how much energy I would need from the solar panels they would install (*** Jr)he told this what you need in order to generate enough for your usage I was concerned because one month alone in the winter I used 2400 kwh I was assured his figures were what I needed and that I would be generating so much energy that Excel would be paying me for what I over produce I wasn't as concerned about that as I was producing what I used when excel energy told me I would still get a bill from them for what is called a standby fee I took my concerns to *** I was told oh it's to their benefit to keep you on as a customer how he explained made sense he is the expert after all and said he had been doing this for so many years. his figure were wrong I am not producing anywhere near what I need now during the summer when the sun is nearer to the earth in the winter the sun is further therefore I will produce less and use way more than I do now I feel that he misrepresented the entire product Now here I sit with a solar system that I have to pay $25,000.00 and an electric bill That I was assured would be eliminated and it's like I didn't even have a solar system

Desired Outcome

I would like for them to install the equipment that is required to generate the energy I require they have to have made a mistake in their figures

Green Solar Technologies Response

Customer was originally proposed a system originally valued at $31,350. Unfortunately, the finance companies we work with would not approve customer for a system over $25,000. Green Solar Technologies contacted the customer and asked if she would like to move forward with a smaller system, which she agreed to. Furthermore, while we offer help in attaining financing for our customers, we offer no guarantees as to the terms or conditions the financing companies offer.
However, there was a delay in having the system turned on and other issues with the customer's electric company. As a result, Green Solar Technologies sent a check to customer to cover the cost of the payments for the solar system for two months. The main issue appears that customer was under the impression her electric bill would be zero. Unfortunately, her electric company charges recurring fees of $8.50 and $30.50, for service availability for customer service concerns and delivery charge for any electricity provided to the customer from the grid. In addition, some kilowatt hours were used from the grid leading to a charge of $13.41 of use. That charge may fluctuate based on usage during the summer months and winter months.
In addition, we checked the production of customer's system using our third party website PV Watts. According to that, customer's system actually overproduced the original estimates for the months of July and August. Green Solar has tried to do everything it can to address the customer's concerns, but at this point it seems to be out of our hands and that the customer is upset at recurring service fees from the electric company. Green Solar will continue to try and resolve the issue with the customer if there is any way to bring an amicable resolution at this point in time.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
the $25,000 system is all they offered nothing was said about I hadn't qualified I know *** made a three way call with excel energy so he could get information on what I had been using every month with that information he was supposed to estimate my usage for the year he called back and said 13,0000kwh is what I need I say he's the expert and take his word now I know that excel has a stand by fee but then this company didn't know either because he did tell me I would produce so much energy I wouldn't get a bill from them and would probably get a check from them one of the problems I have with this company green solar technologies is that they say things on the phone and later deny it If they had told me the system was smaller because I didn't qualify for the larger one and it would produce less energy I wouldn't have bought it It wouldn't have made any sense to do so I believe they took advantage of me while I was vulnerable I'm a senior citizen and my husband had passed *** a long illness and was at my wits ends as to how I was going to pay a super high electric bill especially during the winter my home is all electric Ok I have to pay excel energy a standby fee because it is what they do but I at least assumed that the system would generate enough so that I wouldn't use any from the excel energy grid they conned me there is no doubt in my mind and now the salesman *** never returned any of my calls I truly believe he doesn't know how to answer me after lying to me about so many things and of course *** says I can't talk bad about them to anyone and I have no documentation as to what *** told me I thank you for your time and I wish there was some way you could help me but people like me just can't catch a break I pray Karma works overtime

Green Solar Technologies Response

Again, we are disappointed we could not resolve the matter to both parties satisfaction. We strive to ensure that every customer experience is a pleasant one, and unfortunately that didn't happen here. However, our position is the same and we have no further comment on this matter.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I appreciate everything you have tried to do for me I didn't really think anything could be done but I would like my complaint on record the "he said she said" comment from the company is factious in that the salesman who dealt with me in getting me to sign on the dotted line so to speak never returned any of my calls not even the first call I made to ask him why I was getting an electric bill above the stand-by fee that alone should tell you something about his character and the company as well when I brought it to their attention about two loans being sought out they didn't even know what I was talking about and after I informed them they tell you that I opted for the cheaper system because I didn't qualify for the higher producing one I qualified for both why would I opt for the cheaper one if it wasn't goin to produce the KWH I would need and that is on record that I qualified for both loans and they lied to you as well but enough of my ranting thank you again

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Address: 6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #400, North Hollywood, California, United States, 91606-1564

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