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Green Solar Technologies

6400 Laurel Canyon Blvd #400, North Hollywood, California, United States, 91606-1564

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GST sold 41 panels 2 yrs ago w/ the assumption that it will cover an avg 20,900 kwts that historically we consume. So far panels are saving only half
In May 2016 ***, salesman for Green Solar Technologies presented My husband and I a sales proposal (binding doc) for 41 panels /production of 20,900 KWH at a sales price of $*** before credits and rebates.

GST made all the needed studies of our house including / location /shade /consumption and surroundings. According to THEIR studies, this was going to produced the qty that historically we consumed (averaging 21,000 kwtz). Our biggest request was to come out even on usage. The salesman was courteous and responsive assuring us that that will be the case...and made the sale.

As part of the proposal a chart showing $*** on future savings (25 years) was presented to us that made the sale incredibly attractive.
Based on this proposal and the estimated savings we agree to buy the 41 panels (Solar World/Mono 280 and inverters Enphase (Micro/M250)).
As part of the study, they suggested for us to trim down our tall trees in the backyard and we did.
Completion of the installation was Dec 2016.
Engineer *** was in charge of the job. He commented during installation to my husband that the 41 panels might not be enough for the desire output of 21,000 kwtz

Our complaint:
As of April 2019 ( 2 full years later) we are seeing savings of only HALF of the electricity bills. OUR annual KWH consumption is about the same. BUT since installation 2 years ago we have paid almost $*** in electricity bills, (about half of what we used to pay!)

We continue to trim trees and clean panels (aprox every 3 months) in an attempt to get the output. We try to keep panels in optimal conditions as agreed.
But no luck!
For 2 years we have had dozens of calls and emails w/ their customer service *** with their customer service manager ( *** and their legal dept rep (***
We have provided them with DWP invoices, contract documents and historical usage for the last 3 years.
They DO admit that they miscalculated and that the 41 panels are not enough. They have proposed few solutions but none of them will "double the capacity" and will result on what it was originally proposed and sold.

They offered to add 4 panels, and tilt the existing ones and asked of us to cut down more trees. BUT how 4 panels will help to double the output?.
Cutting more tress will heat our house more and will require higher use of air conditioning in the summer days..increasing our usage of electricity!

Their final proposal in writing on May 20th 2019 was for $*** and call it case closed.
We are not accepting $***!
GST sold us $*** worth of equipment. They admitted they miscalculated. They pocketed ***! We are getting only half of the savings now. But as electricity cost rises we will not get the savings promised on the sale.
We spent thousands in the equipment , in tree trimmings and with the raisin cost of electricity will spend over *** in electric bills!
We did get some credits and refunds. BUT spent more than expected in cutting down more trees and affecting the landscape of our house.
GST got $*** in their pocket. Not a fair sale!. The system is worth half.
They owe us at least $*** not counting all our extra expenses!

We have kept copies of all emails , proposals , our expenses and notes on the conversations. Including their admission of miscalculation.
We can proof they were wrong

They know they were wrong and they owe us!

Desired Outcome

GST engineers studied of our house and position of the panels was wrong resulting in HALF of the savings. They miscalculated and mislead us. THE SYSTEM IS WORTH HALF of the cost! Was this because our age?.. their engineers mistake? False advertisement? The fact is that there is no space in our roof for 41 more panels to double the output and bring the proposed results that the sale was based on. The company owe us at least $*** half of the sale price. Not counting all the expenses we will incur in continuing tree trimming and electricity bills for the next 20 + years. We are seeking $*** from GST and we want future costumers of GST to be aware of issues like this. GST is liable for their misrepresentation in order to make a sale.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jun 14, 2019

The company takes these complaints very seriously. We received the Customer's complaint and spent numerous hours investigating the complaint. We conducted site inspections, reviewed building permits of the property, assessed production output, and did various site assessments in order to attempt to satisfy this Customer. Ultimately, we offered to add 11 solar panels to the Customer's house, at no additional cost to the customer. However, in order to reach the production required, we would need to trim two trees in the front of their yard.
Customer refused to allow us to do so, which would have made the 11 panels nearly useless. These two trees in the front also contribute to the low production of the Customer's current system. After the Customer refused to allow us to place the 11 solar panels on their roof and trim the front trees, we instead began negotiating with the customer to offer a reasonable amount to cover the reduced production. Customer refused to engage in meaningful negotiations, and continues to demand $***, even though the Customer's solar system is producing nearly *** kWh annually, about 4500 kWh short of the estimate. If we were to remove the two front trees, the shortage would be far less than the 4500 kWh annually. When customer is only approximately 4500 kWh short of production, but will only settle for $***, it puts both parties in a situation where we are unable to resolve this matter. We are hopeful Customer will re-engage in the settlement process in order to reach an amicable agreement between the two parties.

