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Heartland Veterinary Supply & Pharmacy

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I ordered medication for my dog online when we had about days of pills leftWith the other company I usually order from--***--it's always fineI get the meds about days laterSo I figured I had plenty of time
With Heartland, I waited and waited for a delivery...or even a confirmation that my order had been shipped, but there was nothing
I called multiple times to check in on my order, and was either on hold for 25+ minutes, got hung up on, or the line was busySometimes, I would actually get someone on the phone, and they would put me on hold and then never come backSometimes, they would promise to call me back after checking on something, and then wouldn't call backI even tried emailingThat didn't work either
When I finally was able to talk to someone, I explained the situation--that my dog has heart failure and is totally medication-dependentAs time went by, I got more and more upsetWe were almost out of medsI needed confirmation that my order had shipped
They kept telling me that my vet hadn't approved the orderI called my vetMy vet forwarded me a copy of the faxed approval that had been sent to HeartlandMy vet's office also told me that lots of other clients of their complain about Heartland
I ultimately got escalated to a manager, ***, who told me that they can't do business in California and had to send my order to another company that doesI told her that it would be REALLY REALLY HELPFUL if they mentioned that on their websiteShe promised to take care of it and that the meds would sent via *** to arrive that SaturdayAt this point, we were out of pillsSaturday came and wentNothing cameAfter a few more calls and having my vet call--again--the pills finally arrived five days later
Here's the bottom line:
I ordered far enough in advance that I should have received pills by the time my dog ran out of her other pillsI did not
I wasted HOURS of my valuable time calling Heartland, calling my vet to find out when they faxed things to Heartland, calling Heartland back to tell them I couldn't understand why they hadn't received the approval / prescription from my vet, calling again to see if my order had shipped, calling AGAIN to see why I still hadn't received my order, calling AGAIN to get a busy signal, calling AGAIN to get hung up on, calling again to see why the other company hasn't shipped my pills yet, calling again...and again...and again
My dog could have died because of their incompetenceI found it absolutely unsafe to do business with them

Will not refund or exchange me for medicine for my dog that will expire by the time he needs to take it
Order- ***
Date- ***
Ordered *** -year supply
Payment amounts ***
Two of the *** pills will be expired by the time my dog will need to take itI contacted the company multiple times and they said Bc I didn't tell them I would need non expired pills *** that my dog would be taking it over the next year they could not refund me or exchange it for medicine that was not expired

I ordered *** from them on May 15, They immediately charged my card but didn't contact my vet for authorizationIt took calls for them to contact my vetOn the last call, I spoke to a nice agent who offered to send the meds out overnight, which I declined because it wasn't necessaryHe assured me they would be sent out regular delivery the following day
They weren't sent out until May 29--weeks after the order was placed and my card was charged
So that's just bad customer serviceThis part is extremely shady: The meds were sent NOT in their original packaging but instead in a large pill bottleUNACCEPTABLEThat is not how the items were shown online and not how any reputable pharmacy would provide them
This was my first order with Heartland Vet Supply and will be my last

I have been trying to get prescriptions filled for weeks and have had nothing but a run aroundI sent (physical) prescriptions to Heartland on 2/Before I sent them I opened an account with them and ordered the prescriptions and checked the Rx will be mailedOn March 6th I had not heard anything so I called themThey claimed they "couldn't find it in the mail"Fortunately I paid the extra $*** to send it first class-sign for and had a tracking numberI went to the PO and they verified that this was delivered March Called the company again and (by some miracle) they "found them"They said they would take care of getting the prescriptions processedToday is March 21, I have made phone calls to HeartlandI have made calls to their pharmacyEVERY person said they "would take care of it"I have NO prescriptions to dateI called another online pharmacy to see if they could get the prescriptions sent to them-they sent requesREPLY FROM HEARTLAND! On the last call to this company I begged for them to just send the prescriptions back to me *** OvernightI told them I would pay for it and call *** myself if they could just put them in an response from dateHeartland has all of my prescriptions-They will not fill themThey will not forward to another company to fill and they will not send them backI am disabled and feel like I am having a nervous breakdownMy dog that has not had his medication in almost weeks is literally ripping his own hair outTomorrow I will file a complaint with the Attorney General office here in AZAnd it appears I will have to retain an attorney to retrieve MY prescriptions from this companyThis has been a horrific ordealI cannot believe a company that handles life and death prescriptions can be so incompetentDO NOT USE THIS COMPANY-They shouldn't even be in businessIt is unbelievable what they have done to me and my animals- I guess I will get MY prescriptions when we go to court-how ridiculous

