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Unfortunately, about the only thing accurate in this complaint is that they signed up for a membership and cancelled it. It appears she wanted to keep taking sessions because a friend had bought a groupon, but once an account is cancelled, it is no longer valid. If there was any...

confusion, it was because they cancelled it with the billing company without speaking to us and while still using the services. Once the billing company informed us the account was cancelled, we informed [redacted] that people who cancel memberships can not continue to use them. I am not sure why that was so difficult to understand?As per state law, ALL memberships are held by the billing company for three days because of "buyer's right to cancel", [redacted] attempted to make an issue of this. We showed her on a computer screen that the account was cancelled. She then demanded proof. We told her other than the fact that it said "cancelled" in the computer system, she could call the billing company if she wanted written proof. That resulted in her friend calling a member of staff "stupid". [redacted] claims she wants to membership cancelled. It IS cancelled. But people can't use cancelled memberships, even if they have friends who bought a groupon. It should be rather simple and straightforward, yet our staff was subjected to insults and rude behavior.Again, for the record, we are not attempting to take any money from [redacted]. As far as we are concerned, she is cancelled. Why she thinks she can continue to use a membership that is cancelled is the real issue here.

I love the positive atmosphere when you walk in the door. You'll get a great workout with some really awesome people who are so supportive. It's an amazing place to get a intense workout and have fun all at the same time. This place has forever changed my mind on working out and exercise for the better.

This review is for Hamilton NJ - I highly recommend ilovekickboxing in Hamilton New Jersey. The staff is amazing the classes are very excited and you get fast results. Don't wait, sign up today this is no gimmicks but results.

This members signed a membership contract for a term of 12 months.  The cancellation guidelines and procedure is clearly listed within the contract.  This member did not follow the  defined process nor does she qualify for consideration of cancellation of her contract.  There are...

4 reasons of cancellation accepted by our franchise.1. Member moves more than 25 miles away from current residence2. Member has medical condition that will not allow them to participate in physical activity for 6 or more months.  A Medical verification form needs to be completed by members physician stating condition and term3. Studio closes for more than 30 consecutive days4. member passes awayIn reference to the members claims about the studio not following proper procedure, that is in reference to the studio putting her account on hold.  She requested her account get put on hold because she started a new job.  The studio put her account on hold for 2 months freezing both her time and her payments.  The proper procedure provided by t he franchise is to freeze time, but not payments.  Payments should always continue per the agreed upon terms of the contract signed by member.  The studio has made multiple attempts to contact this member via phone and email over the months with no response until the final email was sent on 11/24/17 indicating that if we do not make contact by a certain date that we will have no other options but to send the delinquent account to collections.  This member has never contacted the studio in writing as per the terms of the agreement about cancellation or cause of cancellation.  There is a specific term in the contract for non-use which is not a cause for cancellation.  We have made attempts to get this member back int he studio to train, offered to give back any time missed, but we can not just cancel the contract without cause.  We have even offered to downgrade the contract to reduce the financial responsibility which would take her past due from $1125 to $375.  At this point I do not have any other options to make this member happy while still staying within our policies and guidelines of the membership contract.9.  NON-USE - The failure or inability of the Member to use the facilities, classes or services of the School for any reason, will neither relieve nor suspend the Member's obligation to make all payments required under this agreement on a timely basis, nor entitle the Member to a refund or credit of tuition. Please let me know what our next steps might be? Stephen

I love kickboxing St Paul is an amazing community. Each class I go to I know I have support around me while pushing to my fitness goals. The gym is always clean and has a welcoming environment. I am hooked and cant wait to go take my next class.

ILKB Virginia Beach is great. I would highly recommend going.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.[redacted] had refunded the consumer the moneySincerely,

I have been a member at for two weeks now and I absolutely love it! They play the best music, the staff is awesome, and I always leave there covered in sweat feeling like a got a great workout

This place is the best! I signed up for the Web special (which was a spectacular deal) and didn't know what to expect. I was so surprised! The instructors give off such a great energy! They keep you motivated and work you hard. Prepare to be sore the next day but it's so so worth it! So much fun! Highly recommended!