Customer Response • Jun 24, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thanks for your Response.
The sale of the panels was base on producing 20,000kwtz that would have make our Electricity bills near -0- base on our historical consumption. That was their sale. That was the binding agreement we bought into. They falsely show us an illustration of 25 year savings of over $250,000 if we agreed to the sale. Very attractive for our retirement days. (we are in our early 60's)
The burden of positioning the panels and the study of the shade was their responsibility. not ours. We did everything they told us to do. No exception!
They pocketed 58,000 base on that sale
WHEN GST did the assessment and study of our house was base on putting 41 panels on the back roof of the house and cutting down trees on the backyard. We actually cut down more trees than they asked us for, including 2 beautiful redwood trees. We have kept our side of the deal and more!.
BUT the 2 trees in the front facing east were NOT part of the original deal. They do not affect the 41 panels they installed. and it is not the reason for their miscalculations. IF they would have asked us to cut them we would have not buy the panels 2 years ago. They give the morning shade to the front of the house. Cutting them down will greatly increase the heat and the need for air conditioning and affecting our front landscape. Also we do not have space for another 11 panels!. If 41 panels do 50% savings ho does 11 panels will make us whole?

FOR that reason that should not be part of the current negotiation
GST admits we are not getting the results that they sold us. The proof is in over 2 years of electricity bills showing only half of the savings.
In their response GST said they "began negotiating a reasonable amount to cover reduced production" . GST only offered $***! That was an insult. That does not even cover the last 2 years of excess electricity. what about the next '25 years"?
IF the panels are giving half of the results promised ,then the current panels are worth half of the sale price, $***. Isn't that fair? That is our argument.
AND to say the least...we will not see the 250k savings promised! That is a fact. They should actually be responsible for that too!

GST was responsive, but very slow, taking over 2 years to come to this point. The offers they were bringing to the table were not reasonable and were not part of the original sale pitch.

Do they do that to other consumers, hoping they will get tired ad give up ? NOT US!.
Potential customers need to know what to be aware of.
We need to be compensated in a reasonable way.
GST sold us equipment worth half of the price. They owe us half of the sale price.
We will like to hear from them, with a true reasonable offer.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Jul 08, 2019

Based on our proposal and various measurements, we were able to determine that the additional panels should provide sufficient coverage as the contract intended. The measurement of production now is affected by two large trees in front of the house, which may have grown since we initially installed the system, make the production lower than intended. We continue to offer our original solution of adding panels and trimming trees in order for the customer to obtain the shortfall in production that was contracted versus what is being produced currently. We would be willing to discuss this matter with the customer further.

Customer Response • Aug 22, 2019

I responded to this on 9/13! The case is not closed yet. Not sure why my response was not not posted....
The engineer and the salesman came and study once again the backyard , the space and the trees. They did not find anything that we did wrong.
We cut more tees that need to be cut! We keep the panels clean!
The agree that they miscalculated and have some suggestions that they were going to take to the corporate legal department.
As of today 8/20/19, , a week later, we have not heard form them!
Is unbelievable that they have not responded!.
Please do not close this case.
This is not solved!.
We are not getting the savings we bough into!

Engineer believes that they need to change the inverters and add few more panels to come out with the output promised.


This is NOT solved by any means!

