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Joined in April after being told by the owner I could cancel at any time, I put my membership on hold in July of 2016, canceled it in August 2016, am now being told months later that because they did not follow proper procedures I owe them $for my past due membership feesThey have offered to lower it to $but I still don’t think I should have to pay based on the aforementioned circumstancesI received no prior notices that my account was again active or past due prior to them giving me weeks notice that they were sending me to collections on 11/24/

We apologize for any inconvenienceIf you email *** they will be happy to issue you a refund

ILoveKickBoxing in Hamilton is an amazing program!! The instructors are full of energy and you feel part of the family immediatelyThey take the time during your first class to teach you each move, so you don't feel overwhelmed and can learn proper formI was hooked during the first classTake advantage of the promos available after your first classI look forward to going -- each day is different and keeps you engaged!! The hours are convenient and the people awesome!!

Once a member has decided they want to join our fitness studio the terms of the contract are explained to them in detailThey then must sign the contract agreeing to the terms of the contract and are given a copy for their recordsIf the member decides that they want to cancel for any reason they
are still in default of the terms of their contract and a cancellation fee may still applyOur company will however allow a member to cancel if they have a permanent disability, not an injury and not hold them liable for the remaining payments on their contractThe member must then provide a signed letter from their Doctor stating that they have a permanent disability and can no longer participate in our programIn this case no such letter was ever provided by the member to our studioWhen asked about her injury the member stated that she was not permanently disabled and was seeking physical therapy for her neckThe staff then offered to freeze her mem bership so that when she was healed she could come back and continue with the programThe member refused the offer to freeze her membership and insisted on cancellingAt which time the staff explained to the member again that a cancellation fee still applied

*** first and foremost went directlyto our billing company instead of going throw us first,I called him several times to make sure he was ok and happyantually (times and left voice messages)he never returned my call.When he first signed up he was giving one month FREEas long as he full fills his months agreement.Since he didn't full filled his months agreementsall we are asking him is to pay for what he used which is fair for everyone.He came to train for months that's all we are charging him for.Transaction Date Transaction Amount Transaction Type Transaction Status01/**/$Credit Card Payment12/**/$Credit Card Payment He came and trained for two full months.about the billing company I have no control as to what they saidor didn't say. If this still doesn't make him happy please let me know what will,I am willing to do whatever it takes for him to be happy even if it is not fair to us.***ILKB Awesome TEAM!

I have really been enjoying my workouts hereThey are great and motivating! I am already seeing a difference!!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# ***, and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
[Your Answer Here]
I was never informed of the cancellation fee when I spoke to the manager about cancelling the membership due to a medical issue In the contract it states a permanent disability as a disability lasting for months I have not participated in classes since September and at this point am at months of not being able to participate due to my medical situation I was not told that there was a difference between the type of medical note that was provided I was told I could freeze my membership or cancel and that my last payment would be October I chose to cancel and have my last payment be October, which was not what happened as I was charged for November and then told of a cancellation fee when I called to get my money back as I thought it was an error on their part I was then told that the prior manager provided incorrect information to me and that they were not going to honor what she wrote to me and that October and November's payments were to be considered my cancellation fee Cancellation fees are mentioned in the default section of their contract, not the medical section, therefore it should not apply to my situation If they would like me to provide a letter stating that I cannot participate for the next months to make a total of months I can provide that as long as they will honor their contract and reimburse me the money that they took from my account without my permission
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above
*** ***

I love this facility and it's classes! Already seeing some inches melt away after only after a few mosThe staff/trainers are very nice and always helpfulI am looking forward to obtaining the results I have been wanting for so longI definitely recommend ILKB

I am 300lbs and t his was not an easy class for me at all but the motivation they gave us in that class made me not want to give up not just for me but for them as wellI did not want to disappoint them even though they might not have been I just felt I should give them just as much as they gave me

Great work outs! Motivating instructors and groupEach class is a little different, you definitely get a full body work out every time!