I love the way these classes make me feel during and after!! And to top it off the instructors are amazing!!! I will definitely be returning at least 3 times a week!!!! <3

I live in washington state! They just recently opened up a location in [redacted]. This place is amazing! Great instructors that keep you motivated!! Be prepared to sweat!!
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
                                      The charge of $125.00 dollars is still on my credit card for a service that I am not receiving. When am no longer being charged for that service I will drop the complaint!                                            [redacted]  
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

ILKB is the best! I've tried many different classes including adult dance classes, yoga, piyo, Zumba, etc and this is by far the most challenging. I get a full body workout in one hour which is exactly what I was looking for. It also makes you feel like a total bad as once you finish. The instructors are amazing! They're extremely supportive and make class so much fun! I instantly felt comfortable in class and look forward to going each day. I strongly encourage anyone to check out these classes! I've already have two friends coming to try it out and plan on recruiting more.

iLoveKickboxing is a pretty amazing workout. I do other activities like running or swimming, but this it the only one that kicks my butt every single time! The instructors are amazing, professional and very motivational. I’ve been coming here for almost two years now and each instructor still has that little nugget of info that can help improve my technique or make things more challenging.
You meet a lot of great people at class and it’s always a fun time. ILKB has helped me improve my stamina, flexibility and balance. I would sincerely recommend it to all of my friends, especially if they’re looking to make some changes in their life.
I really hope to be doing kickboxing even when I”m 100!

Had our first class this week at the Vancouver, BC location and it was amazing! The energy that the staff brings kept us super motivated. They take the necessary time to answer any questions you have and are very interested in helping you meet your goals. The facility is super clean as well which makes the whole experience even more comfortable!

We have documentation time stamped in our dbase system with correspondence from [redacted]:8/26/2015- 12:32PM (when we were checking in to see where she has been and we had not seen her in class for last week.) Her documented reply was:No problem!! I've been super busy, I'll be back...

as soon as I can! Again this was on 8/26/2015 at 12:32pmOn 8/31/2015 at 2:55pm we physically spoke to [redacted] on the phone about her wanting to terminate her program. We explained the terms of her program (which she has a signed copy of on her first day) and that as per the agreement she could transfer it to someone that had not yet been in the building. She asked about going back onto her groupon and we reminded her that we bought the groupon back and gave her an additional $100 signup credit on her first day (8/3/15) when she signed up, that was why her startup was only $67 instead of $197. She wanted to take advantage of that offer and she did as you can see in her signed agreement dated 8/3/15She mentioned that she was going through some family issues and we offered her a special deal to make her program NON EXPIRE. (Her program would normally terminate in 12 months and she would lose any classes still left on her account. As you can see on her agreement) We offered her if she could not find someone to transfer and take over her program, then we would keep her remaining classes here for her and that they would NEVER expire.[redacted]'s claim that she called us 12 times during business hours is certainly unfounded. We are far from perfect, however our phone and dbase system tracks, documents and time stamps everything not only for customer service, but also for our staff to continually get better in their daily tasks.
Because we strive to offer the best customer service possible, we have terminated her program under these circumstances, however as you can read in her agreement, we did follow her program agreement as it is in writing. We went above and beyond in contacting her personally and she will still be responsible for that payment which was made on 9/5/15. This will not be refunded.However, she will NOT be responsible for the remaining 5 payments. Her program has been cancelled as of 11:31am on 9/10/15.

I absolutely love I lovekickboxing Pittsburgh the instructors are amazing and very encouraging!! I never leave feeling unsatisfied and every time I go in it's something different so every class is very exciting!!

The Willowbrook (Houston, Texas) team is AMAZING! I needed a workout change from just doing spin classes and running. The trainers have rocked every workout I've been to and the "family" of fellow kickboxers are incredibly supportive. The trainers have a genuine concern for helping their members lead a healthy lifestyle!

ILKB Lakeland is awesome! The instructors are amazing, they always have a ton of energy and give me just what I need to get a great workout! The workouts are killer and always a bit different everyday so you don’t get bored! I love it, I would go every day if my schedule permitted!

ILoveKickboxing is one of the best workouts ever. Not only do you see results quickly, but you feel stronger after your first class. The staff there is the greatest! They’re very friendly and knowledgable - its like a large family :). I can’t recommend it enough!

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