Green Solar Technologies put solar panels on my roof after I had told them I did not want them. They said it was too late, before they were even on.
Mario from Green solar tech kept calling my husband on his phone bugging him to get solar panels. I had told them many times that I did not want solar and that my husband has a traumatic brain injury, and to stop calling him about the panels. He has had his injury since 1996. My husband was admitted into the hospital Dec 31, 2018 and after he got out of the hospital and I told someone named *** or *** that we did not want solar and that my husband went through surgery, and yet they still continued to call him convincing him that he had to sign a form. After I told Green Solar that he is not well and that I already told them I did not want solar put on my roof. I am the wife and I should have a say so as well. But they did not listen, and somehow convinced my husband to put on the panels. Why would I want to pay 103 for electricity, when I was currently paying 30 to 50 dollars in electricity and that I was happy with PUB. PUB even told me that Green Solar Tech just lies to people and that they currently have a law suite filed against them. My husband tried to tell them as well that he did not want solar. They said it was too late to cancel and that they had to get put on even before they were even put on my roof. They tried to convince me to keep solar and how it was such a good idea, but I never agreed with it from the start. They said that everything was paid for and that it had to be put on. I told them why??? I didnt want it and that I had told them several times by phone that my husband has a traumatic brain injury and that he can get convinced into anything. He takes medication for life. Now we are stuck with this solar payment and panels on our roof. I dont care if I am saving money, I told them that I was happy with PUB electricity and did not want their business.

Desired Outcome

I would like for them to come remove their panels, and stop charging us for something I did not want in the first place.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Apr 24, 2019

Contact Name and Title: ***/ Paralegal
Contact Phone: ***
Contact Email: ***
The customer fully executed the contract, and it is up to the customer to fully review the contract's provisions before signing. In fact, the contract even states to the customer to talk to an adviser before signing.
With respect to the installation itself, the solar panels were installed pursuant to the binding contract. The customer cannot now breach the contract, and Green Solar was merely performing their obligations under the contract.
Moreover, Green Solar gave the customer 3-days to cancel after signing the contract. We provide this cancellation process in the event that the Customer changes his mind entering into the contract. The Customer did not cancel within the 3-day cancellation period, thus the contract is completely binding thereafter.
The fact of the matter is that *** executed the contract, failed to cancel within the 3-day grace period for cancellation, thus, the contract is fully binding and Green Solar was merely performing their end of the bargain as obligated by the provision of the contract.

Customer Response • Apr 24, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

First, salesperson gave me $*** worth of rebates to sign up, never followed through. Second, panels stop working last Nov. and they haven't fixed.
Signed contract for solar panels 5/7/2018. I was told and it is in the contract that I would be receiving $*** in rebates. Never received a check as promised. Called to see what the problem was and *** told me it would go to my payments and I wouldn't have to pay anything for approximately 2.5 yrs. That money was supposed to go to my loan payments. Never happened. I called a few more times (*** and never got anything out of anyone. I gave up on the rebates.

When they finally got my system installed, a month after promised, it worked for two months and has not worked since then. I don't recall how many hundreds of times I've called and emailed to try to get this resolved. They sent out a contractor to "fix" it finally in January I think. Still didn't fix anything. Since then I have sent them every electric bill I've received. The only explanation I've received from them, multiple times, is that it's winter and they don't work as well. That I somewhat understand but mine are not working at all. *** has been the lady I've been dealing with. And although she seems like a nice lady, she hasn't resolved anything.

I pay $38.56/month to *** Sky for one loan and $75/month to Service Finance Company for the other loan. Both are direct deposited out of my checking account.

Desired Outcome

Option 1: The company pays me the $*** in rebates they promised. The company reimburses me the entirety of my electric bills from November 2018 to current. The company actually fixes my panels and gets them to work properly. Option 2: The company removes all of their equipment from house and reimburses me all of the money I've made in payments. Clears my name of both loans and cancels all contracts.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Apr 12, 2019

Mr. is correct in receiving $*** rebate according to his contract. He will be receiving a $*** rebate check by mail in the next couple weeks. Mr. signed up for a solar system of 8.99 KW systems that would approximately produce 16,058 kwh per year. According to our report, Mr. solar system produced 6,660 kW from August 22, 2018 through present. Taking into account for the weather change during the upcoming summer months, it is projected to produce the estimated energy that was stated on his contract. I hope this response and method of resolution satisfies Mr. concern, and we can resolve this case.

Customer Response • Apr 25, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They have paid me the refunds they promised, but my electric bill is still higher than it's ever been. Working with them and electrical company now to figure out the problem.