I go to ILKB- in Peabody, MA! It has been such a positive life experience for me. Since I started in this studio a few months ago, I've noticed muscle gain, so much stress release, and overall increased confidence. The atmosphere is always full of positive energy, studio is kept clean, and everyone just wants to make sure that you feel good and strong. I always leave a class feeling so much better, both physically and mentally.

At ILKB Gonzales the staff is fun and engaging, and they are great at keeping you motivated and holding you accountable for your personal fitness goals. The gym is always spotless. Since becoming a member over a year ago, My muscles have become stronger overall and more defined. I often get compliments on how fit my arms look. I highly recommend kickboxing to anyone looking for a fun full body workout!

We have documentation time stamped in our dbase system with correspondence from [redacted]:8/26/2015- 12:32PM (when we were checking in to see where she has been and we had not seen her in class for last week.) Her documented reply was:No problem!! I've been super busy, I'll be back as soon as I can!...

Again this was on 8/26/2015 at 12:32pmOn 8/31/2015 at 2:55pm we physically spoke to [redacted] on the phone about her wanting to terminate her program. We explained the terms of her program (which she has a signed copy of on her first day) and that as per the agreement she could transfer it to someone that had not yet been in the building. She asked about going back onto her groupon and we reminded her that we bought the groupon back and gave her an additional $100 signup credit on her first day (8/3/15) when she signed up, that was why her startup was only $67 instead of $197. She wanted to take advantage of that offer and she did as you can see in her signed agreement dated 8/3/15She mentioned that she was going through some family issues and we offered her a special deal to make her program NON EXPIRE. (Her program would normally terminate in 12 months and she would lose any classes still left on her account. As you can see on her agreement) We offered her if she could not find someone to transfer and take over her program, then we would keep her remaining classes here for her and that they would NEVER expire.[redacted]'s claim that she called us 12 times during business hours is certainly unfounded. We are far from perfect, however our phone and dbase system tracks, documents and time stamps everything not only for customer service, but also for our staff to continually get better in their daily tasks.Because we strive to offer the best customer service possible, we have terminated her program under these circumstances, however as you can read in her agreement, we did follow her program agreement as it is in writing. We went above and beyond in contacting her personally and she will still be responsible for that payment which was made on 9/5/15. This will not be refunded.However, she will NOT be responsible for the remaining 5 payments. Her program has been cancelled as of 11:31am on 9/10/15.

I am surprised to hear about this complaint. His membership was canceled as we discussed on the phone with him. I told him that I need a doctor's note and we will submit it to the billing company right away and it will take 30 days for them to process and his membership will then be canceled. Even...

though we never received a doctor's note or even a written cancellation note, I still processed his cancellation, because of his age and medical concern. His girlfriend is still working out with us and loves the classes. She never mentioned anything about [redacted] being upset with us. We never charge and take money for nothing, we always provide the best service and help to all of our members.

I have been looking for ever for a way to get in shape, a way to elevate my energy, but have had a hard time finding something engaging, fun, inspiring until I came upon with iLoveKickboxing Chelsea, the staff is the best EVER, they are so friendly makes you want to see them every day and the workout, it is tough but once you get into it you are so engaged that you will not want to miss a class, best work out and staff EVER!!!

This is the BEST workout ever. The instructors keep you motivated and really push you to the extreme. Each class is different and you leave feeling energetic as you have worked every muscle in your body. I highly recommend this gym to anyone wanting to strengthen, tone, and lose weight.

If you're looking for a place a little more upbeat and effective than the gym go to I love!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.

I'll start off by saying this place kicks serious [redacted]! By the end of my work out, I feel so [redacted] awesome. The [redacted], [redacted] and the other instructors are absolutely amazing at what they do and encourage all of us to push harder. They are very motivating and supportive. Every class at this place is different and exciting!

I cannot say enough great things about iLoveKickboxing! The instructors are fantastic and make it a point to make sure you are doing your workout correctly. I have seen amazing results and wouldn't want to workout anywhere else!

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Description: KICKBOXING

Address: 6912 W. 135th St, Overland Park, Kansas, United States, 66223


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