After this company received my online order, my mailed in hard copy prescription, and payment I had not heard from them After contacting them they sent an email saying they received everything and my order was waiting shipment Waiting another few weeks I called to find out Heartland Vet Supply does not service California, so they sent my order on to another company Still have not received the order since the new company stated Heartland dd not send the prescription
So much hassle could have been avoided with the truth; The heartland vet website could have stated they do not service Calif, and their email to me could have outlined what was really happening Shame on this company, I wonder what else they are not truthful about

Had refill on medication valid until *** Placed online order for refill on *** and told them to fill ASAP Pharmacy never filled
Placed online refill for script number *** on *** Stated in notes that to fill ASAP as script expires following day on *** Instead of filling, they bothered (continued calling my vet) to try in get new script without my authorization, as it was not needed I was within the refill timelines, they were the ones that can't fulfill scripts at a standard guideline of hours Call and spoke to *** (whom said she was a sales manager) since the CSR couldn't help me *** needs training in handling customer disputes and should not be a supervisor handling customer complaints as she just said she will cancel the script then instead of stating it was the pharmacies fault and she is sorry for what happened *** would not provide the first letter of her last name and would not let me talk to a supervisor over her I told he

I selected the incorrect medication online and called customer service and spoke with Ms*** who was more than helpfulShe immediately contacted the Vet who had denied the Rx due to my incorrect selection and received the approval via phone and adjusted my charge to the decreased amountShe was friendly and went out of her way to go the extra mile to resolve my mistake and provide my pet with the much needed medication which is short supply due to being manufacturered in Puerto Rico and the recent hurricaneI am beyond thankful for Heartland Vet and specifically Ms***!

Heartland Vet Supply, is a supplier that I have dealt with for quite a few years I use A*** Canine for my aging large dog Per my veterinarians instructions, the dose will eventually decrease I had to think about expiration dates, since the vials would last longer This is where my representative named Mintha helped me by contacting pharmacy &, getting the dates to me I never ran into a problem, there was even an Ad*** shortage at suppliers for a while, still no problems with ordering ItWe now order our B*** for large dogs at Heartland, I ask expiration dates just as I would from my Veteraniarns office I have always erred on the side of caution with our pets and order their flea, tick and HEARTWORM medication the month before they run out My vet faxes in the prescription, I wait a few days to call & speak to Mintha to find prescriptions are there She will inform me of how many refills I had & price They are always running specials so each time I have gotten a discount for our dogs medication I will continue to use Heartland as customer service and pricing have always made me a loyal customer Thank You Mintha for all your help through the years & hope you will continue to be my customer service representative
Sincerely, Karen

I just completed a great customer experience with Heartland Vet Supply Representative, Sheena *** I have used Heartland Vet Supply for many years with great success, but my last few orders have been slow Turns out it had nothing to do with Heartland but rather an unresponsive (new) vet clinic Sheena *** advised me that faxes had been sent for approval of *** with no response from the clinic She followed up with the clinic and advised me of the matter Knowing this, I called the clinic and was told they would respond But they didn't! Sheena called them and got them to release the order I received it today I will likely leave this vet but not Heartland! Thanks Sheena!

I can vouch for all the negative reviews already published It is easy to order It is seemingly impossible to get the order or to have contact with them - phones never connect to a live body, phones shut you off, emails are not answered I have only been at this a few days Others report wrestling with this company for weeks They obviously have way more patience than I do The charge is pending on my credit card When it posts I will dispute the charge noting the product was never received Maybe this is a "fake" company Beware

Just like everyone else: I placed an order days ago I've sent emails and made phone calls since and my vet called after faxing in her prescription Zero communication even though my order was charged against my credit card How do these people stay in business? I've never tried to work with a company like this one I can't wait to hear how they respond on here! It's not for lack of trying from me and vet

I will not use this company again They had no interest in the fact that my delivery was going to be late - they didn't care to inform me of the problems they have with getting the fax from the vet or getting the order outI am very disappointed with this company When my vet called them with the information they did not even answer the call - they received the fax and did not get back to me or the vet to let either of us know it was being taken care of the customer service department sucks!