Quote one price, than a different price and did not include Veteran discount. Spoke to a rep who was rude and she said she would get back to me.
Sales rep quote one price than I informed them they were wrong, sale rep told me he would reduce my cost as well as provide a discount for being a Veteran. I paid $*** dollars when it was quoted for $***. I provide a less than favorable review on Google and rep called me to complain about my low remark, she was rude and did not listen to anything I was explaining. The lady said she would look into my account to see if I received the veteran discount and get back to me. It has been at least 6 months and I have not heard back. Also I was informed and promised I would be able to use the 30% Federal tax rebate. My solar panel were installed in 01/2018, so far I have not used any tax credit.

Desired Outcome

I would like them to add money to my loan with service finance of at least $***, which is what they over charged me.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 05, 2019

When *** initially reached out and asked for a quote, he was quoted on a 16-panel solar system, which was $***. However, after the initial inquiry, he received a higher quote of $*** because he asked about a 24-panel system instead of the original 16-panel system. *** is correct in paying $*** for a 24-panel system, which was the price on contract that he signed. It is GST's policy and standard procedure to set forth all details of the transaction. Exhibit D of his contract states, "GST is not a tax expert or financial advisor. GST cannot guarantee whether you will qualify for a solar rebate or tax credit, nor can GST guarantee the amount of any solar rebate(s) or tax credit(s) you may receive. Not all customers may be eligible for a rebate or tax credit. Please consult with your financial advisor." This information was conveyed to *** when he was being entered into the contract.

Customer Response • Mar 07, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did not ask about more panels. I suggested that their calculations were incorrect and the person put me on hold and came back and stated that I was correct and that the original quote would not provide me with 80% of my electric bill. I was also promised I would receive a Veterans discount which I did not. One of there responsive contacted me and stated she would look into this and get back to me. Which I did not.

Green Solar Technologies Response • Mar 22, 2019

signed a contract and received all discounts that were applicable at that time. Before he signed the contract, he was informed of total pricing and all terms and conditions of the contract. GST does not revise contracts retroactively if another discount was offered after customers have signed the contract.

Customer Response • Mar 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Did I receive the Veteran discount at that time? Also what happened to the representative who I spoke with who also stated she get back to me. The salesman was pushy your representative was rude. Thanks for nothing close this out I hope I do not have any issues with my panels because your employees are garage at customer service.

The portion of the sales pitch regarding our government refund, we were not made aware of tax implications that could effect our rebate and time.
as we were informed that we could take our rebate from the government, whatever amount, and apply a 1 time payment with those funds to have our loan re-amortized to lower our payment we were not made aware that due to tax restrictions it could take up to 5 years to get all the funds from the government. when I found out it would take 3-4 years to accumulate enough funds from our energy rebates on our taxes I called the finance company who sent me to the solar company that sold me the loan. they told me they would get ahold of the right dept. and get right back to me. that was 2 weeks ago. I have called and called back to that person and no reply. this issue for us is that we were expecting our full refund this year and due to our income level the government is capping our refund and will only allow a portion of those funds over approximately 3-5 years. that creates a situation now where I am paying interest on an amount I was told would be paid off and does not allow me to re-amortize our loan to get the payment affordable and agreed upon when we signed up. so I have to pay more interest and will not be able to utilize their "sale pitch" of a huge pay down from tax benefits. they were either ignorant to the situation, that they were selling on, which I doubt, or they knowingly lied and did not disclose all possible issues that may arise in regards to the tax refunds resulting in major costs to me.

Desired Outcome

I would like acknowledgement from the company that they didn't sell me a good product and that they didn't disclose properly to me. Also, that they renegotiate or amend my loan terms, obligations to at least even out the long term damage they have created in cost/affordability

Green Solar Technologies Response • Feb 15, 2019

Mr. entered into a contract that specified that he should consult with a tax professional regarding his federal tax credit for installing a solar energy system. His contract specified that he was not guaranteed to receive a full tax refund in the first year. Mr. is correct in stating that he may obtain the full credit in three to five years. Exhibit D of his contract states: "GST is not a tax expert or financial advisor. GST cannot guarantee whether you will qualify for a solar rebate or tax credit, nor can GST guarantee the amount of any solar rebate(s) or tax credit(s) you may receive. Not all customers may be eligible for a rebate or tax credit. Please consult with your financial advisor." It is GST's policy and procedure to always inform customers of all details of the transaction. When Mr. had inquired about the tax credit, it is standard procedure to inform him that he may receive the entire tax credit anywhere from one to five tax cycles. We are sure this was conveyed to Mr., but cannot control what is inferred from this statement. We always recommend customers to consult with their tax advisors regarding solar tax credit as we cannot know each customer's tax filing status.

They didn't follow through. Lets leave it at that.

I had a 15k Photovoltaic ground mount system installed at my home in May, 2018 by Green Solar Technologies, Inc. Everything about the experience was positive and professional. The system has been online since June, 2018 and is working as expected. I would recommend this company to purchase and install your solar system. Our electric bill in July was 11.00 and I have an all electric home.

Very professional. Took good care in helping me get financing and easy payments.

Overall positive experience.

If I could leave a negative number I would. We were inappropriately led to believe we would have savings that we have never seen. We are only seeing a $20.00 savings per month if that. We belong to a Coop, and when we expressed this to our sales agent his response was to change providers. He even told use Green Mountain Energy, which is affiliated with Green Sky. Guess wat? They could not help us as we are locked in to the coop for our area. Since we have had these panels, our electric expense has increased to an excess of $800/month. This does not include the additional $400 for the $20K notice we recently received. This would put us in the range of $1200.00 for our monthly electric expense which we simply cannot afford. I have continually sent copies of our electric bills asking for a resolution. The only suggestion was to switch carriers. All of this information was given to this company prior to the panels ever being installed. We were totally mislead and the only ones that have gained from this venture is Green Sky Technologies.

Two reps called me at the same time and started arguing which rrp would continue to pitch me on the phone. I asked to be removed from their call list. I was just called by Chris Adam's I asked if the previous call was documented on my account and he said "I don't see any notes." I explained about the prior call and to remove me from the call list. Chris got upset and said 'Why would that affect me getting a quote. ' He was very rude and hung up on me when I asked to speak with a supervisor. Do not Do Business with this company they are rude and unprofessional

Green Solar is a very reputable company. Before doing business with them I researched well. The people that I dealt with at Green were all very helpful and informative. The installers were top notch and very professional. The work was top grade and fast. The equipment seems top of the line. My system is up and running with no problems so far.

Tickled pink! After several months of dealing with Power Company delays my 20.5KW PV system is on line. Gus *** and Harold *** as well as Jayleen*** were all very professional and quite supportive of all my needs and questions. When my local power company blindsided me with a required street transformer upgrade from 15KVA to a 25KVA transformer they used a loophole in PA state code to make the upgrade billable to me. After I alerted the Project Manager Gus *** at GST, they immediately took action and in less then 24 hours had obtained approval for GST to subsidize the upgrade saving the entire project. I searched for quite a while before finding the financing I wanted and only GST offered it. GST is a great company and I wouldn't hesitate a second working with them again.

Green Solar Technologies provided outstanding customer service and support. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to get solar panels install. Great JOB GST!!!

let me try this again this is American company who go out their way to see that you happy,Green Solar has return all my phone calls and answered all my concerns.

We have bee very happy with all the individuals we have talked to and worked with. Jake was the first one, he was patient, informative and took the time to make sure we understood. Steve Lopez, the project manager, has been very helpful. The construction crew from Las Cruces, NM was very hard working young guys and they worked as soon as they got here and until they finished when it was almost dark. They picked up after themselves and answered any questions we had. Jayleen *** has been very helpful, sending emails with the warranty information and letting us know she would be our contact person for customer service. Today she contacted us to let us know we had a check in the mail. We are very satisfied with all of the system so far!

Everyone I have been involved with during my purchase and installation of my solar panels has been wonderful. They have all been focused on making my experience as positive as possible. My installers, Chris and David worked in weather that was not friendly to us and after dark to get my panels installed as quickly as possible. I highly recommend this company when you get ready for your solar experience.

I received bids from several companies with good Yelp ratings and the reason I went with Green Solar Tech is b/c their warranty against roof leakage was longer than anyone else's and they matched the lowest bid I received from another reputable company. They were always easy to get in contact with and any issues that arose were dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. I wound up using them to also make my house more energy efficient (new windows, insulation, radiant barrier) and got a discount for doing it all at once. I'm very happy and would recommend them to anyone.

We have asked them to stop calling, yet the calls persist.
Annoying sales practices.

Desired Outcome


Green Solar Technologies Response • Jun 15, 2018

The customer has been removed from our call list.

Had great experience with Green Solar Technologies. Service was great and it was less than a month from start to finish.

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