I requested a price match with competitor "***" for ***, pak, orange box at $ *** plus free shippingRefused
On *** I requested a price match of a competitor *** located in ***The product is ***, pak, orange box (the box color identifies weight of dog)Heartland's price for identical item $ *** plus $ *** shippingThe difference $ ***Heatland's response to my request to price match per their policyTake $ *** offNot even close to price matchNot truth in advertisingVery misleading

It's beyond me how this company can have an A+ rating when their service is terrible! I ordered meds for my horses weeks ago and still have not received them, even though their system says they were shipped alreadyI called twice to check on the ordered and was told that my vet's office had not returned the orderAfter the 2nd time my vet actually called them to approve for processingI have tried calling several times this past week to cancel the order and have the money refunded back to my credit card, however, I have not been able to get through at allTheir system keeps hanging up or goes to a busy signalSo I'm still waiting on medsOne thing is for sure, I will never use this company again!

I placed an order on November 19th for canine AdequanI received an email 11/stating they faxed my vet for authorization (days later)My vet faxed back right awayMy dog needed this medication asapI only ordered from Heartland because my usual sources for prescriptions had the medicine on back orderI didn't hear anything from Heartland for days after I placed orderI emailed them asking if it was shipped and then instead of a response they sent me an automated email that it was shipped first class to me that dayIt took atleast more days to receive
I was happy I was home to get the medication directly out of the mailbox as the mailman dropped it off mid-dayWhen I opened it, I was VERY UPSET as the vials of medication were simply wrapped in brown paper and were VERY HOT to the touchThis medication is not supposed to get hot! I immediately put it in my fridge to cool it downThe other company I order from ships it in very thick Styrofoam insulation that keeps it from getting hot
My dog was already late for his medication so I took the vials out so they would get room temperature and gave him his dose, he acted lethargic and had upset stomach the whole weekendI wasn't sure if the medication was the cause so gave him a second dose the next weekendBig mistake! My dog had very runny diarrhea and vomiting for days, getting worse instead of better and starting diarrhea and vommiting blood! Took him to the vet very worried and he was dehydratedHad to give him fluids and anti-diarrhea shot and anti-nausea pills for daysVet said it could have been life threatening if I didn't bring him in when I did
I sent Heartland an email stating the vials were poorly packaged, I used doses they made my dog sick and I wanted a full refund, happy to returnAlso told them they need to package their medication better so it is safe for petsZERO response weeks later! Very upset that is in the pet business does not seem to care at all for pets or their own customers!

I had to place an order yesterday and I spoke with Amy and she was very kind and knowledgeableShe compared coupons to get me my best pricingAnd then my vet change things last night so I called this morning and I got a me again and she was super understanding and wonderful to work with to cancel my order so that I can place it in the near future againAnd making sure that I get my credit backShe really is knowledgeable courteous just plain old wonderful and a valuable employee for your companySo far everybody that I have talked to has been wonderfulSo thank you for having so many of my kitty cats medicines readily available and at a great priceI wish shipping wasn't free at such a high price of $because then I would order more often and not have to run elsewhere when I just need one or two itemsOther than that I'm very happy with your company

Order placed over a week ago; took my money after hrs but haven't even shipped product yet; no word from seller
I ordered two items from this company on *** (order ***) They captured (not authorized - TOOK) my money the next day Today, ***, they still haven't shpiped these items and I have heard nothing from them and cannot reach them My dog is now without medication and I need to get my refund asap so I can get her meds

I ordered a case of IV fluids and lines/needles last year for my dog It took an unacceptable amount of time for HVS to contact my vet for the prescription and ship the items The package was delivered the day after my dog died When I contacted them about returning the never opened package, I was told that they could not take the items back, because it was against the law to take back prescription items The lines/needles were NOT a prescription item They eventually admitted to their "mistake" (or lie, as I call it), but I had already offered the items to a local rescue
Since that time, I have unsubscribed from HVS emails dozens of times, but they continue to spam my inbox with their ads Yesterday, I received an email reminding me that it was time to refill my dog's IV fluids My dead dog The IV fluid that I tried to return This company is THE WORST

I never received my online orderCompany admitted they were out of stock and drop shipped me wrong item 2x Offered refund, never granted
I placed order *** online on *** I never received my product despite being billed $*** I contacted them and they admitted they were "out of stock" but were going to drop ship me the product They did from *** (order *** for PO ***), but in the wrong size so I returned it and recontacted the company They admitted their error and sent another drop shipment which again was incorrect: right size, wrong item from *** (order *** for same PO ***) I recontacted company who said they would issue me a refund I returned the incorrect product to *** last week (***) with *** Tracking number *** which was received yesterday Proof of delivery here:

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